16 Pictures That Totally Sum Up Pregnant Women And Winter

Ah, winter time. Snowflakes, cool weather, and adorable, fashionable layers. Fireplaces, hoodies, and blankets. It’s the best time of the year, right? Well, it can be. But, women can also make it downright comical.

From super cold feet to questionable fashion choices, pregnant women face a lot of stigmas in the winter. Unfortunately, many of them are true, and rather silly. However, there are others – like a woman’s love for winter weddings! – that are truly magical.

Dieting in winter? Why? Completely panicking when driving in a sprinkle of snow? Yep, some of us do it, whether we admit it or not.

So, although the snow may be falling outside, the cold air takes your breath away, and the sky looks dark and dreary, perhaps you can find some humor in these pictures that accurately describe women and winter. Come on ladies, you know they’re true.

16 They Sometimes Prefer Fashion Over Practicality

It’s no secret that women love fashion. But, maybe they like it a little too much when it comes to being practical. Pregnant women are already faced with feeling fat and, well, just not themselves. So, they may go to extreme lengths to feel more fashion-forward than others, even if it sacrifices practicality.

We all have that one friend who would, in a second, sacrifice practicality and warmth for a super cute outfit. You know, high heels when they should be wearing snow boots. Or, an outfit that shows off the legs, even when it’s 20 degrees outside.

Think about some of the completely impractical looks women go for just to stay fashionable: 6-inch heels, rompers, bodysuits, and layers. Uncomfortable and impractical, maybe, but they make pregnant women look cute.

Winter time is no exception to the impractical fashion rules, apparently, even when pregnant.

15 They Overdress Their Kids

For some reason, women feel it is necessary to dress their kids to the point where they can’t move a muscle as soon as the air gets that blustery chill. You might be reminded of the famous scene in A Christmas Story, perhaps, where little Randy simply could not put his arms down. As funny as it is, women really do this to their poor kids in the winter.

Of course, young children are more susceptible to being cold in cold weather because their tiny bodies lose heat quicker than adults or older kids. But, while it’s important to layer clothes on young kids, layering too much can actually cause their bodies to overheat, which creates a completely new, potentially very dangerous, problem.

But, hormonal pregnant women, especially, may feel extra nervous when it comes to keeping their other little ones warm. Keeping the count to three layers – a base, middle, and an outer – can help prevent overheating and keep a child comfortably warm.

14 They Do Some Strange Things

Have you ever heard of the ice bucket challenge, by any chance? Although the ice bucket challenge is for an absolutely great cause – supporting research for ALS - pregnant women, especially, probably shouldn't partake in such extreme winter events. But, they still do.

And that’s not the only ill-advised winter hobby. Have you ever heard of the Polar Bear Club? You know, the group of brave (or crazy?) individuals who swim in the ocean during frigid winter temperatures? Sometimes it’s to support a cause, and other times it’s just for some good… fun?

Well, it’s not just men who partake in these bold winter events. Women do, too. Even while pregnant. Apparently, they’re taking some tips from a Disney classic. As Elsa would say, “The cold never bothered me anyway.”

13 They Wear Some Dangerous Boots

Women love wearing boots, whether it’s winter or not. You may see some young women even wearing their Uggs with shorts in the summer time. Regardless of how you feel about it, some women think that every day is a good day to wear a new pair of boots.

But, let’s face it: boots were originally made for less than ideal weather, as a way to have a durable pair of shoes to trek through cold snow, rain, mud, etc. However, tons of new boot styles have made boots extremely fashionable, allowing women to wear them with every type of outfit style.

But, pregnant women may want to refrain from wearing dangerous boots in the winter, making them more unbalanced than they normally would be and putting them more at risk for falling. Try to remain as balanced as you can by wearing comfortable, safe boots, rather than opting for more fashionable ones during pregnancy.

12 They Opt To Stay Home

And, you know, why shouldn't they? Pregnant women find it very hard to get comfortable, making them sleep less and feel more tired throughout the day. Plus, when they're consistently lugging around several extra pounds in front of them, it can wear them out faster than the average person.

Plus, think of how difficult it is just for a pregnant woman to get ready. Getting shoes on? No thanks. With that belly in the way, she can't even see what she's doing. Plus, trying to squeeze everything into a winter coat and feeling like a whale if she does makes an outing seem like more of a hassle than it's worth.

For a pregnant woman in the winter, sometimes it's just better to call it a day, sit down, and relax. You fortunately have an excuse to be lazy, so take advantage of it!

