16 Things Mom's Pregnancy Body Is Saying About The Baby

Pregnancy can make mom’s body do some crazy things. It often makes mom feel like her body is out of control. The baby is growing and developing so quickly (even though 40 weeks doesn’t always seem quick) that mom’s body is constantly working to give baby everything she needs. Its pushing out hormones at an incredible rate to provide the perfect environment for a developing baby.

Some of these crazy body changes may also be telling mom something about the baby she’s expecting. It can be fun to notice the changes and dream about what this means for baby. Some common pregnancy symptoms have been proven by science to indicate certain features in the baby. Other pregnancy symptoms have been touted for generations as meaning this or that about the baby.

It can be hard for a mom to see her body changing in so many ways. Some of the ways her pregnant body changes is beautiful while others can be annoying or even embarrassing. It can be hard to keep a positive attitude through morning sickness, growing a beard and battling acne. Keep reading to find out what a mom’s pregnant body is really telling her about the baby.

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16 The Baby Won't Stop Moving

Does it seem like baby is moving around nonstop, all day long? Some studies have found that this movement can give mom a clue about how baby will be outside of the womb.

Dr. Janet DiPietro of Johns Hopkins has studied fetal movements in several studies and found interesting results. One study showed that babies who were more active in the womb tended to be “more difficult, unpredictable, inadaptable and active” between 3 and 6 months of age.

Baby seems to be developing his personality, activity level and temperament inside of the womb. He’s letting everyone know just what to expect in the months to come. On the other hand, babies who didn’t move as much in the womb tended to be fussier as infants. One thing we can tell for sure is that any baby will need tons of care and attention!

15 The Basketball Belly

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A high, round belly that look a lot like your hiding a basketball is thought to mean that you’re having a boy. This story has been passed down over and over again through the generations. Some women swear by it. But what science is telling us now is that how a woman carries a baby has much more to do with her own body type than the gender of the baby. The condition of mom’s body is much more telling of how she’ll carry than the baby is. The amount of muscle tone, definition and strength tends to tell the most about how mom carries. It also depends on how many pregnancies she’s had before. Her general height and body type also has a lot to do with how the baby belly looks on her.

14 Wider And Fatter

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Have you noticed your face is looking a little different in the mirror these days? Lots of moms get a little puffy in the face as pregnancy continues but some also notices changes in their noses. Some moms report that their nose looks wider, fatter or even longer during pregnancy. Many swear that this change in mom’s appearance means that she’s expecting a boy.

While science hasn’t backed this theory up…yet…we do know that changes in hormones change several things in mom’s face. Sometimes they make her retain more water giving her a puffy-all-over look while other times it can cause the lining in the nose to swell leaving her feeling stuffed up. This is all related to the hormones the body needs to help baby grow and develop safely instead of being related to baby’s gender.

13 A Sweet Tooth Can Mean A Couple Of Things

Snickers, lollipops, ice cream, cookies….do sweets taste Ah-maz-ing since you’ve gotten pregnant? For generations, women have been told that a sweet tooth during pregnancy means that they are having a girl. We’re still waiting for science to back this idea up but we have been seeing more and more wives’ tales proven true recently. Who are we to discredit the sage advice of mothers and grandmothers past?

A sweet tooth could mean a couple of things. One is that your body needs extra calories and sweet things are usually highly palatable and high in calories. Plus, your body can break them down easily and quickly. The problem is that unless its fruit, its usually not very high in nutrients. Your body might also be extra tired and looking for a quick pick-me-up. But your much better off catching a nap and eating healthy.

12 Are Your Feet Cold?

Having cold feet about becoming a mom? Most moms do have a certain element of uneasiness when wondering just how her life will change with a new baby. Be it baby number 1 or baby number 9 life is definitely going to change. But cold feet in this situation is different from cold feet before getting married.

