16 Of Hollywoods Hottest Dads That Will Make Moms Drool

Inching our way towards celebrating the national day of dads, we’re paying tribute to fathers everywhere. But first, we’re starting with Hollywood. Father’s Day is a time to honour the dads in our lives, as well as the hard work and undivided love and attention they give to our kids. We share the rollercoaster ride that is parenting with these men, and even though we love and appreciate them, it doesn’t mean that Mom can’t get in a little Daddy eye candy between shopping online for gifts and folding the laundry.

When it comes to celebrity dads, it was difficult to narrow down the hunkiest of the hunks for all you moms out there. There are a lot of delicious daddies who call Hollywood home. Fortunately, we were able to select the finest of men and pay tribute to their excellent daddying in the process.

Moms, if you’re looking for a mini escape from your diaper-filled reality, find comfort, happiness, and solace in this list. Also, make sure you grab a paper fan to cool your flushed face once you get to the end of reading this. We’re not saying you’ll agree with them all – each woman has their own perception of what’s attractive – but we do believe that at least a few of these will jumpstart that libido of yours. You’ll thank us, and so will your baby’s daddy.

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16 Chris Hemsworth

Kicking this list off with a bang! We have to pay tribute to real-life hero and heartthrob, Chris Hemsworth. This hunky stud of a dad to daughter India and twin boys, Sasha and Tristan, is making all our #DadDreams come true. Husband to Spanish model, Elsa Pataky (a super lucky Mommy, if you ask us!), Chris is making parenthood look easy, and easy on the eyes. This Thor and Avengers superstar can flex those gorgeous pipes and flash that impeccable bearded grin any day he wants. And we definitely won’t mind seeing those mighty arms wrapped around his beautiful children, simultaneously making our hearts melt and our ovaries sing. His incredibly picturesque family is a busy brood, jet-setting from movie sets to luxurious Monaco, but Chris takes on the challenges of raising three kids as easily as he handles Thor’s mighty hammer.

15 Usher

Defining the acronym OMG, this OMG singer is living up to his expressive lyrics. Making us sweat all over, this R&B artist is darn hot and suave af. His smooth style and million-dollar smile makes our hearts skip a beat, but not as much as it makes our stomachs flutter. Seeing Usher with his sons, Naviyd and Usher V (yes, the fifth in a long long of Ushers), kicks up the heat we have for this Yeah! singer. Usher loves to name his songs after expressions, and we can’t help but agree with the words he chooses, because they describe his hotness to a tee. Just looking at him being all “good dad” gets us singing You Make Me Wanna…and it’s not in reference to babysitting or reading storybooks, if you know what we mean. Current wife, Grace Miguel, is one lucky business manager turned stepmom!

14 Hugh Jackman

This list would not be complete without Australian actor and wonderful Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. He can sink those retractable claws into our rear ends any day and we wouldn’t stop him from going down unda, neither! Not only is this Logan star hot like the Australian beaches, his adopted children are adorable. After suffering through miscarriages, Hugh and wife Deborra-Lee Furness excitedly adopted Oscar and Ava, whom Hugh doesn’t view as adopted, but truly as his own children. He has so much love for his kids, we can’t even suppress our growing desire for this wild beast of a man. Hugh’s been married to Deborra-Lee for twenty years, making their marriage one to admire. Between the way Hugh dotes on her, and his sexy accent and bod, we have major hubby envy bubbling!

13 Gabriel Aubrey

This Canadian model and ex of actress Halle Berry is a piece of beefcake we’d love to take a big bite out of! Father to Nahla, Gabriel has got to be one of the most good-looking dads we’ve ever laid eyes on. His long, luscious hair makes us want to grab hold and run our fingers through it, and his chiseled features has us staring at him like a Greek God. If Rome were looking for a man to be the inspiration behind their next marble statue carving, we’ve found him! Even though he has some ongoing tension between Halle and new hubby, Oliver Martinez, he’s proving to be a standup father throughout the rivalry, and that’s all that matters to sweet little Nahla. And to us? Well, we're just happy he's single! 

