16 Things Moms Hate About Themselves Based On Their Zodiac

One thing is this true, as a single lady or a Mom, we are still the same gal. Yes, our days become flooded with diapers and bottles and whining kids. We sport a mom bun, yoga pants and flip-flops or slippers depending on the season. Our cars might be full of crumbs, and our make-up bag with lipstick that is so last year.

We might not have time for our friends, for a good haircut, or even a peaceful glass of wine. But, even if it doesn’t feel like it, our previous identity is still hidden in there somewhere. Our birthday is still the same, and the birth year, too.

We can’t deny our identity, our horoscopes, or our personality traits. In fact, in some cases mom-hood can highlight both our best and worst characteristics. And, no matter how great of a Mom we might be, we all haver our faults, each and every one of us!

If you have a bad temper, are obsessively organized, are notoriously irresponsible, or impossibly bossy…that will all remain the same. Sooner or later, after the oos and ahhs of early motherhood simmer off, the real you with emerge. Your kids will meet this side of you, too!

After all, motherhood is both a beautiful and stressful time. It’s a big adaptation period, and the ultimate test for every Mom alike. Take it from those who have been there already, and heed their warnings.

These are best the kept secrets, the traits Mom hate most about themselves, based on their zodiac signs.

16 Aquarius - Inability To Bond With Mate

As a mother, the Aquarius is among the most devoted and sincere of all mother hens. The trouble is, she often struggles to delegate the space in her heart and in her daily routine for the father of her little chicks. Because of this challenge, Mother Aquarius unintentionally pushes away her lover and her friends.

She withholds her feelings and puts all of her efforts on the happiness of her children. Her relationships suffer after she becomea a Mom. She has a strong need for close-knit relationships, but doesn’t offer the dedication required to maintain them.

Life partners and friends alike often feel neglected by the lack of reciprocity. Many Aquarius’s hate it that their relationships are struggling, but can’t find the words or the actions to repair what has been lost. They simply can’t help it but to put their kids first in all of their endeavors.

15 Pisces - Inability To Discipline

A highly emotional sign of the zodiac, the Pisces Mommy is completely attached to her young from conception on. Super compassionate and doting, this water sign is a border-line obsessive parent.

At times, this all-encompassing love knows no boundaries…and often, no discipline. She hates to see her child in pain or anguish of any kind. This makes it hard to delegate or implement regiments for correction. And as you might have guessed, she finds it unbearable to be the source of any sort of discomfort.

Mama Pisces only want to dish out love, support, and affection. When it comes time to offer criticism or correction, she often falls completely flat. She knows that her child needs more direction and she usually regrets not having a stronger backbone. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the kids of a Pisces parent to be spoiled brats.

14 Aries - Inability To Accept Imperfection

The Aries Mama is a rock star in all aspects of her life. She always has been, always will be, and motherhood is no time for making an exception to the rules. It is not surprising that the Aries Mom is the leader of the pack, organizer of all things, and the ultimate perfectionist.

She is very self-aware and always out to improve herself. But, this is never, ever at the cost of any members of the family. She is determined to succeed and that her kids will, too. Unfortunately, not everyone in her social circle appreciates this obsessive, can-do attitude.

She often comes off as arrogant and self-righteous. In the end, as a parent, the Aries will usually feel regret that she could never except “good enough”. Especially, when her kids tire of trying to be perfect inside and out and lash out at her demands.

13 Taurus - Inability To Accept Change

Being a Taurus Mom means a whole lot of things. Like being steadfast, stable, and stubborn as h-e- double hockey sticks! This means hardcore predictability for the kids being raised by them.

Taurus folks love habit and routine, guidelines and rules. They love the challenge of fulfilling requirements and expectations. They make great supporters, encouragers, and coaches. All are fabulous attributes for raising kids. But, when rocked off their carefully orchestrated routine, Taurus is famous for getting frazzled.

Sometimes these bull-headed Mamas wish they could find a way to cave in, just little bit. Although it is great to raise kids who are reliable, it is also super important to raise kids who are reasonable. Many Taurus parents have voiced their regrets over being resistant to change, especially when it comes to being sensitive to the needs and voices off their offspring.

12 Gemini - Inability To Be A Parent Before A Friend

Gemini’s are kindred spirits, notorious for their free-natured thoughts, and fly-by-the-seat-of-their pants whimsy. They often make for a fun and silly parent, too. These are the type of ladies who are forever-young, always in style, and frequently in tune with the latest news.

