17 Most Haunting Pics Of Twins

Twins are just normal people. They are not inherently creepy. Please don’t judge a person (or two) as odd or weird or scary just because of some difference in their appearance, or some shared genetic material with a related sidekick who stands seriously – and always – at their side.

Let’s look at this list as a collection of interesting images to behold. I like to think about the art behind it. I think the fun comes out of wondering why, in Victorian times, for example, photos featured family members standing unhappily, staring blankly, and wearing all dark colors (which of course appear to be all black in the black-and-white photos).

And then there’s your modern-day twin shot. Why, oh why, are they still so often wearing identical outfits – in their twenties or thirties… or even sixties or seventies? Can you even imagine the time, effort, and coordination that would require? And we’re assuming this means that they still live together well into their adult years?

But let’s reel it back in and remember it’s not the people who are weird or terrifying – they are just people like everyone out there reading this.

But it doesn’t mean the awkwardly posed and unsmiling photos they pose for aren’t sometimes quite eye-catching, in a quite odd way.

With all this in mind, here are 17 of the weirdest pics of twins.

17 Double The Scream?


What’s bizarre about this one to me is that they seem to be trying to be creepy. Why else would you have two young twin girls stand out in nature in front of a pond wearing white masks that cover their entire faces – except for the eyes?

And of course – of COURSE – they’re clad in all black. It just wouldn’t be quite so creepy otherwise.

This shot seems to be referencing the creepy twin photo tradition in a very intentional way.

Long, long blonde hair can be quite beautiful. It seems here reminiscent of waif-like ghostly female figures floating down musty, narrow halls.

What do you think was happening when this shot was taken? I just have to hope it was someone trying very hard to make us ask just that question.

Are they recreating Munch’s famous painting “The Scream,” with their hands pressed like that to their white-masked faces?

16 Like Little Creepy Dolls Come To Life


They are so small. They have rather modern and sweet little outfits on, perhaps intended for a fall or wintertime family photo shoot. They have angelic little faces and bright blue-green eyes. And they look almost exactly the same.

Why are they staring so solemnly and blankly? Why are they standing in front of a dark and terrifying patch of brambles in the background? And was that growth of moss behind them meant to bring out the color of their sad / angry eyes?

What might really get you about this shot, though, is the positioning of the twins. What terrifying tale could be dreamt up to explain why one turns slightly away and looks (guiltily?) off into the distance while one stares straight into the lens of the camera?

15 Commemorating Two Of A Kind Or Being Unkind?


This is very rare for me, especially when I’m writing, but I think I’m at a loss for words.

I’m just not really quite sure what to say about this one. Often, when I don’t have the answers, I start asking questions.

Are these two really twins? They certainly have similarly shaped features. Why are their heads mostly shaved? Are they men or women?

Some information found with the photo conveys that they may have been spectacles in a “freak show,” and isn’t that a sad term?

One might really worry that there’s something quite cruel (and perhaps quite racist?) happening in the margins of this photograph.

Or, who knows, maybe it is just a couple of twins posing for a professional portrait. And honestly, we kinda like the dresses.

14 Three’s Company


So, these old-fashioned gals don’t appear to actually be conjoined… The dress connecting them seems to have been tailored especially for this rather strange shoot. Now let’s have some fun guessing exactly what message they were trying to send. What story were they trying to tell here?

They’re twins, so does that mean they’re inherently forever connected in some sort of trapping or limiting way? That’s where the shared dress costume might come in. (Ooooh… symbolism!)

Clearly, the twin on the right is in a lover’s embrace. He leans to kiss her as she leans dramatically into his arms.

Now let’s talk about the pose and expression of the twin on the left. Is she trying to look flirtatious herself? Is it a look of boredom? Or perhaps jealously? All we know is, it’s awkward.

13 Just A Couple Of Bros


There are some exaggerated features taking place here. We are not mocking them in any way – we’re just stating that the ears, lips, and face shapes of these gentlemen might be considered quite unique.

Their clothes are so rumpled and dirty, their hair so uneven and messy – as if cut with a pair of dull scissors oneself without the use of a mirror.

So if you think about it, this shot could actually be really sad.

Do these men have a home? Were they paid by whomever took this photo (potentially to present them as a spectacle to be stared at)?