11 They Panic When Driving In Snow

As much as women don’t want to admit it, studies actually prove that women are worse drivers than men. The University of Michigan completed a study analyzing car crashes that occurred between 1998 and 2007. Despite driving less often than men, women drivers were involved in more than half of those car accidents. Men drove 60% of the time and women, 40%, during this analyzed period.

If nerves play a role, perhaps this accounts for why women tend to panic when driving in snow in the winter. One little skid, and we want to slam on the breaks. The best way to avoid a full spin-out is to allow your vehicle to coast to a stop. A good piece of information, just in case you don’t want to be the next panicky woman on the road.

Pregnant women should take extra care when driving in bad weather, since they're carrying precious cargo with them. Make sure you're always rested up before you drive, and if you absolutely don't need to be on the road, don't be!

10 They Break Out The Fur

Or, perhaps, the fake fur. Either way, women sure do love to dress in fur in the winter. Do they like to resemble furry winter animals? Who knows? But fur remains one of the biggest fashion trends for women in the winter.

Fashionisers provides a few tips for wearing fur or faux fur, so the fur doesn’t look like it’s overpowering you. For pregnant women, this can be extremely important, since it can be tough to feel great in whatever you're wearing when you're consistently growing out of your clothes.

For example, don’t go overboard with fur. If you have a fur coat, great. But, full fur coats should be saved for more glamorous occasions and outfits, rather than an every day coat. Instead, pick a coat with some fur outlines, like on the hood, or add a fur scarf.

Also, wear light clothing underneath fur coats so they don’t make you look too bulky. Fur coats are often bulky enough already, and too many layers can make you look much bigger than you are.

9 They Have Unfortunate Falls

Ah, black ice. You think it’s just a wet piece of pavement, but the next thing you know, you’re landing on your butt, bruised and broken. And, of course, the whole parking lot full of people saw, with a few of them probably catching your unfortunate slip on their smartphone cameras.

The perks of being a woman with slippery shoes. But, for pregnant women, an unexpected fall can be extremely dangerous to them and their unborn babies. This is where practicality should definitely come before fashion, ladies. Winter boots are made for a couple of reasons: to protect your feet against cold and wetness, and to provide a non-skid sole to walk with. Yet, what do we choose to wear? Fashion boots. Fashion boots are not your friends in the winter.

So, consider finding some cute boots with non-slip soles. They do exist, and they can absolutely help you avoid an unfortunate photo, like the poor woman in the capture above. Even more importantly, they can help keep you and baby safe!

8 They Overdress Themselves

Just as they overdress their poor little children, pregnant women overdress themselves in the winter, too. And, although the running joke that women are always cold seems funny to both women and men, there is actually some scientific proof behind it, especially when you're pregnant.

Several studies show a link between women and a psychological sensitivity to cold temperatures. Men seem to tolerate drops in temperature easier than women, and some women are so resistant to cold temperatures that it changes their whole mood.

Women have a slightly higher core body temperature than men, which can account for why they feel cold temperatures before men do. Since women are, in general, slimmer and smaller than men, they lose body heat faster, too. When pregnant, a woman's blood tends to circulate more slowly, causing them to feel even more cold than usual.

So, the next time you see a pregnant woman “overdressed” in winter, try not to judge. Instead, thank science.

7 They Say “No” To Dieting

Winter weight gain is for real, especially for pregnant women. Most people struggle with deciding whether to diet or actually enjoy all the delicious holiday food put before us. In fact, people tend to gain anywhere from 7 to 12 pounds over the holidays, which happens to be during the winter season. And, even though losing weight is one of the most popular New Year resolutions, it typically only lasts a couple of weeks.

For pregnant women, dieting isn't really an option. And, they have to be extra careful about the kinds of exercises they do. Winter weather doesn't allow for a lot of opportunities for pregnant women to go outside and walk, for example.

Rather than “dieting,” or exercising in winter, pregnant women can commit to eating healthy. It’s all about portion control and fresh foods. And, you can even do some easy, leisurely exercises lying down, before you get out of bed in the morning.

6 They Play Like Kids

Winter provides some of the best opportunities for women to act like kids again. Lots of fluffy snow for snow angels, sledding, snowball fights, and building adorable snowmen. Don’t knock it, guys. Adults can significantly benefit from acting like kids again.

