10 Pregnant Celebs Who Were Drop Dead Gorgeous—And 6 Who Couldn't Keep Up

Some women find out they are pregnant and glow from the moment of conception. It is a beautiful and natural response to something so wonderful. Then there are some of us who should literally never leave the house until after the baby is even born. We try to pull it together, but no matter how much effort we put in we still struggle. We can’t seem to sport the pregnancy curve in exactly that right way. Our maternity clothing choices look frumpy and we end up looking something like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

We all try to look elegant and put ourselves together even in the discomfort of full-blown pregnancy. Sometimes this is to no avail. Celebrities are no different. Some magazines are able to airbrush out any rogue stretch marks or our pregnancy mask. Sometimes celebrities just look that good and touch-ups are not even necessary.

Then there are the unfortunate few celebrities who, despite all efforts to look beautiful and flawless in their pregnancy bask, just are unable to pull off the look. There are times that the maternity clothing is not quite on point. Other times they just look as crazy as they feel and still other times that they think they look amazing, but simply do not.

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16 Couldn't Keep Up: Carey Mulligan

Via: Google Images

Carey Mulligan, frumpy and tired looking, poorly dressed wife of Mumford and Sons band member Marcus Mumford definitely did not get the “Don’t Give Up When You Are Pregnant” Memo. Not only does she appear to need to maybe eat a cheeseburger or two and follow it up with an ice cream cone since she is eating for two,

but she covers all of her pregnancy curves beauty under baggy, too large clothing choices.

She does not appear to let the fact that she is pregnant show much and that's a shame because pregnancy needs to be celebrated. We wonder if she was trying to keep her pregnancy a secret as she and hubby are known to be more on the private side. Either way, this photograph appears to scream, “I give up!”

15 Gorgeous: Nicole Johnson

Via: Google Images

Nicole Johnson is excitedly expecting another baby and that child is number two! Michael Phelps’ stunning wife is a true inspiration. During this particular gold medal Olympic event appearance, Nicole stands tall and proud in high heels with her award-winning husband by her side. It is definitely not easy to pull off a maternity look that is not only this bold of a color but also in 2-inch heels.

Nicole not only pulls this off, but she does so in a way that makes her look elegant and absolutely gorgeous. Her rosy pregnancy glow is complemented by her form-fitting red mini dress. She even pulls this pregnancy look off elegantly with her dress being strapless and slightly revealing and a tiny bit of her cleavage peeking out slightly.

14 Gorgeous: Kimberly Brook

Via: Google Images

Kimberly Brook poses with her husband James Van Der Beek complete with her Buddha baby belly. White is a tough color to sport in general, especially when you already have a small brood of littles running around. Kimberly pulls it off with her gorgeous fair skin and shiny, flawless red locks. The whole look is completed with her bright smile and hooked on the arm of her equally flawless Dawson Creek star, James!

The most daring part of this drop dead gorgeous look is the low cut bosom of this flowing white dress.

It can be difficult to sport such a cut with one’s body growing in the breast area, but this dress hugs all the right places and leaves the viewer in awe of such a graceful look despite being so far along.

13 Couldn't Keep Up: Kim Kardashian

Via: Google Images

Even though the Kardashians are known for their very essence of super fabulous, well-dressed, and on point, Kim looks a little bit too rosy in this photograph of when she was pregnant a few years back. We don’t mean rosy in color either!

Her dress appears to look a bit like she bumped into a table and the tablecloth landed on her as she left her home with Kanye. Elegant and gorgeous is the look she was likely going for, but it definitely backfired with this forsaken floral frock of sorts. While there are some who sang her praises when she wore this dress, most critics now simply refer to this look as the "Couch Dress". That's definitely not the kind of fashion statement that she was hoping to make!

12 Gorgeous: Caitlin McHugh

Via: Google Images

Caitlin McHugh is caught out and about in public shortly after announcing her exciting upcoming pregnancy with her soon-to-be new husband Fuller House’s John Stamos. This all American brunette beauty and her hot fiance were seen on a leisurely hike with their beloved fur babies tagging along. They both sported happy and glowing expressions as they frolicked through the street!

