15 Young Celeb Couples Who Will 100% Be Pregnant Soon

As a society, we are obsessed with celebrities and celebrity culture. Not a single day goes by without us hearing some new and tantalizing news about our favorite celebrities. There are countless television shows, and even whole networks devoted exclusively to the topic! We love to read each morsel of gossip and watch every reality television show, regardless of whether they are true to life or not.

Articles that focus on the latest celebrity hook-ups and break-ups, the newest fashion trends, and who is feuding with who dominate the celebrity news cycle. Celebrities are sometimes just like us, sure, and we love to hear about it when they are. But we also love to fantasize about their lavish lifestyles! Who doesn’t occasionally wonder what it is like to be young, rich, and famous?

When we’re not daydreaming the day away, imagining what life as a Hemsworth is really like, we like to spend time speculating about what is next for our favorite celebrities. And what is more fun to speculate about then celebrity hook-ups and engagements? Future celebrity babies, of course! Here are 15 celebrity couple who we think are bound to have kids soon. Let’s have some fun, shall we?


15 Kit Harington And Rose Leslie

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie first met on the set of HBO’s blockbuster series, Game of Thrones. Rose played a Wildling named Ygritte and Kit, of course, plays Jon Snow. Kit has famously said that he fell in love with Rose at the same moment that Jon Snow fell in live with Ygritte. That is just the most romantic thing!

The couple first started dating in 2012, broke up a year later, and were back together a year after that. The two got engaged this past September, there was even a proper announcement in their local newspaper. Kit and Rose reportedly plan to interrupt production on the final season of Game of Thrones so that they can get married. With the ending of Game of Thrones imminent, we would not be surprised to learn that there’s a little baby Jon or Ygritte on the way before too long!

14 Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner


Kit Harington is not the only Game of Thrones cast member looking to tie the knot in the near future. His co-star Sophie Turner also recently got engaged to Joe Jonas! The pair has been dating for just about a year. Their relationship was first reported in 2016, but Sophie did not make it Instagram official until New Year’s Day, 2017.

Since then the couple has been inseparable. They even adopted the cutest Siberian husky puppy! Some people may say that Sophie is a bit young to be thinking of settling down, she is only 21. But what does that matter when you are in love! We’d bet that with production wrapping-up on Game of Thrones in the next year, it may not be too long before there’s a trip down the aisle and a baby for this happy couple.

13 Grant Gustin And Andrea Thoma


It sure has been a year of exciting engagements for Hollywood’s young celebrities. This next celebrity can currently be seen starring as Barry Allen on CW’s The Flash where his character may finally be getting married to Iris West. In real life, however, Grant Gustin only has eyes for his new fiancée Andrea Thoma. Thoma, a physical therapist, and Gustin have kept their relationship relatively private.

Despite ample postings to Instagram, this adorable couple certainly doesn’t shy away from the PDA, Gustin and Thoma have managed to keep any real details of their relationship from leaking to the press. The couple had been dating for a little over a year before they got engaged. Though The Flash is still going strong, Andrea is already in her late twenties. The perfect time to have a baby! We’d not be too surprised to hear that a baby is in the works for this disgustingly happy couple before too long.

12 Katie Cassidy And Matthew Rodgers


Another CW starlet got engaged this year. Katie Cassidy, whose father David Cassidy just recently passed away, got engaged to her super low-key boyfriend Matthew Rodgers. Cassidy is currently appearing on the CW show Arrow, and sometimes on The Flash, as the Black Siren. Very little is known about her new fiancé, however! Though if Cassidy’s Instagram is any indication these two just cannot get enough of each other.

We do know that the couple was vacationing on Mauritius, an island in East Africa, when Rodgers popped the question. The couple appears to be quite private, keeping most information about themselves out of the press. But they do seem to be very much in love! There’s no indication of when the happy couple will take a trip down the aisle, but we cannot wait for the baby news to start rolling in.

