17 Not-So-Flattering Pics Of Jenelle Evans

While Jenelle seems to be doing better, just years ago many fans didn’t know if she would be able to maintain custody of any of her kids.

“I see you wiff Kieffa…” All Teen Mom 2 fans can recall this iconic line that grandma Barbara said to her daughter Jenelle Evans (in her epic accent, of course). It was just one of many lines that Jenelle and her mom have become known for, and it’s all thanks to Jenelle’s troubled ways. As much as TM2 fans love watching Jenelle bicker with anyone and everyone on the MTV reality show, they all know she’s had a pretty rough road since becoming a teen mom.

While she seems to be doing better, just years ago many fans didn’t know if Jenelle would be able to maintain custody of any of her kids. The young star has three children with three different partners; 8-year old Jace, 3-year old Kaiser, and 4-month old Ensley. She currently doesn’t have custody of her eldest son Jace, after giving up custody to her mother due to her partying ways.

From substance use, run-ins with the law, allegations of being physically violent, and dozens of chaotic relationships, there’s a lot we’re sure Jenelle isn’t proud of. Check out these cringe-worthy photos we’re sure she’d wish she could erase from the Internet. We wonder if Jenelle regrets signing up to be on a reality show after all of this went down!

17Doped Up In The Hospital

Given Jenelle’s history of substance abuse and binge drinking, many fans would be quick to assume that this photo was from a time the reality star almost over dosed. The mom-of-three has admitted that she’s been close to death before after taking too many illicit substances.

But this photo comes from 2016 during one of her many hospitalizations that year. The star was struggling to diagnose a mystery health condition, which she later summed up to being a bad mix of birth control and no longer chronically smoking marijuana- though many fans failed to accept that these were the only reasons for her health concerns.

When she was hospitalized in February of 2016, a source said to Radar Online, “She can’t walk from her muscles in her legs and hips being so weak,” they added that it could be a tumour, explaining, “She’s dizzy and very pale. She’s also having hot flashes and cramps.” Later in May 2016, Jenelle revealed on social media she was once again back in the hospital during a trip to NYC.

16Her Wild Partying Ways

Given Jenelle’s blonde hair (which she has only rocked once since starring on MTV), this picture would have been taken when her oldest son Jace was only a few years old. After giving birth to her son, Jenelle continued to party, which included abusing substances and heavy drinking.

Fans saw on the early seasons of Teen Mom that her mother Barbara would often scold her for being out all night instead of coming home to take care of Jace. It seemed like Jenelle was more interested in her social life than her baby, which meant that her mom was doing the brunt of raising Jace.

Eventually, Jenelle’s wild partying antics motivated her to sign custody of Jace over to her mom. Both women thought it would only be a temporary measure until the teen could get her life under control. However, though Jenelle has seemed to improve since her early days of motherhood, Barbara still has custody of Jace while Jenelle has gone on to welcome two other kids.

15Inhaling Something Suspicious

It’s widely known that Jenelle has had a drug problem in the past- even she has admitted to abusing substances like the white stuff and worse. Luckily the mom seems to be doing better nowadays, but it was only years ago that videos like the one picture above started swirling around the Internet.

In this video obtained by Radar Online, the teen looked like she was snorting something suspicious. Given that Jenelle has confirmed her struggles with substance abuse, it seems likely that she was doing exactly what fans began accusing her of.

In 2013, Jenelle took to Twitter to admit she used to spend a whopping $400 per day on illicit substances, meaning she was easily wasting $2800 per week. Her mom Barbara has routinely accused her of not helping out with her eldest son financially, and it seems like fans now know where all of her money from her MTV series was going, at least in the earlier seasons.

14Jenelle's Many, Many Mugshots

Jenelle has had many, many run-ins with the law. This photo above is only a small collage of some (but not all) of the mug shots she’s taken over the years. In some of the photos she can be seen smiling, while in others it appears like she was on the verge of crying and breaking down.

Here are some of the times and reasons why Jenelle was arrested. In 2010, she and her boyfriend Kiefer were arrested for possession and breaking and entering. In 2011, she got in trouble after getting into a fight with a female friend over her then-boyfriend Kieffer. The next year she was charged after sending threatening messages to an ex roommate, for cyberstalking her boss, and drug possession.

In 2013, she and her husband Courtland Rogers were arrested on drug charges. The same year she was arrested for threatening her boyfriend Nathan Griffith. And later, in 2015, she was charged with assaulting Nathan’s new girlfriend as well as Nathan. Hopefully this is the end of her troubles with the law!

13When She Was Too Inebriated To Walk

Jenelle looked all cleaned up as she arrived for the MTV Movie Video Awards in 2016, but that didn’t stop her from acting like a drunken mess. This photo of her practically falling out of her vehicle due to alcohol intoxication went viral, and many fans accused the star of not changing, even though she was now a mother of two by this time.