Sometimes she is so busy being the cool Mom that she forgets she is a few decades behind her youngsters. It is can be so important to be accepted by her kids, that Mother Gemini, sometimes lives too close to the edge of reason.

These Mamas rightfully confess that they are such good friends that they can’t effectively exercise the parental role. When it’s time to lay down the law, it’s not uncommon for the kids to mock her untimely seriousness. This sometimes breeds children who are prone to questioning authority and challenging the roles of their parents.

11 Cancer - Inability To Regulate Emotions

Cancers are natural born baby magnets. They typically love children and all things baby. They are fulltime nurturers and are the first in line to cuddle every new baby. When it comes to their own kids, every child of a Crab is a lucky one indeed.

Cancer Momma’s hang on every precious detail that makes their mini unique. This Mom is the one who bends over backwards to make the impossible possible. Not only is she sensitive to each and every need, she is also hyper sensitive to her own emotions.

No filter here, she is up and down, happy and sad, thrilled and devastated. All over the place and nearly incapable of putting a cap on her heavy emotions. Many a Crab has said she wishes she had taught her kids better self -regulation. It may be okay to cry, but not to hysterically break down! Kids follow by example and this trait is one that this water sign often regrets passing down.

10 Leo - Inability To Tone It Down

Yes, Leos are drama queens, and none of that is squelched by motherhood. This Mama likes to make a big, deal out of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. And, why wouldn’t she? After all, this proud soul has a lot to brag about. According to her, her baby is the cream of the crop, descending from the queen herself.

First step, first food, first word…first anything, you can count on it being documented and framed. And, when it’s time to play, the Leo Mother is the first in line for all of it. A great playmate, she is game for anything, the ultimate supporter of any talent worth displaying. But, not everything is ice cream and rainbows.

This Mama is the first to let you know when life has gone downhill, too. Bad grades, lost sweaters, broken curfews…you can bet the whole neighborhood knows about it. This lady’s biggest regret? Taking all things to epic proportions and not sparing her kids lots of embarrassment.

9 Virgo - Inability To Relax

If there ever was a perfect Mom, Virgo would be it. Programmed to be an expert, Virgos are vigilant about schedules and structure. Babies of a Virgo can thank their Mommas for planning every last step of their birth and childhood. This well-informed breed never makes a rash decision about anything.

She carefully researches, assesses, and implements only the best laid parenting plans. She is also a kind-hearted advocate, ready to rescue Mothers everywhere from a devastating decision about breastfeeding, sleep training, vaccines, and public education. But, one thing a Virgo Mom is prone to repeating, her regrets on not relaxing.

She spends so much time trying to perfectly orchestrate everything. Sadly, she sometimes forgets to simply enjoy motherhood. Life is not always about judging, analyzing, and comparing everything. Sometimes we just need to stop and smell the roses. Or, kiss the cheeks of our babbling babies.

8 Libra - Inability To Be Consistent

 These dreamy types are quick to lather their kids in comfort, any way possible. This is the Momma who cures a bad day with an ice cream cone or a manicure. It’s no surprise that she is unconventional in almost everything.

She doesn’t scold the crayon on the wall, but rather praises the artistry. She takes the kids on elaborate trips to explore storybook locales. A Libra Mother is quick to dunk her kids into art, fashion, culture, and anything that inspires creativity. But, lofty thoughts can get her in trouble with her age-old battle with finding balance.

This air sign has a tough time staying steady and not drifting off into Lala Land. It can be quite confusing for her kids, deciding what she is serious about. This sometimes leads to issues with discipline and trust for lack of consistency. Libra Moms most often regret not being more predictable for their kids.

7 Scorpio – Inability To Lose Control

When Scorpios turn into Mamas, there is no question who runs the show. Scorpios can’t help but be matriarchs, they were born to wear the pants! Kids of these parents are nearly guaranteed to have a cozy home and close-knit family life.

Despite the high demand for order, home life will be geared to a low-key and peaceful existence. Once a family has been brewed, Scorpio Moms care about nothing more than comfort and satisfaction of this inner circle. But, it can’t be denied that this water sign has control issues.

Be careful not to isolate your children or to rule them by fear. Many Scorpios regret this when the kids retaliate. Instead, let go of controlling and coercing. Instead, teach your kids to respect and honor you. And, let them spread their wings when they let you know it’s time.

