15 Worst Celebrity Deadbeat Dads Who Ruined Their Kids (Part 2)

The deadbeat dad is not as rare of a breed as we’d like him to be. He’s the type of pop who doesn’t seem to give AF about his precious children. He doesn’t change diapers, help with feedings and would never dream of taking the baby in the middle of the night. As his children grow, he’s rarely around, doesn’t remember important dates and usually fails to cheer his kids on at their soccer games or science fairs.

These kinds of fathers also seem to struggle with understanding the importance of supporting their families financially. They may fail to pay any sort of child support, struggle to hold down any semblance of job that would enable them to take care of their families, or, they may just bail altogether.

Famous fathers are not exempt from falling into the deadbeat dad category. In fact, more than a few celeb dads are known for being less-than-stellar in the daddy department. The list of proud pops who have spent time in the spotlight, but failed to be there for their tots, is so long, we couldn’t fit all of them into one list. As a result, we bring you part 2 of celebrity deadbeat dads.

We should mention that not all Hollywood fathers are deadbeats. Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake are just three examples of fine famous fellas that seem to have perfected the art of parenting, and should get a gold medal or a blue ribbon or an Oscar or something for their efforts.

Unfortunately, not all of the children of famous folks got quite so lucky as little Silas, Amada, Esmeralda, James and Ines did. Read on for 15 fathers who could learn a thing or two about being a parent from Ryan, Ryan and Justin.

15 DMX

Rapper, film producer and actor Earl Simmons, who goes by the stage name DMX, hasn't always been the best at setting a good example for his 15 children. He's been arrested multiple times for failing to pay child support. In one instance, he owed $10,000. In another, he was behind a whopping $400,000. Sure, he's got a lot of little ones, but that doesn't excuse him from being responsible for their well-being.

In June of 2015, the Gone in Sixty Seconds actor was arrested for his right before he was scheduled to serve as Master of Ceremony at a Radio City Music Hall event. He was taken into custody once again in October of that same year right after serving a two-month jail term for his failure to pay back child support. Shortly thereafter, he was sentenced to 6 more months behind bars.

DMX has also had outstanding warrants for aggravated unlicensed motor vehicle operation and bail jumping. He was once ranked number 11 in a list of the "Dopest Rappers of the 90s." Unfortunately, when it comes to being a dad, not so dope.

14 Gabriel Aubrey

Model Gabriel Aubry is the ex-husband and baby daddy of Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. The two have had a rocky relationship since their split, mostly due to a heated custody battle over their daughter, Nahla, that's been raging between them for years.

According to TMZ, Berry has been paying Aubry a whopping $16,000 a month in child support since 2011 after the couple struck a deal and agreed to share custody of their daughter. Instead of getting a job, or putting any of the exorbitant amount of money he gets each month away for his daughter's future, Aubry has been living the high life off of the dough his former love works hard for.

It was reported in 2014 that Halle had asked courts to reduce the amount she paid Aubrey each month from $16,000 to a more reasonable $3,000, in the hopes that doing so would light a fire under him to get a job and contribute to Nahla's well-being and future. No word on whether or not Berry got her wish.

13 Karl Malone

Karl Malone may be considered one of the greatest basketball players to ever grace the NBA, but the same cannot be said about his parenting skills. According to reports, Malone wanted nothing to do with 3 of his children during his successful career in the NBA, and "blew off" opportunities to spend time with them.

It has also been reported that he told one of his sons it was "too late" for them to have a relationship at the boy's high school graduation. Additionally, tabloids claim he refused to have anything to do with two of his children (twins), and didn't even acknowledge their existence until they were 17 years old. This is one Mailman who isn't great at delivering love.

When Malone was 20, he knocked up a 13-year-old girl, and has become notorious for being adamant that he wouldn't pay her more than $125 per week in child support. Despite growing up with a deadbeat dad, his kids have done well for themselves, no thanks to him. Two of his three children, Cheryl Ford and Demetrius Bell, are now professional athletes themselves.

12 Evander Holyfield

Professional boxer Evander Holyfield, also known as The Champ, has been ranked 9th on a list of the best boxers of all time. This guy’s got a mean right hook, and has fans around the globe who can’t help but be impressed with his knock-out fighting skills.

Sadly, he isn't looked at quite so fondly when it comes to his actions in the fatherhood department. The fighter has a total of 12 children with 6 different baby mamas, and doesn’t always support them like he should. This may be due to the large amount of cash he’s required to fork over each month. According to reports, Holyfield owes a staggering $327,858.36 in child support.

