16 Pics Of Kate Middleton

Everyone is obsessed with England’s royal family. When Kate Middleton, who is now the Duchess of Cambridge, first got involved with Prince William she was thrust into the spotlight at an entirely new caliber. People watched her every move closely. Being involved with the royal family means in many ways that Middleton lives in a fishbowl. The catch is that her fishbowl involves millions of pictures, and let’s be honest there is no way that someone can always look perfect.

Kate Middleton married her real life prince, but that does not mean that she has always looked the part of a royal. She had her awkward adolescent days just like we all did. She has also suffered her fair share of bad hair days which makes us a little thankful that nobody captures ours on cameras and documents them. As we all know, once something is on the internet it is there for good. That sadly applies to photographs of awful hair days, windy messes, and catastrophic awkward faces. We hope that Middleton can laugh at herself because a life in the public eye surely requires a sense of humor to handle some of the things thrown her way. Her life, romance, and family have been followed and chronicled in the media, and we consider it our entertainment. We look to her as a style icon so it is humbling to know that she has bad days just like the rest of us.

15 The Disco Princess

Before she was the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton experienced the on again and off again relationship that many people have. The catch that hers was with Prince William, so basically, the media tracked the entire thing for the world to see. We can definitely mock this outfit that Kate wore to the Roller Disco in London back in 2008 when the two were dating on and off. Although we do have to give the princess-to-be some brownie points because the event was for charity for Children's Hospital in Oxford. It was also held in memory of a mutual friend of Kate and Prince William. Talk about a smooth move! The couple had actually split in 2007 after several years together. There was lots of speculation if it was regarding Will's unwillingness to commit and propose to Middleton at the time.

14 After One Too Many Drinks

This outfit is obviously one of the many reasons why Kate is a fashion icon, but her posture and facial expression are why people say she looks so awkward. We almost want to say it looks like she was pecking her neck similar to that of a chicken, but we also know that a picture is just one moment in time. This was just not Kate's moment, but lucky for us it was caught on camera!

It is no lie to say that Kate Middleton is riddled with class and grace. She's a royal, mom, and fashion icon handling so much pressure from living in the public eye. It cannot be that enjoyable to feel like she's living under a microscope. She handled all of the challenges and pressures extremely well so we have to be forgiving when the rare bad photograph of her does appear.

13 When She Tried To Model

Before Kate Middleton was a part of the royal family, she was just like the rest of us with embarrassing college memories that will haunt her for the rest of her life. While Middleton is now the Duchess of Cambridge, she was once a "commoner" just like the rest of us. It is kind of refreshing to see that she gets to live out her fairytale in real life and wasn't born into royalty. Allegedly Kate modeling in this dress was what caught her future husband's attention when the two were students together at St. Andrew's.

This embarrassing photo of Kate is one that we all probably have something similar of of ourselves. It was taken when Kate was a student at St. Andrews University and participated in a fashion show. She was part of the class of 2005 there and actually dated Prince William while they were in college there together. For better or for worse includes poor fashion choices, right?

12 When She Tried To Model Part 2


Prince William wanted to be just like a real boy and attend college where he wanted to. He probably didn't intend on meeting his future wife there when he fought to break tradition and attend St. Andrew's University, but that is exactly where he met his now wife, Kate Middleton.

While Kate was voted the prettiest girl in her freshman dorm, it wasn't until Will saw her during a fashion show at the university that she really caught his attention seriously. No this was not the outfit that did that! Since her university days Kate's fashion has surely transformed. We are guessing becoming royalty and having quite a few people to dress and style her might have had something to do with that. The two continued to have a slightly complicated relationship throughout their university days together and into adulthood.

11 What's Going On Here?

Our childhoods are littered with pictures similar to this where our mothers insisted we smile for the camera when we were actually being blinded by the sun. It seems that it was is happening here with Kate's eyes and a lucky paparazzi just happened to catch the shot. Kate has been in the public eye for over a decade now so while she should be a pro at having her picture taken, there is just no way to be perfect for every second of every day.

They say that Middleton isn't technically a "real princess" and used the word "commoner" to describe the Duchess of Cambridge when she was engaged to Prince William. Maybe if she had royal blood these photo mishaps wouldn't happen to her, but we are pretty sure it's all just a part of having working eyeballs.

10 Ummmm

The mother of two, soon to be three, is the center of TONS of blogs, web pages, and media headlines because we all are absolutely fascinated by the royals. While most big media sites are less likely to post awkward pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge, it hasn't stopped blogs from creating pages with slam captions. It isn't just Kate as there are tons of pages dedicated to mocking those in the public eye. While Middleton is royalty now, she keeps it classy and isn't one to push back and feed the trolls so to say.

We might expect some American celebs to get forwarded slams of themselves and clap back on Twitter, but the British royal family is much too posh for that. We can definitely appreciate that. We highly doubt that Middleton actually sees the smaller sites that publish these things because she is much too busy being a princess, mother, and fashion icon.

9 The Wardrobe Malfunctions

This is not a bad hair day or a bad picture. We honestly are not sure what on earth is going on with Kate Middleton's hair here. Is it bangs? Is it a chunk of fly aways? There is no way to know, and that's what makes this a little terrifying in the world of hair disasters. It looks a little similar to what we do to our children's hair when their school has crazy hair day. That usually requires half a bottle of aerosol hair spray too.

