15 WTF Ways Women Got Pregnant And Gave Birth

Now, while most of us don’t have two V's, we still run the risk of getting pregnant or giving birth in the oddest ways and places.  The places and ways that women have given birth are more wide than the Grand Canyon! These experiences are as varied as women themselves. When the baby is coming at an unexpected time and place, all other things - including your plan - is out the window. Does this mean we shouldn't prepare as well as we can? Absolutely not! But alwaus be ready if things don't go as planned.

There are so many ways that women have gotten pregnant that you didn’t know were possible. Did you know that sperm can live up to an hour on a toilet seat? Don’t underestimate the ambition of these little soldiers! Many women, who thought they were being as cautious as possible, were caught off guard when the pregnancy test read ‘positive.’ Below, we will discuss some insane birthing experiences and unusual ways women got pregnant.

15 The Two-V's Pregnancy


Now, before you think, “double the fun,” this woman has stated that doing it is “extremely sensitive and can hurt.” The woman, from the State of Washington, was diagnosed with a condition called Uterus Didelphys. She was born with two V's and two wombs. However, she did not discover this condition until the age of 30. She was not supposed to be able to bear children with her condition. Yet, she conceived her “miracle baby” in her left womb, during a time when she and her husband had started to consider IVF.

Uterus Didelphys usually has to be picked up by an ultrasound, and one of the main symptoms is “heavy” periods. Although there are no studies to show that this condition can cause infertility, it does lead to a higher risk of miscarriage. Christine Greves, a board-certified ob-gyn at the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, says that if a woman is showing no symptoms, then the condition can easily go undetected.

14 Operation US Baby


A pregnant woman from Taiwan snuck on an airplane headed for Los Angeles, with hopes of attaining a US citizenship. Unpredictably, she went into labor on the plane some 7 miles above the ground. The woman was insistent and kept asking during labor, “are we in America yet?!” Thankfully, a doctor was on board and helped safely deliver the healthy baby.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the flight was diverted from Los Angeles to Alaska. The woman was eventually deported, and she still faces over $40,000 in fines. Her baby daughter, who was born on the plane, was awarded a US citizenship and remained in America with family friends. Although this story did not go as the mother planned, it's still a testament to the lengths a mother will go to for her child.

13 Forest Fire Birth


A very pregnant California woman, named Amber, was on her way to her parent's house. Instead of taking the route she was more familiar with, she decided to venture off and drive down a back road that would lead her through a national forest. Big mistake! She ran out of gas! Now, if you don't think it could get any worse, look away now because her phone died. Yes, the car and the phone ran out of juice! She ended up having to give birth to the baby in the forest by herself.

I would love to tell you that this story ends with a rescue crew swooping in to save her and the little one, but it doesn’t. She and the baby were trapped in the forest for three days all alone. She was forced to survive on nothing but apples and water. Eventually, she started a signal fire that grew out of control into a forest fire. She and baby were then found, by a park ranger, a few hours later. Now, while we are glad her and the baby made it out safely and alive, I am sure Smokey the bear was pissed!

12 "I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant"

You may not believe it’s possible for a woman to carry a baby in her body for nine months and not realize she’s pregnant until she's in labour. But that’s exactly what happened to Jenny West, a 31-year-old woman who gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the 4th of July weekend while on vacay. How did she not noticed certain “pains” that come along with pregnancy? Apparently, Jenny thought the pains were related to past health problems. She also had a tilted uterus, which could have limited her ability to feel the kicks from the baby. Now, you may be wondering about her periods. Well, she experienced no change in her monthly cycles. She and her husband had been using contraception to be careful. Yes, she had gained approximately 20 extra pounds of weight, but she thought it was a side effect of being in her thirties. She was rushed to the hospital on July 3rd after feeling intense pain. Surprise mom... Your new son is here!

