16 Embarrassing Things We All Do At The Gyno

Visiting the gynecologist is certainly no walk in the park for the majority of us. It is often uncomfortable as we get examined and discuss intimate details we may never tell anyone about. Whether you are pregnant or not, a visit with the gyno can lead to embarrassing mishaps.

Being in the uncomfortable situation such as a visit with the gynecologist can bring out embarrassment in any of us. We may suddenly realize something horrifically embarrassing or just blurt out a thought that upon second thought turns our cheeks bright red. We may go from being a confident woman to feeling like a little kid again in front of our doctor. Sometimes we even get so nervous that we say or do things that are somewhat out of our control, but still ultra embarrassing.

Gynecologists have seen and heard it all, right? When it comes to embarrassing moments, that is definitely what we hope! The good news is that most of us can admit to doing something terribly embarrassing during a gyno checkup or prenatal visit. Read on for some of the most embarrassing things we do at the gynecologist, and see if you can check any off of your list!

16 Making Small Talk... While Exposed

We all admit that we are put into this strange, embarrassing position when we have to be examined by our gynecologist. Some of us never quite know what to do or how to react when it comes down to spread everything open and give her a go ahead down there.

Embarrassingly enough, many of us attempt small talk. Yes, the doctor is performing important examinations and doing whatever it is she needs to do, so we think that now would be the good time to talk about the weather, your kids, her kids, the latest hot topics and the news, and so forth. We feel so uncomfortable, we think small talk is the answer to feeling less embarrassed. Except the reverse often happens, and we only seek to embarrass ourselves further the more we actually say!

15 Worrying About Bad Smells Down Under

You clean yourself, you think everything is okay, until you get to the gynecologist that is. Suddenly, you feel a wave of intense embarrassment come over you. You begin to think things that are likely not even true. You start to sweat in embarrassment just worrying about what you doctor will think or say.

Your embarrassing fear is that there are going to be awful smells coming from your nether regions. Perhaps it is a hot day, and you are sweating from the heat and embarrassment. You can’t really smell yourself, can you? You really start to wonder if there is a rotten fish smell, and you can’t shake that you smell it through your clothing. It is all in your head, right?! This kind of embarrassment at the gynecologist is one that happens to many of us!

14 Admitting Sneezing Makes Your Pee

You might be pregnant or have already had a kid or two, and one thing is certain… you might pee a little bit when you have to let out a big sneeze (or even a little one for some of us!). It is most definitely something you do not wish to admit to. Makes us all a bit embarrassed.

This condition that you thought only afflicted old ladies is now happening to you. No matter the reason, it is important to mention it to your doctor, even if you do not want to. Feeling embarrassed to admit that sneezing makes you pee is normal, but most of us just have to push through it. So take a deep breathe and admit to what your body does to you, as embarrassing as it may be!

13 Oops, You Wore Granny Panties

We are all guilty of wearing questionable undergarments when we believe no one is looking. While your doctor could probably care less what you are wearing, you still feel immense embarrassment knowing you chose to wear your granny panties on the day of your visit. Seriously, how old are you anyway?! Why do you even own underwear like that! These are the things you think, as you cheeks get redder and redder with embarrassment!

First of all, you know your doctor is not even going to see your choice of underwear. Whether you have to take it all off for an exam, or just have to pull it down a bit if you are pregnant and having an ultrasound, you still get red in the face knowing how embarrassing and old lady-ish your underwear is.

12 Um, Which Way Do I Put This Gown On?!

You are asked by your doctor to get undressed and put on that god awful ugly paper gown. She leaves the room and you get undressed. You go to put on the gown and for the life of you, cannot figure out which way is the front or which way is the back!

Perhaps the most embarrassing moment comes when you hear a knock on the door asking if you are ready. You panic. You cannot figure this thing out. You may even rip it a little in the process. Once you have it on, you are still not convinced it is right. The ultimate embarrassing moment comes when you are actually told you have it on backwards! Come on now, do not pretend like you have not been a victim of the gown!

11 Remembering You Haven’t Shaved!

There you are on the exam table, ready for the doctor to walk in when you gasp in horror- you have not shaved in, well, how long has it been?! You immediately feel judged, before the doctor even walks into the room. What is she going to think?

You look at your legs and get images of yourself running around the forest. At least, that is what your legs look like you have been doing. It looks like you did it on purpose! Well, sort of. When you can wear long pants, all of us ladies can admit we may skip a day or two or ten. And let’s not even get started about shaving other regions… Your doctor won’t care right? She sees worse unshaven legs (and more) all the time? Still, it is so embarrassing!

10 Accidentally Letting Out A Toot Or Worse

Being at the gynecologist inevitably will bring out some embarrassing moments. When you are all twisted and turned and poked during an examination, sometimes your body performs actions that you are most definitely against! That is probably the worst, when you body takes over and does things you cringe even thinking about.

Pregnant or not, many women are guilty of embarrassing moments at the gyno that are basically out of their control. There you are lying there, being poked and prodding and out comes a fart. Or even worse. You have zero control. It just happened. This may be one of the most embarrassing things to happen at the gyno. But rest assured and know that if it happens to you, you are not alone, as this happens to many women at the gyno!

9 Deciding To Start Talking About...

During your exam you begin to feel so awkward and uncomfortable that you essentially uncontrollably start talking about the decor of the exam room. You find yourself discussing the wallpaper color, choice of pictures, frame sizes, ceiling design, and more. It is almost as if someone took over your body and made it incapable of shutting the heck up!