Various media outlets claimed Jenelle had too much fun at the event, which is what led to her looking and acting so dishevelled. Earlier in the night, she’d shared on her public Snapchat account that she’d consumed alcohol. But Jenelle later took to Facebook to share her version of the story. She blamed her tall heels for the slip-up and said that everyone took it the picture of context since she’s so famous.

12Exchanging Punches With A Random

Leave it to Jenelle to get into a pointless fistfight with someone, which of course resulted in her adding one more charge to her criminal history. These stills are from a video that was leaked online showing Jenelle getting into a fistfight with a woman identified as Britney.

In the video, Jenelle could be heard spewing a variety of nasty insults at the women. Her friends as well as her boyfriend-at-the time Kieffer could be heard in the background cheering her on. Jenelle continued to attack the woman even though she was on the ground and no longer throwing her own punches.

“While [Britney] was bleeding from her face, one of Jenelle’s scumbag friends pulls the reality star off the other woman,” TMZ reported of the situation, adding “while Jenelle continues to drop verbal insults.” The media site said it was unclear why the two women began fighting in the first place.

11Flying High As A Kite

Over the years, many videos of Jenelle allegedly doing drugs have ended up on the Internet. This photo is a still from a video obtained by showing the reality star lighting a joint with a friend in her car.

While the exact substance Jenelle was using was unknown, people were horrified that she was abusing it in a car let alone at all. Many worried she may have driven while intoxicated after this video was recorded.

Jenelle has spoken about her addiction, admitting that she would use up to four or five times a day. She has also said she almost died from an overdose more than once. “The drugs always made the pain go away. They didn’t turn on me or betray me. I guess [that] was my first steady, dependable lover.” she once said to People magazine.

10Getting Cozy With Her Violent Ex

Jenelle has had many chaotic relationships over the years, but there was hardly one more toxic than her brief marriage to Courtland Rogers. We bet she hates seeing their PDA-filled selfies floating around online even though they dramatically split years ago.

The doomed couple got together in September 2012 after knowing each other for some time. They ended up getting engaged that November and were married by December. However, in January 2013, authorities intervened in a domestic dispute between the pair that ended their marriage. When Jenelle later found out she was pregnant with Courtland’s child, she decided to have an abortion on an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’.

Courtland was later sentenced to prison time for being a habitual offender, with charges including drug possession and assault. He was rumoured to be released from prison in March 2017.

9Getting Risque For Instagram

Especially in the early seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Jenelle used to love sharing risqué selfies with her large social media following. Her followers were used to seeing her showing off her assets in tiny bikinis and provocative poses, just like this Playboy-inspired look.

Jenelle Evans has always been proud of her body (nothing wrong with that!), especially after going under the knife. It was shown on a TM2 episode that she once got breast implants, where she went to a B-cup to a C-cup. Her plastic surgeon has also confirmed she’s gotten lip injections done.

Fans have speculated that she’s gotten other work done. Jenelle once admitted she almost got a chin reduction, but her now-fiancée David Eason talked her out of it. “I’ve just been really insecure about my chin for a long time,” she said to Us Weekly. “I just thought it was really pointy, and ever since getting older, my face is growing.”

8Her Revealing Bathtub Selfies

Jenelle got a ton of hate online after posting a topless selfie of her in a bathtub… even though this wasn’t the only photo she’d posted of herself in the nude while bathing! It’s safe to say the reality star’s fans aren’t into seeing what she does in the bathtub or shower, although that hasn’t slowed her down.

Kristine Kowalski for HollywoodLife explained of the hate, “Of course, Jenelle’s haters immediately reacted to her daring photo, criticizing everything from the appropriateness of a mom sharing nude photos across social media to the fact that she left the sticker on her brand new shades.”

The author continued, “Jenelle’s fans [also] showed their support too, complimenting Jenelle’s flawless skin — and she likely has her loofah sponges to thank! (Girl’s got a lot of loofahs!)” What do you think- was Jenelle’s selfie too risqué or a sign of confidence?

7Partying With The Wrong Kind Of Star

Fellow Teen Mom franchise star Farrah Abraham has caused her own swarm of controversy- so of course fans were not impressed when Jenelle was caught partying away with the x-rated star and entrepreneur. Both women were paid to promote the same event in Miami, and were seen drinking and getting flirty with party-goers together.

Their partying days are now over, as the women have been feuding with each other for some time (who does Farrah not feud with?!). Back in January, Jenelle supposedly dissed Farrah on Snapchat after it was rumoured Farrah doesn’t allow MTV’s production crew to use the bathrooms in her home, but rather rents out portable toilets for them.

Jenelle has also attacked Farrah's alleged-absentee parenting style. We bet these women won’t be partying together for some time!

6When She Denied Being Very Pregnant

Jenelle caused a lot of controversy when she tried to hide her third pregnancy… although it was becoming very clear that she was expecting baby no. 3. The reality star was reportedly worried about the backlash she would receive for having her third baby with a third man, especially since she was unmarried and still didn’t have custody of her eldest son.

