15 Whisper Confessions Revealing Moms' Worst Pregnancy Problems

Moms who are expecting a bundle of joy can expect a lot of physical problems … like not being able to tie your shoes… or find pants that fit.

Don’t judge another person until walk a mile in their shoes. It’s hard to get through elementary school without hearing that phrase. After all, teachers want to make sure it’s stuck in our heads because everyone has their own problems. No religion, race, class, or economic status spares a person from problems. Sure, some people have life-threatening, dangerous, scary problems while other people luck out and seem to have only minor problems.

Pregnancy – even the planned pregnancies – bring an onslaught of problems to the mama-to-be. And like life in general, some problems are big and some problems are somewhat minor, but the point is this: every pregnant mom must deal with problems. Moms who are expecting a bundle of joy can expect a lot of physical problems … like not being able to tie your shoes… or find pants that fit … or physically fit into the little corner booth at her favorite café. Moms-to-be can also expect emotional breakdowns.

Unfortunately, not everyone also lends a sympathetic ear when an expectant mom is complaining about her ailments. And since it’s a well-known fact that complaining just sort of helps make it all feel better, pregnant women take to the internet with their problems. Someone is always listening on the great wide interwebz so mama’s venting is definitely heard. Here are 15 Whisper confessions of pregnancy problems.

15What Was Leaking?

For the majority of a woman’s life, her breasts are dependable: she can always count on them to fill out a V-neck sweater just right or hold up that strapless sweetheart evening gown. The gals have also been known to predict when Aunt Flo is coming for a visit. There’s few times in a life where breasts are so out of control, they have a mind of their own.

Pregnancy is one of those times.

During pregnancy, swollen, tender breasts make their appearance nearly as soon as a pregnancy test can pick up a positive result. But as pregnancy progresses, the ta-ta’s get even weirder. Like they start to sweat A LOT. And leak. Clearly, this expectant mama was experiencing sweating and / or leaking – both of which are par for the course. The leaks tend to creep up during the final weeks of pregnancy as the body is prepping colostrum to feed baby. It might be a nuisance (to your silk blouses), but at least you can be comforted knowing your body is doing its thang.

14Busy All Night

One of the least helpful pieces of advice a pregnant woman is likely to hear: “Oh honey, sleep now while you can. You’ll never sleep once the baby comes.” Um, excuse me, Stranger-Lady-At-The-Grocery-Store, but have you ever actually tried to sleep while being pregnant? It’s nearly impossible.

Let’s count the reasons why sleeping while preggo is a ridiculous task: one million. First, every joint hurts thanks to the hormone relaxin, and it’s impossible to not put pressure on at least three of those joints at any given moment. Second, with a baby pressing your bladder, you’re going to need to take nightly potty breaks. Third, once you’re up, you’ll be hungry because you’re always hungry (unless you’re in your first trimester puke fest.) Fourth, general pregnancy insomnia induced by all of the above plus those crazy pregnancy dreams. Fifth, you are limited to sleeping on your sides: no tummy sleeping (duh) and you can’t sleep on your back due to too much pressure on the vena cava.

So… it’s not really a surprising that crappy sleep and sleep interruptions are a major PITA pregnancy problem.

13Never Enough Pillows

This next Whisper confession is along the same lines as the previous: sleep issues. Well, because getting both quality and quantity sleep is a major struggle during pregnancy, many moms resort to wonderful, miraculous pillows to help sleep. Some moms make a fortress of pillows with regular pillows and other moms use the fancy “pregnancy pillows.” Some pregnancy pillows are giant U shapes that surround the whole body, and other pillows are more like a squiggly body pillow.

In any case, this Whisper confession’s partner is about to learn that all these pillows quickly take up the space intended for the Daddy-to-be. But if a woman is given the choice between finally getting some rest and kicking her man to the couch for a few months, the overtired mama is going to pick sleep.

If you’re expecting or thinking about TTC, better just load up on pillows now. And a King size bed while you’re at it, to make room for all those pillows.

12A Royal Pain In The ...

It’s no big shocker that childbirth is painful. But for some mamas – who expected morning sickness to be the biggest of their problems – it can be quite surprising to find that pregnancy can be painful to. And unfortunately, there are many weird, painful conditions that love to prey on innocent pregnancy women: nerve pain is just one example.

