16 And Pregnant: 20 Things We Never Knew About The Babies Born During Season 1

“16 and Pregnant is an American reality television series that aired from June 11, 2009, to July 1, 2014, on MTV. It followed the stories of pregnant teenage girls in high school dealing with the hardships of teenage pregnancy. Each episode featured a different teenage girl, with the episode typically beginning when she is 4 1⁄2 – 8 months into her pregnancy. The episode typically ends when the baby is a few months old,” shares an online source on the series that sparked the ongoing Teen Mom franchise.

Since the first series of 16 and Pregnant aired in 2009, fans have been obsessed with the show. 16 and Pregnant spurred the shows still in existence; Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, Young and Pregnant, Teen Mom UK and the upcoming Teen Mom Australia. Many fans of the franchise loyally follow a lot of the series but many will admit that the OG’s are without a doubt the favorite of the whole series.

The first season of 16 and Pregnant aired almost a decade ago, so fans have been following the OG girls for just about ten years. Crazy, right? And over those ten years, a lot of facts have come to light that were never introduced or known when 16 and Pregnant aired. So what exactly don’t fans know about the babies (who are now nine and ten!) of the original series? Below is a list of 20 facts that were never known about the babies born during season one until after the series aired.

20 Ebony Lost Custody Of Her Daughter Jocelyn


If you haven’t been following from the beginning you might be thinking, Ebony who? Ebony Jackson is one of two girls from the first season of 16 and Pregnant who were not invited to be featured on the spin-off series, Teen Mom.

On her episode of 16 and Pregnant, Ebony gave birth to a baby girl, Jocelyn. When her daughter turned two, though, Ebony lost custody. “After welcoming daughter Jocelyn, Ebony married Josh Rendon and he joined the air force. However, the pair was arrested and their then 2-year-old daughter was taken away by CPS in 2011 when authorities discovered they had untenable living conditions,” shares Starcasm.net.

19 And Eventually Another Daughter, As Well


Ebony eventually welcomed a second daughter, whom she, unfortunately, lost custody of as well. “After (literally) cleaning up their act, Ebony and Josh regained custody of their daughter in 2012 — shortly before welcoming their second daughter, Jayda. Ebony and Josh split less than a year later and he reportedly has custody of their two daughters,” reports Starcasm.net.

In 2015, Ebony gave birth to a third daughter, shared with then-boyfriend James Baldrick. Since then, Ebony has kept a low-profile and has stayed out of headlines. Brain-Sharper.com reported earlier this year that Ebony is now a single mother of three.

18 Weston Owen-Gosa Encountered Health Issues


Whitney Purvis is the other cast member of 16 and Pregnant who was not invited to be featured on Teen Mom. Many fans will remember that Whitney was pregnant at the same time as her mother. On her episode of 16 and Pregnant she welcomed a son, Weston Owen-Gosa with her then-boyfriend Weston Lewis-Gosa.

“After Whitney wrote a long message on Facebook about the struggles of being a teen parent to a child with a medical condition, fans asked what Weston had. 'He has alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disease that affects the liver and lungs,' she responded,” shared WetPaint.com.

17 And His Parents Never Learned To Stay Out Of Trouble


Whitney has since had another son and has been in and out of headlines for her antics. She and her children’s father have both been in and out of police reports throughout the years.

TheAshleysRealityRoundUp.com reports that Weston Gosa was arrested three times within four years after the show aired. Whitney herself, also was in and out of trouble, including getting busted for stealing and later for breaking into Gosa’s home.

Things as of late seemed to have calmed down for this 16 and Pregnant star, who is no longer with her child’s father. If you want to follow along, she keeps her Instagram up to date @chefwhit_

16 Sophia Abraham’s Father Passed Away 


Though it was never mentioned in Farrah Abraham’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, the father of her daughter, Derek Underwood, tragically passed away during a car accident. TeenMom.Wikia.com reports that the car accident happened on December 28th, 2008, two months before Sophia was born.

Fans have seen the topic discussed on Teen Mom OG, including visits to Underwood’s family. “The 28th comes up every year for me — and I went through depression and a hard time and Sophia, as a child, has gone through her own [struggle, asking], ‘What happened to my dad?’ And having her own loss,” she told InTouchWeekly.com.

15 Sophia Was On Six Seasons Of Teen Mom Before Her Mom ‘Quit’ 


Fans have since watched Sophia grow-up right in front of their eyes. Sophia was featured on six seasons of Teen Mom OG, after her initial appearance on 16 and Pregnant, where viewers literally saw her from day one of her life.

