15We Need A Boy!

We see this a lot, sometimes from a dad who just wants a little football player to play football with on Thanksgiving, and sometimes from a mom who needs a little prince to go with her princess. We may even hear it from those lovely grandparents we were just talking

about. But, is the need for a male genetic heir really a good reason to have another baby?

Survey says: No, and in a big way. Babies themselves are a big decision, and adding another one into the mix is an equally big decision. That should not come just because there’s some unexplainable need to have a baby with the XY chromosome mix. If dad wants a baby to throw some pigskin with, take the little girl out and have fun.

They’re not as fragile as they look, we promise! If mom is feeling a need for a little prince, maybe sit back and think of the things she wants a boy for, and maybe do some of them with the daughter. Girls can do just as much as boys, so why act like we need one or the other for various reasons?

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