15Is There A Piece Of Toilet Paper Down There?


When ladies wipe down there after going to the bathroom, occasionally a piece of toilet paper gets caught. It is annoying and uncomfortable, therefore they are inclined to clean further just to remove the discomfort just so they can get on with the day. Then the thought about that is

over, because why is there a need to think about a piece of toilet paper stuck in the private parts if it is not causing any kind of irritation?

That is unless you are at a gyno appointment. Plenty ladies discussed thoughts that they all had in common with one another on message boards that revolved around their gyno appointments. Many of them had thoughts swirling in their heads while their gynos were at work, could a piece of TP have gotten stuck in their lady parts without them knowing? And would the gyno have to make such a discovery and end up pulling the piece of TP out?

It’s a reasonable concern, but keep in mind that the gyno is not even giving a possible piece of TP stuck in the lady parts a thought since it is far from a priority.

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