The news broke that Jenelle was expecting after a police report was leaked. Jenelle and her boyfriend David had been in a minor car accident, and she told officers she was 12 weeks along. Even afterwards, Jenelle continued to deny she was expecting.

Fans thought she was ridiculous when they began filming the new season of TM2 and Jenelle had a visible baby bump, but still avoided answering the question even when the producers pushed her. Her mom Barbara said evens he didn’t know whether Jenelle was pregnant, and only learned she was after seeing the leaked news report online.

5The Kesha Feather Fiasco

The Kesha feather fiasco wasn’t the most ridiculous thing Jenelle has done, but it’s definitely one of the most hilarious. On an episode of TM2, Jenelle said she was considering risking jail time in order to see Kesha’s concert- she described the pop star, who is known for her wild image, as her “idol.” Jenelle said had to see the concert since she’d even gotten feathers in her hair for the event.

Kesha actually spoke up about it, telling the Huffington Post, “She is the reason I do what I do. Go grrrl don’t let the man hold you down! We R Who We R!!!!” Jenelle later decided to forgo the concert after her lawyer told her that it was the “worst decision” she could make, as it would most likely reflect poorly on her probation officer and the judge.

4Cringey Couple Photos With Her Other Ex

Jenelle’s relationship with Kieffer Delp was another one fans are happy went down in history a long, long time ago. The two troubled teens met at a beach party in 2010 and were pretty inseparable afterwards. But, as fans witnessed on TM2, they were definitely not a good influence on one another.

By October 2010, the two were arrested for breaking and entering as well as drug possession. Barbara often accused the pair of being under the influence on camera, even when they were around young Jace. Kieffer also didn’t get along well with Barbara, which caused a lot of screaming matches between the three. Kieffer and Jenelle parted ways in late 2011, but they rekindled their romance in July 2011 and things were as chaotic as ever.

The two reignited their substance abuse habit, and this is when the teen mom reportedly began experimenting with harder substances (which she’s admitted she almost overdosed from). By September 2011, Jenelle told her mom that she needed help. The star eventually was admitted to rehab and sent Kieffer packing for the last time. But we bet it still isn’t easy seeing cringey photos like this one from such a dark time in her past.

3That Time She Was Called Out For Hurting Animals

Over the years, Jenelle has been accused of abusing her dogs multiple times- and each time is more shocking than the one before! Firstly, in a 2014 episode of TM2, Jenelle was seen being cruel to the dogs she shared with her then-boyfriend Nathan Griffith (the father of her second child, Kaiser).

Fans attacked her for yelling at the dogs for seemingly no reason and then locking them in tiny crates in the garage because she couldn’t handle them. They even witnessed her on camera trying to let one of the pups loose outside in hopes it would run away from her. Excuse me?! The episode resulted in Jenelle receiving a letter from PETA.

In 2015, Jenelle shocked fans even further when she encouraged her dog to catch a lit firework on the Fourth of July, and played fetch with her animals around a bonfire- both of which are so not safe. In 2017, she also got hate after leaving two puppies outside in cold weather all night and then taking to Snapchat to complain that they were huddled beside a shoe rack on the porch. Maybe they just wanted to get inside because they were cold, Jenelle?

2Acting Like A Baby... Literally

Fans were not impressed when Jenelle was caught having fun in a park swing that was meant for special needs children and adults. Back in March 2016, her now-fiancée David Eason posted a video of Jenelle swinging in the special needs swing. In the background, her 1-year old son Kaiser could be heard begging for his mom’s attention.

Fans began commenting that it would have been questionable for only Kaiser to be playing with the equipment, since it’s specifically reserved for people with special needs. But they were even more furious that Jenelle herself was the one using the playground, and possibly preventing kids who actually need the special equipment from using it. Several fans noted that the park was not empty. Better think before playing next time, Jenelle!

1Getting Caught In A Questionable Position

As we’ve seen, Jenelle is no stranger to posting racy pictures of her and her boyfriends. This show is of her and another one of her exes Nathan Griffith, the father of her son Kaiser. This is one pic in a long line of many that fans was just a bit too provocative for the public eye. Jenelle was cozying up to Nathan while he slept in a very suggestive position, and fans couldn’t understand why she chose this photo of the two of them to post.

Jenelle and Nathan had a tumultuous relationship before they called it quits while baby Kaiser was still under a year old. The pair were together from June 2013- August 2015. They moved in and planned to get pregnant after only a few months of dating. They welcomed Kaiser in June 2014.

They ended up splitting since they were fighting so much, but they continued to have drama after their break-up. Jenelle was charged with assaulting Nathan’s new girlfriend and the two are currently engaged in a bitter custody fight. We hope Jenelle’s relationship with her current fiancée David, who she shares newborn daughter Ensley with, will stick better than her past relationships!

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