Caitlin, the self-proclaimed Disney obsessed actress and model, appears especially amazing with her less than dressy attire and looking the part of an exhausted, yet still-fabulously sporty pregnant woman;

however, she maintains poise, modest beauty and charisma as she happily strolls alongside her mate.

She looks anything but frumpy in these sweats, Nike sneakers and baseball cap. Even without much makeup, she is a natural pregnant beauty!

11 Gorgeous: Lauren Hashian

Via: Google Images

Lauren Hashian, beautiful Boston native, is Dwayne Johnson’s “Rock” Start for sure! They chose to out their exciting announcement, their new soon-to-be baby girl in true Instagram style! She can be seen rocking this stunning, long, burgundy velvet dress, literally looking drop dead gorgeous and infinitely flawless. Lauren’s tiny, yet growing, little baby bulge can be seen slightly at this point as Johnson holds her close and happily cradles her belly just so.

Hashian and Johnson are generally a private couple, evading the inevitable peeping paparazzi and not seen much in the public. They are usually pretty low-key, but in one of these less common appearances, we can actually catch a quick glimpse of how amazing this pregnancy surely looks on her.

10 Couldn't Keep Up: Béyonce

Via: Google Images

Beyonce may be crazy in love and maybe a tad bit crazy in her twin pregnancy announcement. We can’t help but wonder, “What was she thinking?!,” but

also know some of her fans think she is a genius thinking up this outlandish announcement.

Astonishingly, she does not necessarily look like she may drop from exhaustion, although how could one not be about to drop being pregnant with twins. Our bouncy and blushing Beyonce appears to look like she may get struck down under that random green holy-looking veil and background floral arrangement. It’s an interestingly themed announcement that clearly received backlash and love alike. The question of the hour is, what’s with the green veil?

9 Gorgeous: Jessie James Decker

Via: Google Images

Are you kidding us, Jessie Decker?! Baby number three and she looks outstanding in this photo shoot. Her recent new release, “Flip My Hair,” and accompanying music video bear witness to this hot country singer and songwriter dancing boldly with a noticeably pregnant array of backup dancers.

As a die-hard advocate for women taking care of and empowering themselves, she proudly shows off her pregnant curves and urges other pregnant women to do this same. She can be seen here posing for a quick photo at the American Country Music Awards. Her hip-hugging, sexy salmon colored dress looks perfect on her. Tennessee Titans famous wide receiver and loving husband Eric Decker, not shown in this photo, is about to receive another little bundle of joy for his growing tiny football team.

8 Gorgeous: Eva Longoria

Via: Google Images

This sassy and passionate Corpus Christi, Texas native, Eva Longoria, is desperately waiting for a tiny and amazing new arrival with non-celebrity husband, Jose Baston. This will be the former Desperate Housewife star’s very first child with Jose and he’s ecstatic to find out that this little mini is going to be a bouncing baby boy!

Caring country girl Eva is seen here in this leisurely, impromptu photo with a soon-to-be son in belly tow during a Hollywood hills hike.

We cannot make sense of the fact that she looks literally that perfect in stretchy, cozy yoga pants, clocking preggo miles on her smartwatch and looking wonderful and flawless.

No one ever looks that good in sweat, stealthy black-rimmed sunglasses and yoga pants.

7 Couldn't Keep Up: Jessica Simpson

Via: Google Images

Jessica Simpson is one of the tops on this list and not just because she gained so much extra pregnancy weight. The fact of the matter is, Jessica looks anything but irresistible in this freaky cheetah print blazer.

It is a good thing that she chose to wear black underneath this cheetah nightmare because the business of the wild animal print was a tad overboard. Poor pregnant Jessica Simpson looks simply beat, but we can't forget that pregnancy is tough and isn't all "rainbows and sunshine" for every expectant mom.

At least she’s smiling and glowing and happy, but this is one celeb whose behind got kicked during pregnancy. Even with ample makeup and trying to pull it all together eloquently, she looks so uncomfortable and exhausted.

