16 Celebs Who Look Like They're About To Pop (But Aren't Even Pregnant)

We are a society that is obsessed with weight and image, especially that of our celebrities. When we notice a certain lady celebrity is looking a little larger than usual, the pregnancy rumors swirl like no other! We are those nosey people that question the contents of a stranger's uterus because of their belly shape so obviously we do the same thing when our favorite celebrities begin packing on the pounds.

There are so many faux pregnancy accusations that our female celebrities are hit with on a daily basis, and it probably isn't easy. Obviously we associate pregnancy with weight gain, and it's rarely a positive context for the situation. Does anyone enjoy gaining weight? Obviously the food part might be great, but when our bodies are the subject of so much negativity is certainly is not a great feeling.

As women, we carry babies. Sadly our society seems to think that is the only reason a woman can pack on a few pounds. Don't people know that girls like pizza too? Honestly, some celebrities will constantly have to cope with pregnancy allegations, body shaming, and negativity because of the number on a scale. Some women have learned to use their size to their benefit and have actually made gains in their industry because of their size.

16 Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is the actress we all refer to as "Fat Amy" because of her character in the Pitch Perfect series. Wilson has been part of more than a few pregnancy rumors because of her belly's resemblance to a baby bump. It's okay though because Wilson uses her weight to make people laugh which has helped her advance her career. This isn't something that's really all that far fetched from a woman who played a character that coined herself "Fat Amy." We just bet she didn't expect we would question if she was "Pregnant Amy."

The star is not pregnant, but she does suffer a hormonal imbalance that helps her put on weight quickly. Wilson does not seem to mind to much as she finds her weight to be an advantage in her career.

15 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has always been a celebrity that we have referred to as curvy. Sometimes a baby bump is one of those "curves" that we seem to see. This year rumors swirled that the 47 year old might be pregnant again with her third child; although, there is no baby in that belly.

The singer has talked about her time with the weight loss program Jenny Craig, but she gains it back as well! It's a double edge sword for Mariah. The star does share twins with Nick Cannon, but she has also dodged from false pregnancy rumors more than a handful of times because of her belly size. Those rumors are just that though, and we doubt they will be going anyway anytime soon.

14 Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is a plus size model who wears a size 22. Living in a society that loves to judge women, especially moms, it's no wonder she gets serious side eye from the fashion industry, the media, and people and fans around the world - who see beauty through one pair of foggy glasses.

Holliday is a mom to a one year old, but she her figure might get people wondering (and talking) about whether or not she's still pregnant or pregnant with a second baby. But this mom and model, despite all the nasty things the tabloids say about her, has no shame about her size. She continues to rock her body on her social media accounts with confidence.

13 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is another star who basically suffered a wrong outfit, wrong time that led to a bunch of pregnancy rumors. A tight dress and a bulging stomach seem to always lead people to believe that we have a baby bump. Stars are no exception to that thinking either. They also have a whole crew of photographers, paparazzi, and media to snap these photographs and show the world their weight gain.

Christina has been on the wrong end of some nasty weight gain rumors over the years. Her provocative style of dressing and tight clothing does not always compliment a larger lady so it is not exactly far fetched that some of us have questioned if there was a baby in her belly.

12 Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe rose to fame after acting in the lead role of the hit film Precious in 2009. Gabourey, who was even nominated for an Oscar, had a hard time maintaining her success, claiming she wasn't getting the recognition she deserved in Hollywood. It was alleged that people around her claimed she was too overweight, and she has since been trying to get her body in healthy shape. Nonetheless, this didn't stop news outlets from speculating that the actress was pregnant. One news outlet claimed that although she is known to be "on the heavy side," the "shape of her tummy could be telling her fans something else." Well folks, let's set the record straight - Gabourey is not pregnant!

11 Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has heard every insult in the book when it comes to her weight. It's hard to feel sorry when she doesn't dress to her body. Dunham is showing her midriff, but it looks more like a baby bump which of course had everybody talking about the contents of her uterus.

The writer and actress was questioned about her possible baby bump because her character on the show Girls was expecting and well Lena's body fit the part. The star insists that she is actually losing weight and has been since Trump's inauguration. Of course, Dunham is very political and probably utterly hates the fact that the contents of her uterus is a topic of conversation on so many media sources, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles when we live in the public eye.

10 Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is the sister of Michael Jackson. The singer had a baby when she was fifty years old so it's a no brainer that she did not lose the weight immediately. It seems that as we age our baby weight stops falling off, and losing it requires some seriously hard work. The star has been living in London after having her son, and she does admit that she has put on a few since having her son.

Her own brother, Randy, has even criticized the star for putting on "more than a few" when pregnant with her son and after having him. Despite her age and the fact that her son is still rather young, there is still speculation about when Janet will be expecting another baby due to her shape and size.

9 Melissa McCarthy

The Bridesmaids actress keeps us all laughing, but it seems her stomach is what gets people talking. It is obvious that the mom of two is on the larger side of the scale. She has been subject to the pregnancy rumors that come with it as well.

