16 Shocking Confessions Of Terrible Babysitters

Surprisingly people go online time and time again and reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. It must be cathartic in a way. I guess it’s kind of like creating a fake online identity where you can actually be yourself without judgement from the people that you interact with every day.

Cheaters, liars, manipulators, people in witness protection, all connect on Whisper and discover that they have something in common. They have a secret that they need to share with the world and they cannot hold onto it anymore. I wonder if they feel a sense of satisfaction once they see their post and realize that they are not alone in their thinking.

Maybe they feel comfort in knowing that others share in their same hush-hush confessions.

Mothers, Fathers, and yes, babysitters, all have found an outlet for sharing their confidences. We, as readers, get a sense of the deeper complexities of people’s thoughts and actions.

Have you ever wondered what people are really thinking and doing when you are not around? What about your babysitter? What is going on with that energetic bomb of positivity that keeps her so vivacious when it comes to playing with your kids? I know I wish I could keep a secret hidden camera on my children at all times to see what’s going on when I’m not around.

Aside from planting nanny cam’s in every room of the house we truly will never know what’s keeping the pep in our babysitter’s step. However, some of our trusted little people watchers have taken to Whisper to spill about the shady things that go on after we head out for a night on the town.

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16 Cotton Isn't The Only Thing In The Cushions

"I'm a babysitter and my boss pisses me off so bad I cram snack foods into the couch cushions"

Really? This is so funny. “I am mad at you, so I will crush junk food into places that you will not discover until long after I am gone.” Besides the fact that she could have enjoyed that delicious salty snack, the kid she's watching will most likely get blamed for her secret revenge. If her boss pisses her off that much then why not go find another babysitting gig?

Good babysitters are hard to come by and parents are always on the hunt to find a responsible sitter. There will be plenty of time in life for her to do passive aggressive things to authority figures, but babysitting is supposed to be a fun, easy way to earn some extra cash.

My thoughts, eat the chips and find another family who appreciates you. For us parents, let’s dig deep in our couches and see if we find any hidden delights. It may be our babysitter’s way of saying that we are bosszilla’s.

15 A Mean Spirited Sitter

"Once I was babysitting my neighbor's 6 year old and she asked me why I'm ugly, so I said "I'm you from the future." And she cried for like 30 minutes."

This is just not funny, or cool, or acceptable. Sure it was rude for the kid to ask her why she’s ugly, but kids say inappropriate things. All.The.Time.

They are learning and growing and it is our job as parents and caregivers to teach kids what is rude and what is not. This would have been a perfect opportunity for this sitter to explain that the question that the child asked hurt her feelings. She could have then explained why.

These moments are teachable moments and I guarantee that the babysitter would have felt better if she turned this into a teachable moment instead of a chance to hurt or scare the child she is being paid to care for. This is a perfect example of why it’s a good idea to spend some time with your sitter and your child together and make sure that they get along.

Don’t just take other people’s word for an assessment of character. Follow your gut instinct and maybe let your kid test her boundaries in front of you and see how she reacts.

14 She Wants To What?

"I've always wanted to be the babysitter that sleeps with the single father. It seems so hot."

I say that if this is a fantasy that this sitter has and she is at least 18 years of age that she should go for it. Hey, if he’s single and she’s single then that would make them both consenting adults. There is that little thrill for some women that comes with sleeping with someone who has power over you in some way; bosses, teachers, hot single Daddy’s who write your paycheck.

It may also be a fantasy for the single father. Things that this sitter needs to remember include that he is a single Dad for a reason and with single Dad’s comes baggage. The baby’s mother, the ex-wife, of the grief he is dealing with associated with having lost the mother of his child.

Now, married Mom’s let’s not fret. Just because the sitter wants to get with the single Dad doesn’t mean that she wants to get with the married man also. Even if she does and you can sense it, you hired her--you can fire her.

13 Inappropriate And Secret Gifts

"I'm a babysitter and the girl I baby sit is 12. I gave her a whole bunch of new things cause her mom won't get them for her. I gave her 8 year old brother a big Lego kit for not telling. Is that wrong?"

Is that wrong? I’m not usually one to pass judgement but yes that is wrong. The thong issue is way out of line and this babysitter is taking it into her own hands to sexualize a child at an early age. Yes, thongs are used for fashion purposes so that panty lines do not show on pants but they symbolize more than fashion.

They are sexy. If the twelve-year-old’s mom did not want her to have thongs, then she has a good reason for it. Whether the sitter agrees with her reasoning or not does not matter. The Lego aspect is teaching the kids that bribery is okay.

She is being paid to help the family not disturb the peace or take sides. First and foremost, it is the job of the babysitter to take care of the well-being of the children. The sitter is to follow the family rules just as the kids are. This decision by the sitter is sending the message to the children that it is okay to go behind their parents’ backs. It’s sending the message that it is okay to hide things from their parents.

12 The Sneaky AF Snoop

"As a babysitter I used to look through bathroom drawers, try on their makeup and perfume. I got a glimpse of their lives, a taste of a different lifestyle than the one I had."

