16 Whisper Confessions From Moms Their Kids Will Regret Opening

The internet has become a very public diary for so many of us which can be a great thing and a terrible thing at the same time. While it's great to commiserate and vent with strangers because we can find support without having things brought back up in the future, there is no guarantee that the things we post

Being a parent is no walk in the park so it's more than understandable that we get frustrated, angry, and even sad in our roles as mothers. But using the anonymous Whisper app as a diary and support group might be safer than confiding in a lot of mom groups, what we say is still out there for our spouses or kids to find one day.

Many moms bare their souls with either a nice glass of wine or bowl of ice cream while probably hiding in a bathtub, closet, or pantry from screaming children. They confess those not so great thoughts anonymously because we would all be appalled to do so personally and have our face and names attached. We would obviously hate for our raw and unpleasant feelings to get back to our families. We might not mean the things we say, but we just desperately need to get it out there. We might know it's bad how we feel, and just want to hide such an ugly part of ourselves.

16 All In The Family

Okay well WOW, it's so obvious and gross why this woman doesn't want this confession public. To answer her question, yes this definitely qualifies under the bad person category. It has nothing to do with wanting to sleep with his sister, but to cheat on her husband in the first place. PLUS she did it with all three of his brothers. Where did the "bro code" go or does that just apply for figurative bros and not genetic ones? This is one seriously shady family, but we would all kill to be a fly on the fall for those family reunions.

There is really no way for us to honestly try and understand this without years of serious therapy. That marriage, that family dynamic, we can obviously see that loyalty has just gone out of the window. It's not coming back anytime soon, or ever. This makes us all want to shudder, and really think about the kids being raised in this crazy family.

15 Picking Favorites

Okay, first can we all please appreciate the term "default parent?" Why is this the first we are hearing of it? Default parenting is the parent that the kids always go to. The one who just does the lion's share of the work because that's how it is.

Parenting is frustrating and stressful and does a number on a relationship. It is so much worse when one parent does the majority of the work so it's understandable why this mom went to internet strangers to seek solace and comfort. We would too.

Let's hope she can tell all of this to her husband, and he steps up to the plate! It probably isn't a realistic hope, but there's hope. If the parenting is more even, she will probably be a heck of a lot less stressed and feel like she isn't alone.

14 Don't Get In Mom's Way

Savage is easily the best word for this woman's actions, and we would all probably give her some serious props for this revenge! There's no shock that she wouldn't want anyone to know this happened to her or what she did, but we can all understand how her anger fueled her. She was not playing around with this home wrecker.

A woman who breaks up a family, knowing the man has a family, is pretty awful. But the man is still the worse party in this affair because it is his family that he is hurting with his thoughtless actions. We hope she had more revenge for him than she had for the woman because he deserves it twice as bad!

13 The Hidden Truth

Yep she said it. The worst thing a mother, person, anyone can say is that ugly kids are a thing. It happens. It happened in Seinfeld. It happens on talk shows, Twitter feeds, and all kinds of media. People call kids ugly.

When it becomes a BIG issue is when mothers call their own babies ugly. YIKES! Supposedly there is a genetic code that makes parents, mothers especially, believe their babies are cute and adorable. Someone clearly did not give this mom the memo.

We can easily see why she would want this hideous confession anonymous because it's unnatural and definitely not normal to feel this way about our own kids. She would be mom shamed and judged as she rightfully should. This would be one very appropriate time to use that third grade come back about rubber and glue because clearly this baby got his/her looks from somewhere!

12 Love Is Dead

Grieving alone is such a terrible, lonely thing, but we can obviously understand why this woman has to do it alone. While few would agree with her actions of cheating on her husband, that does not discount her grief in any way. In fact, it probably makes it 500 times harder. We know why she wants this confession to stay buried in the world of anonymity and internet strangers. It was probably so therapeutic just to post it.

It is so difficult to lose a loved one, but it's not even like this woman could really grieve. Her life basically did not get to pause. Her routine couldn't stumble or stutter like most can when we lose somebody because her lost loved one was a secret. That has to be so difficult.

11 The Monster Child

Kids have tantrums and meltdowns like it is their day job because it is their day job. They cannot always control the big emotions that they are feeling and sometimes the best way to express those emotions is by melting into a puddle of tears and screams.

No parent wants to feel like a failure. We don't plan to. We think we'll be uber successful parents, but that is just not the reality of the situation. Sometimes we fail. We fall on our faces while our kids melt, scream, and probably laugh at us. We don't want to admit that it's tough or we're failing because that's just not how this society works. We don't give moms that leeway or even a safety net. We push them off the cliff and judge their landing (or falling) publicly.

10 Missing The High

Smoking marijuana is such a taboo ideal for many moms as rules everywhere vary so greatly! The opinions are pretty oppositional and talking about it has become pretty controversial. We are a judgmental society, and parenting is no exception so it's no wonder wonder this mom doesn't want to be judged for her desire to smoke some pot. It's not really something that we consider acceptable or even normal in the parenting community.

Thankfully this mom put her children before smoking because that's not always the situation for many. But even posting this confession could be used against her or used to judge her. As parents, we want to set a good example for our kids and that includes obviously not breaking the law. We also don't want to endanger their health by having them around smoke of any kind.