Up until earlier this year that is. Farrah quit the Teen Mom franchise earlier this year when producers made her choose between the show and her other business endeavors, which MTV deemed too inappropriate. Though Farrah and Sophia are no longer featured on Teen Mom, you can still follow them both on social media, where they have very active accounts. Sophia even has her own YouTube channel.

14 Bentley Is  An Over Achiever- Just Like His Mom!


In the description of Maci Bookout’s 16 and Pregnant episode, MTV described her as a classic popular teenage overachiever, and it looks like Bentley is following her footsteps in the over-achieving department.

Not only is he an awesome big brother, more on that later, but he excels at sports and in a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers learn that Benny has expressed interest in attending private school, mostly for the baseball team. Over the years, fans have fallen in love with Bentley Edwards for his charming and adorable demeanor. It’s definitely safe to say that he is taking after his Mama.

13 Catelynn & Tyler’s Parents Were Not Supportive Of Their Adoption 


Though it was covered in their 16 and Pregnant episode, Catelynn and Tyler’s decision to place their first daughter into adoption would go on to be a rough topic in their family for years. “Their family was not supportive at ALL of their decision to place the baby up for adoption. Tyler's mom, Kim, was the only supportive one in their family,” writes TheOriginalTeenMoms.Blogspot.com.

Even years after the adoption, it continued to be a touchy subject amongst their families, and a real struggle for Catelynn and Tyler to deal with. They shared all of this of course, on the show, and sometimes even in therapy sessions.

12 But They Would Eventually Accept It And Meet Carly


Eventually, though, the family would come to terms with the decision and they would even get to see Carly in person, at Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding. Carly’s parents asked for privacy from the family, though they did attend the wedding, so family members did get to see and interact with Carly.

One of the sweetest moments of their wedding was Tyler sharing a dance with Carly. “In a tissue-worthy surprise dance, Catelynn, Tyler, and Teresa dance with Carly and little Nova. There is not a dry eye in the room when Tyler says: 'this is the best day ever in my life,' life'" shared TheKnotNews.com.

11 It Was Later Noted That Carly Was No Longer Allowed To Be Filmed


“During Season 6 Opens a New Window. of the hit MTV show, Brandon and Teresa issued a simple request — to stop talking about their daughter on TV and social media, or risk losing their visitation,” writes InTouchWeekly.com.

This decision did not sit well with Tyler, who expressed his anger on the show. Things did cool down eventually and, though Carly can no longer be filmed, she is still mentioned on the show. Viewers still get to hear about Carly through Catelynn and Tyler’s conversations with Carly’s parents. They occasionally share pictures from visits as well, though Carley’s face is never shown.

10 But Fans Still Get To Their Fix Of  The Baltierra Babies


Even though fans don’t see Carly anymore, they still get their fix of Baltierra babies!

In 2015, Catelynn gave birth to another girl, Novalee Reign Baltierra. Nova is the cutest little girl, and viewers cannot get enough of her! Additionally, Cate and Tyler are expecting a third child, another girl in March of 2019. “The Teen Mom OG stars shared their unborn daughter’s name during their visit to a 4-D ultrasound imaging studio, where they got a better look at their baby. 'What name are you thinking?' Catelynn’s doctor asked them. 'Tezlee,' Tyler responded. 'Tezlee it is,'" reported People.com.

9 Amber Portwood Lost Full Custody Of Her Daughter, Leah


Fans saw Amber and Gary’s tumultuous relationship play out on her episode of 16 and Pregnant. Things never really got better for the couple and Amber eventually lost custody of Leah in 2011.

“According to TMZ.com, a judge in Indiana has ruled that her ex, Gary Shirley, is the more suitable parent for their toddler, Leah, and awarded him primary custody. Though Child Protective Services has been on the case, Shirley received custody not because Portwood is an unfit mother, TMZ reports. According to court testimony, the agency made the recommendation that Shirley take over raising the child because Portwood's home and car were recently vandalized,” states Today.com.

8 Though She Cleaned Up And Can See Her Now


Amber’s path did not get any cleaner for a while and she ended up spending over a year in jail. But today, the mother is doing very well despite her battles with depression and her bipolar disorder. Leah is now 11 and remains in full custody of Gary, though she still has visits with her mom.