Obviously, neither of them is smiling. And the one on the left has his arms tightly crossed, a gesture that doesn’t exactly say he’s feeling comfortable and carefree.

12 It’s Fun To Pretend


It’s been suggested that these two fellas are the Primwaddle twins. Yep, it appears that Mort and Harvey may have entered some sort of contest that involved them crossdressing so. Now, are these two apparently adult men dressed up as little girls? It’s unclear to me what exactly they are holding in their hands.

And I’m not sure where you could find mary janes that big, especially back in the day.

Yes, this one is slightly confusing.

But we do enjoy that these two twins are at least smiling. I believe aside from the super ’80s twins that married the other set of even more ’80s twins, these guys are the only ones in this entire list to be smiling. (Well, to be fair, the girls with the creepy white masks may have been making any number of expressions underneath their costumes. We’ll never know.)

11 Strange Days


Nowadays, it would probably be considered quite horrendous for mentally disabled dwarf twin brothers to be dressed in bizarre clothing and paraded around in a circus.

But here is a photo believed to be documenting twin men with a quite similar experience.

Why is their hair so scraggly and long? Why are their scarves (ascots???) so … burlap?

And they seem to be dressed only in tights and undershirts, overly simple, thin linen clothing – perhaps to accommodate their small stature and add to the matching effect?

This photo certainly presents a lot of questions, both moral and otherwise.

If you look closely at the image, you’ll notice that the background between their legs is not a fluid continuation of the carpet and wall. It seems that some other element of their costume is dangling from behind their backs… Is it a cape? A belt? Some sort of imitation of a tail?

10 Joined At The ’Stache


These twins are conjoined – by the mustache, that is.

Twins Matthew and Marco are actually rather handsome fellas, don’t you think?

Why they have decided to join each other in facial hair connectivity, we’re not quite sure.

Perhaps they put on some type of quite amazing show, carrying out unbelievable acts of skill and bravado – all while connected by that juicy mustache.

They’ve certainly got their fashion game on point, each wearing a three-piece suit and massive bowtie. Aside from that flippy, swoopy part of the hairstyle, I could almost see some young guy showing up to a wedding or prom in modern times wearing a similar outfit. Am I right?

Are the mustaches like dreadlocked together?

Why someone, or two someones, rather, would do this voluntarily, we’re not exactly positive still, but hey, to each set of twins their own!

9 Brother Dearest


Again, I want to be a little careful with some of these types of photos. The old weathered portraits of children in weirdly stodgy and dark clothes have a way of looking pretty creepy – no matter who is posing for them.

But some have said that these two were actually famous albino twins named Charley and Dannie.

Here’s hoping that some poor Victorian children weren’t made to become a spectacle at an early age or paraded around freak shows…

But anyway, there is a story that circulated about this image that is rather bone-chilling. Some have ventured that it is a postmortem photo of the boy on the right, or in other words, that he’s dead. The awkwardly stiff pose and the eyes are what may suggest this. Can you even bear to think about a young boy being made to pose with his deceased twin brother, though?

Word is that this story isn’t true and that it’s the albino condition that contributes to the appearance of the eyes.

8 Trick Or Treat!


Um, is this even for real?

Let’s begin our guessing game. Because the girls in this portrait are holding what look like trick-or-treat buckets of sorts, we might be able to assume that this was taken (or drawn?) on Halloween. Maybe their attire and appearance are part of their costumes… Um, cute… right?

That would explain parts of this image, but what about THOSE EYES?

It looks like they either have no eyes or like some sort of glowing demon eyes.

The sister on the left even has a little hint of a smile going, though I wouldn’t count it as an actual grin. The sister on the right looks kind of bummed, or at least pretty unimpressed by the whole thing.

Whether they’re twins sisters looking uncomfortable as they pose for a portrait or something else entirely, we’ll leave for you to imagine.

7 It’s A Balancing Act


These twins are balanced on some sort of high wire or cord, it appears. They wear matching dark-colored tutus and hair accessories. And for some reason, they are not facing the camera. Also, the focus seems to be very much on their (somewhat large for someone so small?) feet and hands.

If your guess is that these two are performers in a circus, then you have the same thought as whomever named this photo. It contains the words “dark circus.”

Well, aside from the girls’ light skin, the whole image is certainly rather dark.