This Whisper confession clearly shows a woman with no prior nerve issues, yet pregnancy can introduced her to a pain in her leg. The most common nerve issue is sciatic, which can cause pain from the buttocks all the way down through the back of the thigh. The quickest way to alleviate pain is to lie on the opposite side of where you experience the pain. Why does that work? It helps to reduce the pressure that is on the pinched nerve. A chiropractor can also give you stretches to help.

11How Dare She Move That!

If you thought there were a lot of memes and jokes about women and PMS and emotions, then look out because pregnancy emotions make PMS emotions look like a joke. For one, there are WAY more hormones (both in type of hormone and quantity of each hormone) coursing through a pregnant woman’s body. In fact, hormones make pregnancy possible and hormones sustain pregnancy. Heck, hormones are even responsible for contractions and the production of milk.

That being said, all those hormones – as necessary as they are – can sure do a number on a woman’s emotional health. Like not knowing what you want and being upset by anything, everything, or even nothing at all. Clearly, this Whisper confession highlights those emotions. Although, to be fair, I don’t want anyone touching my desk or my personal belongings either. Crying wouldn’t be my first reaction though- I’d be mad!

10Tender Ta-ta's

Any woman who was TTC analyzes every possible symptom that might possibly maybe clue her in that she has a baby on board. Of course, many of those early pregnancy symptoms also mimic PMS symptoms so it can get a little confusing. One of those symptoms of both PMS and pregnancy is sore, tender breasts.

Although, pregnancy tenderness is way more intense that PMS tenderness. And that would explain why this Whisper user cried running down the stairs. Every step caused a painful bounce and jiggle.

I do want to ask a question though – why exactly did she need to run down the stairs? There are really easy solutions here, people. Wear a super supportive sports bra (or double up on them). Walk down the stairs… walking is much safer on stairs anyway. We all saw Meredith Gray fall down the stairs while pregnant and haven’t we learned enough on that show?? WALK!

9Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Pregnancy cravings are a real problem. Do you give in to the craving even if it’s not healthy? Or do you stick to a healthy, clean diet and suffer mental anguish of a denied craving? See, that’s the thing about cravings… they don’t go away until you indulge. Your pregnancy craving doesn’t care if it’s midnight. Your pregnancy craving doesn’t even care if you even have cake in the house.

This Whisper-using mama knows too well the reality of a craving at an inopportune time. Unfortunately, and I know from experience, her cake craving isn’t going to go away until she gives in. She might as well just get up and bake that cake. Or at least hop on Pinterest and get one of those cake-in-a-mug recipes. And if you’re wondering, you might want to make two cake-in-a-mugs.

8Toes All A Mess

Until you’ve been pregnant, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to lose the ability to bend in half. It’s easy to take little tasks for granted, like tying on your shoes or putting on socks, or picking up that cookie you dropped, or seeing what you’re doing when you’re shaving the lady gardens. Bending in half really makes everyday tasks much easier.

This Whisper confession highlights just another task that is made much easier by the ability to bend at the waist: painting your own toes. But, depending on how far along she is, I’m surprised she actually managed to paint her nails in the first place… regardless of how long it took. The easiest way to pretty up your toes is to get someone else to paint your toes for you, either a partner or a technician at a salon… plus you get a bonus foot rub which is basic like heaven during pregnancy.

7A Dry Nine Months

For someone who used to come home from a long day at work, kick off her shoes, and enjoy a nice glass of wine by the fire, pregnancy sure puts a cramp in your after-work relaxation habits. Of course, the whole no alcohol is for a good purpose, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t want a glass of wine or an apricot stone sour now and then. (Just as long as you don’t indulge that…)

Maybe this mama had a bad day at work or maybe she’s out on a date with her partner and wishing for a cold beer like good ol’ times. Nine months can seem like a long time to take a pass on booze, but when you see your tiny bundle, you’ll know it was well worth the sacrifice.

A serious note: If you’re pregnant and having problems quitting drinking, speak with your OB. Don’t’ be embarrassed to ask for help; he’ll be able to help you out.

6Super Human Nose

We all know morning sickness is just part of pregnancy. In addition to feeling nauseous all the time, expecting mamas also gain super powers: a super human nose. While super powers is cool in theory, an ultra-sensitive nose during the morning sickness era is just a cruel, cruel joke. When every smell is potentially nauseating, why is that the time Mother Nature chooses to give us a detective nose?

