16 Unexpected Things New Mothers Should Expect With Their Newborns

Some women will have a smooth pregnancy while others pray every day for delivery to come. Despite this and the preparedness of a mother, somethings will surprise her.

You will sleep anywhere at any time, you will feel fatigued, you will never find out why the baby is crying, you will no longer have time for yourself, and your body will also change among many other things. This will go on for a long time but at the end of it all, you will manage.

The new experiences you will have include bonding with your newborn, challenges with breastfeeding, and how to care for the baby. Here are some of the unexpected things that every new mother should expect with their newborns.

16 Frequent Visits to the Bathroom

The trauma during labor and delivery can lead to irritation in the perineum when passing urine. You may have expected your visit to the bathroom would be less frequent once you give birth! But it's the opposite. You will continue running to the bathroom for some time. After labor, your body experiences a natural dieresis.

15 Re-Thinking Labor And Delivery

You may think that once you have given birth you will be done with your delivery experience! Well, this is not the case. You will think about it repeatedly, especially if you are a first-time mother. It is normal to think about it but if you had an unpleasant ordeal that seems to stress you, seek professional assistance.

14 Sleep Deprivation

Disrupted sleep leads to depression, headaches, irritability and fatigue. This is exactly what you should expect with a newborn. The sleeping pattern of the baby is not the same as yours and you will find that at night is when the baby will stay awake while sleeping during the day. Ensure that you catch some sleep when you can especially when the baby sleeps. You can also have someone help you with the baby so that you can take a nap.

13 Being Covered in Poo

When the newborn is not in a diaper, expect to have poop and pee all over you with no apologies. Their pooping can be noisy and smelly. It also happens to be very light and this only means that it will spread everywhere and if the diaper is loose, it may leak onto clothes. You will have to change their clothes several times.

12 Attachment Takes Time

Do not be stressed if you take a while to know your baby. Some people take some time to adjust to motherhood while others experience baby blues. Do your best to have that attachment with your baby and with time, you will adjust. If the baby blues becomes too much and you are afraid you are getting depressed, look for a professional counselor.

11 Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding challenges are also a surprise to many new mothers. Challenges include positioning the baby properly, not having enough milk supply and cracking of the nipple in the first three days of breastfeeding. You might take classes and believe you already know how to do it before delivery but until you take it practically, you will still find it hard.

10 Postpartum Bleeding

You may need postpartum care which is a surprise to many as they know the moment they have delivered, all is done. Postpartum bleeding is normal whether you have had a cesarean section or a normal delivery. You will have to wear big-sized pads for a few weeks until bleeding stops. After the bleeding, a discharge follows.

9 Messed Up Body Clock

It can be funny and frustrating at the same time to know that your newborn will mix their day and night. Mothers complain that their newborns will stay up the whole night and sleep the whole day. This will force you to stay awake at night while taking care of the house chores during the day. The result will be a very fatigued new mother.

8 Guilt About Returning to Work 

No matter how much you love your job, you will feel guilty leaving your baby especially the very first days. Before going back to work, be comfortable with the person in charge of your baby and as you go back to work, ask for timely updates on the progress. Here's how you can manage that pesky feeling.

7 The Mysterious Colic Infection

A good number of infants are affected by colic or acid reflux. Nothing can prepare you well enough for a baby that will cry for hours nonstop. This will keep you awake, roaming everywhere when rocking the baby. Some of the tips of calming the baby down include laying them flat on your chest and swaddling them.

6 Time Always Seems To Be Less

You may think that once the baby sleeps, you will find your “me time” or be able to handle other tasks. This turns to be quite the opposite as you will end up taking care of the baby and trying to catch some sleep when it sleeps. It will surprise you how draining it can be. You will definitely need someone to help you with some chores.

5 Various Physical Changes You Undergo

You will most definitely look different. Some of the surprises you should expect are hair loss, wider hips, post-baby bellies, deflating breasts, tired eyes and stretch marks among others. One change that happens to the breast is having one that is larger than the other. Weight gain is also very common with some women not getting back their prenatal weight.

4 You Will Make Numerous Mistakes

Mistakes that you swore would never happen, end up happening. You swore that you would never fall asleep while holding your baby, you will never forget to buckle the car seat belt, you will take good care of yourself, you will never be late for appointments, and you will do all the house chores in time. Don't worry, though. These are mistakes that are bound to happen.

3 Constantly Buying New Baby Clothes

Newborns tend to grow very fast. One thing you will realize is that their clothes become small in a couple of weeks. This might be a huge surprise if you had bought tons of clothes for your newborn as they might end up not wearing most of them. Buy a few clothes every now and then or different sizes rather than buying the same sizes.

2 Your Relationships Will Change

You may end up losing some of your friends or the friendships just change. This will obviously happen as you will not have much time to meet up with them for coffee, go to the movies or even clubbing because you're too busy looking after your baby, not to mention the strain that a new baby puts on your marriage!

1 You Undergo Several Emotional Changes

Do not be surprised if you seem to be confused, you feel disorganized or you tend to forget the simplest of things. But don't be too hard on yourself. You're not the only woman in the world going through these overwhelming emotions. Take a break, and handle things as they come.

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