16Cotton Isn't The Only Thing In The Cushions

"I'm a babysitter and my boss pisses me off so bad I cram snack foods into the couch cushions"

Really? This is so funny. “I am mad at you, so I will crush junk food into places that you will not discover until long after I am gone.” Besides the fact

that she could have enjoyed that delicious salty snack, the kid she's watching will most likely get blamed for her secret revenge. If her boss pisses her off that much then why not go find another babysitting gig?

Good babysitters are hard to come by and parents are always on the hunt to find a responsible sitter. There will be plenty of time in life for her to do passive aggressive things to authority figures, but babysitting is supposed to be a fun, easy way to earn some extra cash.

My thoughts, eat the chips and find another family who appreciates you. For us parents, let’s dig deep in our couches and see if we find any hidden delights. It may be our babysitter’s way of saying that we are bosszilla’s.

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