This masculine name is one that has seen a steady increase in popularity over the last 20 years in large part due to the notoriety of actor, Keanu Reeves. Although he was born in Lebanon, Keanu Reeves is a Canadian citizen who is said to be one-quarter Chinese and

one-quarter Hawaiian. One can only assume that his parents felt inspired by the islands and therefore chose this Hawaiian name for their son.

Keanu means “the cool breeze”. Keanu Reeves is now in his early 50’s but go back several years and no doubt a lot of female movie watchers would describe him as a “cool breeze” among other nice phrases. Naming experts insist that people either love this name or hate it. Those who are not fond of the name Keanu say that it sounds too much like “canoe” and sounds like a “girl’s name”. While there may very well be some ladies out there with the name Keanu, registries across the United States seem to indicate it is used for boys.

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