15 Worst Mother's Day Gifts Moms Hope To Never Get

Mother's Day is the special holiday devoted to all moms of the world. So, what are moms expecting on the day that is reserved for just her? How will she spend the lovely Sunday where moms everywhere are showered with sweet gifts, cards, and nice days with their families? Or, are they? Perhaps not all moms have the best Mother's Day, after all.

This day set aside to honor the mothers in our lives sometimes do not always go according to plan, or more likely, expectations. What do you expect to receive or do on your important day? Do you have high hopes for an amazing day? If so, we hope you are not disappointed. Many moms out there, whether new or seasoned in the world of child rearing, have been anything but happy on Mother's Day.

At times, and for some moms, Mother's Day can be a huge disappointment. We are talking about trips or doing things that day that mom did not have in mind- or want! Even worse, the Mother's Day gifts some moms have received from their children (and husbands who buy them!) are anything but spectacular.

In fact, there are some gifts out there that should never be given to a woman on Mother's Day! Certain items, while perhaps okay gifts, are never okay for Mother's Day. The goal of our special day is to make mom feel important and loved. Read on for some of the worst Mother's Day gifts and mornings that we hope you never have to experience!!

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15 A Parenting Or Self Help Book

We love you Mom! You are the Mom of the year! Now open your present... it's a parenting book! Mother's Day is meant to honor the amazing moms we have caring for us day in and day out. Getting Mom a parenting book may as well be saying she sucks as a mother. Here you go mom, you are not very good at this parenting thing. Now read this book so you can get better at it! Yeah, we don't think so.

Same goes for any type of “help” book, including self help books. What Mom wants to open up a present only to discover it is some cheesy self help book. For you Mom- you look depressed! Steer clear of any book that is not a known favorite of your mom's, just do not get it. Getting your dear, sweet, mother a parenting or self help book is one of the worst gifts you can get.

14 An Alarm Clock

All moms need a nice, new fancy alarm clock, right? They would love it! Nope, not even close. In fact, moms do not even need an alarm clock! It is true. If you are a mom you know that alarm clocks are essentially useless. Sure, they serve a purpose, but it is not one many moms need. Moms everywhere know that when you have children, they are your alarm clock.

Giving the mom in your life an alarm clock is very likely one of the worst Mother's Day gifts you could possibly think about giving her! Alarm clocks may be every day essentials to some people, but moms with little kids have little to no use for them, let's face it. As moms, you are likely woken up by little people well before your alarm clock would ever go off! An alarm clock is not any type of gift for a mom.

13 A Treadmill

The present that every mom is hoping for... a treadmill? Even if your dear mother wants a treadmill, Mother's Day is not the right holiday to give her one. Treadmills are one of the worst gifts you can give mom on her important day. Gifting a treadmill implies that you are giving the gift receiver a hint that they need to work out/lose weight.

Besides the obvious connotation that goes along with giving a treadmill, you also would have to wrap it. How are you planning on doing that?! Or hiding it in the house or having to causally bring it over. That is just not a good idea, period. Bringing that large of a gift inside the house will make the mother in your life light up thinking it is an amazing present she is about to receive. A treadmill is not what she is going to want (even if she does!).

12 A Vacuum Cleaner

All mothers love to clean. Well, do they?! One of the worst Mother's Day gifts you could ever think of giving your mother, wife, etc, is a vacuum. Why would that type of present even be on your mind to give for Mother's Day?! Moms vacuum, usually a lot. Kids are messy, after all. However, no mom should have to lift a finger to vacuum or clean anything on her special day.

Sure, there are some amazing vacuums out there. Some of them cost a pretty penny, too. You do not even have to be a mom to lust after some of these high tech, wonderful, yet crazy expensive vacuum cleaners. Many moms want these vacuums and would love to receive one, but make it for a different holiday. No mom needs to be reminded she has to clean on the day that is supposed to bring her happiness and joy.

11 A New Pet

Well, isn't that little puppy so cute! Not for Mother's Day it ain't! No matter how tempting a new little puppy, kitty, bird, or whatever animal you are into, is to give as a gift, never make it for Mother's Day. One major role of a mom is to clean up after her kids (whether she wants to or not). Even when the kids help out, there is still always a mess to clean.

Therefore, one of the worst Mother's Day gifts ever, is a new pet. All you are doing is adding to dear mother's work load. Sure, pets can provide fun and joy, but who is going to take them for a walk, clean out their litter box, go to the veterinarian, clean up inside after an accident, feed them, etc, etc??? That is right- Mom. Do not do this to her, new pets are not a good gift for Mother's Day!

10 Brand New Spanx

Spanx suck a woman in and makes her look great in her dress or outfit. Even if she can't breathe quite right. Sure, the stuff may work wonders, giving a woman confidence in her dress and making her look fantastic, but it should never be given as a gift. Especially, never given to a mother on the day devoted to her! Having Mom open up a present on Mother's Day, only to discover it is Spanx, is probably one of the worst ideas ever.

Giving Spanx as a gift is equivalent to giving a girdle as a gift. Would you give that to a mother with kids? We didn't think so! Spanx may be in the dresser drawer, but leave that type of item for mom to purchase on her own. In fact, Spanx should never be given as a present, no matter what holiday it is! It definitely is one of the worst Mother's Day gifts ever.

9 Creams To Reduce Wrinkles

Is Mom's bathroom filled with all kinds of cream, powders, lotions, etc? Great. For her. Not for you. Do not use the items in the bathroom vanity as inspiration for a fantastic Mother's Day gift. Unless they are pretty smelling lotions (that do not say anything about wrinkles, cellulite, etc!) then those are likely fine to give. But creams that claim to work magic against the aging process... yeah, that is a terrible gift to give mom on Mother's Day!

