15 Whisper Confessions Of Women Who Tried To Hide Their PPD

Anonymous confessions allow people to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and more, in a safe and open manner. No one has to know who is telling- or confessing- what. Shockingly enough, there are women out there who have confessed their feelings on their postpartum depression, and why or how they had to hide it from their partners, family members, doctors, and more.

We all know postpartum depression is real. We know that there are many, many women who suffer from this condition. Yet, it is still something that new moms feel like they have to hide. It's sad. But the Whisper App allows these women to share their confessions, and perhaps lets some of them know they are not alone.

Postpartum depression is defined as depression that occurs after childbirth. It is often due to hormonal changes, psychological adjustments to being a new mother, and fatigue. This type of depression affects a large number of women. Postpartum depression is also not often talked about, so many new moms stay in the dark with their condition, and hide it from their loved ones. The Whisper App has allowed many new moms to share their confessions on hiding their postpartum depression.

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15 Feeling Like A Fake

When a woman suffers from postpartum depression, the feelings never go away, despite how she might behave towards others. In this confession, this new mom shares how she behaves, which is not at all unusual to what many women like her do, they pretend like all is okay, when all is really, really not okay at all.

The new mom in this confession admits that she puts on a front. She acts as if she is the happiest person around. That things are all good, she has things in order. No problems with her, no way. How many of us can admit to doing the same? Yet, on the inside, we are all screwed up. Women with postpartum depression can put on this fake front, when they are so horribly depressed on the inside.

14 All My Fault

This Whisper confession tears at our hearts. This poor mom has been battling postpartum depression for a year and a half. The worst part about it all, is that she has confessed that she cannot even talk about it to her husband- her partner, the father of her child- because he will say it is all her fault.

This is one major reason why many new moms hide their postpartum depression. They get blamed for it. When we all know that it is never a new mom's fault that she is suffering from postpartum depression. This depression attacks so many new mothers. And none of them are to blame. How sad is this confession? We want to reach through the screen and give her a hug.

13 Feeling Bad For Baby

This Whisper confession rings true as to how many new moms with postpartum depression feel. They feel bad about how they may behave or act. They want to be good, involved mothers. But they know that their postpartum depression can get the better of them. Which is why so many of these women hide their depression or just try to push through it.

This mom suffering from postpartum depression says she sometimes feels like a bad mom. No woman with PPD should ever feel like she is anything short of a great mother. Her depression is not a reflection on how she is as a mother. Which is why we all need to support one another as moms, and as people, so that new mothers can get the assistance they need to overcome their postpartum depression.

12 Why Can't He Understand?

Many, many women who suffer from postpartum depression state that they feel isolated and alone with their feelings. They may truly believe that no one really cares how they feel or how their depression affects them. In some unfortunate cases, such as this Whisper confession, their feelings may be true. For some moms who have PPD, their partners or family may not understand or even simply not care.

This is a big reason as to why some women hide their postpartum depression. They may be correct in believing that their husband or partner will not understand. It is hard to understand how postpartum depression can affect a person, but if someone loves you enough, they will make every effort to understand and care about how you feel.

11 I Do Love My Baby

This Whisper confession is one that is likely felt by many women who decide to hide their postpartum depression. Just because a new mom has postpartum depression does not mean that she does not love her baby. It is highly unfortunate, and really, downright horrible, that many people out there think that a person with depression is incapable of love. A new mom loves her child, but postpartum depression can get in the way of her receiving the help she needs if she feels like she will be judged.

We can look at it as two different aspects. A mom loves her baby and is so grateful to be a mother. A mom can have postpartum depression. The two should never go hand in hand.

10 It Is My Problem

New moms with postpartum depression deserve to have someone to talk to. They deserve to receive the help they need, without receiving any judgment or pity. In this Whisper confession, we feel what this woman is feeling. She admits to her depression, but does not want to bother those around her with it. Like a true mom, she keeps it all to herself for the betterment of her family, but it does not, and should not, be that way.

A woman should never have to just say I'm fine, and leave it at that. When you suffer from PPD, you need to be able to share your feelings. While these woman are sharing it on Whisper, we hope they realize they are not alone with their feelings of depression.

9 Never Good Enough

Women may often hide their PPD because of the fear of being judged or blamed for having this uncontrollable condition. This Whisper confession can easily make any of us feel so sad for this mom. This poor mother who is suffering from postpartum depression is the reason why so many PPD sufferers hide their problems. She is being judged for something she cannot control.

And to top it all off, she is confessing that her own family makes her feel like she is not good enough. While postpartum depression can certainly effect how a woman is as a mother if left untreated, that does not mean a mother is a bad mom or not good enough. Instead of receiving support from her family, this mom is only getting backlash for a condition that is out of her control. So sad.

