16 Weird Things Moms Have Done To Get The Baby To Sleep

Most moms may think that they are prepared for how much sleep they know they will lose, once their bundle of joy finally arrives. It’s no wonder some moms look for creative solutions to get their baby to get to sleep.

Because if the baby is soundly sleeping, mom might finally get the chance to catch up on sleep herself or curl up with a nice cup of tea and a book.

No method of getting baby to sleep is too out there or crazy for a mom. And if a mom discovers a way to get the baby to snooze almost immediately, that method is sure to become part of the routine with baby.

And it may come as a surprise that it’s not always the state-of-the-art latest gadget that gets baby to finally go to sleep. Moms all over are discovering items around the home that doubles as white noise machines, will sing the same song over and over to soothe baby, or even try placing items in a baby’s face.

Babies are adorable little angels, but they are also capable of belting out whimpers and tearful cries that can melt the hardest of hearts, or make you run screaming for the hills with covered ears.

Sleep may be a luxury for mom, but for a baby, it’s a matter of staying healthy, well-adjusted and reaching milestones.

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16 Keep The Vacuum Running

vacuum cleaner

Sometimes babies can give mom quite the surprise, and not actually end up impeding getting some cleaning around the house done. Luckily, some mothers don’t have to wait for their little one to finally knock themselves out in the crib or baby bouncer, so they can do some dusting and maintenance.

Some babies actually love hearing the sound of a running vacuum cleaner so that they can fall asleep. Even though most sensible adults appreciate and welcome a quieter environment to get some sleep, babies are still comfortable with falling soundly asleep to lots of noise going on.

After all, baby grows up in the womb hearing their mom’s heartbeat, sounds of digestion, and music and speech from outside of mom’s body.

Many a mother has finally gotten their precious little one to settle down and take that nap they so sorely needed, simply by turning on the vacuum cleaner and giving the rug or carpet a thorough cleaning.

Apparently, a vacuum cleaner offers baby a nice white noise to focus on, and eventually lull their tiny selves right to sleep.

Maybe the baby will grow up more willing to take on chores around the house as they grow up, or not? The jury is still out on how much influence running a vacuum has. However, for some tykes, vacuums are better than a night light and mobile playing music.

Knowing this little trick works, excusing vacuuming because of the baby is no longer an excuse.

15 Take The Baby Outside Into The Winter Cold

baby sleeping outside

It may seem like a cruel and unusual thing to do. However, many people around the world have practiced the tradition of leaving their young ones out in the winter cold to play with one another, get some fresh air, or just to fall asleep.

According to BBC News, parents in Nordic countries have a common practice of putting baby strollers outside in the cold winter air. It’s seen as a good thing for a baby’s health to get exposed to fresh air as soon as possible. Of course, the babies are bundled up, but the practice is thought to strengthen a babies’ immune system, and the cool air is calming.

And perhaps the parents who practice leaving babies outside in the cold are on to something. When my little one used to cry in the night, or had fussy moments, taking my baby outside into the cold automatically caused them to quiet down almost immediately, and eventually go to sleep.

Since babies have to develop regulation of their body temperature, some little ones do indeed run a bit hotter than others. So getting a blast of cold air can really be a welcome relief, and get them to fall asleep.

14 Put The Baby Next To The Refrigerator

baby in refrigerator

White noise is just something most babies can’t get enough, especially when they want to go to sleep. Instead of mom shelling out boatloads of cash for a white noise machine, the sleep solution she needs might be conveniently hanging out in the kitchen.

Babies love refrigerators. And not because refrigerators are huge, strange looking, and filled with shelves and compartments filled with colorful foods, drinks, and a light inside. No, babies are fascinated with refrigerators because of the running motor.

Many a baby has been plunked down next to the refrigerator when fussy, tired, or restless. In a sheer matter of moments, moms rejoice to find that their little one has fallen off to sleep, thanks to the steady hum of the refrigerator’s motor.

Now, if mom has any concerns about white noise potentially being a hazard for a developing baby’s hearing, she shouldn’t stress but take some precautions. According to Baby Center, Dr. Karp responded to a study in Pediatrics regarding white noise exposure to infants.

As long as babies are not being exposed to white noise all night long, or at a very close range to something with a high decibel level, a baby should be fine. Once a baby drifts off to sleep, they should be moved to the safety of their crib or nursery.

13 Flip The Baby A Few Times Before Putting To Bed


Adults are not the only ones who may have a hard time going to sleep at the right time. Babies can develop problems with sleeping, where they fall asleep more easily in the daytime, and have a difficult time going to sleep at night.