11 Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott

Okay, we admit it. This next one is a bit of a cheat because we know for sure that there’s a baby on the way for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. Sure, the Kardashian clan has yet to publicly announce Kylie’s pregnancy or her big sister Khloe’s for that matter. But Kris Jenner has all but confirmed it on many occasions. And eagle-eyed Kardashian fanatics were even analyzing Kylie’s Instagrammed Thanksgiving treats for clues about this surprisingly covert pregnancy.

Kylie has made headlines with a number of relationships over the years. She was first spotted in public with Travis Scott at Coachella in April of this year. This outing made headlines because it occurred mere weeks after Kylie’s split from Tyga. The couple sure moved fast because news of Kylie’s pregnancy broke in September! Though nothing has been confirmed yet, she’s reportedly due in February of 2018.

10 Emma Roberts And Evan Peters


Emma Roberts and Evan Peters first met on the set of the movie Adult World. The couple first started dating after production wrapped because they didn’t want things to get weird. They have famously worked together on several seasons of American Horror Story. This adorable couple is not without their share of drama!

They have been on and off, then on, then off, then back on again since 2012. There was even one particularly notable instance in which Emma was arrested for domestic violence after they got into a physical altercation. The couple was first engaged in 2013, just a few months after the violent altercation. That engagement was called off in 2015, but the couple has since gotten back together and they appear to be currently going strong. We are not sure that a baby is the best thing that could happen to a couple so fickle, but we certainly would not be surprised to learn that they are expecting in the next few years. These two crazy kids can’t seem to get enough of each other!

9 Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth

Despite their young ages, this next celebrity couple has been together for ages! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first met on the set of their movie The Last Song way back in 2009. They confirmed their couple status by appearing together at the Oscars in 2010 (you know like you do). The couple of eight years has certainly dealt with their fair share of drama including a number of break-ups, an engagement, and a mountain of baby rumors.

The couple has been engaged again since 2016 and of course, there are rumors that they have secretly been married for several months already. Given all that these two have been through it would seem that they are definitely meant to be. Though still young, Miley has made no secret of being open to having kids. In fact, she even joked about it by posting a picture of her food baby after Thanksgiving.


8 Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber


This next couple has been together, off and on, for almost as long as Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were first spotted grabbing pancakes together in 2010. Despite the protestations of it being, “just pancakes,” the couple made things officially official in early 2011. The couple seemed to be living a picture-perfect life until they broke up in 2012.

Of course, it bears remembering that the duo is still so very young! Because of their young ages, it is no surprise that they have had their ups and downs, they are still figuring themselves out! Justin and Selena got back together in 2013, or maybe it was 2014. Honestly, who can keep track! The couple is definitely very much back together for now though! They were spotted out together before the world learned that Selena had split from The Weeknd. Though we hope these two settle down first, we look forward to the day that Baby Bieber is announced!

7 Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik

These two are so good-looking it should be illegal! We are of course talking about Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. Rumors began circulating about the couple in late 2015 after Malik called things off with his ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards of the pop group Little Mix. That same month Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas split, which certainly sounds suspicious if you ask us! Like many of the young couples on this list, these two have had their fair share of rumored break-ups, but that does not mean they aren’t destined for greatness!

It was rumored in June of 2016 that the couple had called it quits, and possibly not for the first time! It is really impressive for a couple of their notoriety that we still don’t know for sure what happened, but they were definitely back together before too long. We’re talking less than a month, people! Engagement rumors began circulating in early 2017, though as far as we know Zayn has yet to put a ring on it. Wouldn’t they make the most beautiful baby?

6 Ariel Winter And Levi Meaden


Ariel Winter, of Modern Family fame, is no stranger to making headlines for her life choices. She first made a splash in the media for seeking a legal emancipation from her mother in 2015. Her sister had previously petitioned the court for guardianship of Ariel after both sisters alleged that their mother was abusive. Winter was in the news again in 2015, this time for having breast reduction surgery. She has, unfortunately, faced a lot of scrutiny by the celebrity media for her physical appearance.

