16 Forgotten Pics Of The Mowry Twins Growing Up

There’s a lot of great twin acting teams of child stars (and by a lot I mean like, a handful but probably only specifically three), but are they really any more iconic than the Mowry sisters? Sure, the Sprouse twins are all over our lives these days with their gorgeous, nostalgic photo shoots and entrepreneurial pursuits. And the Olsens are… doing whatever they do. Designing the first square dress? Doing something on a yacht surrounded by millionaires with unpronounceable names? But do either the Olsens or the Sprice (mice is plural for mouse so Sprice must be plural for Sprouse) have the grace and approachable fun of the Mowry twins? Look up any clip of them on some talk show playing a game in the last decade and they’re finishing each other’s sentences, dancing together and holding hands or entwining arms. It’s adorable. So let’s all gather round and celebrate the quarter of a century those adorable twins have been shimmying in our lives.

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16 Every Day Can Be Throwback Twins

If there were any promo pictures more ripe for adorable dorkiness, it would be pictures taken for a show about young twins. Then throw in the fact that we’re firmly planted in the nineties when these were taken and the possibilities only grow and expand. More patterns than anyone can handle? Somehow fit it all in a single outfit! Super baggy clothes for no reason? The more it looks like the girls are wearing reusable totes, the better! Ugh, and that excitement in their eyes. Well, the outfits have become more polished but that little gleam hasn’t changed at all.

15 What A Golden Age For Hats

There’s an important technicality we really need to discuss- is it a bucket hat if the brim is upturned? Maybe that wouldn’t be an important question on most corners of the Internet, but when we sit down to analyze old pictures of the Mowry’s, it couldn’t be more relevant. Is that a different style of hat once you remove it of its namesake bucket-ness by pulling up the brim? Either way, we’re in a golden hat for those floppy hats. Never has a beach bum worn a denim bucket hat with half the grace and charm of Tia or Tamera on their toughest day.

14 So Young And In Love (With Capris)

Honestly, I want to be able to discuss their parent’s relationship or that adorable series finale wedding where the girls tear up. I truly do. I want to move past superficial details. But then we get a picture involving floral and plaid capris. Yeah, not just one but both. And how do we discuss anything else? How are we supposed to move past the unsung hero who was the costume designer for “Sister, Sister” when there’s a lime green (leather?) blouse staring at us. I want to believe it’s just an over shirt, but that green really has the sheen of a pleather or a polyester and it’s flat out intriguing.

13 We All Owe The Mowry Sisters A Thank You

Can we all take a collective sigh and recall the days when an episode of television’s plot hinged mostly on which sister had a side part and who had the middle part? And all it took was swapping those to wreak havoc on whatever grouchy teacher or strict parent stood in the way of these sisters? Assuming the authority figure didn’t spot that one of the girls has a little beauty mark on their cheek. Ok, now that we’ve had our moment of silence for that delightful time in television, we can move on to what an amazing name for a teen magazine “Teen Junk” is. That’s just hilarious.

12 Look At All The Lewks They Invented

It is not every day you see a single child in a single one of these patterns, let alone both. Yeah, we’re working with a summer Canadian tuxedo (which is an all denim outfit, but I feel like these shorts are changing up the look to more of a summer suit) and double plaid.“Sister, Sister” must have had a resident hat maker who could spend all their professional time just bringing hats to the overall costume head and that’s gorgeous. Imagine having a door to your office labelled “Hatmaker to the Mowry’s”. Ugh, what a position and a title.

11 No One Does Patterns Like Them

The fictional Landry’s (real life Mowry’s- thank goodness they kept the first names straight since they were already alliterated and very cute) were black girl magic long before the mainstream knew to even keep an eye out for it. Before most of America knew we wanted or deserved them, they were here bringing hijinx and adolescent obstacles into our significantly improved lives. And thank goodness. They’re so adorable in everything and their hair is just gorgeous, natural or relaxed. But especially natural- look at this! Also, that purple headband is just a glimpse of the golden era of headbands we’re approaching.

10 Okay, Fine- They Did Wear Solid Colors But Only With Berets

I really do love a mustard turtle neck. It's daring. It’s truly the loudest solid color of any solid color. It’s definitely the color closest to just being a busy pattern, as though the costume department was told they had to fall in line and did this to prove a point. And that’s before we get to the oversized belt buckles and matching berets. A beret that’s quilt work satin? Wow, hello. Things just aren’t made that way anymore. These girls were Disney Channel and Nick at Night before those now-major networks even woke up and got with the program.

