16 Reasons Why Kris Jenner Is the Worst Mom

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America has a love-hate relationship with the Kardashians. Putting on a face mask, grabbing a glass of wine and binge watching KUWTK is the favorite Sunday routine of many red blooded Americas, but there are some things that even they would agree, simply baffle our minds.

Sure, we all love to rag on the Kardashians, especially Kim and Kris Jenner, but how many of you have ever hated Kris with as much intensity? Kris is always stating that she has the best intentions for her children, and sure, you can definitely have the best intentions for your family, but still be really, really horrible at it.

And, when you look towards seriously horrible women who are abusive and do horrific things to their children, she’s a saint. But for fun, let’s ignore that part of society for now, and focus in on how ridiculous this family and Kris Jenner’s parenting skills really are.

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16 Fame is Her Only Glory

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We all know Kim, and the newly fame-starved Kourtney, are the hungry ones in this family, but we don’t have to look far for mother of all fame-hungry creatures, foaming at the mouth, the mother, herself.

Kris is willing to do pretty much anything to make a buck and get her and her family’s name out there at the top of the 'A' list. If it will get you into the media, gets you new followers, she’s keen to jump on it. Irrespective of what her own children have to go through to get her what she wants.

15 Money Means Everything To Her

Now, Kris is supposed to be their ‘momager’ and helps them out and be there for them such as a manager would, but you’d expect tenfold of attention and help since she’s their mother.

However, we’ve seen her countless times miss everyone’s performances and interviews (except Kim’s, as she’s the true money maker) because she’s scheduled so many other activities, and new managing opportunities, to ultimately make more money.

What kind of a mother plays favorites? Kris does and she’s pretty unabashed about it. Whichever daughter of hers gets her more money, is the apple of her eye.

14 Kendall’s Banned Kris From Her Performances

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Kendall seems to be doing well in life and shying away from the “reality” portion of her Kardashian job description. Which is great, everyone needs to forge their own paths. We also know that the whole family, mom included, is banned from a lot of her shows due to the fact that paparazzi and people will clamor all over them instead of Kendall.

Her mother has chased fame and money for so many years that Kendall can’t even have her at her shows without starting a media frenzy. Kinda sad, if you think about it. Most children would want their parents to be with them when they achieve something, but not Kendall.

13 Kim Has Stated As Much Herself

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Sure, this was in a heated argument, but having your grown children accuse you of being a bad mother is, well, the icing on the cake to being a bad mother. Your four-year old will probably tell you you’re a horrific person for not letting her eat ice cream right before bed, but when your grown ass daughter (with her own child) tells you how bad of a mother you are, well, maybe that’s the truth.

If you’re not looking out for what’s best for your kids, you won’t be winning mom of the year anytime soon. Don’t believe us? Read all the dirty details here.

12 She Has No Style Of Her Own, So She Copies Kim’s Style

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Alright, not your typical “worst mommy” ranting, but hey, everything counts! Although annoying to hear Kim complain about day-in and day-out on this show, it was she who pointed this gem out to us. Why would a mother want to copy her daughter’s style, or even steal her daughter’s spotlight?

Dressing like your kids doesn’t make you cooler or just like them, it makes you lame and beyond annoying. Trying to be their best friend instead of their mother is like a 90210 episode gone wrong. Being a friend to your children is great, but when that line becomes blurred and you find yourself stepping into the friend portion far too often, well…that’s when the mothering kind of stops.

11 She Pretty Much Ignored the Early Teenage Jenner Kids

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Sure, being a step-mother can be hard on all levels, but while Caitlyn was still Bruce, and Kris was still a Jenner by choice, she shied away from the Jenner kids. In different stages of their life, they never looked comfortable on screen, and were rarely (or reluctantly) invited on family vacations.

If you’re including boyfriends and the whole clan to ‘family’ vacations, why are you missing a few key players? Was it because she didn’t consider them her “own” or was it because they didn’t make enough money for her? Or was it a bit of both? Your guess is as good as ours.

10 Caitlyn Jenner’s Mom Says So

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Most people would agree that their favorite part of KUWTK was Bruce and how he always seemed to look out for the kids, no matter the situation. Now that Bruce is gone and Caitlyn is living a fabulous life, all of the interesting tidbits about their marriage along with Kris Jenner’s parenting skills, are coming to light.