Moms share that literally having cold feet during pregnancy means that you’ll have a boy. So far this is just another wives’ tale about pregnancy but there may be some science to it. Since your blood volume increases during pregnancy it can take longer from the blood in your toes to make it back up to your heart. This can cause your feet to be extra cold but it doesn’t prove your having a boy.

11 A Long Labor

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Once you go into labor you’re in the last stages of pregnancy but your body will still be sending you tons of signals about the pregnancy. The length of your labor is one of those signals. One study in Dublin found an old wives-tale that appears to be true for gender. After studying about 8,000 births, they found that boys had longer and more difficult labors. It’s unclear why boys might have longer or more difficult labors but it could have something to do with how their hormones interact with moms or their size (as bigger babies tend to be more difficult to deliver). During labor your body will send signals about how you and baby are handling labor, how you need to move to help baby through the birth canal and when to push. It’s an incredible process that was miraculously designed.

10 It Won't Stop Burning

For generations moms and grandmothers have told expecting women that heartburn means the baby will have a full head of hair when she’s born. Finally, science has backed up this long-held claim. A study done at Johns Hopkins proved that there is a correlation between the intensity of heartburn felt by the mother and the hairiness of the baby.

Expecting moms might have more heartburn because estrogen causes the esophageal sphincter to relax. This allows stomach acid to come up into the esophagus –causing a burning feeling. Estrogen appears to be responsible for aiding in hair growth on the baby. Therefore, more estrogen means more hair and more heartburn. If you’ve been suffering from heartburn at night, then you might benefit from propping your upper half up with extra pillows or even taking refuge in a recliner.

9 More Tooth Aches And Cavities

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Have you had more tooth aches and cavities during pregnancy? It’s actually quite common for moms to get more cavities during pregnancy. Your body will do everything it can to give baby exactly what she needs while she’s developing. That can even mean taking calcium deposits from your bones. The good news is that after the pregnancy and breastfeeding is over, your body will work to replace the borrowed calcium and can even create stronger bones than before pregnancy. If you’ve been getting more cavities during pregnancy your body might be telling you to improve your diet to provide more of what baby needs through the foods you’re eating instead of through your own reserves. Kale, collard greens, broccoli and spinach are vegetables that are high in calcium and other great nutrients your developing baby needs.

8 It's Flakey

Have you applied moisturizer religiously and can’t seem to keep up with the dry skin? Have your hands even been cracking or are your legs getting scaly? There’s an old wives’ tale that says if an expecting mother has dry skin she’s expecting a boy. Science hasn’t proven it but there could be a few reasons why you might have more dry skin during pregnancy. You need to drink more water than normal during pregnancy. If you have dry skin it could be because you haven’t been drinking enough water. Plus, your hormones are running on high and could have an effect on the moisture level of your skin. Keep up with moisturizing but remember whatever you put on your skin will also be absorbed and reach the baby. Try natural moisturizers that don’t have extra chemicals or toxins in them. Shea butter or coconut oil are great natural alternatives.

7 Does Everything Make You Queasy?

Does the thought of food make you queasy? Have you been bent over more toilets than you care to remember? Does your “morning sickness” last all day? These signs all warn that mom is expecting a baby girl.

While your body gets surges of pregnancy hormones it can make you feel quite yucky. The bright side is that it’s a great indicator that the pregnancy is strong and healthy. While not all moms experience morning sickness many do just for the first trimester. By the second trimester most of the morning sickness subsides and mom starts to feel more like herself again. Some women, though, do experience more extreme cases of morning sickness that can last throughout the day and even throughout the pregnancy. Eating a little something as soon as you get up (yum…saltines) can help in the morning.

