17 Hilarious Newborn Photos You'll Wish You Thought Of

Caution: tread lightly through these newborn pictures as they are all beyond adorable and creatively hilarious.

We have all seen the “typical” newborn photo shoots and while they’re all gorgeous, they have become a little generic. To change things up a bit, some photographers have been breaking free of the baby-in-a-basket kind of décor and have been placing newborns in highly imaginative 2D scenarios.

Although it looks like they are flying around the city, parachuting, riding waves or just chilling at the beach, the lucky tots are actually just dressed up and placed on a flat surface. Blankets, pillows, sheets and a variety of other clever props are placed around them to create a unique portrait.

The picture is then taken from above and the cool part about these unique newborn pictures is that they are both unique and hilarious when you examine the story being told.

Let’s have a look at 17 of some of the most hilariously creative newborn pictures to have been snapped.

17 Budding Fashion Icon

Every child copies and wants to be just like their parent. From copying their mannerisms, all the way to scolding the dog when something gets chewed up and of course, the countless dress-ups! Although this future fashionista is still too little to dress herself, the foreshadowing of what’s to come is really cute.

What makes this picture absolutely hilarious is that although in the future she is sure to want to try to steal her mom’s pair of high heels and gorgeous hats, right now, it’s clear that she only has one thing on her mind: a nice bottle of milk – whether breast milk or formula makes no difference! All the thoughtful details that went into this picture are also quite impressive: from the flowery ground she is “walking” on, all the way to the hats as if they’re balloons.

16 So Much For Escaping Baby Jail

This newborn picture certainly puts a new spin on the long-standing joke about babies breaking free of “baby jail” while still in the womb. Whoever thought of this newborn photography idea definitely gets major points both for creativity and hilariousness. Most newborn pictures tend to be on the “cutesy” side, but this one takes the cake for placing the baby in the most adult setting ever. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t actually foreshadow any future time behind bars.

The best part about a picture like this is hands-down how obviously cheap it would be to re-create it. This picture was actually in a series of other ones that utilized the same idea of drawing the background using white chalk.

Other pictures featured the baby being carried by a stork, two babies under the sea as mermaids, a baby diving under the sea… all ideas that would have been super quick and easy to make.

15 Have You Some Milk?

“Have you some milk” is actually a famous Batman quote from the 1960’s TV series starring Adam West and it’s certainly very fitting of this awesome newborn picture. Although it’s doubtful that Spider-Man would ever capture Batman, it’s a very clever picture!

With all the recent superhero movies, it would very awesome to adapt any baby photoshoot to a superhero theme as well. Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Aquaman, Thor, Deadpool would all be amazing themes for a newborn photo shoot while the baby soundly sleeps through all the created drama.

The props for this one are super easy as well as all you need is a superhero doll and a superhero costume for the little tot. To create the city below, it looks like DVD cases may actually have been used, which is absolutely ingenious.

14 Caution: Beyond Adorable!

The baby in a mug trend exploded in popularity not too long ago, but it’s also one that can be hilariously turned into a newborn photo opportunity. You don’t even need to visit a professional photographer. Just place your baby on the floor, grab your favorite mug and snap a picture with your phone making sure to perfectly align the baby into the cup.

It looks easy, but having tried it myself, I’m going to tell you right now that it does take a bit of maneuvering. Your baby might also start crying, but that’s part of any photo shoot situation!

Bonus points if you take your favorite coffee mug like this one:

Or there’s even the possibility of creating a unique one just for this photo shoot. Grab a plain white mug from the dollar store, use a Sharpie to draw on it and then bake the mug for 30 minutes at 350°F to make your own DIY Sharpie mug.

13 Who Ya Gonna Call?

Although he’s not exactly a “newborn”, this photo was just too genius to pass up on! An obvious reference to Ghostbusters, the great part about this picture is that it could easily be done with a newborn as the star as well – although, this baby boy’s smile definitely makes the picture even better!