All women, and especially mothers, want to look and feel young. There are lots of products on the market to assist them in their journey, but never ones you should ever purchase as a gift for Mother's Day. All those will do is make mom feel anything less than old, and you do not want to do that to her on her special day. These creams and lotions are some of the worst Mother's Day gifts ever!

8 A New, Expensive, Flat Screen HD TV 

Alright, dads everywhere... one of the worst gifts you can give your wife (on behalf of your children) on Mother's Day is a brand, spanking new, yet expensive and unnecessary flat screen television. We do not care if it has picture in picture, surround sound, or is high definition. It does not even matter if she wants a new TV. Get her one another time, or at least in addition to a more personalized and sweet gift.

If you want it. Do not get it for us. No mom deserves to receive a gift that is really meant for you or everyone else. She deserves something special. Even if the family needs a new television and you see a great sale, sure get one (with her approval of course!). But, one of the worst things you can do for Mother's Day is try to pass off this type of present as being for her! She deserves an individualized gift, so make that happen with your HD!

7 An IOU Note

Aw, how sweet, you got a nice, hand written note for Mother's Day. Wait, it is an IOU?! Sure, IOU notes that work as coupons for things (like for a hug) are super cute when coming from little kids. But if you are not a little kid or are the father of these little kids, you better come up with something better (of course, all moms will still happily take the IOUs from the little ones!).

An IOU is basically like an oops we forgot. Or an oops we did not have time to go get something for you. An IOU is never okay, and is one of the worst gifts to give a mom on Mother's Day. It is basically like telling her that she is not important enough for you to go out and get something that is meaningful. And you do not want to do that to mom on her day!

6 Cold, Hard Cash

Not many of us would ever turn down a gift that involves cash (and hopefully, lots of it!). But for Mother's Day, it is one of the worst gifts you can give. Cash is never okay to give mom on her big day. It shows laziness and uncaring, whether it is from the husband to the mother of his children or from children (especially grown) to their mom.

Cash is nice. But the mother in your life deserves something much more than just a envelope stuffed with cash. Sure, she can go out and buy whatever she wants. But it is not meaningful. It will not be a Mother's Day she remembers. Instead, take that cash and get her a item she has her eye on, or opt for dinner or an experience to make her day unforgettable. But of course, a little cash in addition to her gift, perhaps stuffed in a sweet, hand written card, never hurt anybody!

5 The Classic Breakfast In Bed

When we think of Mother's Day, we probably all picture a scrumptiously sweet breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed is great. It is always wonderful to see your family not only let you sleep in on your day, but also make you breakfast and hand deliver it to you! But is it really great? Mom's breakfast in bed for Mother's Day may come with strings attached.

Breakfast in bed is only a good gift for mom on Mother's Day if it includes picking up, cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes, washing up the kids, etc. Otherwise, breakfast in bed is one of the worst gifts you can give. Do not make mom think she is all special, only for her to get out of bed and see a mess in the kitchen. That would just ruin the entire thought of a delicious breakfast in bed, as well as ruining the entire day!

4  A Trip To An Amusement Park

If heading off to a fun amusement park with your family sounds like a great Mother's Day to you, that is wonderful, but it makes a bad gift! Heading off to the amusement park for all those thrill seeking mamas, or just ones who love to stroll around or play the arcade games, is a fantastic way to spend a nice day, Mother's Day or not. However, it is an activity for the entire family.

Because taking a trip to an amusement park is really a gift for the whole family, it makes it one of the worst gifts you can get the mom in your life. Our suggestion- take mom to the amusement park if that is where she would love to spend her day, but get her a separate present, too. The trip may be a fun day for all, but it is not a gift for mom!

3 A Nice Picnic At The Park 

How sweet to bring mom to the park for a tasty picnic surrounded by the family she loves! Wait, she has to pack the picnic? Um, that is not a good Mother's Day gift then! Bringing your dear mother or mother of your children to a park on a beautiful Mother's Day sounds like a wonderful idea, and one she will love. But it is one of the worst ideas for her day if she has to do all the work and preparation for it!

Do not make mom even lift a finger on Mother's Day. That includes packing lunches, getting the kids dressed, figuring out which park to go to, etc. Plan ahead, and have all the supplies ready for a fun picnic day so mom does not have to do anything. You can buy ready made meals and sandwiches! Most importantly, however, do not forget dessert for mom on Mother's Day!

2 Practical Jokes 

On a day devoted to moms everywhere, playing jokes is probably not a good idea (save those for April Fools' Day!). Some people seem to think others take pleasure out of practical jokes- even if you are the victim. Mom does not need to deal with that kind of nonsense on her special day. No matter what funny thing you think mom will have a nice laugh at, it is just not a good idea. Not for Mother's Day, and maybe not ever!

For example, one husband and father thought he had a great idea for his wife on Mother's Day. He nearly scared her to death when he ran into the room with their child covered in blood. “There's been a horrible accident!” he shouted. Mom clearly was upset and ran to assist her child in this horrible injury, only to hear her sweet husband laughing. It was ketchup. Not cool, dad, not cool, especially on Mother's Day of all days!

1  Nothing At All

What is perhaps the worst Mother's Day gift out there, no question? The answer is simple- it when the gift is nothing, nada, zip. It is when a gift ceases to exist. How could a child do this to his mother? How could a husband do this to this wife and the mother of his children? Oh, it happens. Maybe more than we know. And it is definitely the worst.

Calendars exist for a reason, right? Take note, children and husbands, mark the day down. Do not forget this special day devoted to our dear mothers who care for us all. Our mothers and wives should never have to remind us the day is coming. Mother's Day is not a hidden holiday, we all see commercials and advertisements on the best gift out there. Just remember already! Because if you forget, and she gets nothing, well, we warned you!

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