It has been reported that Holyfield could face getting his driver’s license suspended if he doesn’t pay up soon. This may be why he continues to subject himself to the pain and anguish of boxing even though he’s well into his 50s.

11 Francois-Henri Pinault

Billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault is currently married to the voluptuous vixen Salma Hayek. Before he began his love affair with Hayek, Pinault was married to supermodel Linda Evangelista. The two had a son together before they split, and, according Evangelista’s attorney, the wealthy Pinault has been “sitting back and paying zero” in child support.

Pinault denies the claim is valid, and has argued that Evangelista’s expectations are a little extreme. To be fair, it’s been reported that she’s requested $46,000 per month to help her raise their son, Augie--one of the highest ever in the history of family courts. Sure, that’s a lot of dough, but it’s mere pocket change for a billionaire.

Pinault makes approximately $5 million per year at his job as a CEO of a fashion company. He’s also the heir to an estate that’s been estimated to be worth around $11.5 billion. So what if his kid wants to live the high life? Pinault can definitely afford to float the bill, even if it means selling one of his yachts.

10 Terrell Owens

Former football great Terrell Owens reportedly made around $80 million smackeroos during his illustrious career in the NFL, but, in 2011, he claimed in court that he was flat broke and filed legal documents requesting the amount of child support he was required to pay should be reduced. Owens has four children with four different women, and doesn't seem too keen on helping our with support for any of them.

Since the end of his football career, Owens has appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and in the movies About Last Night and The Sub, projects for which he surely raked in a little bit of extra cash.

His bad boy ways and reputation for being a womanizer aren’t doing anything to help his case. The former Dallas Cowboy may have spent all of his hard-earned cash, but this doesn’t get him out of helping support the children he helped bring into the world.

9 Allen Iverson

NBA superstar Allen Iverson made a name for himself as a player for the Philadelphia 76ers.  He’s a stellar shooting guard, a part-time rapper and has also appeared in a few movies over the years. No one is denying he’s a talented guy, but how are his parenting skills? Possibly not so great.

The athlete has been accused by his ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, of being a deadbeat dad. According to Tawanna, Allen cleaned out their joint account soon after she filed for divorce. This account was supposedly what Tawanna drew from to take care of the 5 children they have together, and his malicious actions left her flat broke.

It is estimated that Iverson made approximately $200 million while playing in the NBA. He and Tawanna have battled in court more than once, and, according to reports, despite his impressive earnings, Allen has stubbornly refused to pay her what she feels she is owed.

8 Casey Aldridge

Casey Aldridge is the notorious ex of Britney Spears’s adorable little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. Jamie Lynn made headlines after her squeaky-clean Disney channel image was marred by the news she was expecting a baby with Aldridge. Reportedly, Aldridge was cheating on his baby mama the whole time she was expecting: allegations which he vehemently denies.

When their daughter, Maddie Briann, entered the world, Casey cleaned up his act and was around to support his new little family. However, it wasn’t long before he was up to his less-than-wonderful behavior once again. When his new daughter was only 10 months old, he partied a little too hard at a Bachelor party and ended up in an accident in which he rolled his truck.

Spears has since moved on, and has been married to her love Jamie Watson since 2014. Aldridge has disappeared from the spotlight and is quite possibly doing a bit better than he once was in his role as a father.

7 Levi Johnston

Levi Johnston is the infamous young lad who became famous after he knocked up politician Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol. The Palin family is big on values and morals, and the news that their unmarried daughter had a baby on the way was initially a hard pill for her parents to swallow.

Levi and Bristol tried to make things work, possibly to appease the Palin parents, but eventually parted ways. It has been reported that Johnston owes around $67k in child support. What does he choose to spend his money on instead? Allegedly, in his mind, his hard-earned cash, which he earned in-part by posing for Playgirl a few years back, is better spent on “manly” things like guns, boats and four-wheelers.

US Weekly reported in May of 2012 that Levi “made more than $1 million” that year. All that dough is going somewhere, and apparently it’s not to his adorable son, Tripp.

6 Ryan Phillippe

Actor Ryan Phillippe was a heartthrob in the 90s and was wed at one point to A-list actress, Reese Witherspoon. Reese and Ryan had two beautiful children together before they split: Ava and Deacon. Paparazzi pics have shown Ryan being a doting father to his first two children.