I will agree that this is a complete invasion of privacy and I could never imagine my trusted babysitter looking through my things, but it is normal to be curious about other people’s lifestyles. We invite our babysitters into our home and they will naturally find things out about us that they didn’t know before.

I used to housesit and I loved trying the different foods people had in their homes. I tried the vast array of beauty products that were left behind and I will admit that I looked through their drawers. People are puzzles and finding out about different pieces of their lives is interesting.

If there was anything in my home that I didn’t want my babysitter to see, then I would put it in a safe. It’s human nature to be curious about others and if I am welcoming someone into my home and trusting them to care for my children, then I am comfortable with the idea that they may want to explore my sanctuary.

11 Child's Play Gone Wrong

"Losing a game of hide and seek. Almost had a heart attack when I couldn't find the kid."

Losing a kid when you are babysitting is a pretty big deal. It’s a huge deal. It’s a deal breaker as far as the trust between a parent and babysitter are concerned.

Where was this babysitter playing hide and seek that he couldn’t find the kid? Were his seeking skills really that bad? What was he doing while the kid was hiding that he could have lost him? Was the kid hiding from him for another reason other than game playing? Don’t most young children make giggling noises when you don’t find them? Don’t they get to the point where they become antsy and can’t stand to hide anymore?

Whatever the circumstances were let’s add that to the list of questions that we ask our potential babysitters. If my kid were to get lost during a game of hide and seek, how would you handle it?

10 Practice Makes Perfect, For The Babysitter

"Babysitting is just like mom practice. If you screw up their child, now you know what not to do with your own."

This is amusing to say the least. No babysitter is going to screw up a child left in their care. We are the parents and we will be the ones to blame if our kid is twisted. But there is a simple truth here that yeah, our babysitters will make mistakes with our children. So will we, so will their teachers, so will other people who influence their lives.

Babysitting is sort of mom practice in a way. If our sitters care enough to see themselves as strong influences in our child’s life that’s a good thing. When we were first time parents we weren’t experts and no one expects perfection from their babysitters all of the time either. This babysitter can rest assured that we as parents will understand if they make mistakes because we have too.

Oh yeah, and if our kids are old enough to speak they will tell us if the sitter messes up royally.

9 There's No Special Snowflakes Here

"I'm a babysitter. I don't let the kid I watch win games just to make him feel better. It doesn't help to let kids think they're the best when they're not."

As a parent I struggle with this. I am fine with losing, but it’s always a question in my mind, “Should I let my kid win or let him lose so that he knows that he still has improvement to make?” Teaching our kids how to be both good winners and good losers is important.

As parents we model this behavior for them. By letting them both win and lose I believe that it builds self-esteem and teaches them how to be gracious winners and gracious losers. Letting a kid win all of the time may make him a poor sport when he plays with others and actually does lose and doesn’t know how to deal with it.

But not letting the kid ever win will dampen his spirit and he may not want to continue to learn and play the activity he is attempting. This sitter needs to realize that both winning and losing are part of life and as a caregiver it is our job to prepare them for the “real world.”

8 She's More Than Just The Sitter

"I'm in a secret relationship with the couple I babysit for. It's so exciting."

I wonder if how to deal with parents in an open relationship is part of the curriculum for the babysitter certification class these days. My only concern with this confession is that I hope that the babysitter is 18 years of age or older. I also am assuming that when she talks about being in a secret relationship she is referring to an intimate relationship.

If this is the case, I hope that the kid is fast asleep or has another babysitter to watch him while the threesome is going down. Other than that, love is love. If all is legal, everyone is consenting, and no one is being harmed then more power to you. Have fun with your secret relationship.

Many people have open relationships these days and whether or not they choose to kept then private or make them public is a personal matter. Hey, for this babysitter it’s exciting!

7 Explaining The Birds And The Bees

"The kids I babysit asked what sex is. I said it's when you get that feeling when you bite into a fresh slice of pizza."

I have never heard sex compared to biting into a piece of pizza before. I do know that there are a lot of people out there who would probably rate their love for pizza as a close second to their love for getting it on. I have heard of people with a sexual fetishism known as Sitophilia.

These people are turned on by incorporating food into their intimate life but I don’t think that’s what this babysitter was going for here. Let’s hope this kid doesn’t have an unnatural connection between the act and pizza for the rest of his life.

As a parent, I would prefer if all theses sort questions were deferred to me. However, I realize this will not always be the case. A couple of weeks ago my six-year-old told me that the boys on the playground at school told him what sex is. I inquired further into his understanding of it, but he didn’t want to talk about it anymore and I didn’t want to push it.

My point is that kids are going to be told all kinds of random things about intimacy as they grow. It’s up to us, as parents, to help them make sense of it all.

6 The Lazy AF Sitter

"When I babysat kids I make them go to bed really early so I can raid the fridge and pig out on snacks while I watch Netflix."

