16Start Early

You may think that your baby is a newcomer to eating when he or she is born — and that is true — but from the very moment after birth, your baby has a natural instinct that can help you in getting the very best start at breastfeeding.

In fact, you may

not be expecting your baby to crawl until they are a few months old, but you might be surprised to find your newborn making its way up your body just moments after birth. Newborns placed on a mother's body immediately after birth with naturally start moving toward the breast, and they will begin breastfeeding all by themselves. It's true. That is the natural instinct at birth.

Many breastfeeding experts encourage people to start early, when that natural instinct is at its best because if it isn't put into action it could go away. That is why women are encouraged to breastfeed their baby within the first hour of its life, if possible.

Speaking as the mom of a NICU baby who didn't start until a day later, don't think that all is lost if you miss that golden hour. But starting early is a good way to begin your journey if possible.

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