16 Moms Confess Their Weirdest Pregnancy Food Cravings

Pregnancy food “cravings” are definitely a thing. Any woman who has ever been pregnant can attest to this, as can her partner no doubt. The pull of a craving can be incredibly strong. We know this based on the lengths some people go, pregnant or not, to satiate their cravings.

The most common pregnancy cravings tend to be high in fat, salt, or have a bitter taste. Naturally there are theories behind each of these craving types but the most plausible one is that the body is sending a message that suggests the need for a particular nutrient. If this is the case, surely cravings shouldn’t be ignored!

We were overwhelmed by the number of times we heard the same cravings from different moms during our research. Several women sucked on lemons or limes or gravitated towards the very sour while pregnant. Many discovered a previously undetected sweet tooth, desiring donuts, chocolate or ice cream.

Another frequent craving we heard was watermelon. Some women said they ate watermelon daily and some even admitted to eating an entire watermelon in a day (and more than once). One woman actually said she cried when she couldn’t find any at the supermarket.

Still others craved grease in heavy doses; think burgers, pizza, French fries and poutine. In fact, one woman joked that her husband was worried when her water broke it would be gravy!

There is another whole category of cravings that does not include any run-of-the-mill ones. These are routed firmly in bizarro land and are quite fascinating as a result. What’s equally as fascinating is that when women were struck by these cravings, they made perfect sense to them at the time.

Here we discuss 16 of the strangest pregnancy cravings we came across, and the women who were brave enough to confess them.

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16 Sour Patch Kids And Cheddar Cheese, Chewed Together

This bizarre craving hit Tara, mom of four, during three of her pregnancies. It’s interesting that all three of these pregnancies were boys, while she didn’t crave this with her only daughter. She would put several Sour Patch Kids in her mouth along with a hunk of cheddar cheese, and chew them together so they’d get all mixed and mashed up together in her mouth.

She always ate this snack at night and in bed, much to her husband’s dismay. The craving struck her most nights, so it wasn’t an occasional thing. At a certain point, she stopped cutting the cheese with a knife and would just break of a big hunk off. We love Tara’s honesty.

She loved the flavor combination – the sharpness of the cheese in contrast with the sweet/sour combo of the candy. In fact she said the sharper the cheese, the better. Balderson cheddar was her favorite. At times when she ran out of Sour Patch Kids, she tried other combinations with the cheese like cookies or chocolate, but said they were all gross. Sour Patch Kids were they only way to go!

Even though the Sour Patch Kids gave her gut rot and bumps on her tongue from eating too much sweet/sour stuff, it didn’t stop her. She is well aware that the combination is gross and bizarre but confesses that she still eats it occasionally now. Old habits die hard, we suppose!

15 Tuna And Peanut Butter On Rye Toast

Via: netdoctor.co.uk

Many folks mix something with tuna to give it a little moisture. Think mayonnaise, yogurt or creamy salad dressing. But peanut butter? That’s new. This bizarre craving hit Natasha during her second pregnancy with a baby boy, now a one-year-old.

The idea to try this combination came to Natasha in a fairly logical way. Normally she ate peanut butter on rye toast for breakfast but one day she missed breakfast. That very day she was having tuna for lunch. Since she missed breakfast, she decided to just put it all together. She couldn’t believe how good it was! In fact it was so good, she ate it multiple times a week through a good chunk of her pregnancy.

Whens she thinks about her craving now, it makes her wonder if maybe she had issues. At least she has a sense of humor about it!

14 Jalapeño Jack Cheese Popcorn With Chocolate Milk Chaser

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Neither of these things are gross on their own, but together? YUCK. Jane was pregnant with twin boys (now 6.5) when she became addicted to this combo. In fact, she would drive 20 minutes every day at lunch to acquire the popcorn.

She ate this combination religiously for six weeks during her first trimester and the craving always hit while she was at work. She knew it was a ridiculous “meal” choice, especially for her as a healthy vegetarian. Plus nobody at work knew she was expecting that early in her pregnancy so she couldn’t use pregnancy to explain her strange choice.

What to do? Well, Jane would hide in her car during lunch and eat herself to contentment.

She says there was something about the spicy popcorn being followed up by creamy chocolate that was like the best thing on earth for her. It was the only thing she could imagine eating for lunch during that phase.

Six years later, her boys love spicy popcorn. At least they come by it honestly!

13 Full Plate Of Spaghetti, Doused In Lemon

Via: mirror.co.uk

Brandy was struck with this craving during the first trimester of her pregnancy with a baby girl. She would take a full plate of spaghetti (sauce and all) and cover it in lemon juice first before eating it.

Brandy says she always loved spaghetti, and lemon too, but never together before her pregnancy. She ate the combination regularly during her first trimester and then the craving began to subside. Once the third trimester rolled around, the lemon craving came back very strongly again.

She thinks the lemon did a great deal to curb morning sickness, while the spaghetti was energy/comfort food. She tends to crave carbs when she has any mental or physical stress. Of course, pregnancy will bring on both of those!

