15 Women In The Worst Situations When They Got Knocked Up

For a lot of expectant mammas, the timing wasn’t so great when they discovered they were pregnant. And it happens all too often...

When a woman finds out she's pregnant, she wants and expects it to be an exciting time in her life. She hopes those around her will share her joy and that her journey into motherhood goes smoothly and as planned. However, for a lot of expectant mammas, the timing wasn’t so great when they discovered they were pregnant.

These women who shared their experiences weren’t in great situations when they found out they were expecting. In some cases, the father of the baby was absentee or the pregnancy was the result of an affair. Some of the moms-to-be had nowhere to live or were struggling with intense things, such as substance abuse or an abusive relationship. In all of these instances, the pregnancy definitely didn’t have great timing.

Unfortunately, many pregnancies are unplanned or happen at times that are less than convenient. We hope all the women on this list were able to make the best of their situation and put their baby’s interests first. Even if a mom-to-be isn’t ready to dive into parenthood, there are options that she can choose from. If you know someone who’s dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, the best thing to do be is supportive and understanding in this difficult time.

15"He Got Us Both Pregnant"

Natalie* wasn’t expecting her sister to make her own confession after she admitted to her family that she was pregnant.

“When I was in my 20s, I found out I was pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby (we’d been going out for over a year). I told my parents and sister at the same time. After I confessed, my sister started bawling her eyes out, which was really out of character. Shouldn’t I be the one crying in this situation?

Anyways, my sister ended up admitting she’d been cheating with my boyfriend for the past few months. To make things worse, she also just found out she was pregnant. So, yeah my so-called boyfriend got both me and my sister pregnant. We both kept the babies, so I’m not sure if our kids are more like cousins or siblings in this case.”

14“I Was Still An Addict”

Madison* was a hard-core drug addict when she discovered she was pregnant. Despite her addiction, she tried her hardest to make her pregnancy last until full term.

“I struggled with substance abuse and homelessness as a teen. When I was in the thick of my heroin addiction, I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t even know who the father was. I tried my hardest to stay clean in order to save the baby.

I’d sleep on the hospital steps at night in case I got sick. If I used at all during my pregnancy (which I did), I made sure someone would take me to the hospital to help save the pregnancy.

The hospital staff began knowing me by name. They helped me get into a rehab program even though I didn’t have any money. I had my baby in rehab, but gave her up for adoption since I wasn’t fully clean yet. Now I’ve been sober for 15 years and have two other kids.”

13“He Had Another Family”

Chelsea* sure got a surprise when she found out her boyfriend was leading a double life- which included a wife and kids she had no idea existed!

“When I was 24 I was dating this guy who was 35. I honestly thought he was the one. Everything was going so perfect. He travelled a lot for his job (or so he said), which I didn’t think was a big deal. I totally thought we’d get married when I told him I was pregnant.

But right after I told him he cut off all contact with me. He blocked me on social media, changed his number, and moved out of his apartment. I was devastated and so confused.

A bit of Internet stalking later (I have some very talented best friends), I found out he lived in another state. What’s more? He had a pretty wife and two kids. No wonder he didn’t want a baby with me. All of those work trips had been to go see his actual family. Turns out he didn’t even have a real job!”

12“The Father Was My History Professor”

Jayden* got herself into a particularly sticky situation when she got knocked up with her college professor’s baby. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an affair to remember since he refused to leave his wife and help Jayden raise their child.

“I was in the worst position when I was pregnant. I was only in my third year of college; nowhere close to being done. I had no money saved up and a ton of student debt. But what made it really bad? The baby’s father was my history professor.

When I told him I was pregnant, he said he’d pay for my abortion. I thought he truly loved me, but he didn’t want to leave his wife because he said he wouldn’t be able to see his other kids. I ended up taking the money and ending the pregnancy.”

11“He Ran Away With His Mistress And Took All The Money”

Grace* must have been horrified to find out her husband had ran away and drained their bank account- weeks before she discovered she was pregnant!

