15 Young Hollywood Starlettes We Predict Will Be The Next Kylie Jenner

With the crazy news of Kylie Jenner getting pregnant, hiding it from us, then having a baby at such a young age, we have to wonder which Hollywood starlet will be next! It could really be just about anyone. They might be in a relationship, they might not be. Hey, we all thought Kylie had broken up with her baby daddy, but now they have a sweet daughter together.

Think about all the young blood in Hollywood. You have the models, the socialites, the actresses, the singers. Any of them could be the next to have a baby in their young twenties. Some may even be headed towards the big 3-0, and still might shock us at their sudden pregnancies- or a sudden baby in their hands! Who is to say they cannot keep their growing baby hidden, as well.

We all love to cyber-stalk our favorite Hollywood starlets. We peek at their bellies to see if they have a bit of a bump. We check out the drink in their hands, is it alcoholic? We notice what they buy at the store, could it be baby clothes? Which one has peaked your interest in being the next young mom in Hollywood? Read on for who we have some bets on!

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15 Cardi B Is Already Engaged

Rapper Cardi B is on fire right now. Could her streak come to an end with a possible pregnancy? Anything is possible. The rapper is known for her hit song Bodak Yellow. The Bronx born beauty is only 25-years-old, and her very promising career is just getting started.

Cardi B is engaged to fellow rapper Offset. They seemed to get engaged fairly quickly into their relationship. Is it young love that is meant to be? Or is something simmering under the surface, perhaps a bun in the oven? Many people have been speculating that Cardi B is pregnant with her fiance's baby. Cardi B vehemently denies these rumors, telling people that she is just fat, and wants to be fat in peace! Only time will tell what is really going on with Cardi.

14 Gigi Hadid Always Does What's Trending

Gigi is one of the hottest models out there. A party is not a party if she and her sister are not attending with their gaggle of socialite bffs. Gigi is only 22-years-old, she just started really getting into her career and has promising modeling contracts lined up for probably decades! We will only be seeing more and more of this hot starlet’s face, but will we be seeing more of her body, as in a baby belly?

The supermodel does have a boyfriend, or at least she supposedly has a steady guy in her life, and that man would be Zayn Malik, who rose to fame with the boyband One Direction. Apparently, they are super close, and Gigi’s mom even calls him son. Well, we would not necessary be surprised if she started going by the name Grandma!

13 Bella Thorne Likes The Attention

Bella is a young and beautiful actress, only 20 years of age, who is shaking up Hollywood with her crazy antics. She likes to keep things fresh, and definitely loves being in front of the camera. Her social media pages are filled with fresh and revealing photos of herself and her boyfriend.

This young starlet seems like the type who could possibly get into trouble by getting knocked up, doesn’t she? Bella has a, well, interesting boyfriend. Mod Sun is what he goes by. He is a musician, who is ten years older than she is, and is just as crazy as she is, maybe even more. We hope they don’t mess up on the other side of crazy with a newborn baby, but at the same time, it could totally happen.

12 Miley Cyrus Is Going Steady

Seriously, could Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth be any cuter together? There is something about this on-again, off-again couple that just seems right. Don’t you think? First, of all, they are age appropriate. Miley is 25 and Liam is 28. They just seem to compliment each other, he actually seems to calm Miley down, and we all know that girl can get cray-cray!

Would it really be shocking if Miley wound up pregnant? It seems unimaginable that Miley could ever be a mom, but it is not out of the question. Miley and Liam, although they have sometimes, supposedly, been broken up, have been together for a while. They seem like the couple that may go ahead and have a baby before getting married, although, there are always rumors that these two are engaged.

11 Sofia Richie Doesn't Just Want To Be An Aunt

At the tender age of 19, Sofia Richie is a fashion model that could wind up pregnant way too young. The daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie, is dating a much older man. Which leaves us saying, why, Sofia, why?! She is young and beautiful, yet is dancing around town with a father of three. Maybe she is trying to gain more fame? Could she actually love this old geezer?!

You have to live under a rock to not know who Sofia is dating. It is none other than Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick. Well, he is certainly sick. Scott is 34 years old, making him 15 years older than Sofia. Well, we just hope Sofia makes headlines for breaking up with this bad boy, and not for ending up like her frenemy Kylie, a pregnant starlet!

10 Is Chloe Grace Moretz Too Young?

This beautiful actress is known for her roles in If I Stay, Kick Ass, Carrie, and many more. She is a talented actress with a career that is only really getting started. Chloe Grace Moretz is just 21-years-old. She has her entire life in front of her, with a very promising career in Hollywood. She is certainly a talented actress.

But, would it be so shocking if this young starlet wound up pregnant? Probably not. Chloe does have a famous boyfriend, and they often make headlines for being all too cute together. Chloe’s main man is Brooklyn Beckham, Victoria (aka Posh Spice) and David Beckham’s eldest son. They seem to really be in love. Could a baby, either on purpose or by accident, be next in line for these lovebirds?

9 Kendall Jenner Got Baby Fever

Keeping up with the Kardashians, or keeping up with Kylie? Kendall Jenner is Kylie Jenner’s older sister. Kylie is 20, while Kendall is 22. Could Kendall be wishing for a little bundle of joy of her own after meeting her little sis’s sweet baby? You never know. We would certainly not be surprised if Kendall wound of knocked up. Anyone would have baby fever in that family, with all the babies being born! Remember, big sister Khloe is next!