11 Protection Failure

It is reported by Columbia University that 10-15 out of every 100 women get pregnant while using condoms every year. Part of the problem could be that the condom is put on wrong. Yes, you read correctly. “But I didn’t even know there was a way to put a condom on wrong,” you may be saying. Don’t worry! Sex-ed may have missed that part, but we got you covered. If an air pocket is not left at the tip of the condom, this increases the likelihood of it bursting. Here’s another tip! Make sure the condom wrapper is not opened using teeth. This may seem like the quickest way sometimes, but don’t do it if you're trying to avoid pregnancy. This can cause tiny holes in the condom that may not be obvious to the eye.

10 The Spill Pregnancy


When a man pleasure himself, if he gets a few swimmers on his hand and then engages in foreplay with you, you run the risk of becoming pregnant. However, this can happen only if the semen is not dry. The chances of this happening are very small, but anytime semen, that isn't dry, makes contact with or inside of you there is a chance of pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy Association states that once sperm dries, it dies. In a warm and moist environment, like inside the woman’s cervix, sperm can live up to approximately five days. It is also shown that sperm can live anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour outside of the human body. The best thing to do, then, is to make sure all ejaculation and pre-ejaculation is thoroughly washed off of the hands and fingers before coming in contact with your V region.

9 Wedding Crasher Baby


Talk about a double big day! The number one rule of any wedding is that no one should upstage the bride. Well, apparently no one told that to the baby. A French bride and her groom had just finished reciting their vows. Afterward, all of the party guests went to the location of the wedding reception to wait for the arrival of the bride and groom. Only there was one big issue. The bride and groom never made it to their own reception.

The bride started having strong contractions, went into labor, and a baby boy was born. Everyone was just fine! And while the baby may prove to be a pooping machine, he was not a party pooper. The festivities of the wedding reception went on without the bride and groom, only now they had even more to celebrate. Let’s hope the guests took many pictures so the bride and groom can bask in their wedding day.

8 The Squat Birth

Ever heard of the story of a Chinese woman having a baby on the toilet? No, it was not a load of crap (no pun intended). This actually happened. A pregnant Chinese lady squatted over a public bathroom toilet. This kind of toilet is referred to as a squat-toilet. It looks like an in ground toilet or a porcelain hole in the floor. As she squatted and pushed, out pops the baby. The baby fell down into all of the human feces and urine! An emergency worker had to be lowered down into the pile to pull the baby out. As gruesome as this seems, the baby was surprisingly calm while being rescued and is doing just fine. Let this be a reminder of how unpredictable childbirth can be! Sometimes that urge “to go” could mean someone else is coming.

7 Getting Pregnant While Pregnant

“No way!” You may have shouted at your screen when you read the heading. Can someone actually get pregnant while they are already pregnant? The answer is yes. Let me introduce you to Julie Grovenburg, an Arkansas native. This is exactly what happened to her in 2006, when she celebrated the birth of a baby girl and a baby boy after trying for years to become pregnant. This is referred to as superfetation. How does this happen? First, let me state that this is very rare. But if a woman releases another egg shortly after becoming pregnant and that second egg is also fertilized, she will have two babies growing inside her. One baby will be older than the other. Doctors can usually spot the second baby, which gives the family time to prepare. It is still unknown what causes this to happen in the first place.

6 Marathon Vasectomy Pregnancy

This baby was just full of surprises. Not only had the father had a vasectomy before the baby was conceived, but the mother also did not know she was pregnant until it was time to give birth! Let me explain. Trish, a woman from Minnesota, was just an ordinary woman training for a half marathon race. When she felt excruciating pain in her back, she believed that she had an injury. A muscle strain perhaps or maybe it was the result of running 2 hours non-stop.

However, it turns out the pain was from Trish being in labor, with a baby inside of her that she didn’t even know she was carrying! Trish was already a mother of 3. So you would expect she would know her own personal signs of pregnancy like a super bowl winning quarterback knows his playbook. However, for this particular pregnancy, she showed absolutely no signs. No sickness. No weight gain. No cravings. Shocking right?

5 Woman Gives Birth To A 15 Pound 7 Ounce Baby


Studies have shown that babies are definitely coming out bigger nowadays. Just ask the British couple who gave birth to their son George King. He's the second largest baby born in the United Kingdom. However, the vaginal delivery was not without its complications.

