15 Worst Baby Names According To Doctors

What’s in a name, you say? Well, a lot! Sometimes there are baby names that come out of the woodwork that shock us, delight us, or even do both! However, according to doctors, some of these baby names are the worst ever.

Doctors hear all kinds of names that people choose to name their little ones. From the baby names we hear all the time that are ultra popular, to the craziest of the crazy names the rest of us could never imagine. Doctors see these names, and some they approve, but others, well, they cringe or even try to get the proud mom and dad to consider other names, but often to no avail.

When it comes to baby names, there are some that do not get doctor approval. Doctors do not often enjoy seeing a baby named something that is totally out there, or worse, a name that really is not a name at all whatsoever! Doctors have told us what names they find to be the most ridiculous, most absurd, and absolutely worst names for your baby out there. And they are all true names that belong to someone out there. Read on for the worst of the worse!

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15 Abcde

This baby name kind of goes without saying! After all, Abcde is not really name at all, it is just the first five letters of the alphabet! Needless to say, it is no wonder this name makes it on the top worst baby names according to doctors. This one is shocking because it is real, someone did this to their child!

We can almost see the doctor gasp as the proud new parents reveal the name they have decided to give their newborn baby. Do you think the doctor laughed at first, thinking it was a joke? We probably would have! Abcde is a crazy name to give your baby. Who would actually do that? Well, someone did, and there is a poor kid out there being teased with this terrible name that is not really a name at all.

14 Anarchy

You can be all against government and enjoy disorder, but do you really have to pass your beliefs down to your child in the form of their name? Like their name that they will have to be known by and called by for the rest of their lives (or until they get old enough to change it!)?

Doctors are often in utter shock at what some people decide to name their newborn babies. Anarchy tops the list of the worst ones. Again, this name is not a real name, but some new parents out there thought it would be the perfect name for their little one. We hope their child causes lots of chaos and does not follow the rules! After all, he would just be living up to his name of Anarchy!

13 Chardonnay

Chardonnay may be a delicious variation of wine, but for a baby name? Yeah, doctors do not approve! Chardonnay may at first seem like a classy, cute name for a baby girl, until you remember you pour some in your glass when you want to drink some of that yummy wine!

Chardonnay is pretty, but leave it for the wine, doctors say. Do not give this name to a sweet little baby. Even if you think it is a nice, different kind of name, it is not one that your child will enjoy having as they grow up! Sure, it is different, but not in a good way. You don’t want your Chardonnay to be drinking too much Chardonnay because of the name her parents gave her!!

12 Drifter

The baby name of Drifter is actually a recognized name for a little boy. However, doctors do not really approve of this name. After all, does anyone who names their child this want their kid to live up to the name? A drifter, as most us know them to be, are the people who are the wanderers, who seem to have no real home, and are often referred to as hobos or vagabonds. Not what we want our child to grow up to be, that is for sure!

Needless to say, even though doctors say the name Drifter is one of the worst they have seen, it is still used. In fact, Babycenter has given a real name meaning to Drifter. Babycenter says Drifter means unusual or surprising. That doesn’t surprise us!

11 Meadow

Meadow may seem like an adorable name for a baby girl to some, but to doctors, well, a lot of them actually loathe the name. While they all agree it is at least a real word, it should never be used as a name for a child. It has a real meaning, and that is of an open field with flowers and such.

Doctors cringe when new parents give their newborns names that might cause the poor kid to be bullied or teased later on in life. And for doctors, Meadow is included on this list. Meadow is a name for nature, and nature only, doctors say. Not surprisingly, the name meaning of Meadow is from nature! While Meadow is pretty mellow compared to some other horrible names, it still makes the list.

10 Baby

We know it is a baby, do you have to actually name him or her 'Baby'?! That is something a three year old would do, name their baby doll, Baby! But, oh yes, new parents are actually, in real life, giving their newborn little ones the name of Baby.

When new moms and dads decide to name their baby Baby, it makes doctors want to take that baby (Baby!) and run. It is such a disservice to the child to name them Baby, doctors say. They even go as far as saying it is cruel to do so. Baby may be cute for a short while, but soon Baby will turn five, ten, twenty, eighty! And they will still have to go by the name of Baby. One of the worst of the worst according to doctors.

9 Reign

Unfortunately, the baby name of Reign is becoming more popular than ever, and that is making doctors everywhere shake their heads. Reign is a recognized baby name and has the meaning of being a word name, with interpretations such as, to reign the kingdom. Yeah, setting your kid up for disaster right there! Doctors all agree with that.

Doctors do not like to see these types of names given to little ones, and cringe in horror when they find out that is what the new parents wish to name their baby. Reign is getting more popular, despite likely having a permanent spot on this list. After all, Kourtney Kardashian named her third child, Reign. That alone should deter people from using it, but instead it is having the opposite effect!

8 J’Adore

J’Adore is one unusual name. It is also a name, given to baby girls, that doctors cannot stand. J’Adore, doctors say, is not a name. It may sound pretty and have a lovely meaning, but it is just not a name, and it is not fair to give an innocent child a name such as this. Putting J’Adore on the list of worst baby names according to doctors.