12 Josh Duhamel

We would be without morals or an eye for what’s exquisitely beautiful if Josh Duhamel was not included on this list. This model turned actor (and forever hottie) is an awesome dad to son Axl and loving husband to singer Fergie. This Safe Haven star had us crushing on him hardcore since his Win A Date With Tad Hamilton days, and he’s only getting better looking with age (and toting his cute kid around with him helps!). Fergie is one lucky wife and mother! Josh is heating things up in the Transformers franchise, and we can say the same thing about our libidos! His son is growing up fast, and we’re wondering if Josh and Fergie will try for a sibling for little Axl. If Fergie doesn’t want to, we volunteer as tribute!

11 Lenny Kravitz

This hella-fly musician, actor, and legend, Lenny Kravitz, is still as studly as the day his lovely daughter, Zoë Kravitz, was born. Now a star in her own right, daughter Zoë is making waves on her own as a singer and actress. Lenny, Zoë, and Lenny’s ex, Lisa Bonet, are ridiculously tight, even though the family may be broken by law. And darn, are the three of them ever good-looking. Lisa and Zoë aside, when it comes to Lenny we just Can’t Get You Off My Mind. Stepping aside to let his daughter rise to stardom, and supporting her by attending every event she’s featured in, is not only encouraging, it’s downright provocative. Any man who puts his daughter first is mmm, mmm, good!

10 Patrick Dempsey

The second hot dad to take on life with twins is the original McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey. This former medical drama heartthrob, racecar driver, and star of Bridget Jones’ Baby is a long-time hubby to wife Jillian Fink and father to teenage daughter Tallula and twins, Sullivan and Darby. While Patrick’s marriage to Jillian was at risk of ending – a piece of juicy gossip that got our heart’s racing like Patrick on the track – the two were able to work it out for the sake of their kids and their future. A shred of disappointment may be hitting us harder than we’d like to admit, but that doesn’t mean we’re not totally touched by his complete loyalty and perseverance. To us, this dad will always live on as McDreamy in our hearts and soul.

9 Cam Gigandet

When we look at Cam Gigandet, we get all giddy like schoolgirls over here. To quote Crazy, Stupid Love, he is the “perfect combination between sexy and cute.” His credits to fame might be in romantic comedies, but with a face and bod like that, we wouldn’t want it any other way. After all, rom coms are all about the eye candy. Cam is father to not one, but three precious children – Armie, Everleigh, and Rekker. How cool are those names, btw?! Super unique, just like their dad’s handsome, youthful features. Even though he no longer plays the devious vampire, James, in the Twilight saga of movies, we’d let him brainwash us and sink his teeth into our bodies any day or night. Too bad his wife Dominique Geinsendorff is still in the picture, or he’d have to keep bolts on his doors.

8 Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom has come a long way since his days playing Legolas in The Lord of The Rings saga. In fact, he found himself drifting towards another franchise of movies, Pirates of the Caribbean. Between hitting up many different movie sets, this dreamboat had the time to marry unbelievably beautiful Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Miranda Kerr, and become father to son, Flynn. As Miranda hustled her post-baby body into runway shape, Orlando happily watched his son. These two cuties do everything together, even after Orlando and Miranda decided to call it quits. The crumbled union was not about to affect his relationship with his growing boy, though. He’s all smiles when it comes to his son, so keep the father-son energy alive because Orlando’s smile is one that we can’t get enough of!

7 Ben Affleck

Another Hollywood hunk who ended up divorced from a fellow woman in the spotlight, Ben Affleck had three adorable munchkins with ex Jennifer Garner. This modern-day Batman is devoted dad to Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, and a goof-ball turned Hollywood hunk post-parenthood. His hunkiness rose to fame alongside his film career, which grew even more when we saw his not-so-dad bod. Ben may have struggled with alcohol abuse, which could have been the cause of the split from Jen, but he recently went to and completed treatment at a rehab centre. His decision to fight back against his struggle was made possible by his children and his desire to set good examples for them. That reason is the best one, in our opinion, and his dedication to fatherhood just makes him ooze with dad deliciousness.

