15 Whisper Confessions Of Women Forced Into Having An Abortion

The line is pink. The second line on my pregnancy test is pink. This was unexpected. He has been pulling out every time. I mean every single time. How can I be pregnant? I’m going to catch hell from everyone I know. How do I tell him? How do I tell my family? How do I tell my friends? How do I respond when they say, “oh no I’m so sorry for you?” How do I tell everyone that although this is a surprise, I am thinking about keeping my baby.

Ultimately this choice is up to me.  I know no one is going to be happy about this but I sort of am.  I'm sure they will try to force me into having an abortion. What if I never get pregnant again? What if this is my last chance to have a baby?

Although I think I might be ready to be a Mommy I know everyone else may not be. I may be forced into an abortion like it or not.  Let’s take a look at Whisper and see how some Moms who were forced into abortion handled it.

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15 How Much Does Suffering Cost?

This woman was dating a man who was willing to pay her to deal with her grief. He wanted to give her $1000 a month to ease her suffering. No amount of money will ever be able to heal our emotional wounds. If he forced her into having the abortion, she must have cared for him in some way.

When I hear forced abortion I think that someone other than the mother does not approve of the pregnancy and is pushing the pregnant mom to bend to their will. This baby daddy was obviously well off so if his little sugar baby wanted to stay with him she needed to follow his wishes and abort. She may be pouting and not want that $1000 a month now but I bet she will come around.

14 A Life For A Life

Ok the choice here is between killing a baby and having dogs murdered. What a selfish, insensitive husband. Sounds like a real piece of work who could really use a good ass kicking. I can only imagine how hard it must be, to be married to someone who has such little care or concern for his wife’s feelings and the lives of his child and dogs. Sounds like a male chauvinistic pig who likes to be in charge and usually gets his way. This could be a hard choice for this woman.

Many people see their dogs as valued members of their families. On the other hand, her motherly instincts may have already kicked in making it an easy choice. Our children come before anything. No matter what the end result is, this ultimatum has to be damaging to the relationship. Kill your baby or your dogs! Make a choice. Either way she will resent him and loose someone she loves. Hell, the someone she loves may ultimately be her husband if she chooses wisely.

13 She Was Only Nine

Her Dad let his clients use her. He made her have an abortion. CPS took her. The abortion left her infertile. Oh, by the way, did I fail to mention that she was nine-years-old? Yes, nine-year-olds can get pregnant. They do experience sex trafficking. They are forced into abortions and left feeling used and abused by their father’s.

Thank goodness CPS stepped in and saved this little girl. She was living a life of hell. The women I know are worried about making sure their daughters get to dance class and gymnastics. What happens to the other 9-year-olds while our daughters are flipping, dancing, and tumbling? Some girls are being used by their father’s clients.

Some of them are watching T.V., and some of them are being forced into unwanted abortions because they don’t know any better. They don’t know any other life. For some girls, servicing their father’s clients is a way of life. That’s what CPS is for.

12 When Mom And Dad Sweep It Under The Rug

How tragic is this? This young lady was forced into an abortion. That alone is a traumatic experience that no 16-year-old should have to endure. She was given one night to physically, mentally, and emotionally heal from being forced to abort her baby. Her family’s mandatory requirement that she go to school the next day was their way of punishing her. It was their way of sweeping her ungodly sin underneath the rug and moving on like nothing happened.

Being a teenager sucks. Our hormones are raging and we sometimes slip up and make intimate mistakes. Does that make these parents mistake to force their daughter into doing something she was not happy with, right with or okay with, moral? These things sometimes don’t matter when the family name is at stake. Their reputation within their community and among their country club would not be tarnished by an illegitimate child.

11 The Unforeseen Consequences

This is one very important question that women need to ask themselves before they let someone force them into an abortion. Will this be my only opportunity to carry a child? Will this be my last opportunity to carry a child? What if there are complications from the pregnancy that lead me to be infertile? This woman was forced to abort more than one child. How painful that must have been and must continue to be.

Finally, when she was at the right place in her life and tried to conceive she could not have any more children. Her only children will exist as daydreams in her mind’s eye. What would they have looked like? Who would they have been? What career would they have chosen? Would I have someday been a grandmother? This woman’s heart breaks as her questions go unanswered.

10 A Betrayal Of Trust

I AM WOMAN!! Everything she said before that was heart breaking, rape, belittlement, forced abortion, and betrayal of trust. It reminds me of that saying, that which does not kill you will only make you stronger. The end of her statement leads me to believe that she will no longer tolerate this type of abusive behavior by anyone. She is standing up and unleashing her inner warrior. She is reclaiming her power as a woman.

Get out of her way because she may have crumpled into a ball into the midst of turmoil before, but that girl no longer exists. She will stand with the backing of her tribe, the tribe of other strong women who are saying enough with the bullshit. We are made to grow and nurture lives within us and no weak man will ever conquer our inner goddess again. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!

9 Writing As A Way To Heal

I wonder what she does with these letters. Does she keep a journal full of them? Does she write them then just drop them in a mailbox somewhere, destination unknown? Does she keep them in a box? Does she burn them, bury them, or destroy them like she did to the life of her baby? Hopefully his spirit, wherever it moved onto, is receiving the message that mommy loves him. Even if he’s not, this woman is using writing to heal. Nourishing our wellbeing is always a good idea.