I’m just confused where the scene is taking place. Is it in a photographer’s studio? Is it in a circus tent? Why is the background what appears to be hazy nothingness?

These girls are perched and posed in mirror image, and their faces will never be known.

6 Think Of The Conditioner Costs Alone


Okeedoke, soooo these women are rather scantily clad! And then there’s also the fact that their hair is longer than they are tall. And they have incredibly dark lipstick on, and what could be called incredibly creepy blank stares as they pose for this awkward portrait.

Now, what do you think? Is this a more modern image made to look like it’s a seriously strange photo from days of yore? The edges seem so weathered and quite damaged, but the image itself seems really quite clear.

The women wear garlands of flowers, and their looooong hair is wavy as if undone from braids and brushed out until smooth for the purpose of this rather interesting portrait.

Are they dressed up in costumes? Was this intended to be sexy? Were they part of some traveling show? It’s a thinker…

5 More To Love


Well, don’t these pudgy little children look thrilled to be having their picture taken!

They have matching little suits and bonnets, and their round little faces seem to be saying quite clearly, “Are you F-ing kidding me?”

The way they press their chins down and seem to hold their necks rigid makes us guess that they’ve been warned to STAND STILL a few times before this shot was finally taken. What do we think – about four years old?

And are the bangs and bonnets meant to appear feminine, or are these little boys (it is a rather old photo, it seems, and they are wearing pants)?

The best part is that they seem to be standing on a table.

Does anyone out there think it’s a great idea to plop a toddler or preschooler on a high-up pedestal or table?

4 Put A Bird On It!


Did the characters from hilarious show Portlandia who are in the business of decorating by putting birds on everything get to this portrait, or what?

It certainly is a curious image!

Are these girls dressed up for some sort of masquerade ball? Why are they wearing such dark formal dresses and masks, and why are they posing for portrait?

The tight-lipped facial expressions and blank stares only add to the oddity here.

But what will bother many a detail-oriented soul is that only one of the birds has a reddish hue. We have to wonder if these winged creatures were maybe stamped onto the photo print after the fact. But, just, why? The birds almost appear to be in conversation with each other. Maybe they’re meant to represent the twins’ ability to communicate with each other without speech or even eye contact. That’s a twin myth, right?

3 Double Vision


Let’s start this off by saying anytime anyone is wearing fingerless gloves – unless they’re cycling – it can come across as kind of unusual.

But these aren’t any fingerless gloves. Oh, no. These are FISHNET fingerless gloves. And the twins have even split the pair so that each woman (?) can wear one on her left hand.

Their hairstyles (or lack thereof?), expressions, clothing, and accessories all match quite precisely. And these women seem to be of middle age or older, we’d guess?

Their features, their body builds, and the shape of their faces make it seem like they really are identical twins, rather than, say, two adults choosing to go out and about dressed exactly like each other.

So do these adult twins still live together, and pick out the same outfit together, like, every single day?

2 Mmmmm Sister


This was surely a classic in the family photo album. “I’ll eat you up I love you so!”

These twins appear to both be girls, dressed in some maybe 1960s or 1970s matching dresses with massive plaid collars. One baby obliviously plays with her shoe, while her sister closes her eyes and gives her twin’s head a nice, big lick.

Is it weird? Maybe. But once you’ve spent some time around babies, you know that they sometimes just do stuff like this.

They “kiss” you by coming open-mouthed at your nose or shoulder. They put pretty much everything in their mouths, the better to appreciate and explore it.

Maybe the sister on the right is just giving her twin a big ole smootch. Or maybe she had something yummy on her head leftover from lunch time! Your guess is as good as mine.

1 Couple A’ Couples

Sorry it’s so small, but it looks to be from a bygone era known as the 1980s, when picture resolutions just weren’t so high.

But we felt we shouldn’t pass this one up. It’s twin sisters who married twin brothers. You may wish to pause here for a moment to let that sink in.

Then, you may wish to appreciate that the twintastic couples wear matching – hilarious (are those stonewashed jeans with built in chap-like piecing??) – outfits. The brother on the left has the same flowing and frizzy hairstyle as the brother on the right, and the same earring, necklace (yep…) and belt. The dudes sport the same barely hint of a smirk.

The girls have the same super sweet windbreaker and matching jogging pant and grin happily (embarrassedly?). Neither of them looks directly at the camera.

Sources: Pinterest.com

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