13Spilling Milk At Work Makes You Want To Cry

In-charge of customer relations for her company, Nikki’s days are normally filled with meetings and phone calls with clients. “Juggling a busy day and pumping was always tricky and at times I’d find myself running from a meeting to squeeze in some pumping before another meeting started,” she told us.


such day I had meetings back to back with several important clients and I rushed out from one and quickly went into my office to pump some milk before another started. In the hurry, I did not notice that I had started without attaching the bottles only to realize after I felt something trickle down my legs."

"Luckily, I was leaning forward and had a skirt on so the major casualty was my legs and office floor. I was able to clean up quickly with some tissues and go for the next meeting looking presentable. Unfortunately, I did not get any milk pumped that day.”

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