“I married a piece of sh*t for a husband. One day I came home from work and found most of our personal belongings moved out of the house, like our TV, video game consoles, some furniture. All of my husband’s clothes and toiletries were gone, too. I found a note in the kitchen where he said he was running away with his mistress, who happened to be his co-worker.

The next day I discovered he drained most of our banking accounts, including our savings. I barely had enough money left to survive the month. The next month I found out I was actually pregnant. We’d been trying for a baby, just didn’t think this is how it would work out. I didn’t know how I’d support myself let alone a kid since my husband ran away with everything. Luckily I found a good divorce lawyer who was able to track my husband down and take him to court.

10"I Was Homeless After Leaving An Abusive Home”

Sadie* says that she became pregnant after leaving an abusive home and becoming homeless. That’s not how you want to be when you’re expecting your first child.

“My biggest dream growing up was to move out of my mom’s house. My parents were drug and alcohol addicts, but my dad left when I was 11. Then my mom started bringing low life boyfriends around. Some of them used to beat on me and even touch me. One of them started coming to my bed at night when I was 17, so I decided to run away.

I didn’t really have a plan… no money, no friends, no place to stay. I slept around in fast food restaurants and friend’s couches. It wasn’t long until I discovered I was pregnant, but I had no way of contacting the baby’s dad. I was homeless until I was 8 months pregnant when I got a bed in a shelter.”

9“I Was Scared He’d Hit Me And Hurt The Baby”

When Olivia* found out she was pregnant, she was still involved in an abusive relationship. She knew she needed to get out of it if she wanted to keep her unborn baby safe.

“I was once in an abusive relationship. My boyfriend often beat on me and called me names. He’d also cheat and go out and party and do drugs. I knew that I needed to break up with him, I just needed an escape plan. I was scared he would hurt me if I tried to do it face to face.

Eventually I found out I was pregnant. I was scared he’d hit me and then hurt the baby, so I needed to get away ASAP. I had to contact my parents who lived in another state. They sent my brother down to move me out and take me home. I had to get a restraining order against my boyfriend. He currently has no contact with his son.”

8“He Got Me Pregnant Weeks Before My Arranged Marriage”

Morgan’s* heart belonged to someone else, even though she was set to marry a different person. An unplanned baby changed everything!

“When I was a baby, my parents arranged for my to marry the son of a good family friend. But when I was a teen I ended up falling for one of my best guy friends. We wanted to get married, but we also didn’t want to disrespect our families.

I decided to go through with my arranged marriage, but not before my boyfriend and I made the ultimate promise to each other- we gave each other our virginities.

But that wasn’t the end. A few months before my wedding, I discovered I was pregnant- with my actual boyfriend’s baby! I would be showing by the time of the wedding. That wasn’t a fun conversation to have with my parents and my fiancé’s parents.”

7“I’d Just Moved Cross Country To Join The Navy”

Natasha* had to quit her lifelong dream of being in the Navy when she got pregnant. The awkward part was that she was already in training when she found out.

“My whole family has been involved in the Navy, so I knew I wanted to ship out as soon as I graduated high school. I was set to move across the country to go to base training. My boyfriend and I weren’t planning on doing long distance, so we had one wild final last summer before I moved.

I’d only been on base for a few weeks when I took a pregnancy test and it said pregnant. It was so awkward telling my male superiors that I was pregnant. They thought it was someone from base, which is a huge no-no. They ended up sending me home because you can’t really train for the navy while knocked up.”

6"I Was Attacked While On Exchange In Italy”

Danica* was assaulted while vacationing in Italy, but she was too scared to go the police since it was a foreign country. Then she found out she was pregnant.

“I went away on exchange in my final year of College to Italy. I didn’t know anyone there, but I’m a sociable person so I’d go out and party and meet people that way. I still had two months left of the program when I went out one night with a group I kind of knew well. This cute guy was invited along and we ended up flirting the whole night.