Your doctor likely isn’t even listening. She has a job to do after all, right? You don’t even know why you keep rambling on about how paintings of flowers soothe your soul, yet you are still so embarrassed. In fact, your embarrassment may be taken to new heights! Maybe at your next visit they will put you in a different room so you can make new comments on the decor!

8 Getting Way Too Paranoid

Aren’t we all guilty of being a Google doctor and thinking that we have some sort of deadly disease or condition? Then, to make matters worse, we see our doctor with a blank expression while she performs an examination on us. She might even nod or shake her head, only furthering our paranoia. We try to read her facial expression, but to no avail.

The absolute worst is when the gynecologist looks at the results of a test or ultrasound and takes more than a second to tell you what is going on. Our embarrassing paranoia heightens each millisecond the doctor takes to tell us what we need to know. We may even start to ask crazy questions or start to cry or shake, only furthering our embarrassment when everything turns out just fine and normal!

7 Instead Of Relaxing, You Tighten Up

One of the worst things anyone can say to anyone who is nervous is to relax, right? When you are feeling awful and anxious, a person, even your doctor, telling you to relax makes you feel anything but. In fact, it can make you feel even more nervous than you already are!

When it comes to being examined at the gynecologist, one totally embarrassing thing we do is to totally tighten up when the doctor tells us to relax. While our instincts may be normal, the last thing we want to do is to prolong the exam and possibly make everything hurt even more than it already does. Yet, we almost cannot control it. This is one embarrassing thing that a large majority of us have done at the gyno!

6 Regressing To A Teenager

Do you find yourself giggling embarrassingly when your gynecologist brings up the topics of intimacy and birth control? Do you feel your cheeks burning as you struggle to answer these questions as if they are something you should never talk about or even think about? If so, you have lots of company, because these embarrassing moments are something that many women are guilty of doing!

Being around your doctor can make you feel almost like a little kid again. You may feel silly or nervous, and that can bring out embarrassment. You might hate discussing these topics with your doctor, so you attempt to gloss over it with humor - as perhaps a teenager would. You might even be embarrassed about your actions and words, yet you cannot seem to help yourself!

5 Cringing And Acting Way Too Awkward

What is it about gynecologists that bring out our awkward sides? You may suddenly feel like a child in the presence of your doctor, and you cannot even think of a logical reason why that is. When it comes time for the actual examination, your embarrassing awkwardness is taken to an entirely new level.

As your doctor attempts to examine you and do whatever it is she needs to do, you begin to feel even more embarrassed. In turn, you start to feel even more awkward. You start to cringe your whole body and act so strange even you think something is wrong with you. Does your doctor notice your embarrassing ways? You tell yourself to stop it, but you just can’t! So many of us have been there. Haven’t you?!

4 Being Overly Comfortable

Cue Kourtney Kardashian. Remember when she basically helped deliver her own baby?! Yeah, we couldn’t do that either! Another embarrassing moment at the gyno is when you realize you feel extraordinarily comfortable. It may not even be your true nature, yet you have this confidence that otherwise would be awesome, but in this case embarrasses the heck out of you.

You find yourself trying to finish the doctor’s sentences, or helping to instruct her in her exam down under. If you are pregnant, you help to place the ultrasound wand. You may even get some sideways glances. You feel this urge to take over, or at the very least, help out a bit. Unsure why, but definitely embarrassing! Because really, does your gynecologist really need your help?! We didn’t think so!

3 Making Eye Contact With The Nurse

Don’t you just love when you have an audience during your examination? Whether it is just a nurse required to be in the room or a handful of interns you were likely to score, it can be embarrassing for you to know more than just the doctor is watching what is happening down there.

We all know that during any kind of gynecological examination there are those moments you do not know what to do. You are not sure if you should talk. You have no idea what to look at. Then, you catch the nurse’s eye. Just for a second, you make eye contact with her while you are exposed. You get so embarrassed you might just shut your eyes! Sure, she has seen it all, but that does not make it any less embarrassing for you.

2 Asking The Same Question Over And Over And Over

Being nervous and visiting the gynecologist kind of goes hand in hand, don’t you think? Is there anyone who is not anxious even thinking about having to go to the gyno?! We think not! These feelings are often manifest in an embarrassing way, especially if you have concerns, no matter how big or small they may be.

You want your doctor to put you at ease. You are nervous about something, anything really. You find yourself just asking the same question repeatedly. Are you hoping for a different response? Do you just need to hear her say it is all okay, one more time? Many of us have been in this embarrassing position. You just need some sort of reassurance or clarification, even if you really do totally understand. So go ahead and embarrassingly ask away!

1 Nervously Asking If All Is Normal Down There

Something about being at the doctor makes us nervous, anxious, and incredibly embarrassed. We wonder how we compare to others. Is everything down there okay? It is normal? Is everything in its proper place and position? There are concerns by many of us when we visit the gyno. Being normal down there is important to us, and something we need to know! This can cause lots of embarrassment too, whether we can control our embarrassment or not.

Gynecologists see tons of patients every day. Still, we are fraught with embarrassment during examinations. We just want to know we are normal. Be breathe in and with red cheeks go ahead and state our concerns to the doctor. We just hope that her response will ease our embarrassment instead of making it much worse!

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