This is just selfish and mean. Many kids get excited about having babysitters come over. It’s a chance for them to have another older person to play with who isn’t one of their parents. It’s a chance to get a little crazier than they would if mom and dad were there. It’s a chance to bend the rules a bit.

This confession a good reason to tell the sitter to let the kids stay up until you get home, or they fall asleep. It’s also a good reason to put the 'No TV Rule' into effect. We’re not paying our babysitters to watch TV or to pig out while our kids are in bed or watching TV. A good idea to keep babysitters and kids busy is to leave activities and projects for them to do and complete together.

If you leave a brownie mix and an art project, you will know how involved the sitter was if the treat gets made and the art activity gets done.

5 Questionable Taste In Movies

At window

"Babysitter style movies from the other industry is my favorite to watch. Because I'm a babysitter and I find some of my bosses f**king attractive as hell."

Babysitter p**n, is that really a thing? Okay babysitter with the secret wish that I will never know about, keep that one to yourself. It’s flattering that you find my husband so attractive and I’m sure you have included me in your fantasies as well. So, thank you for the compliment. It’s nice to know that as parents that we are still seen as, “f*cking attractive as hell.”

Yeah, we’ve still got it.

Now, if dear, sweet babysitter you share any of your fantasies with us or even become so bold as to act on them, then we will have a major problem. As wives, we trust our husbands. If we are of the insecure persuasion, then surely we won’t be hiring any sort of star material to be hanging out in our home.

For the insecure, to avoid the babysitter fiasco from every becoming an issue, just hire a male or an older woman with a hairy mole in the middle of her forehead. Let’s all hope that our babysitter isn’t the one who’s spending her free nights watching these types of movies and make sure that we ask for references when hiring our sitters.

4 A Nightmare Released On The Kids

"I'm a babysitter. When I don't like the kid, I play horror sounds on YouTube while they sleep."

There is a special place in hell for this babysitter. If you don’t like the kid, then don’t babysit him again. This could be very traumatic for a child and could cause nightmares or a fear of babysitters in general. Babysitters like this are a good reason for us to really check in with our children and ask them how their night with their sitter went.

It’s a good idea to ask open ended questions so that the children can expound upon their favorite and least favorite parts of the night. If your child is too young to talk, make sure to pay attention to how he reacts to the sitter. Does his face light up with joy when he sees the sitter or does he start crying and cling to you for dear life?

It’s confessions like this that make me think, “Hey, that nanny cam in the bedroom might not be such a bad idea after all.”

3 Not Feeling So Comfortable

"Whenever I go to babysit and the dad comes home first I feel SO uncomfortable."

This is fairly common amongst babysitters. I used to feel the same way and so did my other babysitter friends. There was never any reason for it. I truly think it was the fact that when dealing with the interview process and getting to know the children the mother always took the lead. She was my primary contact.

When the father came home I wondered if he knew how much to pay me of if he felt weird being alone with another woman in his house when his wife wasn’t there. It was also just me not wanting to overstep my boundaries knowing that I was a paid guest in someone else’s home and my ultimate boss was the wife.

I did not want do or say anything that may leave the wife feeling uncomfortable that I was alone in her home with her husband. To deal with this, I kept interactions with the father to a minimum and dealt with the mother as much as possible.

2 Being Kept In Check By Fear

"When I babysit the only thing preventing me from snooping around the house is my fear that there's a nanny cam somewhere."

The more I think about the messed up things that these babysitters are confessing the more open I am feeling about the possibility of installing a nanny camera. If a nanny camera is what it takes to keep a babysitter acting respectfully then maybe that could be an option if you are hiring someone off of a website of from an agency or advertisement.

You could tell the babysitter that you have a video security system. That way she will know she is under surveillance. This all seems extreme, but so are the actions taken by some sitters. The best bet is to find a sitter from your kids’ daycare or school that they connect with. Asking friends for sitters with values that are similar to yours also works.

Word of mouth is how you find awesome babysitters so start asking around. Don’t be surprised if your friends don’t want to give up the name of their trusted sitter because they want her all to themselves.

1 Babysitter Goes For A Walk For Some Ice Cream...ALONE

"Kids locked me out. So I left and bought ice cream. Then I sat there and ate it in front of them...not sharing."

Once again questions start arising in my mind. Why would the kids lock the babysitter out? Was the babysitter that uncreative that she could not find a way to get the kids to let her back in the house? Did she really leave these hellions who just locked her out, alone with no adult supervision? How close was the store? Did the kids tell the parents that this occurred so the sitter could be blacklisted by all other parents in their circle of friends?

Did the sitter think this leaving and not sharing technique was a positive discipline technique?

This brings to mind some things that need to be brought up at the babysitter interview. How would you handle the situation if my kids locked you out? Would you use the spare key hidden under the flower pot to get back in or would you leave then hog down ice cream in front of my kids? What are your viewpoints on redirecting behavior?

This is also a good reason to share with babysitters how you would like them to handle situations where your kids aren’t cooperating.

Source: Whisper.com

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