15 Women Talk About How They Handled Their Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any woman's life and one of the beautiful things about pregnancy is that it is often planned. This woman wants to get pregnant, tries to get pregnant and that day she realizes her period is late and those two lines appear on the pregnancy test, the feeling of happiness is amazing.

But what about when those two lines on the pregnancy test are met with a frown instead of a smile? What if being pregnant was not what she was planning and now she has to make the biggest decision of her life?

These moms (some named and some anonymous) were brave enough to share their stories/experiences of unplanned pregnancies with me. They all had very different outcomes, and not always happy ones. From teen moms to infertility being proven wrong, this list of unplanned pregnancy stories and how they have been dealt with is something not to be missed.

Been through an unplanned pregnancy? Going through one now? Or just curious and here to read some of these surreal experiences of when a life is unexpectedly turned upside down? '15 Women Talk About How They Handled Their Unplanned Pregnancy' is an article that is sure to break hearts and bring smiles all at the same time.

15 "Aborting My Child Will Haunt Me Forever"

Anonymous again as this is a secret this woman has kept for many years. She bared all and told me her vulnerable story. Thanks to her for letting me share this sensitive information.

In a bad and abusive relationship at 15 with an older boy, she explains, "Young and naive, I thought an older boy liking me was magical. I later found out he was into a lot of drugs."

After going to stay with him and forgetting the pill, she found herself pregnant and felt she had no other choice than to abort. "My parents were going to kick me out if I chose to have the baby which would have forced me to either live with a [substance] fueled family or move in with my abusive boyfriend, neither of which was any kind of life for a baby." A horrible situation to be in, she went through with the abortion.

Now gone on to have a child at an older age, she realizes this was probably for the best as it was not the right time or circumstances. In her own words she says, "Aborting a child will haunt me forever."

14 "I Had To Know If The Rumors Were True"

Here is another young mom story of an unexpected pregnancy at 18 years old. Staisha was happy to share her unplanned pregnancy story with me.

"I was so forgetful with my contraceptive pill leading me to end up pregnant at 18," said Staisha. Unexpected but when she found out she was pregnant, her and her partner were excited as well as nervous. Some nasty rumors about Staisha and her pregnancy were starting to spread.

"I would get messages from people I didn't really know asking if I wanted to go for coffee but it was just to get the gossip, find out if rumors were true or if they weren't," admitted Staisha. Staying strong through all the rumors and enjoying her pregnancy, she is now a mom to a baby girl, Averi. Unplanned? Yes. Unwanted? Definitely not!

13 Baby's Fate Tied To A Coin Toss

Now this is a bit of a strange way to decide what to do about your unplanned pregnancy but desperate times call for desperate methods.

This woman found out she was pregnant with her new boyfriend's baby which is not the way most new relationships start. Scared to tell her partner, she toyed with the idea of aborting the baby. But at the same time, she thought he deserved a say in what to do. After weeks of thinking and lying to everyone she knew, she postponed her first scan and decided the only way to make the decision was to flip a coin.

The coin landed on the side she had branded with abortion. But as coin flips often do, it showed her what she really wanted to do and that was tell her partner. Two years later, they are engaged and are raising their daughter together. Thank god for that coin flip!

12 "Everything Went From Bad To Worse..."

Finding out she was pregnant after a one night stand, this woman decided to keep her baby with the support of her family. "I could have never done it without them," she told me. The first few weeks of the pregnancy were happy but then risks started to show. Baby was measuring small and having signs of Downs. She decided to have an invasive test. Invasive testing carries a risk of miscarriage. It was scary but worth it as Down Syndrome was ruled out. The pregnancy continued healthily until 28 weeks.

At 28 weeks, this mom was rushed to hospital after her blood pressure measured through the roof at a doctor's scan. She had been told even more bad news, she had pre-eclampsia. "I felt like everything had gone from bad to worse."

Since baby and mom were in danger, she was induced early and her baby boy was born. Unfortunately, there was no time for a cuddle nor skin to skin contact as he was rushed straight to special care. A scary and heart-breaking experience to say the least but mom and baby are now doing well and this family is on the mend.

