16 Perfect Names For Your Baby Girl That Start With P

One of the most fun decisions you have to make when having a baby is choosing the name. There are a lot of reasons why parents choose the names they do. Some parents may decide to name their baby after a family member, or someone that they may admire. Some may look to different and unique names that have meaning behind them, while others just want a name that appeals to them.

Whatever your reason may be for choosing the right baby name, this article can help inspire you to pick a name. The article will focus on perfect girl names that start with a P. P tends to be a letter that not many people opt for when choosing a girl’s name, which makes names that start with a P exceptional. If the letter P for the start of a name is what you are looking for, you are in luck. Upon reading this article, you may find a name that is as unique as your baby girl.

16 Payton

Payton, or alternatively spelled as Peyton, has been growing in popularity throughout the United States and Canada. However, it is definitely not a name that has been worn out. Payton is a cute, yet classy name with grand significance. It is a simple girl’s name that comes from the Scottish word meaning royal. The name has been universally used as either a boy’s or a girl’s name.

15 Paris

The name Paris is perfect because of its wonderful connotations. The name takes after the city, Paris, in France. Paris is depicted in movies, media, and word of mouth as a place that needs to be seen. The city is well-known for its fashion, its history, and its art. Paris is the home of the famous museum, the Louvre, which houses the famous painting, The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci. Paris is also known as the city of love, and your baby has become the love of your life. Perfect!

14 Penelope

Penelope, pronounced pen-nel-lope-pee, is a perfect girl’s name because of its story and history. Penelope has its origin in Greek. Penelope was the name of the wife of Odysseus, the King of Ithaca in Greek Mythology. She was known for her loyalty and patience as her husband was off fighting in the Trojan war. Penelope has excellent meaning attached to it. The name also has the benefit of being a name that everyone recognizes, but is not very common which makes it unique.

13 Petra

Petra is a name that is derived from the Latin word meaning rock. Petra is a perfect name to give to a baby girl that you want to name after an important man in your life named Peter. If that is not the case for you, the name still bears great meaning. When someone you love is there for you by just being themselves is what many would refer to as their rock. Naming your baby girl Petra is the perfect way to express to her that she is your rock, someone who reminds you that life is wonderful with her in your life.

12 Piper

Piper has picked up in popularity in the United States and Canada, but not so much that it has lost its uniqueness. The name piper comes from the Old English word meaning a person who plays the musical instrument, the pipe. A pipe, or also known as the flute, is a wooden, wind instrument that has evolved throughout different cultures. Pipes were originally used by shepherds to calm their sheep. Piper is a perfect name for the baby that soothes your soul.

11 Patricia

Patricia is the female form of Patrick. This is the perfect name to give to a baby girl that you want to name after a Patrick in your life. It is also an Irish name which means noble. Noble is not a common attribute for a girl’s name which makes it all the more perfect. The name is unique in meaning and comes with great nicknames like Pattie, Trish, and Trisha.

10 Parca

Parca, pronounced as Parka and can also be spelled as such, originates from the Latin word meaning Jewel. Parca is the perfect name for the gem you have brought into the world. A jewel shines and is admired by everyone. Jewels are often the treasure characters seek in tales of adventure. A jewel is often described as precious and dazzling. Parca will, without a doubt, dazzle everyone with her presence. 

9 Pamela

The name Pamela is a made up name that was invented in the late 16th century. The name was given to a character in the poem, Arcadia by Sir Philip Sydney. There is some speculation that he intended for the name Pamela to mean ‘all sweetness’. In Greek, Pan means ‘all’, and Meli means ‘sweet’. Pamela is a perfect name because it is a historic name from a famous poem that deals with relationships, love, loss, and triumphs – all the things life is made of.

8 Paisley

Paisley is a unique name that you can have fun with. The name is perfect in the sense that it is flexible in its spelling. The name can be spelled Paysley, Paislee, Paisly, and Paislie. Those are just some of the ways you can otherwise spell the name. You have the opportunity to make the name as different as you like. The name Paisley comes from the Scottish word meaning church. It is also the name of a beautiful, intricate design that has picked up in popularity within mainstream design in the last decade. 

7 Paige

Paige, pronounced like a page of a book, is a Latin origin name. The name Paige means young helper or young child in Latin. It was a name given to a child that was a helper of a noble. Back then, being an assistant to a noble gave you the status of hardworking and well-liked. Paige is a perfect girl’s name because of what it stands for and for how it sounds. It is definitely perfect for those who are bookworms, or loves a good historical name. 

6 Peony

Peony is pronounced pee-ah-nee. You may recognize it as the name of a flower. The peony flower is full of colour and volume, and arrives in spring and lasts throughout summer. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America. Peony is a perfect name that starts with a P because it signifies the renewal of growth in spring when flowers begin to bloom again. Except, when you have your own peony, she will bloom all year round. 

5 Prim

The name Prim has become popular from the Hunger Games books turned movies. Prim was the main character’s younger sister. Prim ended up becoming a nurse to help the revolution that was led by her sister. Prim was named after the flower primrose. Prim is a perfect name because it describes something delicate, yet strong, just like the character and the flower. 

4 Pearle

Pearle comes from the Latin word meaning precious. Your little, darling girl is precious, which is why this name is perfect. The name also takes after the word, pearl, which is mineral deposits found within the center of an oyster. Pearls are rare to find. When they are found, they are given as gifts in the form of jewellery to show affection. They have become the symbol of class and elegance just like your baby girl. 

3 Pascala

Pascala is a perfect name for a baby girl born during the time of Easter, as it translates to that in French. Even if your baby girl is not born within the timeframe of Easter, it still represents renewal. Easter is the time when everything grows again. Warm and cheerful colours reappear in Spring. Easter and spring are synonymous with each other. April showers bring May flowers. In this case, they will bring upon a baby girl that you will shower with love. 

2 Pallas

Pallas, pronounced like the word Palace, is an alternate name for the goddess of wisdom, Athena. Athena was known for her mind and her beauty. The name is perfect because it sounds like a royal name, or more specifically, a royal home. The name is also perfect because it represents a valuable and wonderful trait – wisdom. Naming your baby girl Pallas will show that you value that quality in people, especially in her. 

1 Pemberley

Pemberley is originally a surname that comes from Britain. In Old English it means ‘from the Barley Hill’. The name is most famous for being the name of the estate of Mr. Darcy from the novel, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. Pemberley is a perfect name because of its literary roots and its uniqueness. You can even get creative with the spelling of the name. Other ways you may choose to spell the name is Pemberlee, Pemberlie, or Pemberly. 

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