Because babies develop in a dark and watery world, their circadian rhythm can be thrown off balance.

Mothers who have been at their wit’s end for a solution to help their tots not only fall asleep but go to sleep at the right time have chosen a method which seems silly but has managed to successfully get babies to flip their internal clock.

All mom has to do to get the baby to straighten out their sleeping pattern, is to flip the baby three times in quick succession. Of course, mom needs to be careful not to have butter finger, and accidentally drop or fumble the baby. Mom wants to make sure she flips the baby in a clean continuous motion.

According to Baby Sleep Academy, mom should make sure to lift the baby and flip them forward, head over heels. If this curious method doesn’t work, feeding the baby throughout the day, and keeping the baby awake for periods during the day might help baby sleep at night.

Based on old wives’ tales, and superstition, flipping a baby cements the idea that reality is indeed stranger than fiction.

12 Rub Tissue In Baby’s Face

tissue on baby's face

This technique might bring on giggles, or seem to bizarre to carry out, but it works wonders getting some babies to get to sleep. The technique? Rubbing a tissue in a baby’s face, and eventually they’ll get all woozy and drift off to dreamland.

Of course, this sounds a lot easier said than done. So let’s examine it, shall we?

Honestly, this method might not work for everyone because every baby is different, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Right?

On the internet, YouTuber and father, Nathan Dailo of Australia was shown tickling his baby’s face with tissue paper. According to Time magazine, over 4 million views inspired parents to try this trick.

If a tissue doesn’t work, babies are simply responding to being lightly touched on the head, bridge of the nose, or other sensitive areas of the face. A gentle stroking motion with a tissue, or hand may cause some infants to want to close their eyes and catch some zzzs.

Maybe if mom wants to step up this using a tissue method to get baby to sleep, she might want to spritz the tissue with a mist of lavender oil. It couldn’t hurt to use more than one method of getting a baby to sleep at the same time, no?

If anything, mom and baby can get a good laugh at a tissue being used to tickle a little one’s nose to get to sleep.

11 Put Baby In The Backpack And Go On A Hike

mom and baby hiking

Even baby can respect and appreciate a change of pace, and may quickly find themselves dozing off when out for a hike. Outdoor loving mothers have figured out a creative way to get there baby to go to sleep, and it involves trekking around trails as an added bonus!

When little ones find it difficult to get some sleep, moms have found that sticking their baby in a backpack or baby carrier and going out hiking in the woods, mountains, and other bucolic scenery to be just what baby needs to drift off to sleep.

And while the baby is busy dreaming their sweet little head off, mom can enjoy getting some fresh air, exercise, and exploring the great outdoors.

When choosing a backpack, it pays to get one that is sturdily made and has plenty of room for a little baby to curl up and catch some zzzs. Of course, mom will want to make sure to have baby food, baby wipes, nappies, and healthy goodies on hand when the baby is sure to wake. And a colorful toy or two is definitely a must as well.

Truly, Mother Nature can be the best medicine and bring some much-needed relief for tired, restless, sleepyheaded babies.

10 Sing Only BINGO Or The ABCs While Stroking The Baby’s Face


Despite being a tender age, even babies know something good that works when they hear it. Those old standby songs that many a mother has sung to their tot, BINGO, or the ABCs are timeless classics. So, if a mom needs to get their baby to finally hit the hay, and stay asleep, it might be time to brush up on some lyrics.

Some babies have only managed to successfully fall asleep, and stay asleep, if and only if their mama will sing the BINGO song or the ABC song. No other song will do, and no other song comforts a little one just right.

Moms have tried switching up the song, and many a dissatisfied baby wailed until mom relented and sang up their usual favorite song to go to sleep.

And mom will not only have to sing baby’s favorite song or else to finally quiet down and drift off to dreamland. Nope, mom also will need to gently caress or stroke her little one’s face, without skipping a beat to get them to finally knock themselves out.

Who knew babies could be such a particular bunch when it comes to going to sleep, but the effort is most definitely worth it.

9 Put The Baby In The Car Seat And Place On Running Dryer

baby atop dryer

Let’s face it, babies love white noise, warmth, and familiar things. Thankfully, if mom has a dryer in the house, getting baby to go to sleep might not be so difficult.

As if an appreciation for MacGuyver type ingenuity, if mom places baby in the car seat, and then puts the car seat on a running dryer, the baby will fall asleep almost instantly.

