16Long, Peeled, Cold Carrot

Luckily for the baby, carrots don't have a strong taste as far as vegetables go, and may even have a certain sweetness to appeal to the baby's taste buds. They're also extremely hard as raw vegetables, and adding in a cold factor makes them excellent teething accessories. It might be a handy

idea to keep some peeled carrots in a jar of cold water in the fridge for little teethers.

Since the baby likely has no teeth or maybe one or two to lay claim to, he or she can't conceivably bite the carrot. The hard texture and cold temperature make it ideal for the baby's tender gums. Of course, parents should still keep a close eye on their teething baby as they use a cold peeled carrot to soothe their gums, and even hold it themselves as they use it, but it's a small price to pay to be able to give the baby some natural comfort.

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