It is hard to imagine being in the public eye and always being watched. We see and usually critique every little thing that the royal family does because we are lucky enough to have a media to catch it all on camera for us. The fact that they captured this utter disaster is definitely a photograph that we have laughed at, hopefully Kate is able to laugh at herself as well. We'd love to be laughing with her.

8 A Hairy Mess

Kate Middleton has become a style icon to women everywhere. We look to her for hair, make up, and fashion inspiration because she manages to look graceful and classy basically 24/7. Then there are the times when Kate reminds us that she is just like the rest of us, and she does not always look perfect. She even takes bad pictures from time to time! It is bound to happen when she lives her entire life in the spotlight.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge still has to answer to mother nature so of course Kate's hair got caught up in the wind. We have all been there and can relate so this does make us laugh a little. These images are so nice because they remind us that the celebrities we follow are real people (they even have real feelings!)

7 Uh Oh

The picture was posted along with the headline of "Duchess of Drab!" in the DailyMail back in 2016. While we can certainly agree that Kate and William just do not have the same edge that Harry and Meghan have, we aren't sure if frumpy is the right word to describe Middleton. It might apply better to Prince William who was known in his university days as being a bit of a bore.

Kate's makeup always looks pristine. Her hair is usually flawless, but she seems to suffer from some fly aways, frizz, and wind just like the rest of us long haired ladies. This isn't the first time that the Duchess of Cambridge has been labeled frumpy or drab, but we have to wonder if it is related to the wardrobe expectations that come with being a royal. We likely won't see Kate strutting her stuff in a crop top and booty shorts anytime this century!

6 Princess Bunny

We aren't sure if Kate's stance, arms, or facial expression is more awkward. It might be a tie between all three which does not make for a good media day for the Duchess of Cambridge, but we have a feeling it is something that she is used to in her life. Living in the public eye cannot be easy, but as a royal we're more than sure that Kate received some type of lesson in posing for the media. This pose was definitely not part of it.

While we do say that Kate lived out a real life fairytale, she is not a princess. We aren't sure just how many people actually still care about a person's blood lineage, but it appeared there are still quite a few when Kate, a "commoner," was engaged to Prince William back in the day. We have no doubt that her "common" blood has absolutely nothing to do with this awkward pose, but it's likely some nut out there has used that as an excuse for this picture.

5 Fashion FAIL


This picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was taken back in 2012. The pair were still rather newly weds following their wedding back in April of 2011, but had been together for nearly a decade after they began dating back in 2003. We find it hard to believe that the couple really expect privacy anymore especially considering their wedding ceremony was viewed live by tens of millions of people internationally! Their relationship has always attracted lots of attention especially from the media.

While this look was hopefully just fitting in with cultural fashion on their trip or the pair goofing around, it certainly was not the most embarrassing thing to happen to Middleton in 2012. That was the year that the royal couple won a judgement against Closer's publishing company after they invaded Kate's privacy and published topless photographs of her while relaxing at a private, rather secluded residence.

4 When A Girl's Gotta Go


Even princesses have to pee sometimes, and it certainly looks like Prince William's wife got caught doing the potty dance in this picture. While we know that Middleton caught William's eye back in their university days together, there are actually sites out there who think the Duchess makes this outfit look frumpy. It was reported by Vanity Fair that Will actually called Kate a "knockout" the night of a university fashion so she can basically pull off whatever she chooses to wear.

This picture isn't just unflattering, it is straight up awkward. Her legs are a mix of tripping and doing the potty dance as our toddlers would. It's a pose that many of us might have done ourselves a time or two, but we aren't followed by an army of cameras and expected to look graceful when in public.

3 Fashion Fail Part 2

The royal family traditionally always marries someone with a fellow royal pedigree and lineage. Middleton is not a part of that tradition which had her labeled as a "commoner" for years while courting with Prince William. Even though she is now married to Prince William, her title is Duchess of Cambridge instead of Princess Kate because princesses are believed to be born, and the title cannot just be one on paper.

This picture is rather unflattering because of the close up and Kate's atrocious skirt. This was snapped back in 2008 on her 26th birthday, but Prince William was nowhere in sight. It was during one of their more trying times as a couple when they actually split after being together for a few years. The believed reason behind their split was the fact that Will had yet to propose, but maybe he was concerned with her style choices.

2 Flipping The Pancake

To be fair, Kate Middleton is a royalty. We highly doubt she is the one who cooks pancakes for Prince George and Princess Charlotte herself. She likely has people for that so maybe she just isn't used to handling pancakes. This unfortunate picture is really just a lucky shot from a photographer who was in the right place at the right time and happened to capture the split second that the Duchess just had a painfully awkward look on her face.

We honestly cannot even blame Middleton for this mishap because there is no way she can always look perfect. Princess or not, she is a real life person. She probably has more grace in one arm than most of us do in our entire bodies, but she is going to look silly on occasion. We just have the luxury of not being under the media's watchful eye day and night.

1 Wind Blown Duchess


Who is standing behind Kate Middleton in this picture? No one will ever know. Heck it is hard to see Kate's own face behind the mask of hair she has. There is about no way to avoid when we have to face the wrong direction in the wind. We usually squint a bit because well it stings when our hair hits us in the eyes. Kate managed to smile through the pain and the annoyance of the wind blowing her hair in her face, and she deserves some brownie points for that.

During several interviews both Will and Kate have discussed how her hair was a "nightmare." We cannot blame them. Long hair takes serious maintenance. We're sure she gets that now as a princess. No amount of maintenance can account for natural disruptions like this though.

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