George’s mother Jade told BBC that during delivery, baby George’s shoulders got stuck, which deprived him of oxygen for approximately 5 minutes. That’s when things got scary! And according to Jade, more than 20 doctors rushed into the room. This loss of oxygen only gave him a 10 percent chance of survival, but he did survive. George had to stay in the hospital for four-and-a-half weeks after his birth. His doctors kept a close eye on him for any lasting effects. Doctors do not know why baby George was born so large. “He’s a little miracle,” Mom said. “Well, big miracle, really.”

4 Pen-Size Baby 


On October 24, 2006, the smallest baby in the world was born. A baby girl named Amillia Taylor. She weighed just 10 ounces and was not much bigger than a pen or an old school cell phone. She was born at just 21 weeks and six days! Most babies born before 23 weeks do not survive. In fact, Amillia was the first baby born before 23 weeks to survive! Yes, the tiniest baby fighter ever known fought her way through.

At one point, she was even trying to cry and breathe on her own. She was able to go home 11 days before her original due date. Little Amillia has progressed along just fine. In fact, at two years old she weighed 26 pounds and was 26 ½ inches tall. And for more good news, the world’s tiniest baby was also expected to become a big sister soon.

3 14 Pound Baby Birth


Could you imagine carrying a 14-pound baby without knowing you were pregnant until 8.5 months in? This is exactly what happened to Florida mother Maxxzandra Ford. There was no nausea and just a little weight gain. She didn’t start gaining a lot of weight until the last month of her pregnancy. That’s when she went in to see a doctor. She suspected that maybe she was pregnant with twins, since she is a twin herself. But doctors revealed that she was 35 weeks pregnant with one baby!

The father was shocked by the news at first and thought a joke was being played on him! Doctors suspected that the baby was 10 pounds. Ford says she knew as soon as the baby’s head popped out that he was larger than 10 pounds! However, at this point, it was too late for a c-section. So they continued on with a natural vaginal delivery. After 18 hours of labor, baby Avery Ford was delivered at 14 pounds 1 ounce.

2 Pregnant From Behind


You’ve been told this is impossible, right? Well, close enough. There’s actually about a 1 in 1 million chance that this can happen to you. However, a New Jersey woman hit the baby lottery and beat the odds! Having a condition called Cloacal Malformation, she wasn’t born with a separate urethra, vagina, and anus. Technically, she only had one hole, like you would see with birds. She does have a vagina, but it is like a dead end.

Her menstrual cycle even happens from her rectum. Due to her condition, she explained that she only has anal sex. This blew doctor’s minds that she became pregnant anally! She did not have an anal delivery, which would have been her only option besides a c-section. Doctor’s thought it best to go with a c-section, and her baby was born healthy. The condition Cloacal Malformation occurs in about 1 in 25,000 female live births.

1 Play By Play Tweets


Claire Diaz-Ortiz tweeted her 13-hour labor in 2014. Being a Twitter employee, that showed some commitment, huh? She said she found that it gave her a much-needed distraction from all of the labor chaos! As if labor is not intense enough, try having your car break down on the way to hospital. This happened to Claire twice as her husband drove her to the hospital. With her first tweet at 4:31 am being, “Currently googling: Did my water just break? #labor.”

A few tweets later, she confirmed at 6:04 am that she was in fact in labor stating, “So this is a contraction. #inlabor.” She even tweeted while her car broke down twice on the way to the hospital. At 8:32 am, “Car overheating again. Another gas station. Woe is me. #inlabor.” They struggled to catch a taxi, but eventually did and found their way to the hospital. While there, at 10:51 am, Claire tweeted about all the screaming women in labor. She wrote, “Taxi found. Checked in at hospital. Screaming women abound. #inlabor.” At 2:12 pm, she also tweeted about her own intensifying, “To reiterate my labor pains: BLERGH!!!! #inlabor.”

At 5:33 pm, she tweeted about the birth of her baby girl Lucia, “Baby girl born! Now, to bond. (Read: See 'ya in a bit, @twitter). #inlabor.” Baby Lucia immediately had her own twitter account and became famous on shows like the Today Show, since she was the first baby to have her birth live tweeted.

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