Despite their past, Amber and Gary seem to be in a great place and have a great co-parenting relationship. Teen Mom fans love Gary’s wife Kristina and often sing her praises as a mother herself, she has two daughters of her own and she is a wonderful step-mother to Leah. 

7 Amber Now Has A New Son


Despite her rocky past, Portwood does seem to be in a very great place. She is dating Andrew Glennon, whom she met while she was filming Marriage Boot Camp with her ex, Matt. Matt and Amber’s relationship obviously did not work out and shortly after, Portwood announced her relationship with Glennon.

In November of 2017, Amber announced she and her boyfriend were expecting a baby. James Andrew Glennon was born May 8th, 2018. Teen Mom OG fans have gotten to see the sweet little boy, named James, and his big sister together many times on the show. Amber has also shared with viewers that she is struggling with post-partum depression and has recently expressed interest in leaving the show.

6 Carly’s Adoption Was Very Emotional For MTV Producers


Before the fourth wall was broken on the series, viewers of the show never had the producers perspective at all. So obviously nobody knew how the producers were handling the emotional turmoil of the things they were filming.

“If I had to isolate one of the most life-changing moments not only in my professional career but in life, it was to be there and see [Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter] Carly’s adoption. When do you get to see a live adoption and the handing over of a child from one family to another take place right in front of your eyes? Usually, that’s a private, very closed-door situation but we were all there at that moment. To this day, it’s one of the most amazing, amazingly powerful pieces of television that I’ve ever seen,” shared Executive Producer Larry Musnik with Cosmopolitan.com.

5 Maci & Ryan’s Parenting Relationship Did Not Get Easier


Maci Bookout has been a fan favorite since her episode of 16 and Pregnant aired. Fans felt for her when she was treated poorly by her baby’s father, Ryan Edwards. The couple struggled with their relationship on her episode of 16 and Pregnant and the struggle only continued for years, as shown on Teen Mom.

The couple split for good in 2010. And though they have both moved on, they continue to struggle to find common ground when it comes to co-parenting Bentley. “...Bookout and Edwards to continue to face trials in their relationship, including Edwards’ ongoing battle with substance abuse,” shares People.com.

4 But Bentley Would Turn Out To Be The Sweetest Big Brother


As it turns out though, Bentley is a pretty awesome big brother, and he has a lot of experience at it!

When Maci announced her second pregnancy on Twitter she responded to an MTV question about Bentley becoming a big brother with the following tweet, “@MTV he is very excited! I can already tell he is going to be very caring and very protective of his little sister! #AskTeenMom” Bentley is now a big brother to Jayde and Maverick, who Maci shares with her now husband Taylor McKinney. Bentley is also a big brother to Jagger and Hudson, who are the children of Ryan Edwards and his now wife, Mackenzie Edwards.

3 And Maci Finally Met Her Match In Taylor McKinney


In October of 2016, Maci married her boyfriend of three years, Taylor McKinney.

“I am the anchor that supports his dreams and determination," she captioned a cute photo collage of the pair. "He is the safety that holds me each time I reach for another star. We are a team. We are best friends. We will always be better together." Maci shared in a caption of a sweet engagement photos posted to Instagram.

The couple has a clothing line together, Things That Matter, and seem to keep very busy. If you want to see their gorgeous new house, Google it!

2 Bentley, Leah, and Sophia Would Continue To Know Each Other


One thing viewers never could have guessed is that we would still be following the storylines of these children almost a decade later. Many fans have literally watched these kids grow up before their eyes, so it’s no wonder they get so invested in the show! It’s been interesting to see the dynamic between the kids throughout the years as well.

Though, as the kids have gotten older, and the drama a little more intense (to say the least), the kids have not been featured together on reunion episodes for quite some time. Still, it’s fun to keep up with all of the kids!

1 And We Are Still Following Their Storylines Into 2019!


As if watching them grow up isn’t enough, fans will be following the storylines into 2019. Though fans will no longer see Sophia, they will continue to see Leah and Bentley on their screens on Mondays. In addition to the storylines of Maci, Amber, and Catelynn, many fans are familiar with the fact that two new moms were added to the OG franchise this season. So fans are also seeing the storylines of two completely new moms, Bristol from ‘Life’s a Tripp’ and Cheyenne Floyd from MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’ Will we still be following the storylines of these kids when they are teenagers themselves? At this rate, it looks like yes, we will be!

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