14I Went From Pumping In A Cubicle, To Pumping In The Janitor's Closet

When Lena returned to work, she was not sure how she would manage to pump at work but did not want to stop breast feeding. “I was determined to make it work no matter what. But what I did not expect was how hard it would be,” she explains. Her

office had an open floor plan with her workstation a cubicle surrounded by many others similar to hers."

"When she approached the management for some assistance, no one seemed to understand. “As most of the management is made up of men there was no one who could relate to what I was saying and their response was that they could give me the corner cubicle where I could add curtains so I could have the privacy I needed."

"Needless to say I ended up using the janitor’s closet and brought in a stool to have something to sit on while I did my pumping.”

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