9 Life Was So Great With Vests

The Sprouse twins gave us pre-teen pudge and plenty of running around, causing mayhem. And the Olsen twins gave us a whole lot of cuteness and then decades of vacant stares and awkward silence. But did either of them ever give us polka dotted vests and striped short sleeve shirt? Sure, they’ve smoldered and they’ve reinvented themselves. The Sprice (oh yeah, that one’s sticking and no one can get it to leave) even attended college. But can anyone truly compete with the flawlessness that is the Mowry’s? Even two adorable, little kid Lindsay Lohans don’t hold a candle to these ladies.

8 Don't Forget The Headbands

How does one know when a child has officially become an adult? It depends, of course. Some cultures throw a party for the teenager and plenty of societies have different rituals or tests to measure it. But here at “Sister, Sister” we know what really separates the title girls from the grown ups- those headbands. Once the floppy floral hat becomes a functional but mostly trendy headband, we’re dealing with some grown up story lines and a lot of talk about when a character gets their driver’s license. Oh yeah, we’ve entered an era and it is surely a golden one.

7 Even If They Had To Grow Up Eventually

This is the most understated look they’ve had for about a decade now and I can’t get over it. If the costume department hadn’t been dressing them very funky clowns for years, the show would have just been about how stunning they are! It’s really weird it took so long for a “Sister, Sister” reboot to get serious traction when we all have this picture as proof of why society should remain riveted on them. I get it, they probably wanted a break and to have a life. But, this picture. It's a pretty balanced argument when you weigh both sides.

6 They Handled Even The 00's With Grace

Oh look, it’s two Disney princesses before the D Channel even knew enough to wise up and get one. Just two low-key icons gracing us with their presences and traipsing around the Kid’s Choice Awards like they own the place (because they do). I wonder if when the Mowry’s were born, their parents were told they were healthy and were obviously excited and then found out they were also twins who could act and were like, oh chill our retirement just got paid for. Just some theories I’ve been working on in my spare time while trying to digest these looks.

5 Hello, Mini Pigtails- We're Here For You

And now we come to the part of our timeline when “Sister, Sister” has been off the air for long enough that the nostalgia is gaining (for those of us with any sense at least- I have no interest in slamming “Lizzie McGuire” but some things simply have no substitute). This is when the sisters start showing up in fun places, like “Twitches”. It’s a no brainer that the now adult sisters run this film. Disney Channel wised up, invested in the girls (the show had been on ABC) and got them a Disney Channel original movie. We all know what that means- painting Mickey’s ears with that glow-y wand.

4 Honestly, How?

So they’re just other worldly. It's a fact. Of course they had numerous reality shows made about their lives as step moms, or even just as sisters and members of the community. I’ll watch a show about Tamera going grocery shopping and waiting in line with Tia breezes through the five items or less line (but has seven items). Actually, that sounds like a modern day episode that would be perfect for the “Sister, Sister” reboot. You know what, reboot creators? Have it. I’ll give you that little plot line for free, just for the joy of seeing it get made.

3 But Also Super Fun

Hello the most fun moms that we could ever hope to spend Taco Tuesday with. Sure, the Kardashians have the market cornered on huge parties with muted color palettes and balloons spelling out names. Actually, some of those balloons spell out close to sentences. Those women buy a lot of balloons is the point. And the even larger point is that the Mowry’s look like way more fun. Sure, they probably speak in a secret language that’s half unspoken but how could that fun not be contagious? Oooh, I wonder if they ever switch places and trick their kids. Another great idea for the reboot.

2 They Did It All Together

It’s no surprise there’s barely a break in their careers. The sisters have pinball from one starring role to another fun guest appearance on a recent kid’s show and then back to daytime talk show and reality tv. They’ve done it all and all without being consumed by the media. They’re definitely open to interviews and a lot more accessible than the reclusive Olsen’s, but it seems like they’re pretty masterful pros at social media despite not being born into that age. I’m just saying they’re versatile and adapted from so many decades to another, all without missing a beat.

1 Seriously, All Glowed Up

Sure, they’ve had a few years to perfect it, but it really is so impressive how much Tia and Tamera have this twin thing totally down. It seems like they were born just understanding their similarities and differences and forming this wonderful hybrid yin-yang of talents. And it’s decades later and they’re still incredibly close and seem to have so much fun in each other’s company. They’re really just best friends who got born at the same time. If anyone makes you secretly yearn for a long-lost sister (and better yet, a twin who comes into your life at just the right time when you’re shopping for a sweater and she’s looking for a sweatshirt), it’s the Mowry/Landry ladies.

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