Brandy normally loves to put lemon on everything but admits the spaghetti craving came out of nowhere. She said once she imagined it, there was nothing in her mind that sounded more delicious. Or course, she had to put the two together and found a winner! She said she hasn’t tried to eat this combination since giving birth and the idea of it now sounds very unappealing. We applaud her creativity.

12 Orange Peels, Hold The Orange

Via: food-hacks.wonderhowto.com

Katie was pregnant with her second child when this craving hit. She was absolutely taken over by the desire to eat orange peels – and so she did. She said she couldn’t eat enough of them while she was pregnant and the craving lasted her entire pregnancy.

Even stranger, Katie would not eat the actual orange itself. Usually you see discarded peels after an orange is consumed, but in her case you’d see the discarded orange segments. Sometimes to mix it up a little, she would buy sugarcoated peels that you can often find at Asian supermarkets.

When asked what she liked about the peel, she said she particularly loved the texture of the orange peel. Today Katie admits the craving was odd and has a good sense of humor about it.

Orange peel is known to contain considerable amounts of vitamin C, calcium, copper, folate, B vitamins and dietary fiber so if one can get over the bitter flavor, it’s not a bad snack.

11 Soggy Liver And Onions

Alex is a devoted mom to two girls, ages 6 and 3. Her go-to craving for both pregnancies was fried, runny, soggy liver and onions. Liver and onions isn’t for everyone even at the best of times, but when you add those adjectives in, it’s enough to turn the stomach.

Alex craved this daily throughout both pregnancies starting at about the fourth month. Her grandmother was the only one who could prepare it properly so she would make it in batches so Alex was never without. Sometimes Alex would bring a fork with her when she went to pick it up from her Grandma so she could eat it in the car on the way home!

She ate it for breakfast everyday and sometimes she even ate it cold. She particularly loved the texture and sweetness of it. She was well aware that others thought it was gross, but she didn’t care. She absolutely loved it.

Alex is a health fanatic and doesn’t normally eat this way. Liver and onions was a true pregnancy craving for her!

10 Peanut Butter Toast Topped With Parmesan Cheese

Via: idiotrunnergirl.wordpress.com

Tracey is mom to one girl and two boys, now in their tweens and teens. Her odd craving for peanut butter toast sprinkled with Parmesan cheese emerged during each of her pregnancies and was her go-to choice for breakfast.

She always loved peanut butter and cheese separately, but never considered putting them together before pregnancy. Once the idea struck her, she would toast a bagel or English muffin every morning, cover it in peanut butter and then sprinkle it with a generous helping of Parmesan cheese.

Tracey thinks it was the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the peanut butter that she craved. Truth be told, if you go into the supermarket today there is no shortage of sweet/salty options to choose from so this craving makes sense in that light even though our first reaction is to wrinkle our noses.

Although the craving has long since subsided, Tracey says she still eats this every once in a while. Her secret is out now!

9 Spinach Soup With Nutella Mixed In

Via: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Alison was hit with a one-time craving that might go down in history as one of the more bizarre ones. She craved spinach soup with Nutella spread mixed in. It only happened once and with one of her pregnancies, which was a boy. While perhaps an odd combination, it certainly isn’t unhealthy.

She was struck with the idea to create this combination and she said it made perfect sense then. She isn’t sure why the craving hit but felt that it was “just the right thing to have at the moment.” She never craved it again although her son now wants to try it!

Whatever the reason Alison chose to eat this combination, it likely satisfied something her body needed - perhaps vitamin K or iron, or perhaps just the warmth and creaminess of the soup was something she thought would be comforting. She never went back for more but enjoyed it at the time.

8 Blood Sausage With Sugar

Via: lamag.com

Scarlett has two young daughters but this unusual craving only occurred during her second pregnancy, and after the first trimester.

Believe it or not, Scarlett actually used to eat this as a child so her body was familiar with it. She was forced to eat it as a child because it “was good for her” but it used to want to make her throw up.

Suddenly, pregnant with her second child, Scarlett imagined this food again and couldn’t get enough. She particularly liked the texture of the sausage and the contrasting sweetness of the sugar. She could even detect a metallic taste in the sausage, picked up while it was being fried, that she loved while pregnant.

Now that her youngest is 3, Scarlett thinks back to the craving and finds it so weird now but she loved it then.

7 Heavenly Hash Ice Cream Topped With Pickles And Chips

Via: mirror.co.uk

Tianna’s guilty pleasure during her first pregnancy with a daughter was heavenly hash ice cream with sliced dill pickles and salty ruffled chips sprinkled on top. She describes it as “sweet, sour, salty, crunchy, creamy all at once.” When you put it that way, it almost makes sense until you consider the actual contents!

This bizarre craving didn’t reappear for her second pregnancy. In fact, she hasn’t eaten it since her first pregnancy but even when she thinks back to it now, she remembers how good it tasted at the time. This is especially funny given that her daughter is now 15!

Tianna was so sold on this combination of flavors that she even convinced her partner to try it. He was already curious given how delicious Tianna made it seem whenever she ate it, so he tried it. Not surprisingly, he was not a fan at all!

