15 Wild Thoughts Women Confess To Have During A Gyno Appointment

It is absolutely natural for anyone to hate the idea of going to the doctor for whatever reason. Whether they have to see the doctor for an annual check-up, or a follow-up appointment for something- it is always going to be less than a pleasant experience. However, it is just one of those things that simply has to be done in life that people don't want to do. Yeah, that is life.

What is even worse for women who have to see their general practitioners when they have to see the gyno! Men probably feel the same kind of dread when they have to see proctologists as well. However, face it. Having your ears examined is nothing compared to having your lady parts examined! There just is not a comparison and you would rather take having your ears looked at over having your privates looked at on any day!

Because women hate going to the gynaecologist or gyno so much which would be strange if any felt otherwise- they are going to have a million thoughts going on in their heads before they are at the appointment, during the appointment whether they are in the waiting room or exam room- and these thoughts don't immediately go away even once they leave either!

That is how much of an unpleasant experience it is going to the gyno's office can really be! Therefore, patients will have plenty of irrational (and some rational) negative thoughts about their time at the gyno. Listed below will be 15 wild thoughts women have confessed during a gyno appointment.

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15 Is There A Piece Of Toilet Paper Down There?


When ladies wipe down there after going to the bathroom, occasionally a piece of toilet paper gets caught. It is annoying and uncomfortable, therefore they are inclined to clean further just to remove the discomfort just so they can get on with the day. Then the thought about that is over, because why is there a need to think about a piece of toilet paper stuck in the private parts if it is not causing any kind of irritation?

That is unless you are at a gyno appointment. Plenty ladies discussed thoughts that they all had in common with one another on message boards that revolved around their gyno appointments. Many of them had thoughts swirling in their heads while their gynos were at work, could a piece of TP have gotten stuck in their lady parts without them knowing? And would the gyno have to make such a discovery and end up pulling the piece of TP out?

It’s a reasonable concern, but keep in mind that the gyno is not even giving a possible piece of TP stuck in the lady parts a thought since it is far from a priority.

14 Did I Shave?

During the late fall, winter and early spring while we are wearing pants, we will not be shaving as often. Because why does it matter since no will see our hairy legs due to the fact that shorts season has been long over.

However, there are times when shaving your legs is a must-do regardless of the time of year. That is when you have a doctor appointment- or more specifically a gyno appointment!

There is nothing worse than wondering while you are already sitting in the waiting room whether or not you had even shaved your legs because you were so busy before the appointment that the thought of shaving just slipped your mind!

Maybe you did shave, but did you do a good enough job? You then wonder if you missed some spots. And while you are in the exam room, you will be worrying if the gyno is judging your hairy legs or hairy spots on your legs.

Even though we logically know that the gyno is either used to seeing hairy legs or doesn’t even think twice about it- we can’t help but think about it because to us- having ugly hairy legs is a big deal and an embarrassment. Not to mention it just adds to lack of dignity we already have.

13 Seeing Someone You Know In The Waiting Room


There is always a chance we will bump into someone we know while we are grocery shopping, eating out at a restaurant, at a mall, or even at a doctor’s office. If we see someone who we know that we like or is a friend- we will exchange hellos with one another, and maybe even chat for a bit.

If we bump into someone who we don’t like, well we will just ignore that person. There is no point in starting an argument in the middle of somewhere.

Nevertheless, nothing is worse than bumping into anyone, whether a friend, an acquaintance or foe at a gyno office! Oh goodness, can you imagine that individual who you could possibly see in the waiting room talking about you all evening to her man or her friends? There is nothing more embarrassing than that!

Even worse, what if you bump into someone who you know in the waiting room when you walk out of the exam room when your appointment is finished? Sure- that thought could be easily crossing your mind while you are lying on your back while the gyno is at.. Work! Talk about an awkward situation if any of those scenarios come true.

12 Having To Talk To The Receptionist


Most of the time people hardly give it a second thought by speaking to a receptionist at a doctor’s office, or even if they have to check in with the receptionist in regards to a therapy appointment. So what? The receptionist is only there to check patients in as soon as they arrive, and to schedule future appointments as well with them.

However, you have to admit that talking to the receptionist at the general physician’s office is just not the same as speaking with the receptionist at the gyno’s office! That receptionist knows for a fact that your private parts are being looked at. You suddenly care what she is thinking because she knows this. She is working for a doctor that specifically examines lady parts.

The worst part about talking to the receptionist at the gyno’s office is when she asks you what the appointment is regarding (because sometimes they kinda have to ask especially when scheduling future appointments due to the time needed)- then you have to tell her every bit of private information that only you and your gyno must know- no one else, including the receptionist! Plenty women on various message boards while discussing their thoughts during gyno appointments was indeed the dread that came with having to talk with the receptionist. Rest assured, she will not judge you because she only cares about doing her job properly and isn’t giving your lady parts a second thought! She will forget about you once she has to catch up with her other work.

