16 Crazy AF Birth Stories You Won't Believe Are True

Despite all the advances in the world, some babies are born so remarkably different that they left doctors stunned.

Most parents have dreams that their child will be special. After spending time preparing for baby's arrival, nothing can prepare parents for the unimaginable.

Human beings still struggle to dissect and understand the causes and cures for rare genetic conditions. Sometimes, despite all the care and effort in the world, some babies are born remarkably different. They become a medical mystery that is studied by medical professionals, looked at with curiosity by the public, and add to the variety of life in all its possible forms.

Bracing for the journey of the miracle of birth, becoming a parent, and envisioning a child's future can weigh heavily on many adult's minds. Imagine when a baby is born, and doctor's are left baffled as to how to explain when something is a little amiss. Thankfully, some people do have compassion, and no longer regulate babies born with medical oddities as deemed worthy only for 'Sideshow Circus Freak' fare.

Perhaps, parents and non-parents alike can take these unbelievably rare and fascinating medical cases, and use them as a reminder that there is futility in aiming only for perfection. These strange cases display that humans don't have all the answers. Some things defy an easy explanation.

16Baby Born In The Shape Of The Letter C

Sometimes people complain about cramping up being in a fetal position. Imagine how a baby must feel, when it is born in the shape reminiscent of an alphabet letter. Baby Rossy Hipkin was born in the shape of the letter 'C.' Nicknamed “C Man,” baby Rossy was shown to be in a sharply curved position during gestation, as early as 20 weeks.

Defying doctor's expectations about his survival, this amazing baby was born with a very severe case of scoliosis and AMC. Anthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita is a rare disorder which significantly reduces the joints and muscles ability to move. Despite doctor's warning Rossy's mother, Corinna Heppner, that her little bundle of joy might not survive, Rossy is a happy active baby a year after his birth.

15Baby Bursts Into Flames

Spontaneous combustion and a newborn baby is not something a parent wants to hear used in the same sentence. In a curious and equally mysterious medical case, the unimaginable occurred.

Baby Rahul stunned his mother and doctors, after he was taken to Villupuram Medical College after reportedly catching on fire. Some though child abuse was present, but after observation, it was deemed due to a rare medical oddity.

Spontaneous combustion of human beings is an extremely rare and disturbing case. There have only been 200 reported occasions of such a thing occurring within a period of the past 300 years. Some professionals considered bacteria or alcohol in the blood to be a possible culprit, but explanations are still ongoing.

Unfortunately for baby Rahul, he has burst into flames over four times since birth.

14Newborn Walks Out Of The Womb

Many parents joke about wishing their baby was ready to get around and do things on their own, shortly after being born. One family got the surprise of their life, when a baby born in Brazil was shown walking with a little help from a nurse, moments after being born. Video footage of this baby walking took the internet by storm, as a woman exclaimed in video footage, “Oh my gosh, the girl is walking.”

However, this medical marvel can put on the brakes. MD and assistant professor of paediatrics at Temple University, Megan Heere, was quoted as saying, “This is a totally normal reflex.” The ability for babies to “walk” upright when their feet are on a stable solid surface has been documented since the 1940s.

13Born With Zika Virus But Has No Physical Symptoms

The Zika virus has been a hot issue for many around the globe. Mothers have been warned to take care about not contracting the virus, lest they pass it on to their children. Amazingly, in the case of Micaela Bolivar, she was born with the Zika virus but appears normal. Typically infants born with the virus display the symptoms of microcephaly, and have a severely small head and brain.

Micaela's mom picked up the Zika virus while in Venezuela and three months into her pregnancy. Micaela does display stiffness on one side of her body and a slightly damaged eye. Medical professionals have been studying this little baby, as the symptoms and treatment of Zika virus are still being examined.

12Baby Born Pregnant With Twins

Unbelievable as it may sound, a baby was born pregnant with fetal twins. Talk about a moment where a child is stealing the spotlight from a mom in life! This strange medical oddity took place in Hong Kong, China.