While model, Alexis Knapp, was pregnant with Phillippe's third child, Kai, she claimed he hadn’t been quite so hands-on with his baby-to-be as he had been with his first two. She even came out publicly while preggers and called Ryan a “prenatal deadbeat dad.”

Ryan’s response? According to the dapper dad, he’d been paying her, and didn’t understand where her frustration and motivation for name-calling was coming from. There are two sides to every story. All we know is that at least one of Ryan’s baby mamas has called him out for not being there for her and his unborn baby like she felt he should have been.



5 Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav is a rapper who once looked for love on the VH1 show Flavor of Love, a program that ran for 2 uproarious seasons. He was also brave enough to appear on the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav. Suffice it to say, this guy isn’t afraid to put himself out there. He’s also not afraid of failing to pay child support.

In May of 2012, the musician and television personality was threatened with facing 180 days in jail if he didn’t pay his ex Angie Parker upwards of $111,000 in back child support. Flavor Flav ended up striking a deal in which he paid Parker, the mother of 3 of his 7 children, $25,000 up front. He then agreed to add an extra $1,200 to his monthly child support payments to her until he had paid the amount he owed her in full.

The man who has seemingly endless amounts of money to spend on grills and funky outfits doesn’t seem to have enough to support his own flesh and blood, a fact that may leave a bad taste in the mouths of his children.

4 Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong is a former child star who became a household name after starring in the successful movie sequels Terminator 2 and Pet Sematary Two. His good looks and charm have taken somewhat of a hit over the years as Furlong has fallen prey to drug and alcohol addictions.

Pictures of the actor looking a little rough have been circulating lately. In some of them, Furlong is virtually unrecognizable when the photos are compared with pics taken of the star when he was in his younger years. The father of one young son has been arrested multiple times and has been involved in court cases that have spanned most of the last decade.

He’s been accused of domestic abuse, failing to pay tens of thousands of dollars in child support and even exposing his son to hard drugs. In December of 2012, his wife, Rachael Bella, made allegations that after spending a weekend with Furlong, their 6-year-old son tested positive for cocaine.

3 David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff could have won Bad Father of the Year back in 2007 after a video of the former Baywatch babe chowing down on a hamburger while completely wasted was released. Why the outcry? His daughter was the one behind the camera, capturing the footage in question, and witnessing her father having a complete and utter drunken meltdown. Something that is sure to stay with her, and quite possibly haunt her, for the rest of her life.

Hasselhoff has enjoyed an illustrious career, dabbling in many different facets of the performing arts throughout his lifetime. The actor, singer and television producer claims that the moment he saw the aforementioned video, he knew it was time to make some major changes in his life for the sake of his children.

The Hoff was big enough to admit that his actions while inebriated were a sign he needed help. He knew if he didn't get his drinking under control, the ramifications could have a negative impact on his offspring. Despite his questionable past, we’ve got to hand it to him. It takes a big man to admit wrongdoing.

2 Eddie Murphy

Comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is the proud father of 8 beautiful children. He appears to be a loving, involved father, but it took some time before he was willing to admit that one of his precious little ones was actually his.

Murphy denied that he was the father of Mel B’s daughter, Angel, multiple times. He did so even after paternity test results had proven otherwise. Mel B has claimed that she reached out to Eddie for years before he finally acknowledged Angel as his flesh and blood.

It’s never fun when your own father won’t own up to the fact you’re his, and it’s likely Murphy’s behavior has taken a toll on his little Angel. Even now that he’s finally taken responsibility for helping to bring her into the world, it’s likely she’ll always wonder why her father was ashamed to own up to the fact that she was his child.

1 Steven Tyler

In the late 70s, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler impregnated model Bebe Buell during a whirlwind romance the two shared before Tyler headed out on tour. Initially, because Tyler was distracted by drugs, sex and the rock and roll lifestyle, Buell told him she would claim her current flame, Todd Rundgren, was the father of her baby-to-be. Buell soon gave birth to a daughter, Liv, and never let on who her real father was.

After Rundgren and Buell parted ways, little Liv went on believing Rudgren was her daddy. That is, until she met Tyler backstage at a concert at the age of 11. She couldn’t help but notice that she and Tyler’s other daughter, Mia, looked quite similar. It wasn’t long before the truth came out, and Steven owned up to the fact that he was her dad.

The two have since become semi-close, but Liv will probably always have a slightly awkward feeling about the fact that her father denied he was involved in her creation for the first 11 years of her life.

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