11 Who Invented The Dumb Gown?


When you are in a logical state of mind, you will understand that the examination gowns are designed for the purpose of the doctor to examine you easily. They are not nice and comfortable, but they allow the doctor to do his or her job.

However, when it comes to being at at the gyno appointment- all logic disappears! Therefore, you may be really wondering why such a stupid gown had to be invented that all gynos require you to put on!

Especially since they are made to be open in the front, and then you really wonder why they even exist and why there is a need to put one on at all. These gowns don’t exactly help you with maintaining any kind of dignity which pretty much is nonexistent while you are at a gyno exam room anyway.

There were a group of women on message boards talking about the fact that one thing they hate about the gyno is having to wear those gowns. In fact a few mentioned that their gynos were kind enough to allow them to wear a tank top to help make the experience a little easier. If these gowns make you even more uncomfortable than you already are, you can talk to your gyno about possibly wearing a tank top instead.

10 Will His Hands Be Cold? 

Whenever you hear about Antarctica, you immediately think of cold, frigid, icebergs or Happy Feet. In fact a lot of people who have deep pockets take excursions there during the northern winter which is the only time you can go to gain the experience. And what does this have to do with a gyno appointment?

Think about whenever you were lying on your back on the exam table during your gyno appointment, and feeling incredibly vulnerable as it was. And the next thing you knew, a frigid instrument or a very cold pair of hands were touching your sensitive lady parts making you even more uncomfortable.

One lady on a message board discussing what women thought while at the gyno said:

At one moment I was lying in the exam room that was set at a comfortable temperature, and the next moment as soon as the gyno touched that area I seriously thought I was in Antarctica because those hands were so unbelievably cold.

It never fails! Whenever you are uncomfortable enough while being examined the by the gyno- it has to be that much worse whenever they end up putting something frigid down there! Next time remind them to warn you instead of being caught off guard by encountering something freezing in a very unpleasant way.

9 Does It Smell Bad?

Because of the fact that it is known that the lady parts can have various odors, just that fact alone is not disturbing. Only you know how it smells, and because of that you don’t give it another thought.

The only time you will be concerned is if there is strange looking discharge leaking in conjunction with a terrible odor from your private area, and in that case not only will you call the doctor but come to an understanding that the doctor will have to take a whiff. You will be more accepting of that as a result.

However, if you are having a general gyno exam and while he or she is at work- you are going to have plenty of thoughts going through your head and one of those thoughts are Oh my God does it smell bad down there?

The thought will cause you more distress and make you wonder why you didn’t clean the area before the appointment. Unfortunately your gyno will have to take a whiff but not to judge you, just to make sure you are healthy in that area! If you keep that in mind, hopefully it will make your future gyno appointments a little more tolerable.

8 Does It Look Normal?


Many men are hung up on the size of their penises, and even compare it to others! They associate their penis size with their egos. Many women have other hang ups such as the size of their breasts and may compare those to others, and of course general body image is an issue for many- but not the size of their clitoris, or the rest of their lady parts for that matter.

In fact, most women couldn’t care less if that area appears to look normal or not! That is unless a gyno is examining that area carefully. One thought that many women have stated to have at their gyno appointment is whether their vaginas look normal. Some women even wondered if gynos secretly compare theirs to the vaginas of other patients.

As soon as they are back home after the uncomfortable appointment, they no longer are concerned whether their vaginas look normal or not and carry on with the rest of the day.

7 Can This Gyno Figure Out What I Did Last Night?

Whenever people are having a intimate moments with their lovers, those moments are super private. Sure, they may be open to giving tips on having great sex to their close friends. Some may even be comfortable enough to give tips on message boards about sex if they keep their identities private. They know as well that they will have to discuss sexual activity with their physicians- and yes that also means the gyno has to know every little detail.

Even though people are not only accepting to discuss their sexual activities with their doctors, but are consulting their doctors to seek out advice- the thought process of a woman that is undergoing an examination by a gyno changes drastically.

If she had a fun night with her man the night before her appointment, she will be thinking about whether the gyno can tell how much of a good time she had just by examining her thoroughly. Even though is going to be open to discuss anything related to sex with her doctor, the idea of the gyno being able to tell whether she was busy under the sheets or not just by looking is still one that makes her quite uncomfortable.

In fact, it is a common concern among women who are being examined by their gynos. Rest assured, your gyno is not going to be giving that a second thought and won’t ask you questions about what you did last night either.

6 Please Be On Time

Punctuality is extremely important to many of us. If we are running behind for an appointment or even an event, anxiety can get the best of us. No one likes tardiness. If there is a doctor appointment, or worse- a gyno appointment, we are going to do anything we can to make sure that we get to that appointment on time.

In fact, we may leave home a few minutes early just to make sure we are there for the time that was booked. However, it is not necessarily tardiness on our part that concerns us. Going to the gyno is unpleasant as it is- we want it to get it over and done with so it can be out of the way.

I can tell you that my biggest worry while sitting in the waiting room is Will the gyno be running behind? I don’t want her to be late! I want to get this over and done with! Many women on discussion forums about their common thoughts during gyno appointments are the same!