The baby girl was in fact found pregnant with her own siblings. This strange and incredibly rare condition occurs in about 1 out of every 500,000 births. This condition is known as fetus-in-fetus.
When the baby was being monitored via an ultrasound, doctors noticed a tumor or large mass within the unborn fetus. This medical mystery was assumed to be a situation where, the baby girl was part of a set of triplets, and somehow the other two were absorbed into the lone child's body.

11Baby Born The Size Of A Toddler

Sometimes that little bundle of joy, arrives in an unexpectedly much larger package than a parent was geared up on receiving. In the case of one woman in the United States, Chrissy Corbitt gave birth to a baby girl weighing 13 pounds and 5 ounces. This baby's size rivaled that of a full-grown toddler.

Baby Carleigh was delivered a week early by C-section. Many expected the mother to be delivering twins, but Chrissy was only delivering one hefty baby. Macrosomia is the more scientific name to explain the birth of a larger babies. Some medical professionals are worried, as it seems there is an upward trend of women giving birth to significantly larger babies. There has been an onslaught of babies who are packing on the pounds, weighing 13 pounds and more around the world.

10Baby Born Without Skin

Harlequin Ichthyosis was the culprit for one baby who was born without her skin. Unfortunately, the dream of getting to touch amazingly soft baby skin would not be the reality for one baby's parents. A baby girl was born to impoverished parents, who were unable to afford tests to detect any complications. She survived her birth in the city of Amravati. However, there was one looming problem.

The little baby was born not only with no skin, but had only two small holes for a nose, no ears, and inverted eyelids. This poor child was born with a condition that has no cure. Doctors could only recommend keeping her alive, and that she would need lifelong treatment to keep her outer body moisturized. This saddening condition occurs in 1 out of 300,000 births.

9Unable To Move His Mouth

A family was flabbergasted, after their adorable baby boy Wyatt, was unable to move or open his mouth. Desperately searching for help to determine their son's condition, the Scott family decided to build a website, in hopes of getting some answers from people online. After the ten-month mark, medical professionals were completely unsure of what could be causing little Wyatt Scott's inability to use his mouth.

Thanks to this baffling medical mystery, little Wyatt has difficulties controlling his saliva, suffers from frequent choking, and suffers breathing problems. Compassionate and concerned individuals have offered their suggestions and treatments, to no avail. Luckily, Wyatt has an older sister who tries to comfort her little brother, with a band-aid covered Elmo doll. Currently, botox injections are used in an attempt to ease Wyatt's lockjaw.

8The Twins Who Share Eyesight

Canadian twins Tatiana and Krista not only share fairy-based names, but also share eyesight as well. These two lovely twins live to play pranks on others, are often smiling and giggling, and have a deep connection beyond most twins in the world. This is because Tatiana and Krista are the youngest craniofacial conjoined twins in the world.

Doctors attempted to dissuade the twin's mother Felicia, about her decision to give birth to her unique girls. There were warnings that the girls would not be able to run, play, or walk together. Years later, Tatiana and Krista have proven the medical community wrong, and continue to astound with their shared abilities. The twins are unable to be separated, because of the shared connection between their brains, which is fused together and inoperable.

7The Baby With 8 Arms

Baby Lakshmi Tatma was born with four arms and legs, in the remote village of Rampur Kodarkatti in India. Her medical oddity was the result of having a parasitic twin. Villagers and news outlets reported the baby as being an embodiment of the goddess Lakshmi herself. The baby was born during Diwali, a festival dedicated to the goddess herself.

However, things became difficult for Lakshmi and her family, and surgeries were needed to help the baby have a more normal life. In 2007, her parasitic twin was removed in a complicated and heavily publicized surgery. Lakshmi and her family continued to struggle with necessary surgeries and medical costs, in addition to villagers murmuring over the child's surgery and normalized form.