It can be tempting to spend a couple hundred on a newborn photoshoot, but this picture clearly demonstrates how easy and cost-effective it can be to simply do it yourself. All that is needed for this picture is a vacuum, a couple of scarves, maybe a couple of towels, along with a DIY felt window and fuzzy spider – easy peasy and a brilliant idea for any baby born around Halloween. Just don’t forget to place the Ghostbusters logo somewhere in there too!

12 A True Sleeping Beauty

Did you count the number of dwarfs? Don’t worry, there is definitely seven, but the details of this photo shoot are actually pretty amazing! Not only are there seven dwarfs, but they’re also obviously the real deal. It might have been easier to get seven of the same dwarf-looking plush toys, but each dwarf in the picture is clearly one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs. You can see that Sleepy is tired, Grumpy is unhappy, etc.

The question begs to be asked though: but where is Prince Charming? The story of the newborn Romeo and Juliet have a one in a million chance of ever happening again, so a picture like this could be amazing for boy/girl twins, but also for BFF mamas who very luckily give birth to their babies around the same time.

11 Superbaby To The Rescue!

As you can see from all these pictures, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to newborn pictures. Newborns, in particular sleeping newborns, can be incorporated into nearly any kind of imaginative set-ups that would otherwise be absolutely impossible.

Take as another example this snap of “Superbaby”. I particularly love the use of the bunched up sheets to create clouds, the “damsel in distress” that is the doll and the checked sheet that looks like a building. As we saw with the Batman photo shoot, DVD boxes could also be used to create makeshift buildings.

Superbaby is actually a popular theme:

With the release of Wonder Woman, it would be particularly great to do a “Wonder Baby” kind of photoshoot. There are already some pictures of babies dressed up as Wonder Woman, but there aren’t any yet of a Wonder Baby in full action mode.

10 Tell Me Your Troubles

How genius is this one? If you look closer, the diploma on the wall says it’s from Harvard, but it would also be interesting to know the date that it was acquired. It’s not legible, but I’m willing to be that it’s this cutie’s birth date, which makes this picture that much funnier.

It would be even more amazing if that little girl decides to pursue a field in psychology when she grows up. She could then hang this picture in her office! There are so many pictures of babies in surreal scenarios, such as the Batman and Spiderman one or the baby monkeying around, but this one is particularly great because it depicts a typical grown-up scenario.

Let’s just hope that the lion didn’t notice that his therapist fell asleep on the job…

9 Can't Get Enough

A picture like this is a brilliant newborn photo idea for any parent who is a major bookworm. The current recommendation is to read to a baby under two years old at least 15 minutes per day, but this certainly takes it to the extreme!

It’s also funny how there are lots of books ranging in difficulty. There are a couple of picture books, a couple more with just a couple of words and then there are also quite a few that are obviously for an older audience. Are they trying to say that this baby was so smart that he or she quickly breezed through all the reading difficulties? In that case, they should have thrown in some advanced physics books, some Shakespeare and it wouldn’t hurt to also add all the Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings books for diversity.

8 Catchin' Beats Instead Of Zzz's

While we’re covering book lovers, we also need to cover parents who are music lovers. A newborn photoshoot like this one would be pretty awesome as well! The fact that the baby is half asleep actually makes this picture that much more hilarious because it totally looks like he’s in the DJ’ing zone.

While other pictures on this list require props, with some just needing a blackboard and white chalk, the cool part about this one is that you would literally just need the baby. Snap a picture of your cutie laying on his back and then use nearly any phone app to quickly add in a turntable and headphones. Admittedly, it might be a little difficult to draw these with just your finger but there is undoubtedly free filters out there somewhere to re-create this effect.

7 It's A Me - A Baby!

Close to 40 years later and the Mario craze is arguably crazier than ever. The Mario madness isn’t about to die down any time soon, especially not with the way Nintendo has been withholding their most recent consoles, so a Mario newborn photoshoot is definitely as fitting as can be for any Mario fan.

Realistically, this one wouldn’t be too hard to set up either, but it would require cutting up quite a bit of felt into the appropriate shapes, but as you can see, they don’t have to be perfect.

