15 Women Who Got Dumped During Birth

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most amazing moments of a person’s life. Many women and their partner’s attend doctor’s appointments together, taking birthing classes, and put their birth plan together. The pregnant woman has every intention of going through her pregnancy and delivery with her supportive partner by her side. She dreams of raising her child alongside of the man she loves, and spends countless hours with him planning for their future. They discuss baby names, paint the nursery, and even look at future preschools.

For some people, the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Sometimes there are signs that a relationship is doomed, and other times it hits a woman like a slap across the face. No matter how it happens, the end of a relationship is devastating. Having to deliver and raise a child in the middle of it makes it 100 times worse. The now single mother is often faced with questions like how is she going to support this new baby on her own? Did she do something to cause this? And how did she miss the signs that this was going to happen?

We found fifteen stories of women who were faced with giving birth and taking care of a newborn, while their relationships blew up in their face.

15 Don't Push Me Out

One young mother was with her boyfriend, Jimmy, for five glorious months when she became pregnant. They were so happy because they were in love, and wanted to start a family. She said she had never seen someone so happy about having a baby. They talked about getting married, and he even built a playroom in anticipation of the birth.

Shortly before her due date, Jimmy became distant and broke up with her right before she went into the delivery room. He was present for the birth, but the breakup left the new mom with visits to an attorney as well as a therapist to deal with the situation. He said he just fell out of love, and continues to have conversations like their relationship never happened. The only good thing to come out of the ordeal is their daughter, which Jimmy fortunately takes an active role in parenting her.

14 Just A Text

Jayden’s was actually in the hospital, preparing to be induced when she received a text from an old classmate. Her five year class reunion had taken place just weeks earlier, and everyone’s contact information was collected so the classmates could stay in touch with each other. Her classmate, a male, had sent a group text to Jayden and a handful of other people asking to meet up sometime.

Jayden’s boyfriend saw the text and flipped out. He accused her of cheating on him, and even questioned if he was the actual father of the baby Jayden was about to deliver. A huge fight ensued, which ended with the boyfriend walking out of the hospital. He never came back to see his son being born, and refused to claim him until a paternity test was completed.

What was supposed to be one of the best days in her life, ended up being full of anger, sadness, and resentment.

13 Pregnant And Alone

One mother of three was expecting her fourth child along with her significant other. They had been together for eight and a half years, and were heading into the final stretch of the pregnancy. She noticed he had been acting a little distant for a while, and when confronted him about it, she received the shocking reply that he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore.

He told her he would continue to support the kids, but wanted to spend some time as a single guy. The devastated mother admits that she begged him to come back over the next several weeks, but he claimed he wanted nothing to do with her and had already moved on. She has had to adjust to being a single mom raising four kids on her own. She states that her ex is somewhat involved, but she says it’s only when it’s convenient for him.

12 Dad's A Cheater

Chantelle was fortunate to have a good support system when her soon to be baby daddy walked out on her. She tried contacting him to talk him into coming back, but eventually gave up. She heard through the grapevine that he was dating other girls, while she was growing bigger and bigger with his baby.

She delivered their daughter without him present, and as she looked upon her newborn’s face, she decided to let go of all the hurt and anger she felt towards him and move on. She refused to list his name on the birth certificate, giving him no legal rights over her.Since the birth, he has claimed to have seen the light, and wants to be a part of her life. Chantelle will not let him have anything to do with her until her daughter is old enough to decide on her own if she wants him in her life.

11 Marriage Couldn't Be Saved

Christine’s husband left her right after she delivered their third child. Her marriage was on the rocks, but she had hope that this baby would have saved them from divorce. In the end, she states it was a weight off of her shoulders. Her, now, ex-husband was not nice to her, and she felt miserable being married to him. She admits that she would not have had the courage to leave him herself, so she’s glad he made the choice.

They were divorced nine months after she gave birth, and he refused to pay any child support. She ended up taking him to court, and he eventually had to spend time in jail because of not paying. He has since payed support regularly, and has an active role in their three kids’ lives.

Christine is now remarried to a wonderful mad who adores her and her children. They are expecting a child of their own.

10 Dumped And Deployed

Nikki’s husband was deployed for most of her pregnancy. He was fortunate to return a just week before their son was born. Things between them were awkward, but Nikki chalked it up to him adjusting to being home again, after being gone so long.

Sadly, the real reason for his distant attitude came to light right after their baby was born. He had met someone else while he was deployed and he fell in love with her. He told Nikki that he planned on being a good father to their son, but he was leaving her for his new girlfriend. They were moving in together, and he had a place lined up already, so he would not be returning home with Nikki and their new son.

Nikki left the hospital with her baby with mixed emotions. She was in love with her new baby, but felt alone and rejected.

9 Missing In Action

Amy was dating a younger man, when they were surprised to find out she was pregnant. Three months into the pregnancy, her boyfriend left, and she had no idea where he was. He came back when she was six months pregnant, and Amy was relieved and ecstatic that he had returned. She was having a difficult pregnancy, and was grateful for his support. Still, there was small voice in her head that told her to be careful. She refused to listen to that voice, and she would soon regret that decision.

After the baby was born, he stopped talking to her. He didn’t joke around anymore, and didn’t really interact with their new daughter at all. Amy told him if he was planning on leaving, to just do it. She never thought he actually would walk, but he left that same morning. She secretly wants him to return, but knows his heart was never in the relationship.

8 The Walk Out

When John and Dee’s son was just three days old, John walked out. He told Dee that after five years of marriage, he thinks they would both be happier alone. After he left, Dee experienced panic attacks, couldn’t sleep, and she begged John to change his mind. She tried to convince him to try marriage counseling, but John refused, stating that his decision was made, and counseling would change nothing.