6Lali The Janus Baby

In the village of Saini Sunpura, India, a baby girl was born to a young family. Everything was normal about the girl's birth, except for one significant detail. She was born with two faces. Excluding her ears, the child was born with two mouths, two sets of eyes which blink simultaneously, and two mouths. Thanks to baby Lali's unique appearance, she was worshiped as a local deity.

Lali was born with a very rare medical condition, known as craniofacial duplication. This is when a human being is born with a single head, but has two faces. The family welcomes their daughter as a blessed addition to their lives and town, as her sensationalized birth and appearance have brought fame and money. Auspiciously, Lali does not suffer any serious health complications.

5The Permanent Baby

The Greenbergs were a family that enjoyed four children. Curiously, their third child Brooke, was born with a fascinating but “unknown syndrome.” At one point in time, their daughter remained the size of an average 6-month-old child. She was born premature, but beyond a hip dislocation and small size at birth, she seemed normal. However, as the Greenbergs watched their other children grow up, Brooke seemed ageless and permanently child-like.

The family sought out plenty of specialists to get answers, especially when Brooke at 8 years-old, was a mere 13 pounds and 27 inches tall. Brooke survived despite precarious medical problems, like struggles with feeding, respiratory problems, and hospitalizations. No medical team had ever come up with an answer or cure for Brooke. Sadly, Brooke eventually passed away at the young age of twenty years-old.

4Cyclops Baby

In Egypt, a baby boy was born with the rare medical condition of cyclopia. Unfortunately, doctors warned his parents that he would not manage to survive more than a few days, thanks to severe medical complications. This poor child's strange appearance was made possible, thanks to radiation exposure while in the womb. Sadly, despite the rarity of this birth defect, many children with cyclopia perish shortly after birth.

Shockingly, this rare birth defect can occur in 4 out of 100,000 births, but is usually seen in animals. Typically children with cyclopia suffer from malformation of the heart too. The family was heartbroken, but ended up seeking counseling to deal with their difficult time. Many babies have been born with cyclopia in places like India and Cameroon too.

3World's Tiniest Newborn

It can be challenging preparing for the birth of a premature child. Depending on how far along the baby is, the rate of survival can be difficult to determine. In the case of baby Emilia Grabarczyk, she was born at a mere 25 weeks. Her feet were only a little bit bigger than the length of an adult fingernail. The baby was delivered C-Section, as her mom's placenta was not providing enough sustenance.

Born in a hospital in Witten, Germany, Emilia only weighed eight ounces and was 8.6 inches long. This miracle baby managed to survive, beating out previous premature babies born of a diminutive size and weight. Babies born around 26 weeks typically weigh around 21 ounces. Babies are amazing and resilient beings, as Emilia held on, and continued to grow strong.

2The Girl Who Never Grew Much

Some people enjoy wishing a baby “never to grow up, and stay just as they are.” In the case of one child, these words may prove slightly haunting. When Morgan McElhinney was born, she had an abnormally long narrow head, and weighed over five pounds. After being submitted to various medical testing, no one could say exactly what was wrong.

Morgan shifted from a breech position into the head-down position right before birth, and was delivered a month earlier than expected. Her mom's earlier pregnancies went off without a hitch, but for Morgan something was off. Little Morgan did not gain much weight, couldn't speak, and had severe developmental hindrances growing up. Cohen syndrome was later determined as the cause of her ailments. At 9 years of age, Morgan weighs a mere 45 pounds.

1Frog-Like Resemblance

In 2006, a baby was born in Nepal with an uncanny resemblance to a frog. The poor child was born with a sunken in neck, and bulging amphibious looking eyes at the top of his head. Sadly, the little baby boy did not survive for two long, thanks to severe medical complications because of his birth defects.

Even stranger, there were photos of the child's father parading the baby in a pot held high in the air. This was done in a crowd of astonished onlookers, who were curious and awestruck over the child's appearance. The child was born after a full-term, and weighed two kilograms. But, the baby expired thirty short minutes after he was born. The father was relieved that at least his wife managed to survive childbirth, after his son's unfortunate demise.

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