Although the baby in the picture isn’t exactly a newborn, it’s still a photo that could be replicated with a younger baby. It would actually be even easier to turn this into a newborn photoshoot, which kind of makes you wonder how the photographer of this picture managed to get a sleeping picture of their child!

6 Daddy Mini-Me

As we already covered with the little fashionista newborn picture, every child wants to be just like their parents. A picture like this would be particularly fitting for a Father’s Day or birthday card, but could also hilariously be used in a newborn photoshoot as well.

The contrasting effect between the grown-up suit and the itty-bitty baby’s head makes this picture absolutely hilarious. The baby isn’t sleeping in this one, but the fact that he looks kind of moody actually makes this picture even funnier because it greatly showcases how we all feel as adults who need to get up and go to work every single day. Adulting is hard and most of us would definitely prefer to go back to our baby days when life was so much easier and more fun.

5 Monkeying Around

Whether you want to believe that we’re all descendants from monkeys or not, this monkey photoshoot is still hilarious. Babies are known for doing hilarious things, mostly without even doing it on purpose, so a picture like this puts a funny picture on it.

This newborn picture in particular illustrates how awesome it can be to do a 2D-inspired photo shoot since the possibilities are endless. We would never dream of putting the baby upside down for a picture, but by laying him flat on the ground, the resulting picture is truly unique as far as newborn photo shoots go.

Turning the baby into a monkey isn’t the only way achieve the “just hangin’ out” look. Seemingly placing the baby on a clothesline is another really popular 2D photoshoot method.

4 Picasso In Training

Babies are notorious mess-makers and toddlers are even worse. Even if you give them a nice sheet of paper or a coloring book, there are still very good chances that they will end up drawing on the table, on themselves or they might even find a way to get to the wall with permanent markers even though you would have given them crayons. That’s just how it is with kids, but to turn this sleeping newborn into a budding artist is absolutely hilarious.

It’s funny to have the drawing be the kind that a kid might draw, but I kind of wish that it would have been an extremely detailed professional one that the kid would in no way have ever been able to achieve – Van Gogh or Da Vinci style.

These are more pictures from that same series.

3 Eight Times The Cuteness

Is this one baby photoshopped eight times or is this snap of octuplets? Maybe even just quadruplets? I have to admit that this picture played games with me. At first glance, I thought for sure it was a picture of quads because there are four babies on top and four more on the bottom. I figured that they had just been photoshopped that way, but then it dawned on me that while there are two babies in brown pajamas on the bottom, there is just one baby in a brown pajama on top.

So could it be a picture of eight different babies? It’s quite possible, but I guess we will never know!

Here's another wonderful example of a baby seemingly sitting on a shelf surrounded by all her friends.

2 Cutest Of Them All

Know someone who can never resist losing their money in one of these machines? A newborn photoshoot like this one would be so hilarious for them! This one might take a little longer to set up but the end result is absolutely worth it.

The lucky baby looks so comfy just laying there among all the stuffed bears too and his hat is certainly a nice touch. Any superhero fan could easily go a step further by replacing all the stuffed teddies with superhero action figures.

A photo shoot like this might not work with all babies though. Newborns are notorious for sleeping a lot (just not at night), but many are prone to wake up more easily than others. So a shoot like this might either turn out to be easy as pie or it might require a great deal of patience, waiting for the baby to fall asleep in a not-so-familiar setting.

1 Lil' Fix It

Although you wouldn’t want to leave the little baby alone with all those tools, this picture is super adorable and funny too! It’s a little different from all the previous ones because it does have a bit of a 3D feel to it. The truck overhead had to have been held in place while the picture was being snapped, but that certainly puts a unique and creative spin on the picture as well.

This one too would make for an awesome Father’s Day or birthday card. It’s another one of those picture set-ups that would be super easy to achieve at home. Just grab a couple of tools, place them around the baby and voila – unique picture to hang up and have your guests marvel and chuckle at the originality.

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