6 Cheerios With Tabasco Sauce

Via: shape.com

Ana is mom to two teenagers, a boy and a girl. She craved cheerios doused in Tabasco sauce during her second pregnancy with her son. Normally we pair Cheerios with milk so this is a little different. It wasn’t a frequent craving but Ana did eat it more than once!

Ana is Mexican so she said she does eat a lot of chips and hot sauce. The craving for Cheerios struck her suddenly and she felt a strong desire to get the Cheerios out and cover them in hot sauce. She didn’t end up eating the whole bowl but continued to apply Tabasco sauce the whole time she was eating!

Ana isn’t sure what caused the craving but she often had indigestion during her pregnancy so a craving would hit and then pass quickly after a few bites thanks to the tummy upset. As a result she rarely felt satisfied by her cravings. What a shame!

5 ‘Sting Me’ Popcorn

Via: FemSide.com

The ‘Sting Me’ craving belongs to Tanya, mother of three. The craving itself isn’t necessarily the strangest on this list but this story does demonstrate how nagging a craving can be. The only way to satisfy this one was to enlist some help!

‘Sting Me’ is a popcorn flavor available at a popular popcorn franchise. Long before children, Tanya worked at this franchise so she was familiar with all of its popcorn flavors. ‘Sting Me’ is basically a mix of the ketchup and salt/vinegar flavors together. Low and behold, when she became pregnant with her first child, Tanya found her mouth watering anytime she thought of this flavor combo.

She sought out the popcorn retailer at a local mall and found that, much to her dismay, they didn’t have any of that mix flavor on hand so she was out of luck. A few months later, she was drawn back to the same location. When the employees saw how big she was, they took pity on her and custom-made the ‘Sting Me' combination for her. They continued to do so until she gave birth.

Tanya still eats it every once in a blue moon now, but the latest was five years ago.

4 Raw Garlic, By The Clove

Via: comicvine.com

Katie discovered she had a strong craving for garlic during her pregnancy with her daughter. The craving hit her early but was strongest during the second trimester.

Early on in her pregnancy she wanted to put garlic on everything and anything – eggs, salad, toast, meat, veggies… To her, it tasted so good that she started “sneaking a small clove here and there throughout the day.” Soon this extended into a love of pickled garlic and roasted garlic. She’d devour the latter in one sitting as soon as it cooled down. She also admitted that they bought a bulk-size container of raw chopped garlic and she ate the entire contents herself!

When asked why she liked it so much, Katie responded with “I have no clue what it was that I liked about garlic but it made me the happiest, most satisfied pregnant lady around! Although I'm sure it just oozed out my pores.” She worked at a hair salon so we are sure her craving was no secret to her clients.

3 Pickled Asparagus And Spicy Beans

Via: usnews.com
Via: usnews.com

Erin is mom to two adorable boys, ages 2.5 and 2 months. She experienced this wild craving during her first pregnancy only. She wanted everything pickled! In order to satisfy her yearning, she shopped for everything in bulk and ate it in mass quantities.

She particularly loved pickled asparagus and spicy, jarred green beans, but she also ate olives like they were going out of style. Her maternity photographer even caught an image of her indulging during a shoot. She ate these items daily and never tired of them.

Her older son, whom she was expecting during these cravings, now also loves everything pickled. We have to admit, this is rare for a toddler. We know babies get accustomed to tastes in the womb via amniotic fluid so he certainly came by his affinity for pickled foods honestly. In fact, very recently he actually ate pickled octopus. Even Erin shudders at the thought of this.

One plausible explanation for Erin’s extreme craving is that she suffers from low blood pressure. It was even lower during her pregnancy. She thinks her body was possibly trying to remedy this by craving foods high in salt.

2 Cold Spaghetti And Meatballs Out Of A Can

Via: choice.com.au

Jen got the idea to eat tinned spaghetti after seeing a commercial for it on TV during her third trimester. She told her partner that she had to have it. She was pregnant with a girl at the time. Most people would turn their noses up at the idea of spaghetti out of can, especially cold, but Jen loved it.

Jen said she “absolutely loved the meatballs and the soupy sauce but it had to be eaten cold, straight out of the can.” She loved it so much that she would wake up everyday craving it. It was her breakfast go-to food for the whole last trimester, always eating it between 6 and 8 am. What a way to start the day!

Jen’s daughter is now 17 and also likes to eat it as well. Jen hasn’t touched it since but this legacy is clearly destined to live on.

1 Cheesies, The Staler The Better

Via: businessinsider.com

Cathy was only struck by this craving during her second pregnancy with a boy. Let’s be clear here, the cheesies HAD to be stale. Cathy said she ate them almost daily during her first trimester and then every other day after that. She found that they helped with terrible morning sickness. That seems like a contradiction somehow!

Cathy said “I would buy the cheesies and put them out in a big bowl overnight to get a good staleness level. This involved hiding the bowl so that my husband and older son wouldn't get into them. The texture changes when they are stale too.”

Now Cathy isn’t sure why this was so appealing. She wonders if her body was craving salt. She mentioned that now cheesies give her cankers so she doesn’t gravitate towards them anymore but does confess that she will occasionally eat a stale one if she finds any strays cleaning up a kids' party!

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