Caitlyn’s mom has even been on record bashing Kris’s parenting skills, using words such as domineering and backstabbing in an interview. Sure, mother-in-laws don’t always have the best to say about their daughter-in-laws, but most won’t be taking to tabloids to share what they really think about their DIL’s parenting skills, either.

9 It’s Always About HER Girls

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There is not one single person who can come between this family, unless it will make them rise even further in the fame scale. If any person, men especially, try to roll in and not heed to her specific rulings and her managing ways, they’re pushed right out of the picture completely.

If she loses one of her starlets to someone else, how will she ever be able to pay for her freshly made up driveway? And have fans also noticed how she favors her own children over the Jenner children?

8 She is Just So VERY Selfish

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Speaking of driveways…have we all seen that episode where she won’t let anyone park on her newly finished driveway? No, it’s not still setting; no it doesn’t need new repairs. Kris doesn’t want anyone leaving any marks on her driveway because how would that look to the neighbors? I mean, it’s a driveway. Who can’t park on a drive?

If you aren’t letting people simple use something for what it’s designed for, then why do you own such things in the first place? If these are some of the things you see on screen, can you even imagine how selfish and self-centered this woman is in her own life? Everything is how she wants it, end of story.

7 Kris Is Manipulative and Exploitative

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Sure, they seem to be loving the spotlight and the money and perks that come with it, but jobs are always put onto her daughters so they can make more money and make the entire family more famous than they already are, no matter how tired they seem to be.

If her daughters aren’t making money, then she won’t be making money. Keeping them on their reality show, in interviews, in the perfect weight category, it all boils down to serving her in the end. Without her so much as lifting her finger, of course.

6 Even Robert Stays Away From Her

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Alright, so he’s been having some problems lately, but her relationship with her son doesn’t seem to be helping. She’s mentioned his weight before, trying to get him back on track. Which could be construed in her mind as helping her son.

But, if Robert has moved away from the whole family (now including Khloe) what is that saying about her parenting skills, and the family dynamic she’s put upon her children?

5 She Gave the Green Light for Playboy

No sane mother would be permitting their daughter to pose in Playboy. Sure, if she’s going to do it anyway and you can’t do anything about it, might as well support her, right? However, Kim was unsure about being in Playboy (back before her chest showed up on Instagram) and was thinking about backing out.

Kris told her to just do it now because she may not be asked later once she’s older. Now, Kim’s naked body is everywhere. From Playboy to the internet to Instagram. Thanks, Kris.

4 Kim’s Her Favorite

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She plays favorites and has even stated that Kim is her favorite to her other daughters. Mothers aren’t supposed to have favorites, and if they do, they surely aren’t supposed to tell their other children about it.

And, we can all guess why Kim’s her favorite, she’s the one who started the entire Kardashian monarchy with her wonderful sex tape.

3 Khloe’s Pre-teen “Nose Job”

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Khloe has always been behind everyone’s jokes when pertaining to the Kardashian clan, and even with her revenge body looking fierce, she can still get flack. Although she’s looking and feeling beyond amazing today, she loves to bring up the fact that her mother told her to get a nose job…when she was 9 years old.

Imagine telling your 9-year old daughter that there’s something wrong with her nose and she needs it fixed right away? There are no words.

2 She Has Zero Control Over her Kids

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Sure, they’re all grown and can make their own decisions, but are they making the best decisions? Even when Kylie and Kendall were younger she couldn’t seem to have a handle on them. They were constantly running to Khloe’s house – away from mom – or to Vegas to get a tattoo.

Sure, teenagers can be hard to discipline, but when they have access to private planes and cars and you don’t even know where they have gone…something’s the matter.

1 She’s Always Complaining About Caitlyn

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There are times when the clan can’t have either parent in the room, because Kris ‘just isn’t ready yet.’ Sure, Caitlyn is a big change, but let’s get over it, shall we?

And, if you can’t get over it, don’t go bashing your ex-husband in front of your kids; we all know that this is a big no-no when it comes to divorces. No kid wants to hear about how terrible their other parent is, especially if that parent hasn’t been terrible towards their children.

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