17 Baby Names That Don't Have Nicknames

One of the first big decisions you can make as a parent is to pick a suitable name for your kid. You know, one that won't garner them an inappropriate nickname to be teased with on the playground, or one that isn't an ancient one that will make it so they can never find a key chain with their name on it.

If you're a parent who would much rather pick a name for your kid and stick to it, not that there's anything wrong with gifting your kid a nickname, because in some cases, it’s just necessary with those longer, more formal, names like Christina, Gabriella, Theodore, or Nathaniel. Sure, those extra syllables won't kill you, but sometimes a "Gabriella" is best reserved for adulthood, whereas a "Gabby" is suited for your toddler.

In short, it's your kid and your decision to choose a name that makes you excited to call it out in both loving and frustrated ways. Because yes, there will be frustration at some point in your parenting future. But have fun with the whole naming part, and consider these baby names that don't require any complicated nicknames along with them.

17  Boys: Logan

Unless you shoot for a weird shortened version like "Lo", then you're golden here with this name for your baby boy. Logan is a Scottish name that means "small hollow." This name was ranked #13 in popularity on Nameberry's top names List of 2014.

16  Duncan

This is one of those names where it's so unique and "cool" on its own that trying to come up with a nickname would be nothing short of blasphemy. Duncan means "dark warrior" and also happens to be of Scottish heritage.

15  Ian

How anyone could even come up with something shorter than these three letters is a true mystery. Ian is another name that has it's roots in Scotland. The name means "the Lord is gracious" and was featured on the Nameberry top names list of 2014 at #77.

14  Paul

A nickname for Paul may come in the form of "Pauly", or something similar, but isn't the whole point of nicknames to be a bit shorter? Paul has it's roots in Latin and means "small." The most famous Paul we know is the fabulous Paul McCartney.

13  Noah

Again, you can take the first syllable and make your kid's nickname out of that, but you'd really be reaching. Noah has its roots in Hebrew and means "rest;wandering" and ranked in the number one spot on the Nameberry top names list of 2014.

12  Hunter

No shortened version of this will make your kid love you any more for naming them such a unique name that they may never find even a pen with their name on it, unfortunately. This is an occupational name that means "one who hunts," and is of English origin. This is another name featured on the Nameberry top name list of 2014, Hunter ranked at #40.

11  Brody

Sure, you can go for "Brode" or "Brodes", but nothing really beats the original, right? Brody is another name from the British isles. This name is of Scottish origins and means "ditch," although the meaning might not be marvelous, the name was featured on the Nameberry top name list at #92.

10  Austin

Let this one lie as it is anyway, because a kid with a name like "Austin" is going to be well on their way to being the cool kid. Austin is the shortened version of Augustine. A name that was apparently too long for the English since they were the ones who shortened it. Austin means, "great, magnificent" which is exactly what you'll think of your little one!

9  Adam

You can shoot for "Ad" all you want, but "Adam" is seriously fine on it's own. Adam is a Hebrew name that means "son of the red earth." This name seems to always be featured on top name lists since it is a classic name.

8  Girls: Amber

"Amb" may be doable when you're feeling especially lazy, but you picked this name for a reason, right? So don't dumb it down. Amber is a type of precious fossilized resin that is used in jewellery and was popularized as a name in England due to the novel 'Forever Amber' by author Kathleen Winsor.

7  Brandy

It's hard enough to come up with names that are common enough to not be too "out there," without forcing awkwardly shortened versions on your kids. So yeah, just don't.

Brandy has its roots in the Netherlands, and this Dutch name means "burnt wine." Currently this name is climbing in popularity, but we still think that it's unique enough that your little one won't wind up in a class full of girls named Brandy.

6  Molly

It might be safe to say that any two-syllable word that ends with a "y" will be safe from the nickname police. You might be surprised to hear that this name is of Hebrew origin and is the pet name for Mary. The name means "bitter," but we know your little girl will be all sweet!

5  Hope

This is another one that you may find yourself adding a "y" to the end of to make it a more cutesy name when your kid is a toddler, but don't feel like you have to. This name was pretty popular with Puritans, which shouldn't be too surprising, so you could consider this name all American. Hope comes from the origin of virtue, and means exactly what you think it does, to believe, desire and trust.

4  Carrie

There is literally nothing that can be done to shorten or "cute" this up, so no need to try. Really.

Carrie is the diminutive of Carol or Caroline and is another American born name. The most famous Carrie of recent status is the character Carrie from 'Sex in the City.' Interestingly, Carrie means "fee man."

3  Carly

Another two-syllable "y" name. Didn’t we go over this? Carly is the feminine form of Carl and also means "free man." Carly has its roots in Germany, but is widely popular here in the US.

2  Macy

Go ahead and try "Mace", but you won't be doing anyone any favors. Like, at all.

Macy is another English name that's currently gaining popularity. The name means "hill" and has become a replacement for Stacy or Tracy.

1  Hannah

You'd think with a relatively long name like this, that a nickname would be hidden in there somewhere, but alas, you can name your daughter "Hannah" with the comforting knowledge that her name will always be this name.

Hannah is Hebrew and means "grace." This is a name that placed #28 on Nameberry's top name list of 12014.

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