Kendall does have a very nice modeling career going. As a model, you cannot really get pregnant, you’d have to either take a hiatus or model maternity clothes! Therefore, we would think that Kendall may not purposely get pregnant, but then again, you never really know. Kendall does apparently have a steady man in her life, and that would be her basketball-player boyfriend Blake Griffin, of the Detroit Pistons.

8 Ariel Winter Is Independent Enough

We all secretly love to follow the life of Ariel Winter. We know her as nerdy little sister Alex Dunphy in Modern Family, but the starlet has a much crazier real-life story that easily keeps us captivated. Ariel is just 20-years-old, and is certainly making a name for herself, especially in the world of social media.

Ariel’s story began when she gained independence from her controlling and now-estranged mother. Once she got away from that allegedly-abusive environment, she blossomed. She is far from the character she plays on television. Ariel is full of body confidence, and is not afraid to show her assets off. Will she show another asset off anytime soon? Perhaps a growing belly? It is certainly possible. Ariel does have a live-in boyfriend, Levi Meaden.

7 Hailey Baldwin Could Already Be Planning It

Hailey Baldwin is a gorgeous model and the daughter of Stephen Baldwin. At just 21-years-old, she is in the prime of her life, walking the runway and hanging out with her gal pal, Kendall Jenner. Hailey loves to be on the social scene, so will she take a cue from other young starlets and possibly get knocked up way too young, just to gain more followers? You never know.

Hailey does apparently seem to be in a happy relationship with her current boyfriend, singer Shawn Mendes. He is actually younger than she is! Of course, Hailey has had a few boys in her life, as any young person should. So we never really know what is on her mind, whether it happens on purpose or by accident. But, really, would you be surprised?

6 Ireland Baldwin Is Hooked On Social Media

Hailey’s cousin, Ireland, may be another one that wants to be young and pregnant in Hollywood. Could this be the next trend for these young girls? Of course, we hope not. But we cannot seem surprised if any of them endup knocked-up, can we? Could there be a bunch of Baldwin babies in the near future?!

Ireland is infamous for being the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. But she has begun to make a name for herself as a model, actress, and social-media maven. She is not afraid to turn it up on social media. The 22-year-old beauty may or may not have a current boyfriend. But, let’s face it, does that even matter? And really, what hot young girl in Hollywood needs a steady man anyhow?! Not Ireland!

5 Sophie Turner's Plans For When GoT Is Done

We all know beautiful actress Sophie Turner from the hit show Game of Thrones. At just 21 years of age, Sophie has become engaged to her boyfriend, Joe Jonas, who is 28-years-old. With a wedding on the horizon, do they also see themselves with a little family anytime soon? We guess the answer may be yes!

First of all, Sophie seems much older than any of us were at 21. She is a fantastic actress. We bet she would not want to give all of that up, and these days, it can be hidden quite easily, as we know from Kylie! Only time will tell if the young actress Sophie and her soon-to-be hubby Joe decide to add a little bundle of joy to their family.

4 Ariana Grande Is In Her Prime

Singer Ariana Grande has one gorgeous voice. She often tops the charts with her hit tunes. Will she ever make the news for a different reason? We know that Ariana loves to have fun, but could she ever, possibly, have too much fun, if you know what we mean?

Ariana is 24-years-old and going strong in her singing career. She has had a few boyfriends, and rightfully so. She is pretty and popular, and can really have her choice of whichever man she wants to date! It is believed that her current boyfriend is none other than rapper Mac Miller, who is 26-years-old. Apparently, the duo has been dating for over a year, if not longer. If so, that is a long time. We wonder if babies are ever on the mind? Maybe they will write a song about it.

3 Hailee Steinfeld Already Pranked People She Was Expecting

Hailee Steinfeld seems like a down-to-earth girl. She seems like the girl-next-door. Really, is there anyone who does not like this talented artist? Hailee is a singer, actress, and model. The girl can do it all. Will she potentially ruin that streak by becoming the next pregnant Hollywood starlet? 

This 21-year-old loves to party, just like any other girl her age would. It appears that she does have a current flame, boyfriend Cameron Smoller. She has had a few boyfriends, including recently-engaged Joe Jonas, who actually went in on an April Fools’ Day joke with Hailee, announcing that they were expecting their first child! Was that an indication of things to come? We’ll have to keep watching.

2 Sarah Hyland Is In A Steady Relationship

We have another member of the Modern Family family on this list. Actress Sarah Hyland plays Haley Dunphy, the older sister of Alex, who is played by Ariel Winter (also on this list!). Could both Modern Family gals potentially welcome some little ones in the near future? We don’t think that it is out of the question.

Sarah is near the older end of most women on this list, being 27 years old. Would it really come as a shock if she got knocked up? Not really. Sure, we would like to see her wait a few more years and let her career continue to skyrocket. Sarah’s most recent boyfriend, and probably still her current one, is Wells Adams. He gained fame by being on the Bachelorette. The pair are ultra-cute together, that is for sure!

1 Zendaya Is Only One Year Older Than Kylie

Hot young artist Zendaya may surprise you by being on this list. She seems very put together and focused on her incredible career. But, so many young women are that way, and wind-up knocked up. We cannot leave this young starlet out, and let’s face it, if she got pregnant, that would be the biggest shock of anyone on this list! Maybe even more shocking than when Kylie got knocked up!

Zendaya is 21-years-old and is famous for being in some hit movies, including, most recently, The Greatest Showman. She apparently has a man in her life, boyfriend Tom Holland, known for his role in Spiderman : Homecoming (they met on set!). They are the same age, and are totally adorable together. We don’t know what is in store for them next, but we better keep a close eye on this adorable duo.

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