It takes different things for each of us to mend our wounds. Writing in general is a great way to release all of those bottled up thoughts and emotions. A teacher I once had gave me a tidbit of advice that I will pass on. The message of his musing was that if you need to write or feel the desire to write, just start writing anything. It will soon turn into something worth reading. This girl blames her mother for forcing her into having an abortion. Hopefully she can find a place of peace for mom too.

8 Everyone Should Have A Choice

This point needs to be made. The confessions of women who were forced into abortions go on and on. The question that lingers in my mind is, “how were they forced?” Ultimately it is our body and our choice. A father can’t make the mother carry a child she doesn’t want to.

A family member can’t make a woman have a life taken from inside of her. She may be threatened, she may feel coerced, she may feel that she will be all alone and raising an unwanted baby but she still has a choice. For anyone out there thinking that they don’t have a choice check out some pro-life resources and organizations. These women who feel forced may find some support there.

7 A Shallow Reasoning

Well one thing is for sure, after having a child our bodies are never truly the same. I’m not saying we can’t have hot bodies if we are Mamas but there will always be some lifelong changes, whether they are major or minor. This sounds very shallow that this girl’s mom forced her to abort her baby so that she could maintain her dance body. Having said that, there probably wouldn’t be a place for the pregnant Mom on the dance team.

This girl’s mom told her daughter what she needed to hear to nudge her into choosing to have an abortion. Sounds like this girl’s passion is dance. If someone told us that we would lose the most important thing to us in the world if we had a baby we might think about abortion, especially if the special someone trying to talk us into the abortion is our own mother.

6 How To Cope With The Pain

Cannabis is keeping her calm. Since everything we consume is passed on to our babies, her baby is also feeling the effects of the drug too.  She's not only helping her pain,  she's also making her little baby numb to the pain she is about to experience. Since this woman is chillin and getting high there is a piece of me that thinks that this Mama isn’t yet ready to be a Mama. It’s easy to blame our hard choices on someone else and check out on drugs. It’s quite likely that she was high while the baby was conceived so why not terminate while high?

I know cannabis like abortion is a controversial subject for many. Sure it has medicinal purposes but I’m pretty sure numbing the pain of abortion isn’t one of the reasons that we can get it legally prescribed to us. If this lady’s ex is forcing her to have an abortion tomorrow, then why doesn’t she get the hell out of dodge instead of packing a pipe? Also, notice it’s her ex that’s forcing the abortion. What kind of superhuman power does this ex have that forces women he was once in a relationship with to kill their babies. Keep the baby, kill the baby, that’s your choice, not his.

5 Used And Abused

I have said it once and I will say it again, men will tell women almost anything to get laid if they want it bad enough. Yes, I realize this is gender stereotyping and it is not true of all men but there are quite a few guys out there who fall into this category. Yeah girl, it sucks to be lied to, get pregnant, make the choice to have an abortion to save the relationship, then get dumped.

The pregnancy was probably an eye opener for him in which he realized he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with this one woman. He made sure the fetus was taken care of before he got trapped for life. Then, he bounced. In the long run, this woman is better off without him. I’m sorry for the loss of their baby and that Mama was deceived but it’s better to know that the boyfriend is not Daddy material sooner rather than later. She will have to deal with the pain of her decision and the breakup but she has a fresh start at life that I’m sure she will be grateful for in the long run.

4 Forced By The Parents

There are some of us who need to choose between having a baby and going to college. Sure, going to college is not out of the question but making time for both a baby and homework is a challenge. Not to mention, the money it would cost for daycare on top of college tuition. Also, there would be no option of living in a dorm or an off campus apartment with some roomies.

College is a time for growth and exploration and for many of us partying…lots of partying. I don’t remember seeing one single baby or pregnant chick at any of the frat parties that I was at during my college days. This girls’ parents may have given her the extra nudge that she needed to have that abortion but it sounds like deep down she wanted it too. She knew life would never be the same, she feels like crap every day but she also feels the excitement of starting a new chapter of her life kid free.

3 A Sigh Of Relief

For many of us having a life growing inside of us is not something we have been hoping, dreaming, and praying for. There are those who tried to use birth control and the condom broke or we forgot to take a few pills this month, or our man promised to pull out and got caught up in the moment and didn’t necessarily get out in time. It is sad that there are so many women out there who want babies and can’t have them. It’s also sad that there are so many women who don’t want babies and get pregnant and choose to abort. For some women who didn’t want these pregnancies, the abortion is a relief, whether they chose it or not.

2 A Shocking Discovery

It’s hard to handle the day when we stop looking at our parents as the rulers of our universe and we start seeing them for who they really are. I mean they still may try to hide parts of themselves from us but things do change as we grow older and our perceptions change. This girl grieved the loss of a baby with her family only to find out later that her father was the source of all of their pain. He went from superhero to grim reaper all in one moment.

Truly I have ready many confessions of women who were forced to abort and they told the world they had a miscarriage. Unless we know why the choice was made then we have no room to judge. This girl is broken. She was deceived by the two people whom she was raised to put the most faith in. Hopefully in time she will be able to put the pieces of her shattered perceptions back together.

1 The Wrong Decision

Yeah many men feel a little insecure about their girlfriend carrying another man’s baby. It makes them look like a sucker for being with the chick who couldn’t keep her panties up during a short break up. For some men, the kids would also be a daily reminder that his girl was getting busy with another man.

This woman hates her boyfriend for forcing her to have an abortion. Hate him, love him, keep him, get rid of him…It’s her choice who her partner is. If this feeling of hatred lingers it can’t be a solid foundation for a new beginning of a relationship. I wonder if the true father of the child even knew the baby existed. Did he get a say in whether his kids would live or die?

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