11 Forced To Give Her Baby Away

Here we have a different ending to many on this list and one that really tugs at your heartstrings. Imagine being at the young age of 16 and finding yourself pregnant after your first time. Even after using a condom, it clearly did not work and this school girl was in trouble.

"The guy wasn't interested so I turned to my mom," she revealed. Not believing in abortion but not thinking her daughter was ready for a baby (on top of not being able to afford it financially) this young girl's mom demanded she go through with the pregnancy but the baby was to be adopted.

Not knowing what else to do, the young girl did as her mother asked. But as the day came and she saw her baby girl, she tried her best to change her mothers mind. "I begged my mom to stop the adoption but before I could even blink, she was taken away from me. I hated my mom."

Years and years on, she grew to see this was probably for the best but she does wish to one day meet her baby girl.

10 Two Unplanned Pregnancies, Only One Baby

This woman has experienced an unplanned pregnancy twice! The outcomes of both were very different.

Her first experience with unplanned pregnancy was at the age of 14. She had gotten pregnant after having unprotected sex with her slightly older friend. "I don't know why we decided to [do it] so young, it was definitely a mistake," she admitted. Automatically, she knew she was going to abort the baby, not telling her parents but telling her older sister instead. To this day, they kept this secret from her parents.

"I swore if I ever got pregnant unexpectedly again I would keep the baby and I kept that promise," begins the story of her next unplanned pregnancy. Now at the age of 19 she became pregnant again, this time on the pill for protection. "I was doing everything right so I thought but still ended up pregnant. I knew at that moment this baby would not be aborted!" she told me. With her and her long term partner full of excitement, they welcomed their baby girl into the world happily.

9 Still In Mourning

Unplanned pregnancy doesn't always end up with a baby and that is not always by choice.

At the age of 30, this woman found out she was pregnant with her second baby. Unplanned, as her and her partner were using protection, she was shocked but excited that their son was going to be a big brother.

But it turns out that was not meant to be. At 20 weeks, she stared to bleed and get bad cramps. Without going into the sensitive details of the occurrence, they sadly lost their baby that week. A year on, they still mourn the baby they lost but are slowly getting back to normal. They remember their angel every day with a memorial bench in their garden.

8 "We Didn't Use Protection"

Caprice Clarke is a young woman who knows everything there is to know about unplanned pregnancy. She got pregnant in her school years and became a teen mom. She was brave enough to share her story.

“My boyfriend and I were stupid. We didn’t use any protection. Then I ended up pregnant and had no idea what to do,” admitted Caprice.

“In shock, we thought of every option but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything other than keep the baby. Leaving school , forgetting the life I had planned (finishing exams and going to university) my family was disappointed and there were non-stop arguments between my partner and I, but I fought through it. Eventually, everyone accepted my decision,” revealed Caprice.

Caprice then ended up having a beautiful baby girl who she named Amellia. And even though her and her partner split, he is highly involved father. “I couldn’t have wished for my life to turn out better, I absolutely adore her. I did wonder when I was pregnant if I would regret my decision but it never crossed my mind."

Amelia is now almost 2 years old and Caprice is doing an amazing job as a mom. We wish all the best!

7 Anything Is Possible

Charlene met her husband in 2013. "A whirlwind romance! We were engaged within a year," Charlene told me. Something out of a movie right? Unfortunately as much as they both wanted children, Charlene's husband had previously battled cancer which left him infertile. "Tests came up abnormal so we decided I should come off the pill," she revealed to me. Trying to find a new dream, they thought of adopting which they still plan to do in the future.

Much to her surprise, within 3 months she found out she was pregnant! Charlene was in denial at first because as far as she knew there was no way she could be pregnant. She ignored her missed period thinking there is no way. But two pregnancy tests later, it was official. She was pregnant!

Delighted, they went through the pregnancy. And although it came with many complications (even being offered an abortion at one point) in the end they had their beautiful baby boy, Elijah. Miracles do happen, often unplanned.

6 "I Will Be Nineteen When My Baby Is Born"

This mom wished to be anonymous as not even family know this information; it is very fresh as the title of the entry suggests. I thank her very much for sharing it with me for this article.