He wanted to come back to my place after, but I explained I had a boyfriend back home. But he was really persistent. He ended up pushing me inside of my apartment and raping me. I was too scared to go to the police since it was a foreign country, so I kept it to myself. But I couldn’t forget it because I found out I was pregnant a week before leaving Italy. I couldn’t go through with the pregnancy.”

5“I Was Having An Affair With My Sister’s Husband”

Shelby* wanted everyone to be excited that she was expecting, but her family was more shocked to learn that she’d been having an affair with her brother-in-law.

“I always thought everyone would be happy when I got pregnant, but that wasn’t the case. It’s actually my fault. I’d been having an affair with my sister’s husband for five years. They’d struggled with infertility so they had no kids. We weren’t planning on it, but I got pregnant and I wanted to keep the baby.

I told my boyfriend, but he said he didn’t want to leave my sister. So I told my entire family (parents, sister, other siblings) at a family dinner. They were all shocked and mortified. I don’t have a relationship with my sister anymore, which breaks my heart since she doesn’t get to see her nephew.”

4“It Could Be Either My Boyfriend’s Or The Random’s”

Cecily* learned the hard way that fighting with your boyfriend, drinking too much alcohol, and unprotected sex can have dire consequences.

“My long-time boyfriend and I had been fighting a lot because he was deciding whether to move across the country for grad school. One night I went out with friends and had too much to drink.

My boyfriend and I had a really bad fight before I left, so I decided to flirt with a guy to get my mind off of things. We ended up hooking up in the club’s bathroom (we forgot protection). When I got home I didn’t tell my boyfriend what happened.

But a few weeks later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. The only thing was it could be either my boyfriend’s baby or the random’s. I ended up telling my boyfriend what happened and we broke up before the baby was born. Turns out the baby is my boyfriend’s, but he still moved across the country anyways.”

3“I Was Arrested For Car Stealing While Pregnant”

Nina* was pregnant when she was arrested for grand theft auto. She didn’t realize that her boyfriend at the time wasn’t the right sort of person to be hanging out with. Though this incident showed her that her boyfriend wasn’t the man of her dreams, it also left her with a criminal record.

I had just found out I was pregnant when I got arrested for car stealing. I didn’t actually steal the car. My boyfriend at the time was the one who hot wired and stole the vehicle- he told me he was borrowing it from a friend.

We were driving around one afternoon when the cops pulled us over and put us in handcuffs. I was so scared I’d spend my pregnancy in jail. I ended up going on probation and wasn’t allowed to have contact with my boyfriend anymore. At that point, I didn’t want any contact with him, either. “

2“I Had Slept With The Entire Football Team”

Andrea* was a bit of a wild child back in high school, and it caught up to her when she found out she was pregnant but had no idea who the dad could be.

“In high school, everyone was competing to see how many people they could sleep with. I was wild back then, so I decided to sleep with the entire football team to “win” the entire competition. But things got awkward after I found out I was pregnant.

My parents wanted to know who the father was, but I didn’t even know since there’d been so many guys. My parents ended up convincing the school to do a DNA test on all of the football guys. When they found out who the dad was, they got his parents involved. I never regretted something so badly in my life.”

1“I’m Having A Baby With My Ex Boyfriend”

Serena* thought she was done with her ex boyfriend when she broke up with him and left him devastated. But these two will have to be in each other’s lives for the next 18 years because she’s pregnant!

“I wasn’t really happy in my relationship. Nothing was going wrong, I was just bored and didn’t feel as into it. So I broke up with my boyfriend by telling him he’s just too boring. He was pretty heartbroken.

I didn’t think I’d ever have to talk to him again. But a few weeks later I discovered I was pregnant. He didn’t really want to get back together with me after all of that. Try co-parenting with an ex who hates your guts but still loves you. Well kinda.”

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