16 Of The Most Stylish Names From The 1920's

The 1920’s, popularly referred to as the ‘roaring twenties’, was a time of great social and political change. The First World War had just ended, men from the battlefields were returning home, and husbands and wives were being reunited. Needless to say, babies were being made, and out came the most stylish names. Here is a list of the 16 most stylish names of that time.

16 John

John is a classy male name that was extremely popular in the 1920’s. It is still popular today. John is an English name that was derived from the Greek name Iohannes. Its popularity also grew from the Bible, whereby John was a saint.

15 Thomas

Thomas is among the top ten most popular male names during the 1920’s. Thomas was a very popular name in England during the time. Its popularity grew with Saint Thomas Beckett who was the archbishop of Canterbury. The name Tom is the nickname of Thomas, and has become a popular name itself.

14 Robert

Robert, also known as the nickname Bob, was a trendy (and still is) male’s name in the 1920’s. The name comes from the German name Hrodebert meaning ‘bright fame’. The name is fitting in style and meaning as many famous stylish men rock the name, such as Robert De Niro and Robert Downey Jr.

13 George

It is no wonder why the royal couple, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, named their first born George. George is a very classic, male name that gained popularity in the 1920’s. The name George comes from the Greek name Georgios meaning ‘Earth’.

12 Charles

When you think of polished, dapper male names, the name Charles is an obvious contender. Charles is a very popular English name that has its origins in German. The name comes from the German name Karl which means ‘man’. Plus, the charming nickname, Charlie, makes it all the more stylish.

11 Walter

Walter is a strong name that became very stylish in the 1920’s. Walter Johnson, Walter Cannon, and many other great achievers (by the name of Walter) made their stride during the 1920’s. They sported a name that was high in style and sophistication.

10 Benjamin

Benjamin is a common male name that we still hear today. The name gained popularity in the 1920’s, where many Jewish families named their youngest son Benjamin. The name means the ‘son of the south’ in Hebrew. The name expanded and became popular all over Europe.

9 Everett

Everett isn’t a name you hear nowadays. But, in the 1920’s, the moniker made its appearance among many males. The name is derived from the old English name Evered meaning ‘brave as a wild boar’. The name may as well have meant stylish as a wild boar, because everyone in the 1920’s went wild over it.

8 Stella

As we move into female names, Stella comes up as one of the most in vogue female names of the 1920’s. The name Stella has a glamorous ring to it, like Stella McCartney, which makes sense as it comes from the Latin word meaning ‘star’.

7 Mary

Mary is a classic, female name that got its popularity from the Biblical character, the Virgin Mary. The name went from a religious name to a stylish one as it became riotously popular in the 1920’s.

6 Margaret

The female name Margaret has beauty written all over it. It was a popular name in the 1920’s and on. It comes from the Latin word meaning ‘pearl’, a very stylish item to wear at the time.

5 Rosa

Rosa, or otherwise known as Rose, is a simple, yet fashionable female name that gained popularity in the 1920’s. The name picked up again in popularity after the release of the movie, Titanic, with the super stylish female lead named Rose.

4 Claire

Claire is a name that you might hear from time to time. But, it was often heard in the 1920’s, as it was one of the most elegant female names. Nowadays, you may hear different forms of the name, such as Clara, Clarissa, and Clarisse.

3 Delores

Delores is a name you may not hear very much of currently, but it still has a stylish ring to it. Delores was a popular female name in the 1920’s as it gave off the impression of Hollywood like the famous actress of the time, Delores Del Rio.

2 Madeline

Madeline was a stylish name in the 1920’s with its appeal coming from its origin in French culture. The name Madeline is an English form of the French name Magdalene.

1 Victoria

Victoria is an ever popular name, as it remains trendy in our time and also was in the 1920’s. Victoria has been given many different famous icons, from Queen Victoria to Victoria Beckham. We can all agree that the name is versatile in its style and sophistication.

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