6 Sagittarius - Inability To Practice Patience

A Sagittarius is a delightful Mom to have. Full of zest for life, spontaneity and resilience, Sagittarius mothers tend be inspirational and motivational to their children. They are young at heart and playful. They are the first to encourage a new adventure, a new friend, or a childhood popsicle stand.

The over ambitious Mama has one minor fault though, one that she might claim haunts her ‘til the end of time. Patience is not her virtue, and her go-getter, conquer-the-world mantra can get in the way of this missing, mothering trait.

Sitting still with newborns, the monotonous play of toddlers, and the boring, predictable years of school year routines…can be torturous for the Sagittarius. The doldrum days can lead to a short temper and a sharp tongue. The Sagittarius Mama Bear often regrets not exercising her patience when progress is slow, and the days are too long.

5 Capricorn - Inability To Chill Out

The ultimate provider, the pillar of security, and the sustainable bread winner…that is who Mama Capricorn is. Possibly, the most well-intentioned parent of all, Capricorn was practically designed with family in mind. She is stern and structured, successful and sufficient.

Her focus is on a raising a well-rounded brood destined to trump failure.“Slow and steady wins the race”, “always respect your elders”, “climb the ladder to success” are all things you might hear this goat sign whispering to her kids. But, sometimes she gets a little too serious in life.

Sagittarius Moms list their regrets, as not relaxing enough and worrying too much. Some of life’s greatest moments are a result of imperfection and spontaneity. But, this Mama struggles to the see the value in tossing structure and schedules aside. She must be careful not too push her kids too hard or risk total retaliation in the long run.

4 Fire Signs - Inability To Show Affection

Moms who fall on the cusp of the zodiac birth dates might not always identify exactly with the traits of their so-called sign. If you are a fire mother, you could be an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. You might relate more with the horoscopes and personalities of the Fire sign.

These Moms are go-go-go adventurers, dream-reachers, and the ultra-independent types. Their self-proclaimed fault is a resistance to the touchy-feelies. You can count them in for roller coasters and roller derbies, but not so much for tickle monster and movie cuddles. Ultimately, many Fire Signs voice concerns that they didn’t hug their kids enough.

Nobody expects grand displays of public affection, but don’t forget to give your kids a squeeze and a peck on the cheek from time to time. Affection is an important part of giving children a sense of safety and security.

3 Earth Signs - Inability To Be Humble

Mamas who fall under this sign are not as down-to-earth as you might think. They can actually be quite stern and serious, with a great admiration for structure and success. They are great lovers of tradition, history, family, and money.

Mamas who fall under Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are known for their dazzling proclamations. Over-the-top holiday displays, bragging about links to famous people in history, and driving the latest soccer-mom mobile. It’s okay to be proud or to appreciate the finer things in life. But, be careful of how this looks to your kids.

Teach them the principles behind earning such greatness. Don’t simply hand them a lavish life on a silver platter. Remember to create a home for sticky hands and bare feet. A picture-perfect life is not necessarily a fun life for young hearts. Sometimes Earth Moms regret that they forgot to emphasize the little things.

2 Air Signs - Inability To Tune In

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the super dreamy, super fun types. It is often a joke about this air signs, who is the Mom and who is the kid? These Mamas can’t help it that their heads are usually stuck in the clouds.

Dreaming up their next masterpiece, trip abroad, or bold fashion statement. Their social life is much the same, filled with friends and community who just want to keep up the trendy Mama. But, Air signs struggle to balance “Mom Life” with “Me Life”...and this can result in kids who feel left out or left behind.

These Mamas often express regrets in this aspect of life, not taking more time to shower their kids with individual attention. Your kids very well might admire your artwork, adore your closet, and enjoy every minute of your round-the-world excursion. But, don’t forget to slow down and zoom in on nothing but them.

1 Water Signs - Inability To Let Go

Water Moms have a lot going for them. They are super-nurturing, super-tuned in, and highly sensitive. Perfectly in que with the needs of their kids, often jumping to their rescue before any word leaves their mouths.

Totally involved and hands-on, always knee-deep in the million projects of her little ones. Her kids usually feel quite confident and secure in the ever-changing world. But, Water Mamas also have a really tough time backing off when the time is right. It’s not uncommon for them to over-react emotionally to times of separation and change.

Lectures about not being home on the weekends, missing evening meals, and not calling often enough tend to push developing kids away. These typically fluid Moms often wish they had not been so suffocating in times of change. Remember not to fear your fledglings leaving the nest, this is what you have been preparing them for!

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