Guess there’s nothing quite like the low murmuring hum of a warm dryer, tossing around shirts, slacks, and socks to soothe a little one off to sleep, right? Well, hopefully, mom will always have some laundry that needs doing, when the baby is fussy and will only go to sleep using this method.

And as an added plus, it’s nice that a baby will quickly find themselves dozing off when their car seat is placed on top of a dryer, instead of mom having to drive the baby around for hours while nestled in the backseat of the car.

Moms can feel confident setting the dryer for about 20 minutes, which is usually enough to get the baby to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep, with a peaceful smile plastered on that cherubic face of theirs. And if mom is lucky enough, she too can grab some much-needed sleep while the baby is knocked out.

8 Place The Baby On A Blanket And Drag Around Until They Fall Asleep

baby sleeping on top of blanket

Who said motherhood wasn’t going to take a little elbow grease or physical work beyond delivery day? Well, think again. One of the silliest methods of getting a baby to go to sleep, which actually does work, involves a blanket and dragging.

Yes, you guessed right. If mom places their little one on the edge of a blanket and is willing to drag the blanket around the house, similar to a sled or little red wagon, the baby will be so delighted that they will go to sleep in a flash.

Of course, mom might have to mentally prepare herself for the task of dragging a baby safely around the floor, while atop a blanket, and do so without cringing at how dirty the blanket is getting from being dragged around. But if mom is willing to let a blanket take one for the team, in the name of getting the baby to finally stop the fussing and fall asleep, so be it.

So, if mom isn’t up to exercising at the gym, or doesn’t like following an aerobic routine at home, she is sure to have some of the fittest arms around, if she drags her little one around on a blanket to fall asleep.

7 Use A Fan Or Other White Noise Machine

box fan

The lovely thing about babies is that mom can pick from an array of common household items, that also double as a white-noise machine that lulls baby off to sleep. This is really great information for new mamas, who might be looking for creative ways to save some money and get things done.

Plus, let's be honest, most babies and young children easily get over the novelty of some pricey device that advertises itself as a tried-and-true way to get a baby to sleep. Sometimes the simplest and strangest things do an A-list job.

If the baby just can’t fall asleep, and mom is at a loss about what to do, she should look for a fan. Seriously. Babies love fans because they emit a low simple noise that doesn’t change much. Those square fans that come in a box, aka ‘box fans’ seem to be a common favorite with tots.

Putting a fan on a low or medium speed might be just what baby needs to get to sleep comfortably, without protesting or putting up a fuss. Mom should remember to make sure to keep the fan a safe distance from her baby, and occasionally check-in on the fan and the baby.

6 Take Baby Out For A Nighttime Drive

baby in car seat at night drive

There’s nothing quite like a nighttime drive. It’s a perfect way for mom to relax, get some more mileage on the family vehicle, or even make a visit to a drive-thru for a late night snack. And yes, it’s also a good way to get a fussy baby to finally give it a rest, and drift off to sleep.

Maybe it’s something about the sound of a car engine purring as mom cruises along main streets and roads, or the sense of adventure and wonder that comes with enjoying a car ride at night.

Either way, this method might seem weird at first, but it’s hands down one of the best ways to get a baby to finally fall asleep.

And there are some upsides to this method of getting baby to go to sleep. While the baby is safely tucked away in the car seat, they might feel more comfortable snuggly secured in a car seat. Mom can enjoy listening to the radio and get some errands done at night while baby snoozes away.

If the baby can’t give up using this method to go to sleep, mom might just get used to taking advantage of late night hours on the road.

5 Play A Recording Of Mom’s Heartbeat

baby sleeping with headphones on

Babies do have fantastic memories, and one of the first memories that a child retains is the familiar sound of their mother’s heartbeat.

According to Child Research Net, when a baby’s brain is developing in the womb, they latch onto the sound of the mother’s heartbeat.

Basically, mom’s heartbeat becomes the standard lullaby that puts babies to sleep soundly while in mom’s womb, while warm and cozily tucked away from the outside world.

Life can be a harsh adjustment for a newborn baby. After the baby is thrust into the outside world, far from the safety and security of their mother’s womb, finding it difficult to fall asleep is understandable.

Moms who want to calm their wee ones to sleep might want to record their heartbeat. Playing a heartbeat of the mom for a baby helps put them in a better mood, makes them feel safe, and lulls a baby into a deep sleep.

If you think this idea is a bit nutty, it really does work. In fact, some toy companies have developed stuffed animals as comfort toys for infants, that not only can playback a mom’s heartbeat, but can also emit the sound of the womb to soothe startled or fussy tots to sleep.

