16-Year-Old Detroit Girl Charged With Second-Degree Murder For Stabbing Newborn Baby

In a disturbing case, a 16-year old has been charged after stabbing her newborn daughter to death and then hiding the remains in her purse.

The teenage mother, whose name has not been released due to her age, is currently facing a single count of second-degree murder in Detroit, Michigan. According to The Sun, the girl gave birth by herself this past February in the bathroom of an Agnes Street apartment. However, shortly after delivering the infant, the new mother allegedly attacked the child. The medical examiner claims the infant had “multiple incised wounds to the neck.”

Afterwards, authorities claim the teenager stashed the remains in her purse, which she then put in her bedroom closet. The following day, however, the new mother fainted due to an “unknown medical condition.”Upon being taken to the hospital, the young girl admitted she had given birth the day prior. She also revealed where she’d hid the body so authorities could recover the remains. Her mother, who was the one who took her to the hospital, claims she didn’t even know her daughter was pregnant.

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As the identity of the teenager and her family are being protected, they have not publicly commented on the incident. The girl’s neighbour Jeffrey Lemons, however, did speak to the media to express his shock over the situation. "I hope she didn’t do that – that’s the honest to God truth. I can’t believe this girl would do that,” Lemons told the media.

Wayne County Prosecutors Office has only been able to charge the teenager this week, despite it being eight months since the birth took place. Spokesperson Maria Miller explained the case took more time as it was “protracted due to several issues that arose in the case.” One of these issues includes the belief that the girl and her boyfriend conceived the baby while she was underage. Prosecutors have not revealed the name or age of the infant’s father, but they have confirmed he was not present when the child was birthed and killed.

The teen is set to be tried as a minor, even though youth as young as 11-years old have been tried as adults for murder in the state of Michigan. Of the decision, Miller explained, "She's not considered a danger to the community, a danger to herself, or a flight risk. This is a first offence, and so she will be allowed to turn herself in and the (juvenile court) referee will decide the conditions of her bond."

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