16 Décor Ideas That Are Super Easy To Transition From Baby To Childhood

Designing the baby nursery has got to be one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. A nursery is meant to be a sanctuary for you and your baby. But, as your baby gets older, it will become a space that they will enjoy in their childhood. Designing a nursery to make that transition easier is not only economical, but less work down the road, too. Here are 16 great décor ideas that will help with the switch from baby to childhood.

16 Sticker Decal

Sticker decals are an excellent way to add funky baby themed décor in the room. If you are going for a particular theme that uses characters from shows or movies, this is a great option. Sticker decals are temporary because they can be removed when the baby has grown out of the theme. 

15 Paint On Patterns

If sticker decals aren’t your thing, and you want to paint on something more permanent, go with patterns. Painting on patterns, such as stripes, checkers, and dots, will give the room more wear. Painting on objects and characters will make the room more juvenile, which the baby will grow out of.

14 Diapers To Toys Storage

Look for storage items that can be used later on as the baby gets older. For example, find storage that you can fit diapers in, but is also big enough to hold toys later on. While buying baby specific storage is cute, finding versatile storage will give you more bang for your buck. 

13 Use Framed Photos

Hanging art in the form of framed photographs or framed artwork, allows you to change the pictures in the future. When they are a baby, you can put in pictures that exude infancy, but when they get older, you can swap out those pictures for something more mature. 

12 Chalkboard Wall Or Door

As your child gets older, they are going to have the tendency to want to draw all over your furniture. If you provide them with the space to do it, by turning a small wall in the room, or space behind the door into a chalkboard. While they are a baby, you can use the chalkboard wall to have guests leave messages for the baby. As the child gets older, they can have the creative freedom to design a part of their room.

11 Big Baskets Or Bins

When looking for accessories, or ways to store clothes, opt for big baskets or big bins. These will be very helpful for when your baby gets older. It will give your child more space to store their belongings, and old baby blankets and things they may not need any more. 

10 Timeless Neutral Colors

When choosing a color palette for the room, opt for timeless neutral colors. Timeless neutral colors are usually colors that are found in nature, such as blues, browns, greens, and yellows. These are colors that give a nursery a soothing feel to it, while also allowing your child to enjoy it as they get older. 

9 Multi-use Nursery Chair

Rather than deciding on the typical rocking chair for the nursery, go for a piece that can be used later on. There are many stylish, comfy chairs on the market right now that are suitable for nursing and future use. 

8 Handy Me-Downs Accessories

Rather than spending the money to decorate the room with baby décor, ask family and friends if they have old stuffed animals or trinkets that they can spare. Baby specific decorations will end up getting thrown out or given away. For short-term items, it is better to save the money and use it on items that will have longer wear.

7 Dual Purpose Furniture

Look for items of furniture that have dual purpose. If you need a footrest or a side table for the room, look for ones that come with storage at the bottom. As your baby transitions into childhood, they are most likely to accumulate many childhood items. Dual purpose furniture will give them the space to store those items.

6 Nice Tall Shelf

A tall shelf will allow you to store their baby items on it. As your child gets older, they will be able to store their picture books on it. Then, as your child becomes more mature, they will be able to place their novel books there. However, with taller shelves, you need to ensure that you install them securely so that they will not tip over.

5 Flexible Changing Table

A changing table is definitely one item that won’t be used again. As with many baby items, there are changing tables out there that have been modernized to look like dressers, and can be used as one as the baby gets older.

4 Hanging Storage

Hanging storage is great for small spaces. When there is no room on the floor to put storage, hang storage shelves in corners of the room. They are great to store baby items and can then be used to store childhood items. 

3 DIY Pillow Covers

If you want accent colours for the nursery that you know the child may grow out of, choose items that you know you can easily swap out in the future. For example, throw pillows are great items to add punches of color to a room. You can create your own pillow covers that you can swap out in childhood.

2 Modern Night Lights

When choosing a night light, choose one that the baby will enjoy in their childhood. There are many unique options for night lights these days. Check out this website for child friendly night lights that will go the distance.

1 Modern Theme

When designing a nursery with its future use in mind, going with a modern theme is the best way to go. Classic baby nursery designs are sweet and cute, but their décor won’t stand the test of time. Modern themes allow you to add sweet and baby specific touches while giving your baby space to grow into it in childhood. 

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