6 Gorgeous: Kate Middleton

Via: Google Images

Our favorite royal family is also expecting again and the news is all the rage! Child number three is brewing for Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and all of her fabulous royally beautiful self. Despite an awful ongoing bout of morning sickness, Duchess Kate has been seen gracing us with her presence in the public eye.

No matter what she wears on her fit and put together body at any given moment or what season it may currently be and pregnant or not, Kate is always put together and quite gorgeous.

This is a rare public appearance without her little prince and princess tagging along beside her looking equally as flawless and royal. Kate is doing a wonderful job modeling how to rock the part marrying into the royal family for Meghan Markle, who will soon also be joining in the mix of royalty.

5 Gorgeous: Meghan McDermott

Via: Google Images

Magnificent Meghan McDermott and Sons of Anarchy series star Theo Ross are expecting, too! They are now currently preparing for their second little offspring nugget and have decided to wait to find out, as they did for their first, as to whether they are having a boy or a girl! They are happy to be surprised as long as the baby is healthy, like their first child, who is now actively potty-training!

Meghan is seen here with husband Theo looking smashingly elegant in her simple black maternity dress. Theo, looking flashy and suave in his funky lined suit at the Los Angeles premiere for his newest movie, Lowriders, and excited as he tenderly touches his wife’s baby bump, looks to be flashing a pregnancy glow himself.

4 Couldn't Keep Up: Kelly Clarkson

Via: Google Images

Kelly Clarkson is undoubtedly a rough pregnancy victim. Poor Kelly is like most of us “normal” women and just has a difficult time with maintaining her weight. Unfortunately, she has become the target of some mean media frenzies, however, she always appears to handle it gracefully. She’s beautiful even if this photograph lends itself to the pregnancy desperation that she likely feels.

It is worth mentioning that her choice of attire in this particular pregnancy photograph is less than desirable.

Overalls are a tough one to pull off when we aren’t pregnant. The hat would possibly be an acceptable choice, but not paired with overalls. Save the overalls for the Sunday work on the farm, not for gallivanting around town with the paparazzi just waiting to plaster you all over the tabloids.

3 Gorgeous: Joanna Gaines

Via: Google Images

Even if Joanna Gaines tried, she couldn't not look adorable—pregnant or otherwise. She and Chip are expecting their fifth child, they announced recently. These home improvement HGTV stars do not need any improvement in the area of the family as they incorporate their children into their television and working lives, providing them tasks and allowing them to feel helpful and needed on and off set!

Joanna, savvy businesswoman and interior designer is remarkably poised and pulled together as she glows shyly. Her tiny baby bump can be seen here on the set during a quick silly moment between her and Chip. This Texas family is big and beautiful and Joanna shines bright even dressed slightly down and sporting a comfy hoodie.

2 Gorgeous: Amy Earnhardt

Via: Instagram

Amy Earnhardt’s little girl has been kicking a ton, she reports! Although she was a bit miffed at her race car driver husband Earl for eating the last of her ice cream and leaving her with none before leaving on a work-related trip, they are both equally ecstatic about the news of a new baby on the way in May!

Amy is another drop-dead gorgeous celebrity who we look at with envy and awe.

Even lounging on her couch and relaxing, her Instagram close up of her belly drew tons of excitement.

She is elegant with her red painted nails and subtly applied makeup. She has mommy-to-be written all over her!

1 Couldn't Keep Up: Mila Kunis

Via: Google Images

Mila Kunis, actress and one of the stars from “Bad Moms” wears a poor choice maternity outfit in this photo. Apparently, husband Ashton Kutcher dropped the ball. Ashton, father of her unborn baby in this photograph and also of their first child, did not remind Mila that horizontal stripes are a serious fashion no-no.

The pregnant wild zebra look was not the best choice as she has been seen in some pretty cute maternity digs in other photos. Maybe this actress thought that the stretchy cotton material would offset the horizontal stripe faux pa? Either way, she is no bad mom in real life, providing great love and care for the two littles in her life. Ashton and Mila have decided two children will be plenty enough for them.

Reference: Parents

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