Ariel has made waves in the press for her 30-year-old boyfriend, Levi Meaden. Normally being thirty would not be newsworthy, but it is when your girlfriend is only nineteen! That’s right, Ariel and her boyfriend have an eleven-year age gap. Despite the age difference, and only dating for about a year, Ariel and Levi have been living together. And we all know that babies can quickly follow co-habitation!

5 Kendall Jenner And Blake Griffin


We have already discussed Kylie Jenner who is rumored to be expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott in February. And of course, there’s the one confirmed Kardashian baby on the way for Kim and Kanye who are expecting via surrogate early next year. And to top it all off it is rumored that Khloe Kardashian is also expecting her first child sometime early in 2018. With all that going on one would think that there’s just no more room for any additional new Kardashian/Jenner babies!

But what if Kendall Jenner also has a wee babe up her sleeve? Kendall has been happily dating boyfriend Blake Griffin only since August, but we all know it doesn’t take long to make a baby! And with so many new additions to the family, it is possible that Kendall could be suffering from an incurable case of baby fever. All we’re saying is, we wouldn’t be surprised if the model and her basketball player boyfriend also have an announcement coming soon.

4 Louis Tomlinson And Eleanor Calder


Louis Tomlinson is famous for being a part of the boy band One Direction. Tomlinson has recently reunited with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, after breaking up in 2015. And Tomlinson might already have a case of baby fever. During their split, he made headlines for welcoming a son with Briana Jungwirth, a stylist that he had a short fling with. Many parents like to keep their children relatively close in age and rumor has it that Tomlinson shares this thinking.

Even though the couple has only been reunited for half a year or so, they are rumored to already be thinking about a baby. Marriage, however, is definitely not on the table at this time. Both parties are apparently content not to rush things in that department. There is nothing wrong with putting the baby carriage before marriage these days!

3 Nina Dobrev And Glen Powell

Nina Dobrev is perhaps most famous for her turn as Elena Gilbert on the CW show The Vampire Diaries, and Glen Powell worked as a regular on the now canceled show Scream Queens. The couple first sparked rumors of a romantic relationship early in 2017 when they were spotted spending New Year’s Eve together. The two seem to be taking things at a reasonable pace. It is being reported that they have no plans of taking things to the next level by moving in together at this stage.

Their commitment to taking things slow makes sense as both are currently very focused on growing their careers. Nina was also very recently in two fairly serious relationships. But still, we think these two may surprise us with a baby announcement! They are both in their late twenties, a perfect time for starting a family.

2 Prince Harry And Meghan Markle


This is also possibly a little bit of a cheat, especially after the not-at-all-surprising engagement news! We think we will definitely be hearing about another royal baby before too long! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now officially set to wed this coming spring. After a year-long romance that began with a blind date, the announcement of an engagement has been expected for some time. And what is one of the top responsibilities of members of the royal family? Continuing the bloodline of course!

Prince Harry has made no secret of his desire to have children of his own one day. Now that he is settling down we would not be surprised if someday becomes today, and sooner rather than later. Just think, his kids could be close in age to their cousins! The palace could soon be crawling, quite literally, with royal babies.

1 Melissa Benoist And Chris Wood


Supergirl co-stars Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood may have very recently gone public with their relationship, but we think there may be a Superbaby in the future. The two have been keeping their new romance as under the radar as possible, but they have been spotted walking their dogs on a number of occasions. They also recently took a steamy vacation to Mexico! At this point neither has really commented publicly on their relationship.

Maybe this is because Benoist only filed for divorce from her first husband, Blake Jenner, a year ago. Additionally, Wood has only recently split from his ex-girlfriend, calling it quits just a month or so after Benoist’s divorce new. Coincidence? Probably! The CW couple may be moving at less than super-speed with their relationship, but going slow often gives a couple more staying power. We wish these two crazy kids the best!

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