J’Adore has a meaning when translated. It is French. And is used quite a bit in French. But not as a name. J’Adore, when translated to English, means I like or I love. You use J’Adore when you really are enjoying something. Now, that meaning is sweet, but do not give your kid the name J’Adore- it’s not a name!!

7 Bus

We know what you are thinking. Bus?! Really?! Oh yes, and doctors hate it, loathe it, and hope to never, ever see it used as a baby name. But, unfortunately, there are some proud new moms and dads who happen to think that Bus is the perfect fit of a name for their little one. Poor little guy, your future is doomed!

Doctors say that giving your baby the name of Bus sets up a lifetime of teasing and bullying that can damage your child for life. This worst of the worse names also has spin offs, such as Bus Shelter! Can you even imagine?! Most doctors really despise when new parents take names of things and decide that is a good name for their baby. With this one, we have to agree.

6 Zaniel

Sometimes people want to be a bit different. They like to be special and unique. And when these people go on to have babies, they enjoy mixing things up a bit so that their baby has a name that is unlike anyone else. Doctors do not agree with this, and say those types of names are the absolute worst.

Zaniel is a prime example of this. Are you wondering how to exactly pronounce Zanial? Well, it is easy. It started out as Daniel, and then someone decided that they wanted to be one of a kind, so they dropped the D and added in a Z. You may think this is cute or different, but imagine going through life like this?! This is a real name, but does not even get into the top 1,000 baby names, due to its unusual nature.

5 Merika

A malnourished Somali child is wrapped in an American "Stars and Stripes" cloth at a therapeutic feeding center at Dagahaley camp in Dadaab in Kenya's northeastern province, June 8, 2009. Weeks of intense fighting in Somalia has driven mor than 100,000 people from their homes, swelling camps on the Kenyan border that are already the largest and oldest in the world, sheltering more than 270,000 Somali refugees. Picture taken June 8, 2009. REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly (KENYA CONFLICT SOCIETY HEALTH IMAGES OF THE DAY)

For American citizens, and those who love the United States, being patriotic is wonderful. But, do you really have to show your patriotism through the name you give your kid?! That is right, folks, Merika is a name that is derived from America. Are you trying to stop yourself from throwing up in your mouth?! Doctors are, too.

We hear the jokes of people say good ‘ol ‘Merika. They are talking about the country, not the baby. Doctors put this name, or really it is not a name at all, on their list of worsts, because it is the worst! Merika is not a real name, it is a stupid nickname for the USA, at that. No one should in their right mind ever give this name to their child. Yet, people do!

4 Midnight

Midnight may be the perfect name for your black cat, but for your newborn baby? Yeah, doctors say please do not do that. They also say that yes, indeed, people have actually named their child Midnight. Might sound cute for a split second if your kid is born at exactly midnight, but after one second you move on, because you know that is ridiculous!

Midnight is used as a name for pets. Horses, cats, dogs, all can have this name that is a-okay. Believe it or not, some proud parents who give their newborn baby the name of Midnight are actually naming them after an animal that they love or grew up with. Sounds crazy, because it is. Doctors truly despise when parents decide to name their little one after the name of an animal, especially when it is not an appropriate name for a human being!

3 Chlamydia

Does the word Chlamydia ring a bell? You likely have heard this one before, because it is the name of an STD! If you are scratching your head trying to figure out why anyone would give their child this name, so are doctors everywhere. Chlamydia is no name for any human being. Never. Ever.

Yet, new parents decide to bless their sweet little ones with the name of Chlamydia. They think it is pretty and sweet, and either are too dumb to know what it is actually is, or they just do not care. But we all care, for the sake of that little one with the name of an STD! Don’t do it, doctors (and all of us!) please!! No wonder this one tops the worst names according to doctors, it is one of the worst!

2 Danger

You will be in for a load of Danger if you name your baby Danger! Doctors agree that this name is one of the worst. Who would name their kid Danger?! Yet, people out there are doing just that. Maybe the poor kid can just go by Dan?

Danger is not a real name, as most of us are well aware of. We all know what danger really is, and we hope that little boy Danger really gets his terrible twos, threes, fours, and more in real good so he can get pay back that parents actually decided to give him this terrible name. Really, it should be illegal for some people to name their kids the things they do! Doctors say that you might be surprised at how many little Dangers are out there in the world!

1 Nevaeh

Nevaeh is becoming more and more popular as a baby girl’s name, but it is not actually a name at all. While somewhat controversial, since some people love this name, doctors claim it to be one of the worst baby names parents can give to their little ones. It is one that is gaining popularity, too.

Many people believe that Nevaeh is a beautiful name with Irish roots. Doctors say, that is absolutely wrong. Nevaeh is actually, and only, the word 'heaven' spelled backwards. It has no meaning other than that. It is not Irish, it only recently has been developed in America. Someone thought it was pretty and had a nice meaning, and many, many new parents jumped on this bandwagon. Doctors everywhere cringe when a new little girl comed into their office named Nevaeh!

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