Sure, this is a major pregnancy problem because your nose can turn on you: even your beloved hubby’s cologne can smell nasty all of a sudden. That rich, beautiful smell of freshly brewed coffee? Disgusting. The perfume counter at Macy’s? Absolutely nauseating.

Some theories hold that this super nose power is an added way of helping to steer mom clear of anything that might be dangerous during those vital first weeks of development. Pretty cool if you think of it that way.

5The Heart Of The Matter

The Old Wives’ myths tell us that if a pregnant woman experiences heart burn, her baby will be born with a head of hair. It’s a nice thought; it gets us to focus on the baby instead of the fiery pit of volcanic fire burning in our throats.

If you’ve got heartburn, you could care less if your baby has hair, no hair, green hair. Whatever – just get rid of the heartburn for the love of everything. Heartburn steals your ability to eat your favorite foods like pizza, chili, or chocolate – yes, even delicious, creamy chocolate can trigger heartburn.

And once it hits, there’s little to do that actually makes it go away. Lying down to sleep makes the fire just creep further up, staying awake just reminds you that you’re in pain. There’s no denying that this Whisper confession hits the nail on the head: heartburn is a major pregnancy problem.

4Actually, Everything Is A Problem

This next Whisper confession is made a woman who is clearly overwhelmed by everything. In her experience, pregnancy problems aren’t just physical problems relating to pregnancy (like a nerve pain or heartburn). In her case, pregnancy causes many problems in all areas of life.

Not to be an “I Told You So” but this is why people say that having a baby doesn’t fix problems. Not to be negative, but babies bring details like figuring out child care or budgeting for clothes, diapers, etc. These are just things that must be worked out before a baby comes, and if your relationship is already on the rocks, these minor details can be huge problems. It sounds like confession was made a mom-to-be that is arguing over everything with her partner. Parenthood isn’t a piece of cake and there are a lot of decision that must be made together so I hope this mom and dad shaped up real quick before the baby came.

3A Little Tears With Your Tea?

During pregnancy, your morning cup of joe is cancelled due to the caffeine, but some mornings you still need a warm, cozy drink. For many people around the globe, tea is that beverage of choice – pregnant or not. And while tea is delicious all on its own, it is a grand excuse to grab a few cookies (or biscuits as the British say) and dunk them into your creamy tea.

But this Whisper user confesses that even a tasty treat can bring her to tears: a broken cookie in her tea. Of course, logically it sounds overly dramatic to be so upset, but to a pregnant woman, it’s just another struggle, another thing gone wrong, another thing to get emotional over.

I want to brew a pot of tea, make a fresh batch of cookies, and have this lady over for tea.

2"Holy" Jeans

This next confession highlights the plight of fashion-conscious pregnant woman: maternity clothes. The good maternity clothes are expensive. So expensive. Like you might as well just hand over your whole pay check type of expensive. But the styles are also somewhat limited. Clearly this mama couldn’t find the jeans she liked. I mean, “holy jeans” would be hard to find. Holey jeans, however, can be found (I have a pair), but there are like searching for a unicorn pair of Lularoe tights.

All jokes and spelling mistakes aside, this confession highlights that many women do struggle with finding clothes that fit and match their pre-pregnancy style. Many women actually outgrow all those maternity clothes anyway, so it really begs the question: what’s the point?

I bet this mama does a happy dance she fits back into her favorite pair of jeans. Don’t we all?

1The Shrinking Bras

Remember the earlier confession about the woman with sore boobs who ran down the stairs and was in pain? Remember how I said that boobs do funny things during pregnancy? Well, this confession mentions one of those funny pregnant things: they just keep on growing.

At first, it’s nice to have a little boost in your cup size, but when the boosts just keep on coming, you start to get annoyed. What – are you just supposed to keep on buying a bra everything the girls sprout a new cup size? It’s hard enough to get comfortable with all the under wire poking you, but it’s even worse when you’re nearly squeezed to death from your bra.

Not to mention, you’ll have no clue what size nursing bras to purchase either! Just do yourself a favor and just be stretchy sports bras. Goodbye under wire! You’ll come to the point where comfort > fashion. Your boobs will thank you.


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