McCarthy did actually lose some weight while starring on the show Mike & Molly, but as we all know that doesn't mean that she has kept it off. Her stomach has been the talk of the media since McCarthy stepped into the spotlight.

She does actually have two daughters, and pregnant pictures of the actress do not look greatly different than her non-pregnant belly situation. Headlines about when McCarthy is going to pop are something that we have seen for years, but hopefully they might retire soon.

8 Lady Gaga

Does anyone remember all of the talk about Lady Gaga's abdomen during the Super Bowl? It isn't the only time Gaga has been a part of some serious belly speculation. Lady Gaga does not even have kids so maybe we are just speculating because it would be pretty cool to see her as a mother.

Although it isn't really anyone's business what is in this singer's belly, she does not have a baby in that infamous belly. The Super Bowl wasn't even the first time we speculated about the star's belly as her body was the talk of 2014 and 2016. In 2016, the star dropped about thirty pounds and flaunted a flat belly which is probably why we all were so curious about a baby bump during her Super Bowl performance.

7 Adele

Years ago Joan Rivers branded Adele as "chubby," but let's be honest she wasn't the only one saying it. Today, Adele still has people questioning whether she is pregnant or not because of her large size. While we can all admit, she should not have to look a certain way to be a successful singer because her size certainly hasn't stopped her. We do know that it will probably lead to some mocking, nasty comments, and pregnancy speculation because that's what we as a society do!

Adele had her son back in 2012, but many have said that the singer has still kept the baby weight and the baby bump for that matter. She has balanced a fabulous music career with motherhood so it might be okay to assume that hitting the gym just didn't fit the star's schedule.

6 Kelly Clarkson

The former American Idol contestant has had her weight talked about since she stepped into the public eye. It seems that it has fluctuated so greatly, but she also seems to gain back whatever she loses rather quickly.

There have been more than a few rumors of Clarkson being pregnant because of her shape, and we can't blame people for speculating. We are a society fascinated with our celebrities and their weight. That's just the hard truth that we often hate to admit.

The singer has been fat shamed quite often and poked fun at because of her size. Sadly, that's just how things work when someone is larger and in the public eye. The rumors will probably continue to fly for Clarkson for years to come!

5 Rihanna

DO NOT MESS WITH RIHANNA. The singer has been the center of a whole lot of bump speculation, fat shaming, and negativity. It even cost one sports writer his job! The writer actually accused Rihanna of wearing a sumo suit which of course got the juices flowing for pregnancy speculation because well she has a uterus.

So let's set the record straight. Rihanna is not about to pop because she is not pregnant. The star has coined the nickname "Thickanna" because even Rihanna gains weight from time to time. The star has some amazing clawbacks to all of the body shamers out there, including the ones who criticized when she was buying snacks. Of course, that probably did not help the pregnancy speculation. Who doesn't like snacks?

4 Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is a comedian and actress. She has easily used her size to her advantage. She has also left tons of people wondering when she is going to pop because of all of the pregnancy speculation that surrounds her. Schumer has even used the joke to her advantage and had a mock pregnancy announcement for her boyfriend.

Schumer is sick of the speculation around the contents of her uterus and if there's a baby in her bump so she even used a pregnancy suit when she announced her faux pregnancy via Instagram back in 2016. It has not stopped the media from wondering though, and it probably never will. She obviously is using the rumors to her advantage though, and her sense of humor is clearly helping.

3 Kirstie Alley

We all know Kirstie Alley for two big things: her time with Cheers and her weight. Kristie has tried just about every single diet, workout, and program, but somehow she still manages to get hit with pregnancy rumors every single year. We see her bulging belly after just talking up a weight loss trend, and we assume it's a baby bump. That would probably be preferable to gaining all of that weight she just worked hard to lose back!

Now we know Kirstie from Jenny Craig and Scream Queens, but her weight still manages to be what is most talked about the star. We have seen TONS of before and afters of the star's weight loss. Her time in the spotlight has been utterly consumed by the size of her clothing sadly.

2 Raven Symone

We have known Raven since the days of That's So Raven on Disney Channel, and we have always been obsessed with the actor's weight. It's really no surprise that as soon as she was of chid-bearing age the pregnancy rumors started to swirl. Raven has been one who actually was accused of being pregnant, hiding the pregnancy, and giving birth. It was just that though, a rumor, as the star has not secretly been pregnant or given birth.

The former The View host has had a past with controversy so it's no surprise that she is a target for baby bump watch. Just because she hasn't been romantically linked to anyone recently does not mean that her belly couldn't be holding a baby.

1 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is prone to pregnancy rumors constantly because she is in the prime time of child bearing age. It doesn't help that her curvy body and bigger belly are caught on camera regularly giving the rumor mills fuel. The star and mother of two went on Ellen to actually confront the multitude of pregnancy rumors spiraling about her and a possible third pregnancy.

The clothing designer has created a fashion line that will include women of all sizes because Jessica has been there. Simpson is definitely one of those women who has had a variety of weights and sizes over the years. She is a woman of many talents. Prior to her clothing line, Simpson was a reality star and pop star so she has constantly had media attention over the last several decades.

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