15 Hilarious Pics That Make Women Want To Tie Their Tubes

Isn’t being a mother beautiful? Having an adorable little baby that a woman can nurture, love and show off to everyone? The amount of endless joy that they bring is inexplainable, and we would never trade it for anything in the world. There is nothing that they could ever do that would make us think twice about having any more!

Does this sound just a little out-there and too good to be true? Well, it is. Sure, babies are lovely. We love our children and we would give them the entire world if we could. However, let’s not fool ourselves. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. There are moments that make us wonder what we were thinking. These moments are fleeting, and we often go ahead and try and extend our family, forgetting about all the messes that happen along the way.

That is where we come in. We are here to give everyone a reminder of the reality when it comes to having a baby. From pregnancy, to infant and all the way into toddler territory, there are moments that can have mom questioning her decision.

From pregnancy battle scars, to major blow-outs and even the odd public tantrum there are a ton of images out there that are sure to remind us about how difficult and messy being a parent can be. It is not all sunshine and roses, but at the end of the day their little smiles and laughs make up for it all.

There are still things that can not be unseen, and we are here to unmask them all. So, hold on for a ride through the uglier side of parenting.

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15 It Is So Messy

Do you enjoy having a clean house? Do you enjoy that it stays that way for a long time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I don’t know why you are reading this article because you clearly do not have children. Once you welcome a little one into the world, you kiss all hope of a clean home goodbye. This is either due to their toys all over the place, or the pure lack of energy and willpower to pick up a mop and clean. Both are understandable.

What is also amazing is that children can make the messiest messes. Whether it be lotion or baby powder, they make these strange messes that really belong in a chemistry lab. Has anyone ever tried to wash of greasy lotion that your child has rubbed all over themselves, the furniture and the cat? It happens when you have children, so consider this a painful reminder of what awaits you when you bring another one home. Now, it may be worse because trust us, they will work together as a team.

14 You Will Never Have Food Again!

Here we have another tantrum-throwing baby. The reason for this tantrum appears to be the fact that there are no more muffins left in the package, because he ate them all. This could be another entry about toddlers throwing tantrums for the silliest reasons, but it’s not. This is a gentle, but real reminder, that you may never eat in peace again.

Has everyone forgot about those early days with a newborn when you just couldn’t find the time or energy to make food to eat? Or, when you go to open a snack and suddenly you have a little person at your feet begging for some. You start eating in the bathroom or the pantry and really hope you don’t have to share. It is almost impossible to enjoy a good meal when you have children, why burden yourself even more?

13 Don’t Forget All The Milestones

We all look forward to our babies hitting those milestones. We capture every single one, and these pictures that we so happily take can be used as a painful reminder of why it may be time to close your baby making shop. A baby starting solid foods is an exciting time for mom. She gets to take a little bit of a break when it comes to breast/bottle feeding and gets to explore feeding her baby new foods.

It doesn’t matter whether you do puree foods or baby-led weaning, there will be a mess. That baby will get food everywhere and it will be all on you to clean it up. This means there will be even more laundry to do as well as more baths if your child got really dirty. It is sticky, messy and just plain yucky. They also always have a tendency to get it in their hair which is really hard to clean out.

12 Never-Ending Tantrums!

When a woman gets pregnant, she is immediately imagining all the adorable photoshoots and pictures of her new, sweet little baby. When that baby is born, we just bask in their innocence and cuteness. We often forget to investigate the future and what is in store for us. Every single baby that is born will one day grow into a toddler. Yes, this will happen right in front of your eyes and seemingly overnight.

Toddlers are notorious for throwing some of the most dramatic temper tantrums. They have the power to completely ruin someone’s day. Then what happens is they continue to grow, and they turn into children who are sweet, smart and semi-well behaved and this causes us all to forget the horror of the past. This picture is enough to remind you! It will also remind you that they throw tantrums over the silliest things.

11 No Appreciation!

We do a lot for our children, and we do it without even realizing it. It is just something that comes second nature to us as moms, as we go on and do what needs to be done. We want to make birthdays special and holidays something to remember. However, you may need a little reminder that these children appreciate nothing that we do for them. They really don’t.

Look at this little boy, it is his birthday. He has friends and family all around and he even got a donut cake. What could be better than that? Well, they all decided to sing Happy Birthday to him, and he lost his cool. He is showing his gratitude by having a complete meltdown. If you want to add to your team of little humans that show no appreciation for all the things you do for them, go ahead. We are just offering warnings here!

10 No More Going Out In Public

Maybe as a parent you have reached the stage with your child when going out is not a completely ridiculous idea. They listen, have fun and are just happy to go with the flow. Maybe they are even at an age where they can stay home alone. You are probably thinking this may be a good time to have another baby. Well, put a hold on that thought because maybe you have forgotten what it was like?

Trying to take a toddler out of the house takes a lot of work and an army. First you have to get them dressed, wrestle them into their shoes and jackets and then the battle that is getting them in their car seats. Then there is no guarantee that the trip will go smoothly. Even just a little errand running can turn into an Olympic event. They will inevitably get hungry, tired or bored and then all games are over, and you swear you are never leaving the house again.

9 Then There Is This…

Did you forget these days? Here we have a picture of a mom with her newborn baby. Her newborn seems to have had a little bit of an accident, and of course it landed all over mom. When we are caring for newborns, every day and moment seems to blend together into one big mess. We love them, but we know that there are moments that are less than glamorous. However, babies grow fast, and it is not long before we forget all about these yucky moments.