9 Discipline Or Violence?

Yes we take child abuse pretty seriously and now a days there seems to be some fine lines regarding swatting, spanking, and the sorts. Of course kids are going to make it more dramatic when they recount the details of their punishments so it's easy to understand why this little girl made what could be harmless swat out to be a serious abuse. The whole situation has become a pretty buzz friendly term lately and sets so many people off.

We can obviously see why this mama went the anonymous route for advice because attaching a name to such an allegation can be pretty serious. Once people develop this opinion about us, it's nearly impossible to change. We can try to clarify or explain the situation, but there is really no telling if anyone would believe it. It's obvious to understand why people wouldn't want their friends, family, colleagues finding out that people think this of them.

8 Bad Dad

Fatherhood can show a man's true colors in ways we could have never expected or predicted before we married him. There is the lack of sleep, responsibility of keeping a human alive, and still the usual routine and responsibilities.

The sea of emotions this mom is probably feeling is insane. She probably has some regret, disappointment, anger, frustration, and the list could go on. She didn't actually leave her husband, have an affair, and walk away from her family so she is miles ahead of what some women would do in her position. We can hope this guy rises to the occasion and becomes the man and father that his family needs, but there are no promises. It would look like that ship has sailed!

7 Longing For Summer

This confession might come off as selfish to A LOT of moms. To young moms, there are quite a few that could probably relate. While no one would trade their kids for anything, that does not mean that ALL moms miss this piece of ourselves that we lost when we became mothers. Sure it was filled with ten thousand better pieces, but we lose a piece of ourselves when we have children.

Missing part of our youth or those young, selfish years to raise a child has its benefits, but it has a serious downfall as well. While so many young moms are incredibly selfless, it does not mean that they want to be fully engulfed in parenting and not themselves. It does not make anyone selfish to want to have some time or a life outside of motherhood. It makes us human.

6 The Ultimate Sacrifice

These parents did a very selfless thing by moving themselves into a tent so each of their children could have their own bedrooms. Sharing bedrooms isn't the end of the world especially when living in a two bedroom house, apartment, or condo which is something a lot of families do. Life is expensive. Bigger homes can cost a pretty penny, and these parents were probably just unable to afford it hence the tent.

This was probably an extreme and drastic solution to what could have been settled by bunk bed or "suck it up." Life isn't fair, right? So this would be a great learning opportunity for our children to realize that they cannot have everything they want or everything their friends have. We can see why this mom wouldn't want others to know her family's financial situation or problems.

5 A Bad First Start

This woman should feel like an awful "parent." Yes, the word parent is in quotes because is someone who leaves their child for a "fresh start" really a parent? She probably would rather keep this anonymous because who abandons their child for a "fresh start?" She had obviously decided to raise the baby and then changed her mind which is completely unfair to this baby.

This confessions shows how truly selfish this woman is in her actions. Most parents miss their babies after five minutes or maybe like five hours, but to just up and leave for good in search of something "new" is pretty terrible. She was used to this child, and she should have loved him/her. Clearly she didn't love the baby more than she loves herself.

4 Too Much Screen Time

Screen time has become such a hot button these days. No one really wants to admit that their child would rather sit and watch someone else play with a toy rather than playing with it themselves. Honestly we don't even quite understand this fad, but when things get to this point we know the screen time has really become an issue in our home.

We can understand this mom wanting to keep this under wraps because mommy shaming is so real, and there is no doubt that people would jump down her thorax for her kids' screen time obsession. We can totally understand why she plans to take the tablet away because maybe it will teach them to play with the actual toys that they have instead of just watching them be played with.

3 Shameful Thoughts

There are so many women who struggle with postpartum depression, but it is such a taboo topic. We do not want to admit we have a problem because the stigma around postpartum depression is that it makes us bad or dangerous mothers. Many think it is "weak" or makes us less of a mother for having postpartum depression even though that is totally NOT the case.

We can see why this would want to be kept private, but we seriously applaud this woman for venting or reaching out to even strangers. She's talking to someone, and that is all that matters. It's the first step to feeling like herself again, and Whisper is a place where she will probably honestly find some support and encouragement to talk to that doctor or her spouse.

2 Pregnancy Shame

Gaining weight during pregnancy can honestly be really difficult for some women. Of course doctors tell us the suggested amount to gain per week, per trimester, or over the entire pregnancy, but that is A LOT easier said than done. It surely doesn't help when we are being judged for how much we do or don't eat. That weight gain and diet should be the corner of mom, dad, and doctor.

It's obviously embarrassing enough to struggle with weight issues because it's such a stigmatized issue. It's unimaginable the responses that women get when they admit they struggle with gaining weight while pregnant. Of course we all know we are feeding our babies and that it's normal and healthy. It just doesn't mean it's easy. So to be fat shamed for how much we eat while trying to grow a human can be unbearable.

1 The Great Escape

We can all agree that sometimes our husbands can get on our last nerves. We want to send them out to the woods for a boys trip or run away to a spa ourselves. But wanting our husband to move out of state permanently is a little much, right? We can all agree this mom would obviously rather her husband and kids don't see this because she is basically saying she wants to break up her family. This is definitely not cool.

Now a mother-in-law moving out of state either sounds glorious or horrendous. There is rarely a middle ground on that one. But a husband moving out of state permanently is more of a call for an ex husband. A long distance marriage for no real purpose sounds ridiculous and makes child rearing pretty challenging. Imagine what it would do to the kids!

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