6 Full Body Breakouts

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Have you been battling breakouts on your face, arms and back? Do you feel like you’re a pubescent teen again…or worse? Many believe that this means mom is expecting a girl. They say that a girl “steals the mom’s beauty.” Girl or not, breakouts can rage during pregnancy due to the high amount of hormones racing through mom’s body. It can be totally annoying and frustrating. There isn’t a ton that mom can do about it other than regularly washing her face, treating the breakouts with mild solutions and eating a clean diet. Moms that normally struggle with acne and take medications for it should talk with their doctors even before getting pregnant. Some acne treatments high in vitamin A have been found to cause birth defects. Don’t worry Mama, the work you’re doing to grow a baby is beautiful!

5 The Hairy Messy

Hair on your face, hair on your neck, hair on your back, hair, hair….everywhere! Have you been battling extra hair during pregnancy? Sometimes it will be light and fuzzy but everywhere. Sometimes it will be darker and courser and growing faster than normal. Many women swear that all that extra hair mom is growing means that she’s going to have a boy.

The idea is that the baby boy is giving mom extra testosterone hormones that turn her extra hairy. While you’re buying new razors every week there is good news. Once you have the baby those extra hormones will be flushed from your system and in a month or two your hairiness will go back to normal levels. If your breastfeeding, it might take a little bit longer but the hair-meter won’t read werewolf for much longer.

4 You Need To Wear To Different Cups

Many women notice a pretty big increase in cup size during pregnancy. Some, though, notice that the change is uneven. For generations, moms have been swearing that if your heavier in the right cup then you’re expecting a girl and if your heavier in the left cup you’re expecting a boy. Some women are naturally uneven and this difference becomes more pronounced during pregnancy. But for others the change is very dramatic as their body changes during pregnancy. Some moms feel so uncomfortable about their new uneven bust that they use bra inserts or extra padding to help to even it out. So far, there isn’t any science behind the claim but as we’ve seen before it might just be a matter of time! After pregnancy and breastfeeding the extra lift will go away.

3 The Veggie Craving

Your body gives you signals about what you need and what the baby needs. If you’ve been craving veggies there’s a good chance that you need certain nutrients in those vegetables. Eating a diet with lots of different kinds of fruits and vegetables helps to ensure your body is getting the variety of nutrients it needs to help baby develop. Plus you’ll be getting a healthy dose of fiber to keep the pregnancy constipation at bay. In a study published in Pediatrics, researchers found that the food a pregnant woman eats changes the flavor of her amniotic fluid and in turn changes the types of foods the babies enjoyed when they started eating solids. Some of the pregnant mothers drank carrot juice during their pregnancy. Of those who did, their babies preferred cereal with carrots in it once solid foods were introduced.

2 Salt Has More Than One Meaning

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Researchers at Oxford and Exeter Universities found interesting correlations between a mother’s diet and baby’s sex. After examining the diets of 740 women during their first pregnancy they found that certain diets made it more likely that the mother would have a boy. Of those diets, the ones that had higher amounts of sodium were more likely to produce a boy. Other pre-pregnancy diets were also more likely to produce boys like those high in potassium or those who ate cereal.

Salt cravings might also indicate that mom’s body is working to produce more blood. Since salt is an important element in blood, some think that certain cravings like olives, pretzels, pickles or potato chips mean that mom needs more salt to increase her blood volume during pregnancy. If your craving more salt, try adding a high quality sea salt to your veggies but don’t overdo it.

1 A Mother's Intuition

Via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3105956/Saved-seconds-spare-thanks-mothers-intuition-baby-nearly-died-doctors-said-wrong.html

Do you have a suspicion about your pregnancy? Do you have a feeling that you’re going to either have a boy or a girl? Well, your “mother’s intuition” might actually be correct. A study done by the University of Arizona found that mothers were accurate 70% of the time when predicting the gender of their baby (At least it’s better than 50%!). If your heart or your gut is telling you something about the gender it’s a good time to start trusting your mother’s intuition—it will serve you well throughout motherhood. Moms report having other feelings about something that’s just not right with their child or about to happen. Some moms who’ve followed this feeling ended up helping their children out of difficult positions. Maybe it’s a special connection that starts in the womb.

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