This storyteller is 18 years old and, as you are reading this, in the very early stages of pregnancy. "We forgot to use a condom once after I came off the pill. Now I am pregnant and will turn 19 when my baby is due," confessed this soon-to-be mom.

Extremely nervous and scared about becoming young parents but staying positive, the couple are already excited to meet their baby. She also told me that sharing their news may not be such a happy occasion. So they plan to keep it to themselves and a few close friends until they feel ready to tell family.

"Although we are happy about our unplanned pregnancy, our families are going to be disappointed. My mom was a young mom. She didn't want the same for me and his family is very religious and believes in waiting till marriage to have children," she admitted. A tricky situation, to say the least.

5 He Was A Coward

Going through an unplanned pregnancy with your partner can be difficult enough but when you go through it by yourself as your partner has left, you can feel so alone.

"As soon as I mentioned the words 'pregnancy test' he started to act weird. And by the time I was 16 weeks, he bolted out the door," this mom admitted. Unexpectedly becoming pregnant even when using contraception, this woman was happy and excited to tell her partner. But to her surprise, it was too much for this man to handle and he left her and their unborn child to go through it alone.

"I was devastated that I wouldn't have the perfect family that I dreamed of, My dad left me when I was young so all the trauma was coming back!" shared this mom. Moving in with her younger sister and mom again, these three strong women are now raising a little girl and showing her she doesn't need her dad to succeed.

4 Surprise Number Three

Now for a string of anonymous stories, starting with this unexpected surprise. A happily married couple wanted  a family and within the first few months of trying they found out she was pregnant with TWINS!

"I was so happy I cried," revealed this mom. When the twins were born, they were diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. Not phased by this, the love for their twin boys was still strong. As time went on and dad went back to work, she realized just how tiring being a mom to twin boys with Downs can be. They decided the twins were enough and a third child wasn't for them.

But one broken condom later, she found herself pregnant with a third child. Being truthful, this mom admitted to me, "I cried again this time but for a totally different reason. I was scared." After a lot of thought, they decided to go through with the pregnancy and tested for Downs. To their surprise, no risk showed and their baby girl was born without any complicated conditions. An unplanned pregnancy ended up making this family complete.

3 "I Didn’t Even Know..."

This one is a step further from an unplanned pregnancy. Imagine not even knowing you are pregnant until the baby arrives!

This woman broke up with her partner and was living a healthy lifestyle, studying in university. She had no pregnancy symptoms (no morning sickness, no bump, nothing!). She went through the 9 months one usually uses to prepare for a baby, completely oblivious.

"No one ever believes me but I had no idea! I thought I had put on a bit more weight and I was on the pill which made my period irregular anyway. It wasn't until a head was coming out of me that I realized I was pregnant!" she confessed. Thinking she had some kind of bug when contractions started to assuming she was dying, she ran to the bathroom with the unbelievable need to push and there was a cry. She grabbed the baby and sat in shock.

2 Puberty And Motherhood At The Same Time

At the age of 13, this young girl lost her virginity to her then boyfriend. Not being well educated on contraception, they did not use any. Several weeks later, after stealing a pregnancy test from a local store, she found out she was pregnant.

"I actually hid it from everyone for the first three months. I was in denial and incredibly scared!" she admitted. Coming to terms with her situation and people getting suspicious, she broke down to her mom and told her everything. To which her mom had a surprising reaction, a positive one.

"My mom was my savior. The dad is not in the picture at all. She went through every step of the pregnancy with me." Raising her 1 year old son with her mom, she is enjoying being a mother as well as getting through school.

1 Shocked But Happy

I have featured my own experience in my articles before and here I am going to do it again, as my pregnancy was definitely a shock but a massive joy.

My partner and I had been discussing having a baby as we wanted to become parents but we thought it would be best for us to wait as we are both quite young. Not being very careful with contraception however, I got pregnant.

In disbelief when I saw the two lines on the first pregnancy test I did another - positive! Finally, to get rid of all possibility of a false positive, I used a digital test and it was official. I was 2-3 weeks pregnant! After the initial shock, my partner and I were ecstatic and went on to have our beautiful daughter, Ella-Grace, now 4 months old and absoloutley amazing. Unplanned maybe, but the best for sure.

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