Here is your reminder; when you are finally showered, dressed and have your hair together that is the moment your baby will have an explosive diaper situation and ruin it all. It never fails to happen at the worst possible moment, and if you think it won’t happen with any future children than you are sadly mistaken.

8 You Really Want To Add To The List?

A lot of women make the decision to have more children because they want to give their child a sibling. They have this ideal image that their children will grow up to love and support each other. That they may have common children arguments, but inevitably they will become best friends. This is a nice thought, but it doesn’t always work out that way, as much as we would like to think it does.

I don’t know who is more horrified in this picture. The younger girl who is obviously very bothered by the fact that her brother joined her for breakfast, or the poor boy's sad look of rejection? Either way, unless these are the type of situations that you are aiming for, it may be better to stop while you are ahead. Yes, there is a chance these two grew up to be best friends, but are we all willing to take that chance?

7 Yup, This Happened!

When you have young children you always want to take them out and have some fun. Let them explore and learn about the world around them. However, we often forget that anytime we take our children out it normally ends in mayhem of some sort. It could be a massive public tantrum that makes you feel like a complete failure as a mother. It could also be a massive diaper explosion that happens at the worst possible time. Or it could be what is happening in this photograph.

This poor mom was just taking her little one out for a day around town and decided to give her a ride on her shoulders. Parents have been doing this for years and children always enjoy it. Sometimes, it ends like this. The little one must have an upset tummy from the heights because they decided to throw up all over their poor mom’s head.

6 There Is No Coming Back

We have looked a lot at pictures of the concerns surrounding babies and toddlers, we often forget the struggle it took to get them here. Pregnancy is tough, but childbirth makes pregnancy look like a nice walk in the park. Some mothers must give birth via C-section and thank goodness for that. If we didn’t perform C-section deliveries, who knows how many woman and babies may lose their life.

However, a C-section is still a major surgery and that comes with an intensive recovery time and scar. Repeat C-sections are common. More and more women are trying for a vaginal birth after a C-section, however most of them end up under the knife for any subsequent children. Caring for a newborn as well as trying to heal from a major surgery is not easy, and it may be a shocking reminder why you may want to stop having children all together.

5 V-Birth Isn’t That Great Either!

If you have gotten this far without making an appointment to get your tubes tied, you are probably thinking that at least you had a vaginal birth. You would be wrong. Vaginal births are not easy either. There is a competition in the ‘mom-world’, where everyone is trying to one-up everyone else on who has it worse. It is time for this to end. No one has it worse or better, everyone just has it differently. Vaginal births may have a shorter recovery time, but they are still difficult.

It is not pretty to have a baby, and it is not supposed too. However, there are many moments after giving birth that women would like to forget about. The big diaper-like underwear is one of them. These are needed because you are going to lose a lot of blood after delivery and for several weeks. You will also feel very sore, tired and utterly defeated. You know, just to remind you.

4 Remember How Tiring It Is?

Is your child finally sleeping through the night? That is amazing! You are probably quickly forgetting those early days when sleep was a distant memory. When you felt physically sick because you hadn’t slept in days. You felt like you were a danger to your children because you could barely keep your eyes open. If you are thinking about having another child, you are asking for all this all over again.

Sure, there are some women who have these miracle babies that seem to sleep through the night as soon as they came home from the hospital. Let me remind you that those are the exception and not the rule. Those situations are extremely rare, and we wish they would stop boasting about it because it makes us turn a little hostile and violent. If you don’t enjoy sleep, then go and have more babies. If sleep is something you value, this picture of a tired mom may be enough to remind you how good you have it now.

3 This Will Bring Back Flashbacks!

Moments are fleeting, and it doesn’t take long for us to forget the struggles that come with a new baby. This may have something to do with biology, because it is possible that this happens so that we do continue to reproduce. If not, a lot of people may stop at one. You forget the pain of childbirth and the early days with a newborn. We are here to bring it all screaming back to you.

This picture speaks a thousand words. It shows a mom who just couldn’t stay awake any longer and has fallen asleep on the chair. However, this post is meant to highlight the struggles that come with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding feels like a full-time job. Babies who are breastfed need to feed more often because breast milk is digested a lot quicker than formula. This means that there will be a lot of cluster-feeding sessions in the middle of the night. Are you ready for that again?

2 Life Of A Mom

This picture may appear to be a bit ‘staged’ but the impact of what it stands for is very powerful. Here we see a typical mom in all her glory. She is in her living room with a mess of toys and clothes all around her. She also is holding a pot which may mean she is attempting to make dinner for her family. What is really powerful is her look of utter defeat. Moms do a lot, they are constantly on the clock and have to take care of a whole family, and that can take a toll.

A lot of moms are taken for granted and we know that it would be a shock to our family if we all of a sudden disappeared. However, we rarely get time for ourselves. We just follow behind everyone picking up after them and making sure they are safe. This feeling doesn’t get easier the more children we have, the messes just get bigger and the mom just gets stretched more and more thin.

1 Speaks For Itself!

This one is pretty simple; it is a crying baby. Babies cry, it is their only way of communicating that something is wrong and that they need our help. It could be because they are hungry, sleepy, need a diaper change or just want a cuddle. The hard part is figuring out why they are crying and how to fix it. As much as we love our babies and as much as we understand their need to cry, it doesn’t stop it from being frustrating at times.

Women who have colicky babies are left with a baby that cries uncontrollably for a long period of time. It is a trying time for any family, and there is no guarantee that your next baby will be happy or high-needs. Is it worth the risk? What kind of feelings does this image give you? Does it kick-start your maternal instinct or does it fill you with anxiety? That may be your answer on if you are done having children.

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