Dee says that looking back; she sees the warning signs were there while she was pregnant. He didn’t help out much at home, and always found an excuse to hang out with his work colleagues rather than coming home to her. She used to ask him to do things together, but he could never make the time for her. Even discussing baby names seemed to be a struggle for him. She wishes she knew what it was that drove him away from her, but doesn’t think she’ll ever find out the answer.

7 Mean And Unaffectionate

Jenny met her husband, got married and lived happily for seven years. They got pregnant, which was planned, but a few weeks before she was born, he began to change. He was less affectionate towards Jenny, and even became mean in the delivery room – telling her to hurry up!

After the baby was born, things got better for a couple of weeks. He couldn’t have been a more amazing father and husband. It all stopped after those two glorious weeks. He used to check on her throughout the day, and that happened less and less. It came to the point that he would leave at 7 a.m. and not return until 11 that night. When he was home, it seemed like he was always on his phone.

A few days before Christmas, he told Jenny he didn’t love her anymore and needed a break. Jenny and their baby moved into her mom’s house. She saw him two weeks later walking hand in hand with another girl.

6 I Want A Divorce

Daisy had just given birth to her third baby, when her husband of fifteen years told her he wanted a divorce. He complained to Daisy that he was tired of having to tell her where he was going, what time he would be home, and what he was doing. He said he had only been sticking around for the kids’ sake, but didn’t want to feel unhappy anymore.

Daisy was upset and crying when he dropped the bomb on her, so he became annoyed and said he’d wait a few months before leaving, when her hormones weren’t so crazy. He then left to hang out at a bar with friends, while she was left to deal with a newborn, two other children, and his surprise announcement.

Daisy decided she wasn’t going to let him make all the decisions, so she contacted a lawyer while he was enjoying himself at the bar.

5 We Need To Talk

Kelly was nine months pregnant when her life was changed forever. She was getting ready for bed when Adam, her fiancé, told her they needed to talk. Kelly and Adam had been together for over ten years, recently getting engaged after becoming pregnant with their first child. Kelly thought they were living the perfect life.

Adam dropped a bombshell on Kelly, when he told her he was confused about his sexuality. He said he was fantasizing about other men, and wanted to explore those fantasies, but he wanted to end their relationship before he went down that road.

Adam and Kelly argued all night, and the next day Kelly went through his computer with a fine toothed comb. She found out that he wasn’t just fantasizing about sleeping with men; he had actually done it – numerous – with men he found on Craigslist. He had been living a secret life the entire time they were together.

4 Uninterested Teen

Chelsea became pregnant when she was just sixteen years old. Her relationship with her boyfriend was constantly on again and off again. He would act very supportive when things were good, but it wasn’t uncommon for him to pull away and become uninterested at the drop of a hat.

It didn’t help the situation, that Chelsea’s parents despised her boyfriend. They were angry that they became pregnant as teenagers, but were angrier by how Chelsea’s boyfriend treated her. Her dad told her over and over, what a loser her boyfriend was.

When Chelsea gave birth, her boyfriend was by her side for the entire ordeal. He seemed amazed by his newborn daughter, and told Chelsea he was going out to buy her a gift. He didn’t return for two weeks. When he finally showed up again, he claimed that he was scared and didn’t know what to do, so he went off to think for a while.

Chelsea took him back, and their on again/off again relationship continued for a couple years until Chelsea finally kicked him out for good.

3 Feelings For Another Woman

Jenna was holding her sweet, chubby four day old baby girl in the kitchen, when her husband told her he had feelings for another woman. Jenna couldn’t believe it. They were living the American dream with their two-year old son, and new baby girl. They even had a split-foyer home in the suburbs, complete with a golden retriever.

It took Jenna a few weeks to get the truth out of her husband. He had fallen in love with his coworker, a female firefighter who was also married at the time. They spent shifts together that had their adrenalin running, and had become soulmates.

Jenna moved on with her life, and took some solace in the fact that the female firefighter returned to her husband just days before she and Jenna’s ex were to elope. Jenna herself has since remarried, and has been living happily with her new husband ever since.

2 Kari’s Sad Surprise

It was a normal Friday night when Kari, due to give birth in just days, was in the baby’s room preparing it for the new addition. Her four year old was in the room with her, playing a game on the iPad, while her husband was away on a business trip.

Bored, the four year old dropped the iPad to run off in search of a few toy. Kari picked it up just as a message popped up on the screen. “Come to my room,” it said. Kari thought that was strange since nobody else was home, so she clicked on the message. She realized she was seeing real-time messages from her husband to some girl named Laura. The iPad must have been linked to his phone.

She scrolls through previous message conversations only to find out he had been cheating on her for some time. She goes into a panic, which sends her into labor. She calls her husband who arrives at the hospital after their son was born. She confronts him, and he admits everything, telling her he is filing for divorce.

1 Two Days Before Induction Date

Anna and her boyfriend had been together for five years when they found out they were expecting a baby. They had spent the five years before the pregnancy working, traveling, and basically doing what they pleased. While the pregnancy wasn’t planned, Anna was thrilled and thought her boyfriend was too. They spent many hours discussing names, decorating the nursery, and picking out adorable baby outfits.

Anna ended up going past her due date, and her doctor had scheduled a time for her to come in and be induced. Two days before the induction date, Anna’s boyfriend told her he didn’t think he could stay with her. He said he never wanted children, and as much as he loved her, he just couldn’t imagine a life with a child.

As Anna sat their stunned, he agreed to sign over his parental rights, and be gone before she returned home with their child.

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