14DNA Binds Together

Following on the point above, doctors are also finding that many Moms’ physical stamina and their bodies' abilities to fight disease for better or worse is changed by this tissue invasion, where some of baby’s tissues simply lodge themselves into Mom’s tissues while baby is still living in the womb.

This process was only discovered a few decades ago when technology lead to greater detection of DNA and how it affects the woman’s body. With the more advanced technology, doctors also were able to distinguish Mom’s DNA from her baby’s DNA with greater precision.

What they can’t figure out, is why the fetal cells are burrowing themselves and still feeding off their mothers’ even when baby is no longer in utero. Interestingly, Mom’s cells have developed countermeasures to protect themselves from the baby’s cellular demands. Both benefit from the interaction with a balanced give and take, though scientists are studying this with great interest.

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