4 Have The Baby Lie On Chest And Spin Around In Circles

sleep training

Maybe some babies are secretly fans of band Dead or Alive, or maybe babies simply love to be in a continual state of motion. But babies enjoy being spun around in order to get to sleep.

Is it the power of centrifugal force? Are babies just cute little daredevils that enjoy the thrill of potentially zooming off into space? No one quite knows exactly what’s going on in the mind of a baby, but they do realize that placing an infant on top of the chest, and spinning around in circles while sprawled out on the floor looks utterly ridiculous, but will get some tots to sleep.

According to The Stir, weird methods that have managed to get a baby to fall asleep without fail is explained by a mom recounting her husband getting involved. Apparently, their infant would only fall asleep when the husband would place the baby on his chest.

Once the baby was securely in place, dad would spin around in circles non-stop until both baby and dad manage to tucker themselves out.

Some parents can manage to get baby to go to sleep without having to spin around in circles, but they have to go shirtless. Babies do love their skin-on-skin contact to feel safe enough to drift off to sleep.

3 Putting Something That Smells Like Mom In Bed With The Baby


You cannot fool a baby’s nose when it comes to their mom. Baby knows who their mama is by smell alone, and trying to bait and switch with a baby will just lead to frustration and more tears. There is, however, one strange exception.

It is possible to get an infant to sleep, if a personal item, such as a scarf, t-shirt, or other item is placed into a baby’s crib beside them. A baby knows that when mom is around, they are safe, loved, and feel comforted.

Of course, if the baby feels comfortable, secure, and the love hormones are going ga-ga, they are more likely to want to close their eyes and finally catch some shut-eye.

Learning to get comfortable sleeping out in the open can be scary for infants. While in mom’s womb, babies got comfortable sleeping in a warm enclosed environment and hearing mom’s heartbeat. Being laid down for a nap, or for the night can be stressful for a little one.

According to How to Adult, an infant snuggled up next to something that smells like mom may help them sleep longer, and go to sleep more quickly than without a placebo. So, before mom decides to toss that dirty t-shirt into the laundry, she might want to leave it around to help baby sleep without her physically being around.

2 Use Lavender Oil


The lavender plant has been appreciated by herbalists and natural medicine lovers around the world. Used for its low-key fragrance, and calming attributes, lavender oil is often used as a sleep aid.

Crunchy mamas might have been on to something when recommending the use of lavender oil to get babies to calm down, and eventually, fall asleep for a nap or the night.

The reason lavender oil helps babies drift off to sleep is due to its aromatherapy benefits. According to Parenting Science, mothers who bathe their little ones in water scented with lavender become more relaxed and enjoy looking at their mothers more.

Exposure to lavender scents have encouraged babies to cry less often, and spend longer amounts of time in a deeper sleep. Lavender has been connected to lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, in both mothers and infants.

When using lavender oil, mom should be careful not to apply any lavender oil directly to the baby’s skin. Lavender oil can be used to scent bath water, spritzed on comfort items, or placed in a diffuser in the baby’s room.

Lavender oil has been found to contain compounds that mimic the hormone estrogen, so care should be taken with lavender oil, and how its exposure and use may impact a developing infant.

1 Don’t Make Eye Contact And Leave The Baby Swaddled

swaddled baby sleeping

This method might be tough for some moms to actually commit to doing, but it still remains an effective and safe way for a baby to get to sleep. Unfortunately, babies are stimulated by nearly everything in their environment, because everything is new, exciting, and a source of information.

Babies can be easily distracted by noises, smells, and sights, which can make falling asleep difficult. Since babies thrive on human touch and eye contact, making eyes with mom brings on feelings of happiness, well-being, and feeling loved. Thank the hormone known as oxytocin, aka the love hormone. It’s this very hormone which helps build bonds between mom and baby.

Now, if mom wants the baby to fall asleep, she actually might be the reason her little one is too distracted to want to go to bed. Baby can’t tear themselves away from looking at mom or desiring to feel warm, secure, and nestled in mom’s arms.

The solution? Mom needs to end making any eye contact with the baby and leave the baby safely swaddled so that the baby feels calm and comfortable. Babies don’t like open spaces when they are in the early months, because they were so used to being confined in the tight quarters of their mom’s wombs.

So, even though it seems like a terribly mean thing to ignore baby’s adorable big bright eyes, and leave them swaddled in a crib or bassinet, it’s necessary to help baby eventually drift off to sleep.

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