8 PPD Suffers Need Love

This little poetic tune written by a sufferer of postpartum depression shows us all what one with depression really needs and wants. All too often, women who have PPD hide their condition, because if they reveal that they have PPD, they may get the opposite of love- they will receive hate and negative judgment. Let's face it, the judgment against those that suffer from PPD needs to end, because, really, how does that help them at all?

We love this confession. It is truly what all of us need, but especially those who have postpartum depression. Perhaps this Whisper confessor gets anything but what she is asking for. All she wants is some love to get her out of the personal hell that is PPD.

7 The Wish To Tell The Truth

Hiding depression is something that many new moms do for a variety of reasons. Some believe that it will only be short lived and they will feel like their old selves again real soon. Others might think if they hide it and ignore how they feel, maybe then those feelings will go away. If they do not tell others that they are depressed, maybe they really are not depressed after all.

Postpartum depression, like any type of depression, is subject to take a scary turn. Some new moms do have suicidal thoughts. They want to feel normal, but can't. This Whisper confession shows us just how true this is. A mom may put on a happy face, but be extremely sad and depressed in reality.

6 There Is No Reason

One reason many new moms hide their postpartum depression, as we learn from this Whisper confession, is that they do not understand why exactly they are depressed. This Whisper confessor admits that she is depressed and wants to cry, but why would she feel like crying? There is no reason for her to cry. She is a new mom with a sweet baby, after all.

Well, that is essentially the problem that many new moms face. They suffer from postpartum depression. We know this is due to hormonal changes and exhaustion, among other things. The feelings to cry can come and go with no real reason. It can make a new mom feel almost silly to be sad and want to cry, even though it is beyond her control. PPD does this to some moms.

5 Sometimes It Becomes Too Much

Imagine having twin newborn babies. And on top of that, you are silently suffering from postpartum depression. This Whisper confessor is living it. She has twin babies, that is enough to stress anyone out. Twins are a lot of work. Combine that with suffering from PPD that is obviously not being treated, and you may feel like you are living in hell.

This new mom admits that she has PPD but does not want to tell anyone because she does not want them to think she is a bad mom. We can worry that she is headed for a breakdown, as she has confessed that she feels very overwhelmed. Moms can take on so much, and can be so worried to ask for help out of fear of being judged and called a bad mom.

4 Moms Must Stay Strong

This poor mother has confessed on the Whisper App that she is suffering from postpartum depression. To make matters worse, she cannot even tell anyone close to her. She is suffering in silence. As moms, we do feel like we must come last. That everyone else's worries should come before our own. This mom tries to put on a brave front, when in reality she is hurting due to her depression.

Our babies needs us to be the best moms we can be. That includes getting help for depression. This mother's confession makes so much sense to us, that she needs to remain strong for her little ones. And the fact that she is putting on a brave front when she feels like dying is just horrible, and we feel so bad for her.

3 Not Capable Of Being A Mom

The worst feeling for anyone to have is to be judged based on something that is out of your control. For those suffering from postpartum depression, that is a harsh reality, and one that causes many new moms to hide their condition from their loved ones. They greatly fear what others may think, say, or do once it is revealed that they have PPD.

In this Whisper confession, a new mom of a one month old baby is in such fear telling her family about her depression because she is worried that they will call her a child. And it is highly likely that she is right- that they just won't understand. There are so many people who do not and will not understand postpartum depression and how it can affect a new mother.

2 It's My Baby

This is a big one. This Whisper confession may just be the number one reason why new mothers do not tell anyone, including their doctors, that they have postpartum depression. Many few PPD as a condition that could put a baby in danger. We hear those horrendous stories of mothers who do unthinkable acts to their babies. It can happen. But it is not common.

Unfortunately, many suffers of PPD think this, and do strongly believe that if they say they are depressed, the baby they love dearly will be taken from them. As such, so many new moms are suffering in silence as they try to raise the baby they love unconditionally. They allow their PPD to only get worse and worse, and not get the help they so desperately need, because they are so scared that they will lose their baby.

1 It Is Just Part Of Being A Mom

Moms always come last, right? To many mothers, this is very true. And to many women who suffer from postpartum depression, this is a way to hide that they are depressed. If they worry about everyone else, then no one will be the wiser that they have postpartum depression. After all, how could they possibly be depressed when they are caring for everyone else so well?

When women who have PPD put themselves last on the list, they are not doing anyone any favors. They feel like they must hide their depression, for a variety of reasons. What we have learned from this Whisper confession is that this is likely quite common among those who have PPD and feel like they cannot talk about it, so they hide it.

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