16 Brilliant Games to Play with Your Infant

From the moment your baby is born you can start playing games with them! Not only is it fun, but it is important for the intellectual, social, and emotional development in your little one. Read on for some ideas of enjoyable games to play with your baby.

16 Peek-a-boo I see you!

Peek-a-boo is the classic game that everyone loves to play with babies. When you have your baby's attention, put your hands over your eyes, then quickly take them away while smiling and saying peek-a-boo! It helps to teach babies that even if they can't see you, you are still there, a concept known as object permanence. And for a bonus, lots of parents get their first laugh out of baby while playing this game!

15 Got your nose

Nothing beats oohing and ahhing over that cute, tiny baby nose! A fun game to play is to pretend to “get” baby's nose, while playfully pinching his nose. As you continue to repeat this game your little one will soon learn to point out their nose when asked. It is a great game to teach body parts, so continue will other areas, like ears and belly! Even though they cannot talk yet, your baby will begin to associate certain words with parts of their body. 

14 Tummy time

Placing your infant on his belly is actually a very important game for development, as it works to strengthen all kinds of muscles, and helps to ensure baby does not get a flat spot of the back of his head. Some babies absolutely love tummy time, but not all. Whether your baby enjoys this game or not, it is imperative you continue to play with her, and try to make it as fun as possible. Get down on the floor with her yourself talking and singing, purchase a colorful play mat, and put some favorite toys within eye site but just out of reach.

13 Shake shake shake

All you need for this game is a rattle, and with an infant in the house those should be aplenty! The sound and the movement of the rattle is great stimulation for baby. A newborn will not be able to grasp the rattle, but you can shake it in front of her and show it to her. Eventually she will reach for it and want to shake it herself- because she has seen you do just that.

12 Bath time play

Believe it or not, for babies, bath time is not just a time to get nice and clean, it is also play time and learning time, as it is a wonderful way to stimulate baby's development. There are boatloads of bath toys out there, from squeezers to water crayons and floats. Fill up the baby bath and teach baby how to splash around. You can play games in the bath starting from day one! Just remember to never leave your baby unattended.

11 Wrap me softly

Collect some soft objects, such as small blankets, scarves, ribbons, feathers, and more. Wrap up baby, run the pieces over her feet, hands, nose. Give her a chance to touch and feel the soft textures. Tickle, giggle, and bond while exploring with this game, which again, is working to stimulate your baby's development all while having fun!

10 Rock a bye baby

Singing to your baby is a great source of comfort for him, so keep on belting out the tunes! From classic lullabies to more fast paced jams, your baby benefits from all sounds. It can help them learn language as well as creates amazing bonding moments for you and your baby. Lots of songs have fun movements that go along with the lyrics, so feel free to get moving while you sing!

9 Roll the ball, baby!

Grab some fun colored balls or balls with sounds or shakers and show them to your baby starting at a young age. Let them feel the texture with their hands and feet. Once your sweet one can sit up, start to roll the ball gently to them. Before long your baby will try to roll the ball back! It is a good game to play to assist with the development of hand and eye coordination and motor skills.

8 I spy...

You are your baby's first teacher. They will absorb so much of what you tell them. Make it a game to point out various objects, whether you are in your house, at the park, at the store. Babies are curious and want to learn, share with them what you see!

7 Bubble pop

All kids have a thing for bubbles. Pick up this inexpensive game and enjoy blowing bubbles with baby. They will watch the bubbles go up in the air, attempt to touch one, and older babies will try to blow their own bubbles. You can even get a bubble machine and chase the bubbles together!

6 Tell me a story

Reading to your baby is a wonderful thing to do, as your infant will enjoy (and needs) to hear your voice. A entertaining game for babies of all ages, is to tell them an interactive story! The main characters can be people baby knows, like mommy and daddy. Make up a fun story while acting out different parts. Move around, move baby around, the grander the gesture, the better!

5 Pots and pans oh my!

Once baby is moving, trying to get dinner, or any meal, prepared in the kitchen can be a difficult task. There is a super fun game that you can make available any time you need to be in the kitchen! Take out some pots and pans or plastic ware and let baby go to town! Hand them a plastic or wooden spoon and allow them to bang away. Some parents designate one bottom cupboard to baby safe kitchen objects so they can help themselves to this awesome game anytime they want.

4 Build me a fort

Babies love to explore, and they need to be explorers too, it is how they learn about their surroundings and environment. Create a make shift fort using sheets, pillows, and couch cushions. Make a little obstacle course and get down on the floor, especially if you have a little crawler! It is a fun way to bond with your little one, too.

3 Run run, here I come!

Being silly with your baby is a game in and of itself so take that silliness up a notch and start to chase your little one around! Even if they cannot crawl or walk yet, you can move them around, hide and surprise them, all while laughing and having a great time. And once you have a little walker on your hand, you can really start running!

2 Who makes this sound?!

Making funny sounds is all part of being a baby. Newborns will gurgle and goo, and older babies will blow raspberries and make all kinds of funny sounds that you may never be able to duplicate! Make a game out of making these funny sounds. You create a sound and entice your baby into copying your sound. Animal sounds are always fun, you can even play this game at the zoo!

1 Stack a block tower

Babies can be introduced to blocks soon after being born. Start off with soft blocks to give baby the feel of those cubed objects and then graduate to the classic wooden blocks. Whether large or small, baby will enjoy holding the blocks and will eventually join in as they see you stacking and counting the blocks. They will discover how much they enjoy stacking blocks, and it helps with their motor skill develop as well.

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