16 Nurses At An Arizona Hospital Are All Expecting At The Same Time

An Arizona hospital is experiencing a HUGE baby boom as 16 nurses in the same department are all pregnant at the same time and expecting babies within a few months of each other. All of the women work in the intensive care unit at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa. They held a press conference to discuss the happy and surprising news.

The women are all due between September and February. A few of the first pregnant nurses started a Facebook group to share their pregnancy journies together and then more and more women started joining. To the surprise of everyone, the group topped out at 16! In case you were wondering, they didn't have a pregnancy pact. Nurse Paige Packard said that a few of the women, including herself, used IVF treatments to get pregnant.

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She said during an interview "That's how I ended up finding out that everyone was pregnant. I was like, 'Oh, well, I didn't plan this. Did we have some kind of pact going I didn't know about?'" So no, there was no pact, but this is a crazy coincidence! The hospital has been diligent with keeping all of the women safe and out of harm's way. They all must avoid people with certain diseases like tuberculosis and shingles. They must also stay away from chemotherapy drugs which can be extremely harmful for an unborn baby.

During their press conference, the women shared how they've bonded with each other during this special time. They'll go together to the cafeteria to satisfy pregnancy cravings and there is lots of baby talk going on around the hospital. Each woman will go on maternity leave for 12 weeks and some of those times will overlap. Luckily, the hospital is well prepared for it all so the women can enjoy their time at home with their new babies. They have plenty of other nurses coming to pick up the available work.

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At the press conference, each woman was gifted with a cute baby onesie that says, "Relax...my mom is a Banner Nurse!" This experience is so unique and one that each of the women will always remember.

We wish them all the best with each of their pregnancies! Have you shared a pregnancy experience with a co-worker? Let us know your stories in the comments!


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