Adult play, or “recess” if you will, is something women choose to do. Therefore, it’s something they want to do. It acts as stress relief, a mood lifter, a sense of engagement with those they play with. In other words, it’s totally fun and healthy. Pregnant women can utilize winter play time to feel like a kid again, as long as they're cautious about keeping their bellies safe from harm!

So, get out there and create snow tunnels and forts. Challenge your husband to an all-out snowball war. Make a family of snow people. Give yourself a winter time-out and go play with your kids. Your health depends on it!

5 They Take Advantage Of Extra Cuddles

As the temperatures drop, there seems to be a rise in women wanting to cuddle. Of course, it keeps them warm, so it provides the perfect excuse to cozy up with a significant other. Pregnant women, especially, who are already hormonal, may find it even more comforting to snuggle.

In fact, winter conception rates are much higher than those in other seasons, perhaps because more intimate cuddling occurs during the colder temperatures. December alone accounts for 9% of all conceptions. And, more than twice as many condoms are sold the week before Christmas than the week after, which means more sex is happening.

So, guys – if your woman likes to cuddle more during the winter, it may mean more sex for you too, so get cuddling. Pregnant women deserve extra love!

4 They Slack On Leg Shaving

One of the biggest jokes surrounding women during the winter is the decrease in leg shaving. Even women joke about it, so it’s nothing we can get offended about. The way we see it, our legs are getting shown a lot less. No shorts, no bikinis, just leggings, sweats, or jeans. So, why shave?

Pregnant women have it twice as bad as others, since they can barely see their legs over their bellies, let alone find it easy to shave them. In the winter, they may just let it slide. More power to them!

Plus, if you’ve ever shaved your legs, you know how quickly hair sprouts again in the winter. After all, that’s what our bodies are supposed to do: grow hair to keep us warm. So, one little shiver, and suddenly we are blessed with stubbly legs again. It’s frustrating and makes it seem like a constant battle we can’t win.

Guys, the next time you want to comment on your woman’s stubbly winter legs, think about how unnatural it is for us. Our bodies are simply trying to keep us warm so we don’t die and all.

3 They Resemble Penguins

Poor pregnant ladies. They have a lot in common with the world's favorite iconic winter animal - the penguin. Not so much how they look, but how they waddle... um, walk.

Do you ever notice the adorable waddle very pregnant women have? Not as much in the first trimester, but more toward the second trimester, and definitely by the third. Their walks become more of a sideways jaunt, much like a penguin. In the winter, when they're all bundled up to beat the cold, the waddle can become even more noticeable.

Unfortunately, the pregnancy waddle can be especially dangerous for women in the winter. The waddle itself throws a woman's balance out of whack. Combine that with icy surfaces, and it can be a recipe for disaster. So, if you're ever out with a pregnant woman in winter, don't pick on her adorable waddle. Give her extra support so she and baby stay safe.

2 They Borrow Hubby's Clothes

A lot of women enjoy wearing their significant other's comfy t-shirts. They smell like him and make a woman feel comforted and secure. A pregnant woman may have another motive, though - her hubby's clothes are simply more roomy and comfortable for her pregnant body to fit in. More room for the growing belly means a more at-ease mama.

In the winter, a man's big shirt can also provide some extra warmth and comfort for soon-to-be mommies. If you've ever felt a man's t-shirt compared to a woman's, they're usually much thicker. Translation: they're warmer.

Guys, if your pregnant woman happens to be wearing one of your shirts when you get home one night, let it happen. Sure, her belly may stretch it out a bit, but it's making her happy and keeping her warm on those cold winter nights. Isn't that worth missing one of your favorite shirts for a couple months?

1 They Always Need To Warm Their Feet And Hands

Women, biologically, have colder hands and feet than men, no matter how cold the outside temperature is. But, in the winter, men may feel especially used for their warmth to help regulate their ladies’ hand and feet temperature.

Why do women constantly have frigidly cold hands and feet? Circulation is the culprit. The nerves that control blood flow are more sensitive in women, so the nerves constrict faster in women when they sense cold temperatures. This makes it more difficult for warm blood to travel to the outermost extremities – the hands and feet.

Pregnant women may be affected even more by cold feet and hands. There’s even a theory that a woman’s blood stays closer to the heart and uterus so it can protect growing fetuses and keep them warm. So, guys, when your woman uses you as a feet heater, remember it’s all for the greater good of keeping their baby-making parts in good shape (or at least, we can use that as an excuse, right?).

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