6 David Beckham

Ahhh, David. Making celebrity hottie lists worldwide, we would be remiss to not include this former Manchester United player, studly athlete, and husband to Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. He has long lived in our hearts for simply existing, but his father status has really upped his game in terms of attraction levels. This beauty of a man is father to four super-cool kids; Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. His playful and loveable ways tip us over the edge because it’s just too much hotness to be contained to one man. His rock-solid marriage to Victoria is also one to be slightly jealous of, but in reality, we couldn’t be happier for him and his happy, gorgeous family. We only wish he would take off his shirt more often.

5 Chris Pratt

If it weren’t for super silly and super attractive Hollywood men, there would be no reason to continue watching TV and movies. Former Parks and Recreation costar and Starlord in the hit Guardian of the Galaxy movies, this down-to-earth honey is a dad that we just love to follow on Instagram, and life. His funny take on parenting with another funny sweetheart and adorable wife, Anna Faris, makes us swoon over his excitement over being a dad, as well as his pure love of it. There is nothing more attractive than a hunky, gung-ho daddy. His energy and pure happiness over his son, Jack, shines through every interview and shared snapshots with his googly-eyed fans. As mothers, we can only wish this level of Super Dad power to be spread everywhere, but Chris is one unique daddy snowflake that we’re frankly, totally in love with.

4 James Van Der Beek

Our teenaged-selves were in love with him then, and our adult, mom-selves are in love with him all over again now that he’s a dad. Former lead in our beloved drama Dawson’s Creek, James Van Der Beek has come a long way from his emotional, idealist character on the 90’s hit show. This studmuffin and his wife, Kimberly Brook, have been busy procreators since they were married in 2010. They’ve had four children since their union – Joshua, Olivia, Emilia, and Annabel – and they’re all as charming as their names. We loved his self-deprecating humour in the short-lived Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23, and through playing himself, we were able to learn a little more about this laid-back hottie. This family man may be rocking those biceps on CSI: Cyber nowadays, but they’re also playing a mighty role in picking up his tiniest tots.

3 Ryan Reynolds

From his early days of television comedy, this super studly Canadian man is satisfying our desire for eye candy and a man who can get us laughing. His acting gigs range in genre, but lately he’s riding the success of his Deadpool character and playing his new role of Daddy to his two kids, Ines and James. That smile and intensely comical look he gives has our hearts pounding for more of him, even though he’s spending his days with his equally attractive wife and mother to James and Ines, Blake Lively. Together, these two stars dominate in parenting and beauty. The best thing about Ryan being a dad is his witty tweets about parenthood; they’re hilarious and full of truths. What we love even more than his tweets is imagining him writing them, at home, in bed, in his underwear, after reading his kids a bedtime story.

2 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Make way for bad-a** father and brick wall of a man, Dwayne Johnson. His wide shoulders, trunk-sized guns, and super ripped torso is making all the ladies go wild. Lucky for us, this former professional wrestler is not shy when it comes to removing his clothing. Always ready to bare his perfectly chiseled form, this Baywatch star is dad to two daughters; teen Simone and itty bitty Jasmine, with second wife Lauren Hashian. As much as he is large and manly, he’s loveable, caring, and affectionate with his family. His adorable charm and caring nature, paired with a delightful smile that’s full of life, is too much for us to handle. And seeing him play the daddy role so effortlessly is getting us all hot and bothered to admire this fine male specimen. We don’t know if it’s his muscles or his delicious features, but all we know is we want to see more of him, either half-nude or playing dad to his daughters. Either way, we’re happy.

1 Ryan Gosling

In our number one spot is the second Canadian and second Ryan to appear on this list. Far from his Mickey Mouse Club and Breaker High days, this La La Land hottie and actual man of all of our dreams, Ryan Gosling is hands-down the HOTTEST Hollywood dad. What we would do to this sexy specimen knows no limits, but we’d have to fight off his wife, Eva Mendes, first. Ryan and Eva have two daughters together; Esmeralda and Amada. These two beautiful girls are his pride and joy and are the focus throughout his rumoured relationship failure from Eva. Hey, we don’t mind if there’s trouble in paradise. It only brings more reality to our fantasies of ending up with him. This delightful Hollywood dad is so hot, we almost forget that he’s a father, for he just lives in our mind as an untouchable, delectable, heart-breaking hunk.

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