That said if my appointment was at 11 am, and it is already 11:01, anxiety sets in because the last thing I want is my gyno to be running behind! I can handle the idea of my eye doctor running a few minutes behind but my goodness, not the gyno because you can’t compare a gyno appointment to an eye appointment, even though both are unpleasant but not in the same way.

5 Can They Find Out Some Of My Dirty Little Secrets?

What your man and you do in the bedroom is no one’s business, and some things are just meant to be private! If anyone ever somehow figured out what you did in private, you would be mortified beyond belief.

When you are going by your day on any typical day, the last thing you would ever be concerned about is if someone could ever figure out what you may be doing in the bedroom with your partner.

However, when you are seeing your gyno, that is not a typical day and when the gyno is in the middle of examining your lady parts- you are going to have all kinds of less than pleasant thoughts going through your head. One of those thoughts based on some discussions that women had with one another on women’s health message boards were that they believed that the gynos could figure out their dirty little secrets just by examination.

Rest assured no one can ever tell what you have done in the bedroom unless you stuck something like a cucumber up your vagina. Then, that would not be such a secret. However in most cases not only would the gynos not be able to tell, but that is the last concern on their minds while they are doing their jobs.

4 Do I Have Some Weird STI Or STD?


It is normal for women to wonder if they contracted something from having unprotected sex or making out, especially if it was for the first time- even if their men were completely screened and are clean. However, again it is not something that is overly mind consuming on typical days when you have other important stuff to focus on.

But when you are at that dreaded gyno exam room, or even before you get there while sitting in the waiting room- you are going to have plenty of worries plaguing your mind, and one common worry that plenty of women have shared is if whenever they visit their gyno- they are terrified of the possibility they will be told that they have contracted some weird STI or STD.

It is a natural worry especially since going to the gyno is one of the most stressful things that women do in their lives. Consider this. If you have been monogamous for a long time, you would not all of a sudden contract anything weird. Even if you haven’t been, if you did chances are you will be successfully treated. Gynos are there to help you and treat you- not to hurt you in anyway! If they do then report them and their medical license will be taken away from them so fast they will not know what had hit them. Always keep that in mind.

3 Coming In Too Soon Without Knocking


Nothing is worse whenever you are in the middle of getting dressed and someone comes in without knocking on the door- and they even see your privates! I have had that happened to me whenever my daughter accidentally comes in while getting dressed because she did not know that I was awake since she did not hear my footsteps. Moments like that are definitely awkward, but it would be far worse if a stranger barged into a room where you were not dressed.

One common thought that women who visit their gynos is that they fear that the gyno will barge into the exam room without while they are still naked- before they even had a chance to put their jeans on!

I can tell you from experience that even though I never had a gyno come into the exam room without knocking first, that is certainly one thought I had as well. Therefore, that thought motivated me to get dressed so fast instead of how I normally do so at home.

Most gynos will have enough common sense to not open the door to the exam room before knocking. If some do barge in, that is clearly not acceptable and that should be reported.

2 Did I Put Something On Backwards?

Going back to the discussion about fearing that the gyno will barge into the exam room before knocking, women who are done being examined will want to rush to put their clothes back on so they can get out of there as fast as they can. Or again, they want to be sure to be dressed before the gyno has to come back to the room. That brings up another awkward thought that many women have at their gyno appointments.

They will wonder because of the fact they had to rush getting dressed so quickly that they put their sweaters on backwards, or inside-out, or worse, inside-out backwards with the tag sticking out in the front! Nothing is also more embarrassing than walking back into the waiting room and having to make your next appointment with the receptionist that knows everything about you since you had to see the gyno- and wearing your sweater inside-out, backwards with the tag sticking out.

These thoughts usually don’t creep up until after the appointment but imagine if you did put something on backwards due to rushing- that would be super embarrassing. Rest assured, if it did happen to you, you are far from alone!

1 The Dreaded Phone-Call


Whenever you see the gyno, you will worry about what could go wrong during the appointment. You will have so many thoughts during the appointment about everything mentioned previously.

The worst part about the appointment is that you may worry if something was found that could show that there is a problem. Especially if bloodwork has to be taken. These worries go beyond the concern about contracting an STD or STI, which is concerning enough. You will wonder if you have a serious reproductive or female health problem that was never detected in the past.

The worst possible thought that may be swirling through your head is whether or not you are going to get that dreaded call from the gyno in a week or so that a problem with your health has been detected.

The best thing to do is to make sure all concerns that you have are discussed thoroughly with your gyno at the time of your appointment. Also make sure that he or she is clear with you about whether you will expect a call or not over the next few days or a week for whatever reason. If you are going to get a call about results, then your gyno has to prepare you for that fact.

If not, then always keep in mind that there is absolutely no reason to expect to receive a dreaded call from the gyno’s office. That is unless they are calling you to ask you if you want to take an earlier appointment due to the cancellation of another patient.

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